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Rennaissance Songs for Female Voices

Song NameVoicing
Virgines PrudentesSSAA
Canzonette a TreSSAA
Congratulamini Mihi OmnesSSAA
Tragico Tecti SyrmateSSAA
O Magnum MysteriumSSAA

"Canzonette a Tre" - These four songs describe the pangs of thwarted romantic love: torment, desire, and longing. (The third may be the world's only love song declaring envy of a flea--including hopping rhythms.) These songs include a wide range of Renaissance musical devices, including imitation, cadential suspensions, metric changes, and dance-like rhythms. Since they are short and strophic, they give your singers multiple chances of mastering idioms of Renaissance polyphony on a small scale. "Virgines Prudentes" - This very easy double chorus piece, with Chorus I-II echoes, is a wonderful introduction to the world of more than four parts. The text, based on the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, is suitable for Advent. "Congratulamini Mihi Omnes" - "Rejoice with me, all ye who love the Lord" is the beginning of the text, expressing Mary's joy in a first-person responsory text incorporating parts of the Magnificat. This sturdy polyphonic setting concludes with an exultant homophonic section in triple meter. "Tragico Tecti Syrmate" - This angels' lament for the destruction of a city is the crown of Renaissance music for upper voices. While each of the largely syllabic parts is independent, together they interweave in a stately harmonic rhythm, conveying both the dignity of formal mourning, and the richness of the city and its people that are no more.

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