In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Elisabeth Howard
ABCs of Vocal Harmony

Additional Exercises
Worksheet Exercises and Exam
Additional Exercises
Worksheet Exercises and Exam
Chords and Harmony
Additional Exercises
Worksheet Exercises and Exam
Rhythm and Meter
Additional Exercises
Worksheet Exercises and Exam
Charts/Sheet Music
Major and Minor Scales
Selected Bibliography
Glossary of Musical Terms

No prior music knowledge required. Nuts and bolts music theory course with hundreds of ear-training exercises.Here's a course that will sharpen your sense of pitch and enable you to sing harmony with the best professionals. Includes sing-a-long exercises where you fill in the missing note in an interval or chord. Topics included are: Scales - major, minor, blues, pentatonic, chromatic, whole tone, and modes; Intervals - all intervals are included in this section; Chords - major, minor, diminished, augmented, 7th chords, dominant, add 9 chords, 6th chords; Rhythm & Meter - time signatures, simple rhythms, dotted rhythms, triplets, syncopation; Charts & Transpositions.. Unique feature: how to harmonize with other singers. You'll hear a well trained duo who sing two notes and then ask you to add the third note. Slowly, your note fades to test your pitch. Great training for a any harmony group singer. 4 CDs and book

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Instructional | 142 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12

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