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Singers Instructional DVDs and Videos

Have you ever wanted a private, one-on-one, with some of the top instructors out there? Well, then, this is the category for you. We've got voice technique, theory, vocal workouts and warm-ups, and entire workshops for your group. Whether you're looking for basic rock vocals, breathing technique, what exercises will keep your voice sounding its best, or how to develop a singer's ear, in the videos & DVDs we've got here, you'll find the instruction you're looking for.

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Lisa Popeil : The Total Singer

Review: Learn to sing with the 'TOTAL SINGER', the ultimate voice-training program for singers. This deluxe set includes a 90-minute DVD, a 48-page booklet and 60-minute audio CD with warm-up and training exercises for both classical and popular singers. Imagine having a singing lesson in the privacy of your home for a fraction of the cost of private lessons. Created by Lisa Popeil, MFA in Voice and one of America's top voice coaches, the 'Total Singer' outlines the Voiceworks Method. Learn how to sing with a vocal instruction program developed over a 40-year period. This systematic approach has been used enthusiastically by thousands of singers from beginners to professionals, from age 6-80. The 'Total Singer' clearly explains what every singer should know in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Songlist: Posture, Breathing, Support, Ring, Airflow, Registers & Break Elimination, Range, Larynx Positions, Nasality, Breathiness, Vibrato, Power Techniques

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6559dvd | Book & DVD | $34.95 || Vocal Coaches

David and Rebecca Carey : Vocal Arts Workbook

Review: This practical workbook and DVD helps actors to fully develop expressive voice skills to communicate thoughts and feelings with precision and power. At the heart of the book are practical projects, with examples supplied on the accompanying DVD, which enables you to: -connect your breath with your voice, meet the demands of your performance. use your voice expressively with pitch and range. Each chapter consists of an introductory Framework; Explorations; Exercises; Follow Up work; Suggested Texts; and Further Reading: a unique, student-centred approach not found in other voice books. David Carey is Head of Voice at RADA and was previously Principal Lecturer of Voice Studies at Central School of Speech and Drama. Has worked internationally as a voice coach.


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7471b | Book & DVD | $35.95 |

Edith Salazar : Canta Conmigo - Sing with Me

Review: Course and exercises for vocal technique development and improvement. Working a song, chorus, harmonies, improvisation and much more

Songlist: Basic principales of vocal technique , Body Anatomy, knowledge of the vocal instrument , Body relax exercises, Breathing and exercises , Vibrato and Falsetto, Tessitura, Registers, notes to go from one register to the other one, Vocal resonation, Facial Gymnastics explanation, Spoken exercises, sung vocalization, training and vocal gymnastics, tuning, Singing with the microphone, How to work a song, Soloist voice , Chorus and harmonies, Improvisation: explanation and exercises (Major Tones, Minor Keys, Rock and Roll, Funky), Nerves and stage fear , Tips for voice care, benefitial habits, risky habits, Singer's first-aid kit , Voice pathologies

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7820dvd | Book & DVD | $34.95 |

Giovanni Battista Lamperti : Vocal Wisdom

Review: 2010 Reprint of 1931 Edition. Giovanni Battista Lamperti (1839 -1910) was an Italian singing teacher and son of the singing teacher Francesco Lamperti. He is source for Vocal Wisdom: Maxims of Giovanni Battista Lamperti (1931). His preferred teaching arrangement was having three or four students present at each lesson: each would get their turn while the others observed and learned thereby. He was said to be a strict, exacting instructor not given to flattery, but who enthusiastically praised his students upon exceptional achievement. Many of Giovanni's students became international opera stars including Irene Abendroth, Marcella Sembrich, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Paul Bulss, Roberto Stagno, David Bispham and Franz Nachbaur. The Technics of Bel Canto is the only book (other than the maxims recalled and published posthumously by his pupil William E. Brown) that Giovanni ever wrote on his method.


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7472b | Book & DVD | $14.95 || Bel Canto Singing

Karen Surmani : Singing 101 - A Contemporary Approach to Singing

Review: Singing 101 starts with the very basics and gets you singing right away. Every lesson in the book is explained and performed by the instructor on the DVD. It's just like taking a class in the privacy of your own home. If you're new to vocals and want a grasp of the fundamentals so you can start singing your favorite songs, pick this up today!

Songlist: Introduction, How to Read Music, Breathing, Singing Posture, Vowels, Vocalizing, The Tongue and Throat, D.C. al Fine or Da Capo al Fine, The Jaw, Incomplete Measures, Repeat Signs, Singing Vowels and Consonants, 6/8 Time Signature, Matching Pitches, Vocal Space, The Fermata, Energy , Breath Marks, More About Breathing, Vocal Resonance, Higher Pitches, Musical Expression, Dynamics, Legato and Staccato

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5431b | Book & DVD | $19.95 || Beginning Singing

Chris and Carole Beatty : Teaching Kids To Sing Package

Review: Who will train the singers of tomorrow and prepare them to use their voices the right way? Chris and Carole Beatty have been training singers for nearly 3 decades. Through their CDs, DVDs, books and Videos, as well as workshops for all ages, they have touched singers and speakers world wide. Their passion for excellence in vocal training is renowned. Their impact on today's and tomorrow's singers is felt daily in schools, churches and the recording industry. The Teaching Kids To Sing series from Vocal Coach is an interactive training tool for teachers, parents, choir directors and children alike. The clear presentation of material is guaranteed to have immediate impact and the entertaining format makes learning fun. The Vocal Coach Kids join Chris & Carole Beatty in looking at the issues of Posture, Breathing, Rhythm, Diction, Tone and Warming Up the voice. This new package also includes a CD that contains the accompaniment tracks and demos for all 26 songs and demonstrations on the Teaching Kids To Sing series.

Songlist: Intro & Overview, Breathing Rap, Warm-Up #1 Ya Ya, Warm-Up #2 Ha Ha/He Ah, Warm-Up #3 Me Oh Me Oh Me/MMM, Warm-Up #3 Ha.../Ho/Hoo, Diction, The Diction Song, Dynamics, Staccato & Legato, Rhythm & Tempo, Loud, Soft, Fast, Slow Song, Voice Care, Closing Thoughts, Introduction, We're Vocal Athletes, Posture, Upright Child of The King (Song), Breathing, Tone, Warming Up, Warm Up exercises

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6853dvd | 2 DVDs & 1 CD | $54.95 | Kids || Teaching Kids To Sing

Shalee & David Schmidt : Gotta Sing Voice Lessons recommended

Review: Gotta Sing is the most comprehensive vocal training series available. The techniques and training in this series will take you from beginning techniques and skills to advanced professional exercises and capabilities. Whether you are just beginning or are already an experienced vocalist, you will enjoy learning from our professional training while improving your singing voice. DVD 1 will teach you the basics of singing. You will learn to stand like a singer, how to use your breathing in the most efficient way, how to sing on pitch and the basics of vowel formation. Lessons include: Singer Alignment, Breath Management, Matching Pitch, and Vocal Tract Tuning. DVD 2 takes you to the next level of your vocal development. You will learn to get through the "break" in your voice, sing longer phrases and how to articulate words for clarity. Lessons include: Onset and Release, Articulation, Legato, Passaggio and Vocal Registers. DVD 3 teaches advanced skills of singing to be learned after you have mastered DVD 1 and DVD 2. You will learn how to develop your vibrato, sing in different dynamic levels and to move quickly from note to note. The series ends with tips on performance routines and how to overcome stage fright. Lessons include: Vibrato, Messa di Voce, Coloratura, Stage Fright and Performance.

Songlist: Singers Alignment, Breath Management, Matching Pitch, Vocal Tract Tuning, Onset and Release, Articulation, legato, Passaggio and Vocal Registers, Vibrato, Messa di Voce, Coloratura, Stage Fright and Performance

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6708dvd | 3 DVD | $19.95 || Vocal Coaches

Andres Andrade : The Complete Absolute Beginners Voice Course

Review: The Absolute Beginners approach is designed to make learning to sing easier than ever before! Suitable for both male and female beginners, this step-by-step guide takes you through the basics, from how to stand and breathe correctly, to singing your first song. Includes a picture guide to learning the art of singing. Begins with diagrams of the head and chest, and explanations of different 'resonators' and 'articulators' that create speech and singing, followed by posture, breathing and relaxation exercises. Next comes vocal exercises - demonstrated for female and male singers on the first CD, followed by a backing tracks. Includes ten songs which are presented on the second audio CD in performance and accompaniment versions. Also includes a section on vocal troubleshooting and a pull-out chart detailing a five-week plan of vocal exercises. The complete voice course brings together a method book, two audio CD's and a DVD in a single multimedia package to provide a total learning system.

Songlist: The Parts of your Instrument, Your First Vocal Exercises, Warm-up Exercises, Agility Exercises, Resonance Exercises, Vocal Troubleshooting, Introduction, The Parts of Your Instument, Before You Start to Sing, Posture and Alignment, Exercises to Achieve Correct Posture, Breathing, Vowels and Consonats, Your First Vocal Exercises, How to Practice, Vocal Classification, About the Repertoire, Basic Music Notation, Glossary of Musical Terms and Symbols, Vocal Troubleshooting

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6812dvd | Book, DVD & CD | $29.95 || Beginning Singing

Renee Grant-Williams : Vocal Master Class

Review: Private lessons are expensive. Find the help you need to sing your very best on this easy-to use DVD at a fraction of the cost of private lessons! Watch your singing come alive with reality-based techniques that will give you great tone and help you hit the high notes with ease. Perfect for ALL voices at ANY level. Easy-to-follow training that you can apply to your singing immediately!

Songlist: Breath Control, Let's Talk About Breathing, Passive Breathing, Good Breathing Examples, Producing a Great Tone, Finding Your Support Muscles, Full Body Support, In Search of Resonance, Phrasing and Emotion, The Power of Consonants, Where Consonants Belong, Consonant Categories, Bridging a Leap

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9819dvd | DVD | $59.95 |

Anne Peckham : Vocal Technique bestseller

Review: Enhance your singing career by learning proper vocal techniques to help prevent injuries and maximize your potential. Featured exercises will help you gain technical and expressive command of your voice. Lessons include: warm-ups, posture, breathing, tone, maintaining vocal health, and improving stamina, range and sound. Anne Peckham is a professor of voice at Berklee College of Music. 53 minutes.

Songlist: How To Warm Up Your Voice, Proper Posture, Breathing and Tone, Maintaining Vocal Health, Improving Stamina, Range and Sound, Vocal Technique, Song Study, Performance Advise, Practicing with a Mirror

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6028dvd | DVD | $19.95 || Vocal Technique

Donna McElroy : Ultimate Practice Guide For Vocalists

Review: Sing with more power and passion under the guidance of Donna McElroy, Berklee professor, Grammy nominee, Dove Award winner, and vocalist on multiple gold and platinum records. In this Master Class, McElroy shows you how to use the whole body to become the best singer you can be. See her work with a vocal student one-on-one, demonstrating how to use different muscle groups to increase vocal strength and endurance. She also provides lifestyle tips and simple everyday exercises to help you cultivate and protect the source of your vocal power - and sing with more freedom, force and stamina. 51 minutes.

Songlist: Lessons include:, Practice Routines, Breathing Techniques, Warm-up Exercises, Vocal Control, Vocal Health Tips

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6021dvd | DVD | $19.95 || Vocal Warm Ups

Breck Alan : Lead Singer - Pop to Rock Level 1

Review: Designed by renowned vocalist/instructor Breck Alan, this comprehensive four part learning system integrates DVD, Audio CD, Booklet, and 24/7 online lesson support for an effective learning experience. You start with basics like proper posture, relaxing , how breath control really works and how male or female vocalist can find and develop their full singing range. Breck will show you his personal warm-up routines and exercises that will bring your voice to its highest performance level while maintaining vocal health. You'll develop techniques for coordinating your voice to sing in all styles from the studio to the stage.

Songlist: 1. New to Singing and Music:, Female & Male Vocal Ranges, - Call and Resonse, - Melody and Rhythm, - Basic Ear Training, - Easy 1-3, - Easy 1-5, - Easy 1-5 in Unison, - Singing without a Call and Response, - Basic Rhythm and Timing, - Counting Rhythm Values, - Counting along with a Song, - Singing with Songs from Your Collection, 2. Vocal Training, - The Four Parts of the Voice, - The Drool Exercise, - Hey and Hee with the Drool Exercise, - Liquid Singing, - Breath Support and Posture, - Tongue and Lip Roll Exercises, - Lip Roll Sustained, - Lip Roll 1-5 Ascending and Descending, - Lip Roll 1-5 Tripled, - The Three Ratios, - Number One Ratio Using the "I" Vowel, - Gradually Sustaining the Number One Ratio, - Singing with the Three Ratios - House of the Rising Sun

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3043dvd | DVD | $19.95 || Rock Singing Instructional

Breck Alan : Lead Singer - Pop to Rock Level 2

Review: Designed by renowned vocalist/instructor Breck Alan this program builds on the techniques learned in Pop to Rock Level 1. With this three part learning system that includes DVD, Audio CD, and 24/7 online lesson support men and women will learn to sing in your upper range with a wide range of tonal possibilities. Learn challenging techniques that focus on comfort and power with wide-ranging exercises that are immediately applicable to your singing. Learn to develop key vocal techniques like direction and anchoring of resonance, reflex oriented breath support and Breck's famous warm-up routines.

Songlist: Male and Female Vocal Ranges:, - Your Voice, - Comfort with Singing Full Range, - Major Scale - Gently working the Upper Range, - Major Scale Descending Arpeggios, - Singing Gently in the Upper Range, - Comfort with Distance, - Caruso's 1-5 Exercise with the Number Three Ratio, - Caruso's 1-5 Exercise with the Number One Ratio, - Singing with Distance and Mixed Ratios, - Star Spangles Banner with Mixed Ratios, - Resonance 3 Chambers 4 Positions, - Dropped Larynx Explanation, - Closed Nasal Explanation, - Ascending Dropped Larynx, - Closed Nasal Exercise, - Staccato Resonance Shifting, - Resonance Follows Pitch, - Mixing Up Resonances - House of the Rising Sun, - Extreme Reverse Resonance in Singing, - Number One Ratio Ascending, - Singing in Your Upper Middle Range Connected, - Variations with Techniques Learned So Far, - Vocal Disorders, - Why Warm Up, - and many more!

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3044dvd | DVD | $19.95 || Rock Singing Instructional

Breck Alan : Lead Singer - Rock to Metal Level 1

Review: This program is designed for men and women with little or no singing experience who want to ROCK. Your lessons with world-renowned vocalist/instructor Beck Alan start with basics likw how to relax your body when singing, how breath control really works and how to find and develop your full singing range. You'll learn warm-up routines that will bring your voice to its highest performance level while maintaining vocal health.

Songlist: New to Singing and Music, Female & Male Vocal Ranges, - Call and Resonse, - Melody and Rhythm, - Basic Ear Training, - Easy 1-3, - Easy 1-5, - Easy 1-5 in Unison, - Singing without a Call and Response, - Basic Rhythm and Timing, - Counting Rhythm Values, - The Four Parts of the Voice, - The Points of Relaxation, - Ascending Drool Exercise with Hi Ho, - Naturalizing and Speaking the Melody, - The Way Down Exercise, - Tongue Roll Sustained, - Tongue Roll 1-5 Ascending & Descending, - Tongue Roll 1-5 Tripled, - Tongue and Lip Roll Over Song Melodies, - The Three Ratios using the I Vowel, - Gradually Sustaining the Number One Ratio, - The Anchor - Using the Closed Nasal Technique, - Beginning the Harder Style, - Summary, - and many more!

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3045dvd | DVD | $19.95 || Rock Singing Instructional

Breck Alan : Lead Singer - Rock to Metal Level 2

Review: This program designed for both men and women by renowned vocalist/instructor Breck Alan builds on the techniques learned in Heavy Rock to Metal beginner. With this three part learning system that includes DVD, Audio CD, and 24/7 online lesson support you'll learn to sing in your upper range, master placement of your throat resonance, develop full-voice singing and learn how to keep your voice healthy. Learn to develop key vocal techniques like direction and anchoring of resonance, reflex oriented breath support and Breck's famous warm-up routines.

Songlist: Male and Female Vocal Ranges:, - Your Voice, - Comfort with Singing Full Range, - Major Scale - Gently working the Upper Range, - Major Scale Descending Arpeggios, - Singing Gently in the Upper Range, - Comfort with Distance, - Caruso's 1-5 Exercise with the Number Three Ratio, - Caruso's 1-5 Exercise with the Number One Ratio, - Singing with Distance and Mixed Ratios, - Star Spangled Banner with Mixed Ratios, - Resonance 3 Chambers 4 Positions, - Mouth Horn Explanation, - Open Nasal Explanation, - Ascending Mouth Horn, - Open Nasal Exercise, - Mixing Up Your Resonances, - Extreme Reverse Resonance with Arpeggios, - Connected Verses Released Tone, - Master Placement, - Throat Resonance, - Steps to Working Out Difficult Passages, - Demonstration of Connected Full Voice Singing, - Vocal Disorders, - A Quick Warm Up, - and many more!

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3046dvd | DVD | $19.95 || Rock Singing Instructional

Carol Rodgers / Masta Edwards : Blues Vocals

Review: Develop your blues style and phrasing using the blues scale, major pentatonic scale, call & response, expand your blues style and phrasing and write and sing your own blues. Sing along with BB King, Albert Collins, Robben Ford and many more! Instructors Carol Rogers and Masta Edwards do an excellent job in hosting these informative programs and will be of great assisiatnce to aspiring blues singers. This DVD contains Vocal Basics One and Two, with Blues Vocals One and Two.Total running time of 135 min.

Songlist: Correct Breathing and Mouth Position, Vowel Exercises: The Key to Developing Vocal Control, How To Find Your Vocal Range, How To Use Your Technique in Different Styles, Exercises for Extending Your Vocal Range, "Chest Voice" and "Head Voice", Ways To Interpret a Melody and Make the Lyrics Come Alive, Vocal Maintainance: Taking Care of Your Voice, The Blues Scale: The Traditional Sound of the Blues, The Major Pentatonic Scale: The Sweeter Side of the Blues, Call-And-Response: The Basic Method of Blues Phrasing, Expand Your Blues Style and Phrasing, Write and Swing Your Own Blues, Sing Along With B.B. King, Albert Collins, and Robben Ford

Style: Blues

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6155dvd | DVD | $19.95 || Blues Singing

Cary Fridley : Vocal Techniques for Old-Time Mountain Music

Review: Cary Fridley, the popular singer in the old-time string band The Freight Hoppers, has done extensive research into old-time vocal styles, and has studied the singing of Sara and Maybelle Carter, Hazel Dickens, Alice Gerrard, Dellie Norton, Dolly Greer and other singers of Appalachian Mountain ballads. She has put together a lesson that covers basics of vocal production: proper breathing and posture, projection, use of the diaphragm and how to project and hold notes with proper support. Cary provides exercises for getting a strong, resonant sound, showing how this music should be sung with the chest voice ("your speaking voice, but with proper support") as opposed to the head voice ("your silly voice, or falsetto"). Most importantly, these songs tell a story, and Cary shows how she phrases and interprets beautiful old-time ballads such as "I Am Man Of Constant Sorrow," "A Roving On A Winter's Night" and the a cappella lament "My Love Has Brought Me To Despair." She also covers such topics as how to "fix" out of tune notes, and demonstrates duet singing with Frank Lee on the Carter Family classics "Anchored In Love" and "Sailor On The Deep Blue Sea."

Songlist: Full Voice, Chest Voice, Chest Voice Exercises, Head Voice, Head Voices Exercises, Prettiest Little Girl in the Country, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, A Roving on a Winter's Night, My Life Has Brought Me To Despair, Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea, Anchored in Love

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5168dvd | DVD | $19.95 || Vocal Technique

Charlotte Adams : Daily Workout For A Beautiful Voice

Review: The Daily Workout exercises are designed to help singers develop a free warm tone, to sing with ease and to increase range. They are clustered info five dynamic groupings, which are significantly sequenced. The concepts focused upon in each group progressively build upon another and the five groups combine to comprehensively cover the most important principals of good vocal production. After you have become familiar with all sixteen exercises you can customize your daily workout to fit your specific needs. Charlotte Adams has taught music since 1974 and holds a choral conducting degree from Indiana University.

Songlist: Resonance:, -Tho-Ay-Ah, -Buzzing Lips, -Bee-Bee-Bee, -Nee-Yah-relaxation, Breath Support:, -Ee-Oh, -Yee-Wah-Thoh, -Blah-Blah-Blah-relaxation, Lifted Soft Palate:, -Thih-Thah, -Lah-Beh-Dah-Meh-Nee-Poh-Too-Lah-Beh, -Double Bubble-relaxation, Range:, -Ay-Ah, -Vah-Vah-Vah, -Oo-Ah, -Bum-Biddly-relaxation, Agility:, -I-Love-To-Sing, -FAH March, FAH (Inner Clown-Smile) - relaxation

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6051dvd | DVD | $29.95 || Vocal Warm Ups

Gaye Adegbalola : Learn To Sing The Blues

Review: Here'ss a vocal workshop that will help bring your blues songs to life! W. C. Handy Award-winner Gaye Adegbalola has identified 17 key points to help a singer put his or her song across. As she puts it: "My mission is give you some ideas to help you relay a story... lay your soul bare... share an experience... say aloud what others feel deep inside." In an engaging and powerful session, Gaye shares the singing techniques that she has gleaned from a lifetime of performing. She provides important tips on how to communicate with an audience, and performs more than a dozen traditional and original songs. Her instruction in breathing, vibrato, the "growl", the octave slur, imaging, shading, squeezing notes and other tricks of the trade" will add color and flavor to all your blues renditions. For all levels. 80 minutes.

Songlist: Intro, Personalize Your Song, Phrasing, Energy, Breathing, "Meet Me With Your Black Drawers on", "Hear Me Talkin' To Ya", "Down Home Blues", The Growl, Repertoire, Squeezing Notes, "Life Goes On", "Dirty Sheet Blues", Dialoging, "Blues in the House", Octave Slur, "Sweet Black Angel", Imaging, Breathiness, Shading, Tempo, Correct Key, "XCold Pizza and Warm Beer"

Style: Blues

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6296dvd | DVD | $29.95 || Blues Singing

Howard Austin : Born To Sing

Review: Get set for an exciting one hour program from the authors of the Vocal Power Method including respected Los Angles vocal coach Howard Austin. The authors have designed a practical and creative approach to vocal technique applied to all styles. Sing - along with step-by-step demonstrations and over 100 on-screen song phrases. Learn Breathing and Support, Vibrato and its applications, Power and Projection, Head Voice (Falsetto), Chest Voice, Smoothing out the 'break' between the registers and more...


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4170dvd | DVD | $29.95 || Vocal Coaches

Jamie Dailey & Darrin Vincent : Bluegrass and Gospel Quartet Singing

Review: Dailey & Vincent's award-winning recordings and live performances have become legendary for, among other things, their thrilling harmony singing. Jamie and Darrin's duets are impeccable, and the band's four-part gospel and bluegrass vocal arrangements are absolute show-stoppers. This informative and musically rich DVD lesson will help you understand the musical thinking behind Dailey & Vincent's electrifying performances, and will give you the tools to make your own vocal arrangements with your band, church group or musical friends. Jamie and Darrin are joined by two members of their outstanding touring and recording band, Jeff Parker and Christian Davis. The four singers break down their parts so that aspiring singers will begin to understand how they put together their rich harmonies. This DVD is entertaining as well as informative. Each of the songs is sung in an informal but impeccable performance before Jamie, Darrin, Jeff and Christian offer their musical insights and advice.

Songlist: Living in the Kingdom of God, Until at Last I'm Home, Amazing Grace, Country Roads, Flowers on the Wall, Class of '57, Moses Smote the Water

Voicing: Duet

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5224dvd | DVD | $29.95 | Duet || Bluegrass Harmony

Jamie Dailey & Darrin Vincent : Old Time Country Harmony - Duet Singing

Review: Soaring harmonies, a seamless vocal blend and a singular commitment to their gospel and old time country repertoire have made Dailey and Vincent one of the most popular groups in bluegrass today. Darrin's rich, solid baritone combines with Jaime's soaring tenor to make every song a thrilling occasion for the listener. Now you can sing with these amazing musicians as they perform anmd demonstrate and analyze some of their most popular music. Jamie and Darin share their ideas on harmony singing and describe how they come up with their spine-tingling vocal parts. They also invite you to join in with them to practice singing a lead or harmony part.

Songlist: Will You Be There Waiting Fo Me?, Background and Overview, Chest, Middle and Head Vopice, Can You Hear Me Now - Performance, Can You Hear Me Now - Broken Down, Blending Diction and Phrasing, More Than A Name on the Wall, Music of the Monutains, Singing Octaves, Call and Response, Parts Demonstrated, Rock of Ages, By The Mark, Waves of Sorrow, Using Dynamics and Other Vocal Tips, Don't You Call My Name

Style: Country

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5225dvd | DVD | $29.95 || Harmony Singing Instructional

Julie Lyonn Lieberman : Vocal Aerobics

Review: World-renowned music educator Julie Lyonn Lieberman has created a practice system for singers that focuses on muscular facility. This system can help develop a vibrating palette that communicates spirit, emotion, and viewpoint - all riding effortlessly on the breath. It is supported by science yet connected to individuality. By guiding the exercises in silence first, this approach can prevent the tension and misuse that often occur when the main impetus for the creation of musical sound is fueled by a brew of yearning and fear mixed with a fixation on the end product. Topics covered include: strengthening and "aerobicizing" the muscles of the tongue, lips, mouth, and breath support; balancing the non-dominant side of the mouth; as well as posture, vocal health, and the use of visualization.

Songlist: Introduction, Creating a Cathedral, Breath Anatomy, Aerobicizing The Toungue, Mobilizing the Lips, Dominance, Imaging, Posture, Warming Up, Vocal Health, Vocal Exrecises

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6871dvd | DVD | $23.95 || Vocal Coaches

Kirby Shaw : Kirby Shaw's Soul Clinic

Review: Kirby keeps busy writing arrangements for Hal Leonard. Somehow, he still finds time to sing and tour with the jazz quartet, Just 4 Kicks, and do side projects, like this video, produced under the auspices of the newly inaugurated A Cappella Foundation. His delightful presence is a great complement to his years of experience as a music educator, and helps the medicine of knowledge go down as sweet as sugar. With an introduction reflecting back to his youth listening to the radio, Kirby vividly illustrates the difference between the white music he first heard, and the black radio he then fell in love with: soul! Along with the studio audience, who demonstrate each example, we are shown how to "mess with the melody," using vocal ornaments such as the appoggiatura, upper and lower neighbor et cetera. In that context, Kirby also imparts information about chord structure, picking out notes within a chord and commenting on their function, right on the fly. All along he reassures us that taking risks is what it's all about. Sixty minutes of fun!

Songlist: Giving Yourself Permission, Vocal Ornamentation, Anticipation, Lower Neighbor, Upper neighbor, Appoggiatura, Passing Tones... and much, much more!, Developing your musical point of view (you are unique), Lyrics are your friend, Word Repetition, Word Painting, Listening Skills... be a detective!

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4805dvd | DVD | $16.95 |

Lori Lyford : Breathing To Sing

Review: 'Breathing to Sing' is an entertaining and educational video. Breathing to a singer is the basis for the singing sound and Lori Lyford (the excellent director of the Scottsdale Chorus and well known to Sweet Adeline singers and directors) demonstrates the physical mechanics and the proper use of the diaphragm to increase and expand breath capacity. This is a 'must have' instructional DVD.


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6201dvd | DVD | $24.95 || Vocal Technique

Mark Baxter : The Singers Toolbox

Review: Every instrument requires maintenance - including the voice! Presented by Mark Baxter, a renown vocal therapist with an international roster of clients, The Singer's Toolbox is jam-packed with essential information, exercises and tips for any style singer. No prior training's needed. Just slip this in your DVD player and learn: how your voice works - with clear examples and demos; four steps to keep your voice strong; performance tips; and how to repair vocal damage.

Songlist: How Your Voice Works, Clear Examples and Demonstrations, Four Steps to Keep Your Voice Strong, Easy and Effective Warm-Up Routines (with no piano), Discover the Two Biggest Enemies of Your Voice, Importance of Warming Down, Performance Tips, What to Do if Your On Stage and in Trouble, Simple Adjustments for Pitch Problems, Singing With A Cold, How To Repair Vocal Damage, Sing Seven Days A Week Without Losing Your Voice, Revive Your Blown Voice for Tonight's Gig!

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1158dvd | DVD | $14.95 || Vocal Technique

Melissa Cross : The Zen Of Screaming

Review: Vocal instruction for metal singers! Hosted by internationally acclaimed vocal coach Melissa Cross, (whose past students include Andrew W.K., Melissa Auf der Maur and the singers from Slipknot, Killswitch Engage and Thursday), this DVD provides information and step by step exercises to help you sing aggressively without damaging your vocal chords. The first of its kind, this DVD features convenient menus that allow you to navigate through over 30 segments, which include tips on vocal maintenance, actual vocal cord footage, and animations which illustrate specific vocal exercises. Bonuses include exclusive backstage and performance footage of today's most exciting artists, with candid offstage interviews and opportunities to see these artists actually working in the studio with Melissa. Featured vocalists include Andrew W.K., D. Randall Blythe (Lamb of God), Brian Fair (Shadows Fall), Melissa Auf der Maur and many more! Also includes an Audio CD & Booklet with a clearly itemized vocal practice program for each range. This DVD is as entertaining as it is informative and a must-have tool for rock vocalists of today.

Songlist: Exercises - Zzzs #1, Zzzs #2, French doorbell, 12321, 12321 - 87654321, Mee-gee monkeys, Gee-yahs, Wee-yemps, Gee-ya-gee-ya-gee, Ee-a-ee-a-ee, Wee-ee-ee, Wee-ee-wee-ee-wee-ee, Ya-yahs, Hey-heys

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6473dvd | DVD | $24.95 || Rock Singing Instructional

Melissa Cross : Zen of Screaming 2

Review: Moving a step beyond the basics of good vocal production learned in The Zen of Screaming, viewers now tackle the finer points of extreme vocals. Vocal instructor Melissa Cross guides students through the three different kinds of screams with the help of her clients, including the lead singers of Underoath, Unearth, Thursday, Arch Enemy, Sick of It All, All That Remains, A Life Once Lost, God Forbid and more. Plenty of performance and practice tips are included. The DVD is also highly useful for those wishing to get the 411 on how to get the rasp in the voice without ripping up the vocal cords.

Songlist: Intro, To Scream Or Not to Scream, Vocal Cords, Kinds Of Screams, Pitch The Scream, Transitios, Rapid Fire, Stand And Deliver, Breaking The Line, Enunciation, Bad Monitors, In The Studio, Overtone vs. Overuse, Vocal Rest, Closing Words

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6511dvd | DVD | $24.95 || Rock Singing Instructional

Nashville Bluegrass Band : Vocal Harmony Workshop

Review: The Nashville Bluegrass Band has astonished audiences with powerful vocals and precision musicianship since 1984. Here they break down and analyze their renowned harmony singing techniques for all aspiring group vocalists. The NBB guides singers through their arrangements, from basic duets to stirring three-, four- and five-part harmonies, for old-time country, bluegrass and gospel songs. Includes music & lyrics. For all levels. 60 minutes.


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9166dvd | DVD | $24.95 || Harmony Singing Instructional

Penny Nichols : You Can Sing

Review: Do you think you can't sing? Are you inhibited about singing in front of others? Then this is the DVD for you! Even if you think you have "tin ear," you can train your voice to sing on pitch. Penny Nichols has a deep commitment to music and has devoted her life to encouraging people of all ages to sing. The ability to sing on pitch is one that Penny knows all people can develop, given care, understanding and the right tools. This one-hour DVD is an encouraging and enjoyable lesson that will turn "listeners" into singers. Penny will help break down your inhibitions, teach you about pitch perception and basic music theory, and get you started making wonderful vocal music.

Songlist: Visualizing Sound, Siren Exercises, Matching Tones, Interval of a Second, Relaxation Exercises, Adrenaline Trigger Exercise, Learn To Emote, Musical pitch, Study Tips

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1171dvd | DVD | $19.95 || Beginning Singing

Phil Mattson : Vocal Jazz: The Art & Technique

Review: Phil Mattson, director of the School For Music Vocations, shares his wealth of knowledge and experience on this information-rich video. With the aid of the mixed sextet, VoicesIowa, who perform selections such as "Embraceable You," "Body And Soul" and "Dancing In The Dark," Phil gives an overview of harmony, melody and phrasing. Also, he expounds on the importance of quality literature, and gives the viewer a brief introduction to the chief contributors to the development of the jazz idiom. Phil also dispenses his philosophy throughout, and his integrity and insight into the process of musical performance - a process requiring the body and the soul - shows remarkable wisdom and clarity.

Songlist: The Rehearsal As Sacred Time, Choral Tone, The Architecture of Performance, Quality Literature, Time/Rhythm, Vocal Technique, Complete Performances, Melody/Harmony Balance, Building Group Musicianship, Text/Word Stress, Phrasing , Harmonic Skill-Building Exercises

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6001dvd | DVD | $29.95 || Vocal Jazz Instructional

Riders in The Sky : Learn To Sing Western Harmony

Review: Sing along with Riders in the Sky as they pass along a magnificent American vocal music tradition. In the lighthearted, humorous manner that has endeared them to millions of fans, the Riders show how to sing favorite cowboy, folk and country songs in beautiful three- and four-part harmony. Includes music and lyrics. 60 minutes.


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9165dvd | DVD | $24.95 || Harmony Singing Instructional

Roberta Radley : Harmonic Ear Training

Review: An excellent workshop from the assistant chair of the Ear Training Department at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, this DVD is a vital intro to the topic for songwriters and performers looking to improve their listening skills and become better musicians. You'll learn to: recognize chord progressions quickly and confidently, and incorporate them into your writing and performing, listen to music more analytically, and apply this knowledge to all of your projects. Starting with the bass line, you'll learn a step-by-step aproach to help you break down the hearing process, internalize the music, and then identify the elements of the progression. 73 minutes.

Songlist: Lessons include:, Recognize chord progessions quickly, Incorporate chord progessions into your performance, Listen to music more analytically, Apply this to your projects

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6029dvd | DVD | $19.95 || Ear Training

Rose Coppola : Rock Your Vox

Review: Designed for singers at every level, "Rock Your Vox" is a comprehensive instructional DVD and CD set that will benefit even the most advanced singers. Hosted by nationally acclaimed vocal performance instructor Rose Coppola, the "Rock Your Vox" DVD begins with important information about correct posture and proper breathing. The DVD then moves on to the vocal exercise section which is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Rose provides accompaniment on the keyboard and offers encouragement and tips to help you get through each exercise. An instructional booklet is included to help you follow along. The DVD also features a bonus section which includes interviews with several industry professionals and information about some great new products specifically designed for vocalists. As an additional bonus, "Rock Your Vox" comes with two audio CDs that contain all the vocal exercises from the DVD, one for the male voice and one for the female voice (perfect for practicing in your car, in the studio or at home). The exercises are challenging and effective and, with regular practice, singers will greatly increase their range and gain vocal strength. "Rock Your" Vox works! And, it's an excellent way to become a better singer!


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6375dvd | DVD | $29.95 || Rock Singing Instructional

Sam West : Vocal Workout

Review: First released on video, this programme was the first of its kind to have been produced in the UK, and is still a 'best seller' in music stores and mail order companies in the UK, and Europe. The programme begins by explaining the principles of voice production, and graphics are used to illustrate certain points. Sam West, with the aid of two singers, Candi McKenzie, and Bridget Lynch-Blosse, explains and demonstrates various singing techniques, i.e. Breath Control, Range, Resonance, Vibrato, Aural (ear) training, plus more. In the 'workout' section, ten different exercises are presented, each going through various keys - thus accommodating both low and also high voiced singers. Each of the ten exercises are intended for specific areas of vocal technique. The DVD has proved even more popular than the video version: taking advantage of this new format, viewers can select different parts of the programme quickly - thus varying their practice routines. The written musical accompaniment to the exercises can also be viewed on-screen via the DVD menu.

Songlist: Introduction, How Vocal Sound Is Produced, Breath Control, Tone Control and Projection, Vibrato, Range, Exercises - Slow Glides, Legato (smooth singing), Octaves, Fast Scales, Increasing Intervals, Staccato Scales, Technical Study, Octave Leaps & Agility Exercises, Chromatic Scales

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6612dvd | DVD | $19.95 || Vocal Warm Ups

Wes Carroll : Mouth Drumming Vol 1

Review: The name of Wes Carroll is synonymous with vocal percussion, first as percussionist with Five O' Clock Shadow, and currently with the House Jacks. In this 65 minute tutorial, Wes demonstrates how he achieves his dynamic, energetic, yet highly musical sound. His emphasis is always on building a fundamental groove, the need for accuracy over speed, and development of solid technique. Covering all of the drum sounds with absolute detail - the use of certain key consonants, formation of patterns etc. - Wes makes sure that the novice percussionist is remembering to have fun, realizing that, without positive reinforcement, a student won't persist. His cheerful and knowledgeable approach shows why he is both a popular teacher and compelling performer - no one puts out more on stage than Wes! If you're a beginner or an advanced "mouth drummer," this is the video for bigbucks usepine order readmail bigbucks

Songlist: Intro, Getting Started, Getting the Mindset, Intro to Drum Sounds, Complex Grooves, More Drum Sounds, Tips and Tricks, Wrap-Up (and outtakes)

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6010dvd | DVD | $29.98 || Vocal Percussion

Willy Torres : Cantando Salsa - Singing Salsa

Review: Learn the essential techniques and secrets of traditional and modern salsa singing! This exciting bilingual DVD covers: breathing techniques and warm-ups; 3-part harmony; bolero, son, guaracha, salsa and more forms explained in detail; improvising techniques and performance tips; full-band demos featuring the hottest players in Latin music; full videos in both English and Spanish; and more! 43 minutes. Born in Puerto Rico, Willy Torres has had a thriving musical career since childhood, singing backup for Menudo in his early teens, and going on to tour the world in premier Latin orchestras. Torres is now a mainstay of the New York salsa scene, recording and touring with international artists.

Songlist: The Basics:, Diaphragm & Breathing Tehniques, Position of Mouth, Warm-Ups, Projection, Interprestation & Energy, "Valor Para Decir", Harmony:, "Yo Se Que Me Quieres", Clave:, "Renuncio" (as Bolero), "Renuncio" (Salsa), Song Forms, Phrasing, Soneos/Improvisations:, "Seis Fajardeno", Modern Salsa/Closing

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6224dvd | DVD | $24.98 || Vocal Technique

Buddy Mix : Singers' Workout

Review: "The Singer's Workout" DVD is the original best selling How to Sing Video on the market for the past 16 years. The Singer's Workout will take you step by step teaching you how to sing with complete exercises previously only taught to professional singers. It will help you obtain that big voice you always wanted and thought you never had! Buddy Mix is a NAACP Award winner and has been a vocal consultant in the LA area for many years.

Songlist: Understanding Your Voice, Vocal Exercises, Performance Tips, Constanants Versus Vowels, Phrasing, Picking A Spot

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6596dvd | DVD Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $19.95 || Vocal Warm Ups

Barbershop Harmony Society : Effective Choral Warm-Ups

Review: Effective Choral Warm-ups offers a new approach to a critical segment of the rehearsal. Containing thirty exercises in the major areas of vocal production geared specifically for male choruses and quartets. The DVD shows the teaching process as well as the performance of each of the exercises so the instructor can prepare. The chorus member can also use these exercises on a daily basis for individual vocal improvement. Clinicians Jim DeBusman, Chris Peterson and Bill Rashleigh brings their years of experience to this 2 DVD set which will help all barbershop singers get the most from their voice.

Songlist: Posture, Alignment, Breath Management, Vowels, Balance, Progressions, Vocal Agility, Concentration, Head Voice, Range and Register

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5802dvd | DVD Vocal Warm Ups | $59.95 || Barbershop Instructional

Mollie Stone : Vela Vela

Review: Vela Vela is a book and DVD designed to help choral conductors, music educators and singers to learn about black South African choral music, and learn to teach it in the oral tradition. I created this DVD as a teaching tool to help musicians perform black South African choral music more authentically. There are seven songs on the DVD. The viewer can hear each song performed, learn the individual voice-parts, dance movements, pronunciation, and background information from South African singers.

Songlist: Lizela, Vela Vela, Shumayela, Ke nale Monna, Andikhatali, As kwaz Ukuhamba, Ntakana

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4524b | Songbook & DVD | $34.94 |

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