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Wilten Boys Choir: Carmina Burana

Fortuna imperatrix mundi (part 1)
Fortuna imperatrix mundi (part 2)
I- Primo vere (Part 1)
I- Primo vere (Part 2)
I- Primo vere (Part 3)
Uf Dem anger (Part 1)
Uf Dem anger (Part 2)
Uf Dem anger (Part 3)
Uf Dem anger (Part 4)
Uf Dem anger (Part 5)
II- In taberna Ppart 1)
II- In taberna (Part 2)
II- In taberna (Part 3)
II- In taberna (Part 4)
III- Cours d'amours (Part 1)
III- Cours d'amours (Part 2)
III- Cours d'amours (part 3)
III- Cours d'amours (Part 4)
III- Cours d'amours (Part 5)
III- Cours d'amours (Part 6)
III- Cours d'amours (Part 7)
III- Cours d'amours (Part 8)
III- Cours d'amours (Part 9)
Blanziflor et Helena
Fortuna imperatrix mundi (part 3)

In 1931-32, after dissociating himself from the influences of Debussy and Richard Strauss, Carl Orff found his way to a personal style, which in addition to its preoccupation with the music of the 16th and 17th centuries was also marked by a "regeneration of music from movement, from dance." His breakthrough came in 1937 with Carmina Burana, which went on to become his most famous work. The Wilten Boys' Choir, conducted by Johannes Stecher, perform the work in the version for choir, soloists, pianos, and percussion, which further emphasizes the work's frequently percussive character.

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