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Vocal Pedagogy - How To Teach Singing

We've all had that music teacher or choir director who made music fun for us. We've admired these people, and their knowledge. They had that spark we wanted to share… and here, we can. Some of the most important things for a healthy singer to know about producing a clear, strong and reliable voice are here in these books and more importantly, they will teach you how to teach it to others. Whether you're teaching adult sopranos or kids, teaching sight-singing or Jazz, take a wander through this section and enjoy.

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Dan Andersen : The Voice in Progress: Developing the Adolescent Voice : Book : 196288056607 : 1705159990 : 00401365

Dan Andersen : The Voice in Progress: Developing the Adolescent Voicenew

Emily Crocker writes: Forty years ago, most vocal methods were aimed at high school students and up. Dan Andersens's materials and methods remedy this situation and offer an excellent curriculum for the young voice, giving you the opportunity to reap the benefits of his forty years of successfully working with adolescent singers. There are 50 vocal warm up exercises and recorded piano accompaniments included with the purchase of the book.Chapters include 1) Building the Adolescent Voice--Why we Warm up; 2) Preparing the Adolescent Voice--How we warm up; 3) Knowing the Adolescent Voice--Girls Changing voice & boys changing voice and 4) Exercising the Adolescent Voice--Treble Choirs/Mixed Choirs/Tenor/Bass choirs.The warm-ups are focused to 1) Breathing; Beginning Phonation; 2) Resonance, Placement & Tone Quality; 3) Support, Diction Intonation, Flexibility, Dynamics and register transition. A helpful index directs you so you can combine the warm-ups most needed when you need them.

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11790b | Book | $29.95

Marc Silverberg , J.D. Frizzell , Deke Sharon : Teaching Music through Performance in Contemporary A Cappella  : Book : G-10098

Marc Silverberg , J.D. Frizzell , Deke Sharon : Teaching Music through Performance in Contemporary A Cappella new

Teaching Music through Performance in Contemporary ACappella is the essential book for a cappella repertoire and rehearsal techniques, compiled and edited by educators and leaders committed to demystifying the genre and providing teachers with access to the best repertoire and pedagogy possible.

Built on the model of the best-selling Teaching Music through Performance series, this volume includes chapters on the most important issues in teaching and learning contemporary a cappella, and analysis and insights for 82 works across genres: Barbershop, Contemporary A cappella, Doo-wop, Folk/Classical, Vocal Jazz.

The list of composers and arrangers is diverse; the repertoire includes both arrangements and original compositions. Each selection is representative of a major a cappella trend or historical event, such as repertoire from The Sing-Off, Pitch Perfect, The Real Group, Sweet Adelines, or Pentatonix. Of course, every selection-regardless of musical style-is performed a cappella.

The authors also develop a five-point difficulty scale for evaluating literature, and each guide contains detailed information about the arrangement or composition, including where the arrangement was first performed, the history of the original song, and the styles it represents.

Songlist: The Teaching of Music, Emotional Expression in Group Singing, Teaching Singers to Sing in all Styles, Lessons You Can Learn From Competing, Barbershop Arrangements, Contemporary A Cappella Arrangements, Doo Wop Arrangements, World/Folk Arrangements, Vocal Jazz Arrangements

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11096b | Book | $29.95 | A Cappella

Christy Elsner : Gadgets for Great Singing : Book : 884088909086 : 1480342866 : 35029033

Christy Elsner : Gadgets for Great Singing

Need a fresh approach to teaching dynamics, facial expression, phrasing, and musicality? Use a gadget! Unleash your creative beast with clever everyday "gadgets" redesigned for use in the choral classroom by music educator and choral conductor Christy Elsner. These inexpensive learning tools provide endless inventive ideas for introducing and reinforcing all elements of vocal pedagogy including breath, resonant tone, vowel formation, tongue placement, and diction. They also promote kinesthetic awareness and physical memory, empowering the individual singers and the entire class as a whole to be great singers.

Songlist: Cookie, Food and the Five Basic Vowels, Kitchen Utensils, The Marshmellow, Straws, Toothpicks, Candy, Bowls, Paintbrushes, Rubber Bands, Sponges, Stickers, Flashlights, Clothes Pins, Twinkle Lights, Ladder, Candles, Face Paint, Bubbles and Feathers, Balls, Mirrors

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8778b | Book | $19.95

Dana Lentini : Teaching the Child Singer : Songbook & Online Audio : 888680900335 : 154004145X : 00286956

Dana Lentini : Teaching the Child Singer

Teaching young vocal students presents unique joys and challenges. This reference book explores the physical differences in children's sound production, a Five-Step System for child vocal technique, lesson structure in both solo and group settings, and more. Includes breathing exercises with accompanying photos, notated vocalizations, and evaluation forms to help track student progress. This guide to child vocal pedagogy should be a staple of any voice studio!

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9954b | Songbook & Online Audio | $19.95

Dr. Patrick Freer : Success for Adolescent Singers (3 DVD Set) : 3 DVDs : Patrick Freer : 824890-2000-9

Dr. Patrick Freer : Success for Adolescent Singers (3 DVD Set)

Conductor, teacher, and researcher Dr. Patrick K. Freer explores practical solutions to common problems while focusing on an impromptu ensemble of everyday kids. These three fast-paced DVDs demonstrate familiar challenges and Freer's sensitive, real-time solutions to them. You will see the process unfold as it actually happened and how Dr. Freer incorporates research on adolescent learning into the process of teaching choral music. When working with these young adolescents, Dr. Freer clearly demonstrates how challenges associated with male and female changing voices can be handled successfully. Interviews with the students present valuable perspectives on being an adolescent singer, and a special segment on DVD 3 is designed to be shown to students in classrooms and choirs. The manual contains additional materials, including printed instructions for the exercises demonstrated throughout.

Songlist: Video Series Outline, Group Voice Building For Young Adolescents, The Individual Relaxtion, Posture, Breathing, Sound Ball, Whoosh, Whoa, Jazz Circles, Adolescent Vocal Development And Choir Rehearsals, Flow Experience, Learning Differences And Teaching Strategies, Motivation And Choral Instruction, Optimal Classroom Environments, Teacher Language In The Choral Rehearsal, Vocal/Choral Instruction And Choral Conducting

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3034dvd | 3 DVDs | $49.95

Ed Lisk : The Creative Director - Intangibles of Music Performance : Book : Ed Lisk : 073999556797 : 0962430854 : 00317003

Ed Lisk : The Creative Director - Intangibles of Music Performance

With a foreword by Mark Camphouse, with the instructional techniques of teaching expression, ensemble interpretation, characteristic performance, musical identity, and the decision making process surrounding the subtle details of artistic response.

Songlist: Foreword, by Composer Mark Camphouse, Acknowledgments, Introduction, Chapter 1: The Mystery of Musical Expression, The Search for Meaning, Communication, Mind and Body Connection, The 'Eye' Has No Intelligence, Release Student Potential, Practicing, Other Factors for Consideration, Chapter 2: The Meaning of Ensemble, Inter- and Intra-personal Development, Listening and Hearing, Making Musical Decisions, To Answer or Not to Answer, Chapter 3: The Natural Laws of Musical Expression, Low Searches for High, High Searches for Low, Short Looks for Long, Style ... Characteristic ... Interpretation, 5 Steps for 'Feeling' and 'Style', Language of Articulation, Intensity, Teaching Intensity, Chapter 4: Free Form Expression, Memorization, The Grand Master Scale, The 'Key' to Improvisation, Building Chords through Scale Tones, and more

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8736b | Book | $24.95

Ed Lisk : The Musical Mind of the Creative Director : Book : 884088509453 : 1574631608 : 00317203

Ed Lisk : The Musical Mind of the Creative Director

Chapters that address the connection of nuance and inflections with language and music and that expand the meaning of the words "ensemble and entrainment" are but a few of the insightful topics covered by this award-winning author. Ed Lisk's extensive professional career has enabled him to train many of today's leading music educators and provide materials used in schools and universities both here and abroad. The Musical Mind of the Creative Director expands his previous publications creating a greater awareness of the many components that surround the beauty of musical expression.

Songlist: Preface, Introduction, How This Book Is Organized, Chapter 1: The Immersed Musical Mind, Metacognition, The Conductor's Responsibility, Chapter 2: Designing Effective Rehearsals, Questioning Traditional Rehearsal Techniques, Designing A Rehearsal, Importance of the Warm-Up, Infusing Variety, Establishing Mental and Physical Readiness: The Warm-Up, Exercise 2.1. Teaching from the Circle of 4ths, More Thoughts on Removing the Notation, Chapter 3: Entrainment: The Invisible Communication System, Exercise 3.1. Aligning Ensemble Pulse, Exercise 3.2., Exercise 3.3. Making a Mind-Body Connection, Exercise 3.4. Apply Chord Qualities, Exercise 3.5. Breath Support, Chapter 4: Teaching Musical Artistry and Expression, Chapter 5: Connecting The Nuance and Inflections of Language With Music, Exercise 5.1. The Energy of Rhythm, Chapter 6: Connecting Feeling To Rhythm, Exercise 6.1. Expression Through Rhythm, Chapter 7: Developing and Exercising Musical Expression, Exercise 7.1. Discovering the Soul of Musical Expression, Exercise 7.2. Dynamics: Reading With True Expression, Why Practice Expression, Three Natural Laws of Musical Expression, and more

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8737b | Book | $24.95

Elizabeth Blades-Zeller : A Spectrum of Voices - Prominent American Voice Teachers Discuss the Teaching of Singing  : Book : 978-0-8108-4953-2

Elizabeth Blades-Zeller : A Spectrum of Voices - Prominent American Voice Teachers Discuss the Teaching of Singing

Teaching voice and vocal performance is by nature a subjective pursuit. This is the first book in the field of vocal pedagogy that draws on the brilliance and combined experience represented by an elite group of exemplary voice teachers. This research study and resulting book does not promote one teacher's perspective, nor does it promote one particular approach, but instead distills the best from the best, presenting nearly 30 quoted interviews from teachers of note. "How do the nation's most outstanding voice teachers teach?" The end result is the first book of its kind, based on solid qualitative research design and methodology, written in a lively, understandable and user-friendly way that provides a fascinating survey of comparative pedagogy. Each chapter is arranged in a question and answer format, presenting the question first, then listing the response of each vocal instructor interviewed. Voice teachers offer valuable insight into their teaching philosophies, the kinds of auxiliary training they recommend to their students, and how they structure their lessons. Astute quotes and strategies about posture, breathing, tonal resonance, diction, registration and tension are based on years of professional teaching. A glossary containing definitions, voice performance and pedagogy terminology, and idioms characteristic of the profession is also included. A quick and handy reference for the studio teacher, this book would also serve as a text for vocal pedagogy courses or a supplement for physiology and vocal mechanics. For teachers and students of singing, music educators, musical theatre performers and anyone who aspires to be an outstanding teacher.

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8214b | Book | $39.95

Gerald Eskelin : Lies My Music Teacher Told Me : Book : Gerald Eskelin

Gerald Eskelin : Lies My Music Teacher Told Me

A number of musical misconceptions are explored and exploded in this humorous and lucid disussion of the relation between the human perception of music and traditional systems of music education. Drawing on his extensive background in the music world, the author marshals an informal yet rigorous logic to guide the reader through the practical experiences and careful thinking that led him to his conclusions. Updated and refined in the light of reader feedback and more recent thinking, nagging questions such as "why does formal musical training often seem irrrelevant to musical success?" are readdressed. Seekers of musical truth stand to profit from this light-hearted assault on some of the more nebulous assumptions of the musical community.

Songlist: Overture, Scales, chords and other things having to do with pitch, Rhythmn, meter and other ideas you can count on, Coda

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6397b | Book | $16.95

Graham F. Welch, David M. Howard, and John Nix : The Oxford Handbook of Singing : Book : 9780192894182

Graham F. Welch, David M. Howard, and John Nix : The Oxford Handbook of Singing

Singing has been a characteristic behaviour of humanity across several millennia. Chorus America estimated that 42.6 million adults and children regularly sing in one of 270,000 choruses in the US, representing more than 1:5 households. Similarly, recent European-based data suggest that more than 37 million adults take part in group singing.

The Oxford Handbook of Singing is a landmark text on this topic. It is a comprehensive resource for anyone who wishes to know more about the pluralistic nature of singing. In part, the narrative adopts a lifespan approach, pre-cradle to senescence, to illustrate that singing is a commonplace behaviour which is an essential characteristic of our humanity.

In the overall design of the Handbook, the chapter contents have been clustered into eight main sections, embracing fifty-three chapters by seventy-two authors, drawn from across the world, with each chapter illustrating and illuminating a particular aspect of singing. Offering a multi-disciplinary perspective embracing the arts and humanities, physical, social and clinical sciences, the book will be valuable for a broad audience within those fields.

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2116b | Book | $64.95

James C. McKinney : Diagnosis & Correction of Vocal Faults : Book & 1 CD : 1577664035

James C. McKinney : Diagnosis & Correction of Vocal Faults

Popular for more than two decades among college voice teachers and their students, this outstanding, authoritative vocal pedagogy text is an invaluable manual. It thoroughly examines the vocal problems prospective voice teachers will encounter daily in the teaching studio and choral rehearsal. The author's approach is a unique one, based in large part on diagnostic procedures similar to those used by doctors. As each vocal fault is presented, its identifying characteristics or symptoms are stated, its possible causes are discussed, and corrective procedures are suggested. An especially valuable feature is the book's accompanying CD that contains 14 male and female voice samples of the various vocal faults discussed in the text, enabling students to better identify basic characteristic sounds associated with each fault. Current and prospective choir directors and voice teachers who need help in improving the vocal sounds of choir members or students will find this practical guide-book to be an ever-present help in time of trouble.

Songlist: Diagnosing Vocal Faults, A Basic Approach to Vocal Sound, Posture, Breathing and Support, Phonation, Registration, Voice Classification, Resonation, Articulation, The Speaking Voice, Coordination

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6511b | Book & 1 CD | $35.95

Joan Frey Boytim : The Private Voice Studio Handbook : Book : 073999146554 : 0634047388 : 00740185

Joan Frey Boytim : The Private Voice Studio Handbook

A nationally recognized expert in teaching private voice, Joan Boytim has compiled some of the most widely used vocal collections in the US. Her clinics about various aspects of teaching voice, literature, and running a voice studio have been attended by thousands of teachers. Now that professional wisdom has been put into a new book indispensible for independent instructors, The Private Voice Studio Handbook. Its chapters address, in practical detail, topics such as: starting a private voice studio; equipment and space; recruiting and accepting students; ideas for the very first lesson with a student; studio policies, guidelines and ethics; teaching music reading; recommended syllable drills and vocalises; lesson plans; practice procedures; choosing repertoire suitable to students' abilities; finding appropriate sacred solos; accounting and record-keeping; tax, insurance and retirement advice; techniques for teaching voice to children and adults; planning studio recitals; and many more. An excellent resource for college and university voice faculty.

Songlist: Getting Started, Finding My Space and Who Am I, Anyway?, What Do I Need In My Studio, Just A Few Things Before We Start, Getting Organized, New Students, Let's Start At The Very Beginning, Practice, Practice, Practice, Musical and Vocal Fitness, The Songs We Sing, What's An Octavo?, Anthologies For Adolescent and Novice Singers, Going Public, Vocal Techniques: A Few Tricks of My Trade, Express Yourself: Teaching Styles and Procedures, Should I Major In Music?, Will You Recommend Me?, How Did I Do?, When Your Student Is Your Age Or Older, I Don't Teach Children...But Some Of My Friends Do, Business 101, The Inevitable Uncle Sam, Nuts About Nats, Thou Shalt Not Photocopy and Other Ethical Issues, Pick-Me-Ups and Parting Thoughts

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6234b | Book | $16.98

Julia Davids & Stephen LaTour : Vocal Technique - A Guide for Conductors, Teachers, and Singers : Book : 1-57766-782-4

Julia Davids & Stephen LaTour : Vocal Technique - A Guide for Conductors, Teachers, and Singers

Vocal Technique: A Guide for Conductors, Teachers, and Singers is the first book to connect the disciplines of vocal pedagogy, vocal science, and choral technique. It fills a need for accurate, well-researched, and easy-to-read information on how to teach and learn singing in both solo and choral contexts. This concise yet comprehensive guidebook offers numerous, practical voice-building and problem-solving suggestions and exercises, as well as clear photographs and elegant illustrations. The authors thoroughly address important topics such as breathing, onset, resonance, vowel modification, vibrato, register transitions, range extension, intonation, changing voices (both adolescent and aging), and vocal health. They integrate the perspectives of renowned artists, choral professionals, vocal pedagogues, and the latest in vocal science. This is a must-have for conductors, voice teachers, and music educators, and will benefit solo and choral singers of all ages and abilities.

Songlist: Foundations of Vocal Technique, Posture, Breath Control, Initiation, Creation, and Release of Sound, Resonance, Vowels, Consonants, Enhancements of Vocal Technique, Vibrato, Negotiation of the Vocal Registers, Improving Range, Improving Intonation, Legato, Staccato, Accents, Melismas, Dynamic Control, Improving Choral Blend, Changing Voices, Reducing Tension, Guarding Singers' Vocal Health, A Productive Warm-Up

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7670b | Book | $42.95

Karen Bauer : The Essentials of Beautiful Singing: A Three-Step Kinesthetic Approach : Book : 978-0-8108-8688-9

Karen Bauer : The Essentials of Beautiful Singing: A Three-Step Kinesthetic Approach

Voice research has revealed much about the singing voice, but this valuable information does not necessarily transfer into fine singing. In The Essentials of Beautiful Singing: A Three-Step Kinesthetic Approach, performer and scholar Karen Tillotson Bauer bridges this gap by reframing the complexities of voice science with a cultivated simplicity of style and terminology that speaks directly to the singer's experience of singing. With her three-step approach, Bauer integrates fact and application in a logical order, step by step. With clarity and immediate relevancy, this work takes the mystery out of singing by approaching it as a kinesthetic experience. Through the use of short verbal prompts and guided exercises, The Essentials of Beautiful Singing helps the singer discover good breath management, realize good resonance, and achieve clear enunciation. The focus throughout is on the skillful use of the body as a musical instrument, the source of fine singing. For the experienced voice teacher, choral director and singer at any level, Bauer's three-step approach offers a fresh perspective on the familiar principles of vocal function. Clear explanations of the singing processes replace vague notions, and a relevant terminology makes refined singing more accessible. The Essentials of Beautiful Singing cuts to the heart of vocal technique and challenges some common pedagogical assumptions while defining a dependable foundation for fine singing.

Songlist: Setting the Stage for the Three-Step Approach, A Precondition to Beautiful Singing, "Open Body" and Breath Management, Exhalation: Controlled Release of Air, "Open Throat" and Resonance, The Kinesthetic Experience, Resonanting on Sung Tones, Posture Preparartion, The Chiaroscuro Balance, Forward Articulation and Enunciation, Refinements toward Greater Skill, Chest Register, Head Register, Messa di Voce, Developing the Upper Range, Legato and Misicality

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8210b | Book | $54.95

Katharin Rundus : Cantabile - A Manual About Beautiful Singing for Singers, Teachers of Singing and Choral Conductors : Solo : Book : 884088328870 : 1934596035 : 08301877

Katharin Rundus : Cantabile - A Manual About Beautiful Singing for Singers, Teachers of Singing and Choral Conductors

This vocal pedagogy textbook breaks the mold. Making complex concepts easily understood has been the hallmark of Kathi Rundus' teaching career. Filled with anatomical drawings, pictures, graphs and valuable vocal exercises, this book is wisely and attractively organized. Plus, every chapter includes a section specifically for the choral director! Katharin Rundus is a nationally recognized teacher, conductor and singer. Her most recent performances include: Arianna a Naxos for the inaugural conference of the California Haydn Society, soprano solos for Arvo Paart's Passio, Vaughn Williams' Dona Nobis Pacem, Handel's Dixit Dominus, Mozart's Requiem, Haydn's Creation, Beethovan's Mass in C, and Bach's St. John's Passion and B Minor Mass. In addition to her private studio at CSULB, Dr. Rundus is the coordinator of Vocal Studies at Fullerton College, where she also conducts the Chamber Singes and the Women's Chorale. She received her Bachelors of Music from Coe College, her Masters of Music from Westminster Choir College, and her PhD in Musical Arts from the Claremont Graduate University.

Songlist: Release of Tension, Opening the Vocal Tract, Breathing for Singing, Onsets and Releases, Resonance, Registers of the Voice, Focus of the Tone, Articulation, Musical Expression, Vocal Health, Aphorisms for Singing, Feelings and Emotions, List of Illustrations

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Voicing: Solo | 5134b | Book | $58.95

Katharin Rundus : Cantabile - Virtual Vocalise Collection : Songbook & Online Audio : 840126941951 : 1705121144 : 00356774

Katharin Rundus : Cantabile - Virtual Vocalise Collection

The Cantabile Series offers varying levels of voice training from primary vocal pedagogy to comprehensive course texts. This collection provides 59 vocal training exercises in written form, accompanying sound files, and online video scores, each with introductions explaining the purpose and goal. Vocal students and choral singers can sing along with established vocal techniques at home or in the classroom under the direction of acclaimed vocal pedagogue and Vocologist, Dr. Katharin Rundus.

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9963b | Songbook & Online Audio | $6.95

Katharin Rundus : Cantabile Anthology - Volume 1 : Solo : Songbook & Online Audio : 840126961607 : 00365456

Katharin Rundus : Cantabile Anthology - Volume 1

The Cantabile vocal training series has become a standard resource in vocal pedagogy the world over. This anthology provides four essential songs: an Italian Art Song, a German Lied, a folk song, and a contemporary solo by Rosephanye Powell. Each selection includes commentary from Dr. Rundus, and access to learning and accompaniment tracks via MyLibrary download.

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Voicing: Solo | 11233b | Songbook & Online Audio | $24.95

Katharin Rundus : Cantabile Voice Class : Solo : Book : 888680066666 : 1495027414 : 00145650

Katharin Rundus : Cantabile Voice Class

CANTABILE - Voice Class textbook is clearly and concisely written for 21st century undergraduate voice students. Already tested in lower division voice classes, students' response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Twelve foundational anchors of voice study are presented with accompanying vocal exercises that build competency and confidence from the first use. In addition to anchors on vocal technique, topics such as Deliberate Practice, Musical Expression and Vocal Health are covered. The text is engaging and well-illustrated with photos, drawings and icons. CANTABILE - Voice Class follows on the success of CANTABILE - A Manual About Beautiful Singing, a comprehensive volume that is now the preferred pedagogy course text for vocal study in studios and colleges throughout the United States and abroad. Instructors will find both texts invaluable. The concise format of CANTABILE - Voice Class makes it particularly attractive for a semester voice class and as supplementary material for choral groups and choral pedagogy classes.

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Voicing: Solo | 40302b | Book | $14.95

Linda Spevacek : The Choral Director as Voice Teacher : DVD : 000308109559 : 99/2024H

Linda Spevacek : The Choral Director as Voice Teacher

Choral singing is an extension of proper phonation from each individual singer, and this 2 -hour master class on DVD is a gold mine of techniques, concepts and practical exercises to improve singing at every stage of vocal development. Singers and conductors will appreciate master-teacher Linda Spevacek's expertise in harnessing the entire body to achieve a focused tone production. Enjoy Linda's infectious enthusiasm as she introduces and works with a room full of choral directors just like you. Watch Linda put her ideas into practice by leading the assembled group through three octavos (included in the kit) and see firsthand how she incorporates the powerful techniques she has developed and has just shared with you. More than an idea bank for proven vocal techniques, "The Choral Director as Voice Teacher" is a comprehensive and practical approach to achieving choral and musical excellence - an invaluable resource for every choral director.

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6377dvd | DVD | $59.95

Lynn Eustis  : Finding Middle Ground Music for Young Sopranos : Solo : Songbook : G-6957

Lynn Eustis : Finding Middle Ground Music for Young Sopranos

Defining a singer's voice type is one of the most difficult and important challenges facing today's voice instructor. This volume provides ten worthy selections appropriate for young sopranos and mezzo-sopranos that fall between these voice types, which are perfect for helping to discover a singer's eventual vocal classification. Historical information, range, teaching tips, and translations of the foreign-language pieces expertly guide the teacher and student through each piece. Lynn Eustis, soprano, is associate professor of voice at the University of North Texas and appears regularly as a soloist with numerous professional organizations. She earned a doctor of music in opera from Florida State University, a master of music in opera from the Curtis Institute of Music, and a bachelor of music in voice from Bucknell University.

Songlist: lascia ch'io pianga, Sailor's Song, The Fatal Hour, Abendstern, Warum willst du And're fragen?, Anzoleta avanti la regata, Le papillon et la fleur, Hai Luli!, In the Highlands, The Stranger Man

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Voicing: Solo | 2808b | Songbook | $19.95

Marilee David : The New Voice Pedagogy - Second Edition : Book : 978-0-8108-6042-1

Marilee David : The New Voice Pedagogy - Second Edition

The simple but vital premise behind this important book is that a healthy voice is a beautiful voice, and a clear tone and pleasant sound will arise from a healthy vocal technique. Based on the concepts of voice therapy, laryngology, and voice science, The New Voice Pedagogy presents a no-nonsense look at the ways knowledge gained through modern science can be applied to teaching voice. Marilee David, an experienced teacher and performer, first explains the physiology of the voice, then examines individual aspects of singing, such as breathing, mouth position, phrasing, tone quality, pitch, resonance, and registration, and offers instruction and exercises appropriate to each component. David also considers the effects of different lifestyle factors and situations on the voice, such as singing with a cold or illness, common medications, obesity, hormones, and aging. She describes symptoms and treatments of common voice problems, including hoarseness, laryngitis, types of dysphonias, and examples of abuse and misuse, giving an overview of voice therapy and diagnostic tools. An important chapter on ethics, unique to this book, uses case studies to examine ethical questions that arise in the voice studio. New to this second edition are expanded sections on posture and kyphosis, HIV and AIDS, and the aging voice, and a helpful glossary of terms used in voice therapy, laryngology, and voice science is included. The bibliography of over three hundred books and articles provides a supplemental reading list for those interested in learning more, and a new final chapter summarizes the pedagogical concepts explored.

Songlist: The Larynx: Structure and Functions, Posture and Relaxation, Mouth Position and Breath, Physiology of Respiration, The Sound, Method of Attack, Constriction and Tone Quality, Tongue Position, Volume or Intensity, Vibrato, Registration, Placement and Resonance Extremes, The Use of Falseto, Resonance and Tone Focus, The Singer Outside the Studio, Programs of Vocal Hygiene, When The Voice Is Sick, Therapy and Dysphonias, Pulling It All Together, The Road to Technical Freedom

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8215b | Book | $49.95

Peter Hunt : Voiceworks 2 - A Further Handbook for Singing : Kids : Songbook & 2 CDs : Peter Hunt : 0193435500

Peter Hunt : Voiceworks 2 - A Further Handbook for Singing

Voiceworks is a magnificent resource for promoting good singing in pre-schools, schools, community choirs, adult choirs and everywhere that people sing. The Voiceworks books (complete with CDs) are packed with songs and ideas which are practical, motivating, and accessible. Voiceworks 2 is a complete guide and support for anyone who encourages or teaches other people to sing well. Singing is learned behaviour, and Voiceworks 2 aims to help singers of all ages and experience improve their capability, to develop some techniques, and get pleasure from using their voices. It is claimed that the better people feel about their voices, the better they feel about themselves, so this book is more influential than just a singing book. The music is eclectic, chosen for its accessibility, and can be used progressively as laid out in the book to build confidence and develop vocal technique, or as a 'dip in' resource to suit particular needs.

Songlist: Section I: Warm Ups And Rounds, Boom Chicka Boom, Eighteen Hammers Standin', Everywhere We Go, Chicka Hanka, Sarana, Sonagwaza, Banuwa, Banaha, Janie Mama, Freedom Train, Sto Me, Yenamanoa, Oliver Cromwell, The Hand Jive, Three Way Canon Blues, Jazz Gloria, Hashivenu, Alleluia, Cantate Domino, There Was a Young Woman of Ryde, She Died, She Did!, There's a Girl that I Love, Section II: Improvising and Inventing, Section III: Spirituals and Gospel Songs, Zion me wan' go Home, Trampin', Go Down Moses, I Want to be Ready, Shoeshone Love Song, and more

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Voicing: Kids | 9554b | Songbook & 2 CDs | $79.95 ON SALE $69.95

Phil Mattson : Vocal Jazz: The Art & Technique : DVD : Phil Mattson

Phil Mattson : Vocal Jazz: The Art & Technique

Phil Mattson, director of the School For Music Vocations, shares his wealth of knowledge and experience on this information-rich video. With the aid of the mixed sextet, VoicesIowa, who perform selections such as "Embraceable You," "Body And Soul" and "Dancing In The Dark," Phil gives an overview of harmony, melody and phrasing. Also, he expounds on the importance of quality literature, and gives the viewer a brief introduction to the chief contributors to the development of the jazz idiom. Phil also dispenses his philosophy throughout, and his integrity and insight into the process of musical performance - a process requiring the body and the soul - shows remarkable wisdom and clarity.

Songlist: The Rehearsal As Sacred Time, Choral Tone, The Architecture of Performance, Quality Literature, Time/Rhythm, Vocal Technique, Complete Performances, Melody/Harmony Balance, Building Group Musicianship, Text/Word Stress, Phrasing, Harmonic Skill-Building Exercises

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6001dvd | DVD | $29.95 | Primarily a cappella

Richard Miller : Training Soprano Voices : Solo : Book : 0195130189

Richard Miller : Training Soprano Voices

A young dramatic soprano should not be forced into a soubrette mold, nor should the soubrette soprano be assigned dramatic tasks. Although all soprano voices have common characteristics, each type has unique features that require a particular approach in teaching. Training Soprano Voices addresses this issue directly by providing a complete and reliable system for training each type of soprano voice. Designed as a practical program for singers, teachers, and voice professionals, it couples historic vocal pedagogy with the latest research on the singing voice. The book emphasizes the special nature of the soprano voice and the proper physiological functioning for vocal proficiency. For each category of voice, Miller supplies a detailed description, recommends appropriate literature, and provides an effective system for voice building, including techniques for breath management, vibratory response, resonance balancing, language articulation, vocal agility, sostenuto, proper vocal registration, and dynamic control. The book concludes with a daily regimen of vocal development for healthy singing and artistic performance. Dozens of technical exercises, vocalization material taken from the performance literature, and numerous anatomical illustrations are included.

Songlist: Catagories of the Female Voice, Registration Events in Female Voices, Making a Beginning, Breath Energy in Singing, The Agility Factor, Resonance in Soprano Voices: Supraglottic Considerations, Nasal Continuants as Assists in Resonance Balancing, Non-Nasal Consonants as Assists in Adjustment of the Resonator Tract, The Sostenuto Factor, Soprano Vocal Registration and Vowel Modification (Aggiustamento), Accomplishing Dynamic Control, The Daily Regimen, The Wedding of Emotion and Skill

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Voicing: Solo | 6058b | Book | $68.95

Richard Miller : Securing Baritone Bass-Baritone And Bass Voices : Solo : Book : 9780195322651

Richard Miller : Securing Baritone Bass-Baritone And Bass Voices

Perhaps the most renowned writer in the field of vocal pedagogy, Richard Miller has delivered a new and outstanding contribution to the study of vocal technique in Securing Baritone, Bass-Baritone, and Bass Voices . The first thorough and comprehensive treatment of low male voices, this book draws on techniques and practical advice from Miller's years of professional experience as a performer and pedagogue. With a unique focus on "securing" the technical stability of the male voice, the book offers practical advice to students, their teachers, and professional performers, through numerous practical exercises and repertoire suggestions appropriate to various stages of development. Miller synthesizes historic vocal pedagogy with the latest research on the singing voice, always emphasizing the special nature of the male voice and the proper physiological functioning for vocal proficiency. An indispensable guide to male low voices, this book is an essential text for performers, aspiring performers, and instructors alike.

Songlist: Who is Baritone?, The Onset, Managing the Breath, Vowel Definition and the Chiaroscuro, Vowel Modification, Moving into Middle Voice, Agility Factor, Further Consideration, More on Positioning of the Larynx, Pedagogic Uses of Falsetto for Baritone, The Phenomenon of Vibrato, Establishing Technical Security, Developing an Individual Tonal Concept, Dynamic Control, Voice Viruses, Contributing to Performance Effectiveness, Performance Preparation and Enhancement, Early Repertoire Suggestions, Choosing Audition Material

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Voicing: Solo | 6457b | Book | $37.95

Robert Sataloff : Vocal Health and Pedagogy -  Third Edition : Book : 978-1-59756-860-9

Robert Sataloff : Vocal Health and Pedagogy - Third Edition

The new edition of this classic text has now been revised and expanded (with completely new chapters on children's singing, the aging voice, vocal health strategies for choral music educators, and vocal pedagogy and choral singing) to the extent that the work is now necessarily and logically divided into two volumes: Vocal Health and Pedagogy, Volume I: Science and Assessment, and Volume II: Advanced Assessment and Practice. This second volume considers the medical and non-medical issues affecting the human voice, including diagnosis and treatment of voice problems, the effects of physical injury, posture, pollutants and irritants, psychological effects, voice therapy, medication, and much more. The world-renowned contributors, under the general authorship and editorship of Professor Sataloff, present everything that students need for vocal pedagogy or speech and language pathology coursework, and that professional and amateur performers and their teachers must consider in their daily lives.

Songlist: Common Medical Diagnoses and Treatments in Patients with Voice Disorders, The Effects of Age on the Voice, Hearing Loss in Singers and Other Musicians, Allergy, Respiratory Dysfunction, Endocrine Dysfunction, Performing Arts-Medicine and the Professional Voice User, Bodily Injuries and Their Effects on the Voice, Seating Problems of Vocalists, Nutrition and the Professional Voice, Sleep and the Vocal Performer, Pollution and Its Effects on the Voice, Artificial Fogs and Smokes, Psychological Aspects of Voice Disorders, Performance Anxiety, Medications and the Voice, Medications and Traveling Performers, Introduction to Treating Voice Abuse, Speech-Language Pathology and the Professional Voice User, Voice Therapy, Voice Rest, Increasing Vocal Effectiveness, The Singing Voice Specialist, The Role of the Acting-Voice Trainer in Medical Care of Professional Voice Users, Exercise Physiology: Perspective for Vocal Training

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6848b | Book | $114.95

Stan McGill : Beyond Singing - Blueprint for the Exceptional Choral Program : Book & 1 CD : 884088111236 : 1423420438 : 08745729

Stan McGill : Beyond Singing - Blueprint for the Exceptional Choral Program

Excellence is not something stumbled upon by accident. You won't achieve great things while flailing about in paperwork nor partake of true musical artistry by folly. Success requires a concrete plan of action: a big-picture plan followed by all the little details that, together, create a complex mosaic that forms a beautiful and intricxate picture of choral excellence. This practical text offers a wealth of information for running a choral program. The two successful veteran teachers offer advice for dozens of solutions to issues facing the choral director. Includes a CD-ROM of bonus material, an introduction by Paul Salamunovich.

Songlist: The Choir Handbook, Rehearsal Structure and Techniques, Selecting Literature, Blueprint for Teaching Choral Literature, Effective Classroom Management, Conducting, Concert Dos and Donts, Memorization, Contests and Festivals, Programming Themes and Variations, Identifying Prospective Audiences, Teachign Sight-Reading and Music Literacy, Copyright Law for the Choral Director, Professional Resources, Building Your Support System, The Recruitment and Retention of Choir Students, Effective Publicity and Public Relations, Fund-Raising, Uniforms, Show, Pop, Jazz and Swing Choirs, Chamber Singers and Madrigal Groups, Choir Traditions, Fun and Games, Trips, Tours, Parties and Banquets, Topics Sometimes Overlooked in MusEd 101, VIPs of the Profession

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9001b | Book & 1 CD | $24.95

Steve Zegree : The Complete Guide To Teaching Vocal Jazz : Book : Steve Zegree : 000308061598 : 30/1737h

Steve Zegree : The Complete Guide To Teaching Vocal Jazz

Dr. Stephen Zegree is one of the most respected vocal jazz educators in the world. As a professor in the School of Music at Western Michigan University, Dr. Zegree teaches classical and jazz piano and directs Gold Company, WMU's internationally regarded vocal jazz ensemble. He is in demand as a pianist and conductor around the world, and his students are among today's leaders in jazz and pop performance, Broadway, recording studio production, writing, arranging, singing and music education. Included is a comprehensive CD that Dr. Zegree uses to illustrate points he makes in the book. This is a must-have book for the music educator, performer - basically anyone who is serious about Vocal Jazz!

Songlist: What Is Vocal Jazz?, Roots and Traditions, It's a Matter of Style, Rehearsal Techniques for the Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Theory (in Reality!), The Rhythm Section, The Art of Solo Singing, Improvisation, The Sound Reinforcement System, Staging, Movement and Programming, Listen, Listen, Listen, The Gold Company Program

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6014b | Book | $29.95

Steve Zegree : The Wow Factor : Book : Steve Zegree : 884088309879 : 1423468139 : 08749574

Steve Zegree : The Wow Factor

What is it about some musicians and performers who consistently achieve success? Are they the best performers? Did they have the best teachers? Do they have the best professional contacts and connections? Is it just coincidence? Of course not! Dr. Steve Zegree of Western Michigan University, choral arranger and conductor of Western Michigan's Gold Company has developed this practical guide for performers, students, teachers and parents which offers fundamental philosophies and concepts that are essential to a person's growth and development and will contribute to a successful professional life in music. More than just the basics, more than a prescribed curriculum, and more than just getting in front of an audience to go through the motions of what you did in rehearsal - call it the Wow Factor - there is something for everyone in this book!

Songlist: Introduction, Chapter 1: The Wow Factor, Chapter 2: How to Practice and Rehearse for the Wow Factor, Chapter 3; How to Prepare a "Wow" audition, Chapter 4: Ifs, Ands, or Butts- and Rules to Live By, Chapter 5: Don't Go to Your Face: Putting the Polish on Your Performance, Chapter 6: How to Educate and Entertain, Chapter 7: How to Win on NBC's Clash of the Choirs, Chapter 8: "Wow" Perspectives: The Interviews, Chapter 9: Coda, About the Author, Praise for The Wow Factor

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6701b | Book | $24.95

Thomas Hemsley : Singing & Imagination : Book : 0198790163

Thomas Hemsley : Singing & Imagination

This book is written on the belief that the essential basic principles underlying good singing are in themselves rather few, and very simple, but that their application is amazingly varied in light of the individual's needs. It is not intended as a manual of voice production, and does not concern itself with medical matters, nor directly with anatomy, physiology, and acoustics. While not belittling the value of appropriate scientific investigation, Thomas Hemsley believes that modern methods of training have gone too far in the direction of the materialistic approach; that singing in all its aspects and at all times should be guided by the imagination, the feelings, and the intuition; that we have become so pre-occupied by voice per se and the vocal function since the advent of vocal science, that we too easily forget that singing is not voice, but modification of voice - "not only a language through which we understand the emotions of others, but also a means of exciting our sympathy with such emotions," (H. Spencer). This book can be seen as an attempt to redress the balance. Comprehensive and engagingly written this neccessary and welcome book will be a gift for singers and teachers of singing, as well as the general music-loving public.

Songlist: Readiness to Sing: The Raw Material, Posture, Impulse, Intention, and the anacrusis, Colour, The importance of Good Diction, The Singer's Ear, The Pitch-Intensity Effect, Breath, The Work of the Imagination: The Study of Vocal Music, Legato and Tessitura, Pulse

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6171b | Book | $75.00

Various : Teaching Music through Performance in Choir Volume 2 : Book : G-7100

Various : Teaching Music through Performance in Choir Volume 2

Written, researched, and compiled by choral scholars and educators with a wealth of teaching and conducting experience, Teaching Music through Performance in Choir, Volume 2 aids conductors and educators on the quest toward full musical awareness. This book is an ideal tool for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the preeminent music composed for choir and a wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the most expert voices in the choral profession. Contributing composers: Jerry Blackstone, Janet Giavan, Ann Howard Jones, James Jordan, Libby Larsen, Heather J. Buchanan and Matthew W. Mehaffey.

Songlist: The Teachiing Of Music, Does It Communicate? Finding Musical Nuance And Inspiration Through Score Study, The Literate ChoirTo Text Or Not To Text: That Is The Question, Preparing The Chorus For Performance With Orchestrial Accompianment, The Conductor's Dream: Score BAsed Imagination, Improvisation And Inspiration, Composing Words And Music, Enhancing Musical Performance Through Pedantic Pedogogy

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6469b | Book | $44.95

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