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Red Army Choir
Live In Paris

The Russian National Anthem
Oh Fields My Fields (Song of the Plains)
The Sacred War
In The Sunny Clearing
The Cossack Dance
We Sing To Thee
On The Road (A Soldier's Song)
A partisan's Song
Along The Peterskaya Road
Dark Eyes
The Navy Dance
The Chorus Of The Hebrew Slaves
The Bandit's Chorus
Spanish Medley: Amapola/Valencia/Granada
Zaporogue's Cossacks
Excerpt from "Boris Godounov"
The March Of The Toreadors
Nessun Dorma
Di Quella Pira
The Festival March
Moscow nights (Midnight In Moscow)
Silent Night
Jingle Bells

Since its humble beginnings in the first decade of Stalin's rule, to performing over 1500 concerts at the frontlines in WWII, bolstering the besieged Russian troops' resolve, to the international acclaim that has followed them since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Red Army Choir is arguably the world's leading and most visual choral/dance ensemble. "Live in Paris" is a stunning group of 25 (actually 27, with bonus tracks "Silent Night" and "Jingle Bells") pieces, from the testosterone-soaked "Russian National Anthem," "Oh Fields My Fields," "The Sacred War" (an apt anthem for a people who stopped the Nazi war machine in its bloody tracks), "Kalinka" and "On the Road" (A Soldier's Song); to dramatic and colorful dance numbers like "The Cossack Dance," "The Navy Dance" (where women first appear onstage), the high-kicking "Zaporoque's Cossacks" and "The Festival March" this is powerful, moving stuff throughout. Opera-quality Tenor and Baritone soloists, an orchestra that includes multiple balalaikas and accordions, and song selections like "Dark Eyes," "The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves," "The Bandit's Chorus," "The March of the Toreadors," "Katioucha" and "Moscow Nights;" these are the soul of heroic romanticism. The bottom line: "Live in Paris" is great entertainment on many levels!

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Choral | Some a cappella | Male | Run Time: 124 Minutes | Russia

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