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Instructional Materials for Musical Theater Singers

Everybody loves a show tune and every singer should have in his or her repertoire a selection of some of the great Broadway (and West End) songs. Being a triple threat in theater is quite the accomplishment and can lead to more roles for the performer. To reach that goal a little extra help is always worthwhile. We offer here advice and information from theater directors and singing coaches along with a selection of musical theater songbooks that are useful for auditions, performances or just singing along with for fun. Also for practicing and rehearsing these books can be most benefical for the singing actor.

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David Craig : On Singing Onstage

Review: A terrific take on theatre singing by a master teacher. "David Craig knows more about singing in the musical theatre than anyone in this country - which probably means the world. Time and time again his advice and training have resulted in actors moving from non-musical theatre into musicals with ease and expertise. SHORT OF TAKING CLASSES, THIS BOOK IS A MUST." - Harold Prince

Songlist: Words As Script, Music - The Other Script, Phrasing, The Audition, The Song As It Reflects You, The Entrance And The Vamp, "Air" - The Space In Between The Lines, Focus, Introduction To Five Technical Excersises On A Lyric, Advice To The Song Lorn, The Performance, Rideout

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6311b | Book | $15.95 || Performance Tips

David F. Ostwald : Acting for Singers

Review: Written to meet the needs of thousands of students and pre-professional singers participating in production workshops and classes in opera and musical theater, Acting for Singers leads singing performers step by step from the studio or classroom through audition and rehearsals to a successful performance. Using a clear, systematic, positive approach, this practical guide explains how to analyze a script or libretto, shows how to develop a character building on material in the score, and gives the singing performer the tools to act believably. More than just a "how-to" acting book, however, Acting for Singers also addresses the problems of concentration, trust, projection, communication, and the self-doubt that often afflicts performers pursuing the goal of believable performance. Part I establishes the basic principles of acting and singing together, and teaches the reader how to improvise as a key tool to explore and develop characters. Part II teaches the singer how to analyze theatrical work for rehearsing, and performing. Using concrete examples from Carmen and West Side Story, and imaginative exercises following each chapter, this text teaches all singers how to be effective singing actors.

Songlist: Introduction, Believability: The Territory and Tools, The Divine Marriage, To Become or not to Become, Playing in the Moment, Judgments and Trust, Creating Your Character, Neither "Right" nor "Wrong", Your Character's Universe, Your Character's World, Your Character's Heart's Desire, Motivating Your Character's Actions, Your Character's Inner Voice, Preparing for Performances, Being Believavle in Any Role, Getting The Part, Getting Good, Delivering a Believable Character, Appendices

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7075b | Book | $29.95 |

Karen Hall : So You Want to Sing Music Theater

Review: In some ways, the successor of vaudeville and an extension of the opera and operetta, the stage musical has evolved into a worldwide juggernaut. Musicals are staged not only across the globe but are offered in a variety of settings, from the high school stage and major theater to the big screen. The stage musical has become a staple for the professional singer and the object of close study by students of singing. In So You Want to Sing Music Theater: A Guide for Professionals, singer and scholar Karen S. Hall fills an important gap in the instructional literature for those who sing or teach singing to those seeking their fortunes in music theatrical productions. Developed in coordination with the National Association for Teachers of Singing, this work draws on current research from the world of voice scholarship to advance the careers of singers seeking to make a foray into or already deeply embedded in the world of music theater. So You Want to Sing Music Theater covers a vast array of topics. It includes a brief history of music theater; the basics of vocal science and anatomy; information on vocal and bodily health and maintenance, from diet to exercise to healing techniques; advice on teaching music theater to others, with focuses on breath, posture, registers, range, and tone quality; repertoire recommendations for voice and singing types, from female and male belting to classical and contemporary styles; a survey of music theater styles, such as folk, country, rock, gospel, rhythm and blues, jazz, and pop; insights on working with other music theater stakeholder, from singing teacher, vocal coach and accompanist, to acting teacher, director, dance instructor, composer, and music director; and finally sage advice on working with and without amplification or microphones, auditioning tips, and casting challenges. So You Want to Sing Music Theater includes guest-authored chapters by singing professionals Scott McCoy and Wendy LeBorgne, as well as audio and visual examples available from the website of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. This work is not only the ideal guide to singing professionals, but the perfect reference works for voice teachers and their students, music directors, acting teachers, dance instructors and choreographers, and composers, and conductors.

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4322b | Book | $39.95 || So You Want to Sing

Rocco Dal Vera : Standard Speech

Review: Standard Speech is an anthology of essays from VASTA (the Voice and Speech Trainers Association) on a variety of topics of interest to actors, voice and speech teachers. Exploring the idea of what should be the standards for good speech this volume offers views from more than 40 top experts on the subject. Also essays on Coaching, Singing, Vocal Health, Verse and Dialect Accent studies. A must for the serious student of voice and speech.

Songlist: Pedagogy and Coaching, Applying Theories of Learning Styles and Modalities to Teaching of Voice, Voice Coaching in Professional Theatre, Towards a Career in Voice Teaching, Zeami Breathing, Science for Voice and Speech Training, Issues of Vocal Health, An Otolaryngologist's Retrospective on Vocal Study, Coaching the Business Client, Holistic Singer Empowerment, Physical Tension, Awareness Techniques, and Singing, Moving Towards Vocal Center, And many more

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5239b | Book | $34.95 || Speaking Voice

Joan Melton : One Voice - Integrating Singing and Theatre Voice Techniques

Review: Too often performers are conditioned to think they have a "speaking voice" and a "singing voice." Yet, in fact, the voice we use to speak, laugh, cry, shout, scream, yawn, and call out is the same voice we use to sing! Joan Melton brings together the contrasting worlds of singing and acting training in an approach that is physically energizing, vocally freeing, and infinitely practical. Kenneth Tom contributes a chapter on vocal anatomy, offering clear and accessible material on how the voice works, along with practical advice on its care. This groundbreaking book outlines a course of study that effectively integrates singing and theatre voice techniques throughout the training process. The physicality of Melton's approach addresses the concerns of professional voice users in any field, and her detailed work on phrasing applies equally to singing and speaking. The accompanying audio CD features guidelines and detailed instructions for many of the exercises, including a complete yoga-based sequence.

Songlist: The Foundation, Vocal Anatomy and Physiology, Range, Resonance, and Articulation, The Voice/Movement Relationship, Reading Music, Working with Text, Singing and Acting, Special Considerations, The Whole Voice

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7950b | Book & 1 CD | $26.95 |

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