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Noctonals History


Based in: Arlington, United States.

No one knows whence the Noctonals first originated. They were first glimpsed on a safari in Eastern Africa, swinging gleefully from branch to branch as they harmonized in 6 parts to the dulcet, melodious tones of African spider monkeys. There have since been sightings worldwide, from whale-watching tours off the coast of Australia, to excursions into the frigid expanses of Antarctica, to flash-mob appearances outside the Clarendon metro.

Where will they show up next? The most recent intelligence indicates they have been traveling with a flock of dolphins located near the island of Kauai and will most likely put in an appearance at a high-profile tropical resort sometime soon - provided there are cocktails.

Ummm...ok not really.

The Noctonals is, at heart, a group of friends who didn't want to stop doing what they did best and loved most in college. Comprised of recent graduates from the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and the College of Wooster, our fledgling group was born mid-2011, took a few baby steps, burped, took a nap, got back up, and then set off at a full sprint towards that intangible, evanescent goal of a cappella perfection. Yet alongside our musical ideals, a founding tenet of our existence is the unswerving and resolute dedication to having fun and being silly, that makes this group more than just another straight-laced vocal ensemble.

Our only goal is to make ourselves heard in the Metropolitan area, and have a good time doing it.
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