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Instructional Resources for Vocal Jazz Singers

Books, videos, CDs, plus some packages that pair books and CDs - everything you need to learn to sound like your heroes is right here in our vocal jazz instructional section. Whether you're at the beginner level or have been singing jazz for a while and want to improve your abilities, there's something here for you. These are world-class, internationally-renowned educators, and it's a can't-miss opportunity to learn from them without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in college tuition.

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David Berkman : The Jazz Singer's Guidebook

Review: Finally, a clear, step-by-step approach for serious singers who want to improve their grasp of jazz harmony and gain a deeper understanding of music fundamentals. Learn to accompany yourself, write lead sheets, understand the structure of the music, and improve your scatting. The Jazz Singer's Guidebook covers all the instrumental, theoretical and ear training requirements that you need in order to gain control of the music you are singing! The Jazz Singer's Guidebook will change how you hear music and make you a better singer, as well as give you the tools to develop your singing in directions you may not have thought possible. Subjects covered include:- The harmonic basis of the melody of songs, How to vary melodies, How to develop a greater awareness of the important harmonic details of songs, How to write a lead sheet and how to evaluate the chord changes that are on a lead sheet, How to hear tensions and chord tones on chords, How to know and hear the appropriate chord scale for each chord change, How to improvise from chord scales, Ways to improve your intonation for scatting. Plus hundreds of suggestions and exercises for scatting, composing, transcribing, understanding jazz vocabulary and increasing what you have to say as an improvising musician.

Songlist: Introduction, Becoming A Functional Pianist, Lead Sheet Basics, The Harmonic Basis of the Melody of Songs , Chord Tones and the Tensions of Progressions, Chord Scales, Friend or Foe?, Applying Chord Scales to a Tune, A Tetrachord Approach to Chord Scales, Chromatic Approach Note Patterns and Bebop Vocabulary, Guide Tone Lines, The Blues, Technical Drill of Intervals, Practicing Scat, Conclusion

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7084b | Book & 1 CD | $24.95 | Scat |

Michele Weir : Jazz Singers Handbook recommended

Review: The Jazz Singer's Handbook provides an inspiring and practical window of insight into the world of professional jazz singing. Drawing upon an impressive career as an arranger, teacher, singer, pianist, and clinician, Michele Weir (faculty, UCLA) has distilled her experiences and observations into two handbook sections: the artistry and the mastery of singing jazz. Also included is a jazz chord library, a professional resource guide, a review of music fundamentals, and an index of terms and symbols. The CD includes sing-along tracks for standard songs, many of which are in two keys for different voice ranges, plus recorded examples of the performance and arranging concepts presented in the text.

Songlist: The Nature of Jazz Singing, The Story of the Text, Text Delivery, Coloring the Melody, Phrasing is Your Friend!, It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), Preparing to Sing A New Tune, Writing a Lead Sheet, Creating an Arrangement, Organizing a Gig Book, Rehearsing a Rhythm Section, Rhythmic Grooves and Playing Styles, Sitting In, Appendix I: Music Fundamentals, Appendix II: Jazz Chords Library, Appendix III: Professional Resource Guide, Appendix IV: Index

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6041b | Book & 1 CD | $19.95 |

Paris Rutherford : The Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Review: This vocal jazz book absolutely has it all! From the ensemble audition process to the final performance and everything in between, this book truly covers every aspect of what it takes to begin and maintain a vocal jazz group. An absolute must for novice directors and singers and equally valuable for those with years of experience, this text provides a wealth of material on the full spectrum of vocal jazz education and performance. The enclosed CD includes recorded vocal examples.

Songlist: Perspectives On Vocal Jazz, The Ensemble And Its Director, Interpreting Vocal Jazz-The Vocal Jazz Ensemble, The Vocal Jazz Soloist, The Band, Sound Reinforcement (A.K.A. Live Sound), The Performance, About The Author

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6851b | Book & 1 CD | $24.95 |

Bob Stoloff : Scat! Vocal Improvisation Techniques

Review: Bob Stoloff is an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music. This book is a comprehensive how-to on vocal jazz scat technique. Beginning with an introduction to the history of scat and its evolution, it contains a virtual library of scales and exercises. Rhythmic, melodic and harmonic concepts, including modes, are discussed, with recommended methods for practice given. Also, vocal bass and percussion routines are explained. The accompanying CD allows the student to listen to examples, and then work on the exercises with rhythm-section accompaniment. "Scat!" is an intensive program, based upon application, not dry theory. Fundamental sight-reading ability is required to do the exercises. This book is an excellent resource for the jazz vocalist seeking to develop their style.

Songlist: Rhythmic Considerations, Melodic Considerations, Melodic Solos, Vocal Bass Lines, Vocal Drum Articulations, Solo A Cappella Technique, Sing Along Patterns, Vocal Drum Grooves

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5321b | Songbook & 1 CD | $24.98 | Scat || Vocal Improvisation

Bruce Crowther & Mike Pinfold : Singing Jazz

Review: Singing Jazz looks at the ups and downs of this tough profession through the eyes of legendary jazz singers, well-established performers, and some newcomers. Drawing on accounts from vocalists of yesterday and today in all major jazz styles, the book explores the musical influences of jazz singing; the learning process, whether on the road or in training; the challenges of building a repertoire, getting gigs, traveling, and performing under sometimes difficult circumstances; and the ongoing struggle for artistic recognition and financial security in the competitive world of popular music. To reveal the roots and evolution of this unique art form, authors Crother and Pinfold revisit the lives, words, and stylistic innovations of great singers in jazz history, including Carmen McRae, Dinah Washington, Mel Torme, Shirley Horn, Ethel Waters, Anita O'Day, and many more. Plus - interviewed especially for Singing Jazz - some of today's best performers illustrate the contemporary view of jazz singing. Kitty Margolis, Mark Murphy, Helen Merrill, Mark Porter, Christine Tyrrell, and many others discuss the influences and experiences that have shaped their singing careers, and share insights on how their art is still evolving today.

Songlist: Preface, I Hear Music, That Rhythm Man, You Don't Learn That In School, Fine and Mellow, Let The Good Times Roll, How Do They Do It That Way?, How High The Moon, Stairway to The Stars, Nice Work If You Can Get It, A Hundred Years From Today

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5199b | Book | $17.95 |

Carl Strommen : The Contemporary Chorus - A Guide for the Jazz / Rock Choir

Review: A complete guide for the jazz and swing director, covering topics such as Defining your Vocal Jazz Ensemble, The Rhythm Section, The Vocal Ensemble with the Jazz Band, The Set Up and Sound System, Rehearsal and Improvisation. Carl Strommen's contributions to jazz band and vocal music make him one of the most performed composer/arrangers, nationally and internationally. His music is heard regularly in concert settings, television, and film. Mr. Strommen is in constant demand as a clinician and commission writer. His prolific and varied output has consistently earned him the annual ASCAP Standard Writers Award.

Songlist: What is a Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Stylistic Elements-Harmony, Stylistic Elements-Rhythm, The Rhythm Section, The Vocal Ensemble with the Jazz Band, The Set Up and Sound System, The Rehearsal, Improvisation, Publishers, Composers/Arrangers and You, Perfectionist Carmen McRae by Harvey Siders the Backup Singers, High Reward for a Privileged Few by Don Heckman

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6528b | Book | $7.95 |

Denis DiBlasio : Guide for Jazz and Scat Vocalists

Review: This book and CD examines some of the problems that vocalists encounter and how to deal with them. For the vocalist that feels alone in the world of instrumentalists. Includes chapters on Jargon, Preparing Songs, Chord Voicings, Scat Singing, Scales and Chords For Scat Singing, Ear Training and Tips . . . all supported by actual examples on the demonstration CD. A great introduction and way to give you the solid knowledge so you are able to "hold your own" with the other musicians.

Songlist: Preface, Introduction, Chapter1: Jargon, Chapter 2: Preparing Songs, "Ed The Dog" Lead Sheet Example, Chapter 3: Chord Voicings, Chapter 4: Scat Singing, Major And Dominant Chord Voicings, Blues Voicings, The II/V7/I Progression Voicings, Scatting By Ear (No Knowledge Of Harmony), Chapter 5: Scales and Chords For Scat Singing, Chapter 6: Ear Training, Chapter 7: Tips, Chapter 8: Pitch Pipe, Ten Preperatory Patterns, Ear Training / Interval Charts, Intro To The Scale Syllabus, Scale Syllabus, Nomenclature, Soloing By Jamey Abersold, Practice Prcedure For Memorizing Scales / Chords To Any Song, Song list For Beginners

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6319b | Songbook & 1 CD | $9.95 | Scat || Vocal Improvisation

Diana R. Spradling : Jazz Singing: Developing Artistry and Authenticity

Review: The book vocal jazz artists have been waiting for! Finally, here is a substantial definition of what vocal jazz artists actually do physically and vocally. The findings are based on over three decades of teaching and almost four years of acoustic research including a study of 20 jazz artists from the first generation of modern jazz singers. Learn 9 different uses of vibrato. Learn how to practice and execute appropriate vowels, diphthongs and text treatment so as to sound more authentic. Study 10 common elements of 6 complete transcriptions of scat/improvised solos that can improve your artistry and authenticity as a jazz vocalist. Diana Spradling teaches graduate and undergraduate jazz voice and vocal pedagogy at Western Michigan University. She is also the founding Director of the Applied Studio Technology Laboratory (ASTL), a state-of-the-art lab that acoustically analyzes sound and measures vocal behaviors such as vowel clarity, vibrato rate and width, presence and absence of legato, onsets, releases, resonance, nasality and laryngeal freedom to name a few. Students who have studied with her during the last decade include several university-appointed jazz voice professors, seven Downbeat Award winners, two Monk Institute finalists, one Monk Institute graduate scholar, two JAS Aspen participants, on and off Broadway performers, members of national touring companies, recording artists, club singers, studio musicians, jingle singers, cabaret performers, and a Grammy nominee.

Songlist: Selecting the Artists, Selecting the Recordings for Spectrographic Study and Evaluation, Reading Spectrograms, The Importance of Resonance in All Singing, Vowel Production and Text Treatment, The Many Faces of Vibrato, Practical Tips to Enhance Appropriate Posture and Breathing Management, Disciplined Practice, To the Jazz Vocal Ensemble Director, How to Care for and Protect Your Voice, The Art and Craft of Scat Singing and Melodic Alteration

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6667b | Book | $59.95 |

Doug Anderson : Jazz and Show Choir Handbook

Review: This is a re-publication of Doug's famous "Red Book," Jazz and Show Choir Handbook, published by Hinshaw Music, which has been expanded from 150 pages to over 330 pages. Doug Anderson is among the pioneers in vocal jazz development in the Pacific Northwest with 30 years of high school teaching experience. He is the past National Chairman of the ACDA Jazz and Show Choir Committee and a frequent judge at vocal jazz and show choir festivals across America. In this book Doug shares his experiences and wealth of knowledge and includes Kirk Marcy's Soundsation CD, "Simple Gifts," mounted in the back with a listening guide cross-reference throughout the book. This wonderful book is also written to be a supplemental text for a college choral methods class or as a guidebook for the school jazz or show choir.

Songlist: The Jazz / Show Choir Scene, Making It Happen, Organizing The Choir, Rehearsing The Choir, Published Charts And Publishing Companies, Making Your Own Arrangements, Rhythmic Understanding, Voice Production And Tone Color, Improvisation, Ballad Interpretation, Accompianment, Amplification, The Presentation, Festivals, Retreats, Travel, Trips, Tours, Summer Camps, Listen!, The Future For Jazz And Show Choirs, Coda, Recordings, Professional Organizations, Clinicians, IAJE Vocal Jazz Suvey Chart List, Common Jazz Rhythms, Conducting Patterns, Outfit Companies, Soundstation CD Recording

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6449b | Book | $29.95 |

Dr Gloria Cooper & Don Sickler : Jazz Phrasing - A Workshop For The Jazz Vocalist

Review: Jazz Phrasing is a perfect workbook for all jazz vocalists. It covers: Specific Rhythm Phrasing - interpreting 8th notes, specific rhythm figures; Open Phrasing - exploring tempos and styles, working with ballads; Tips on Performance - choosing a tempo and counting off, telling the song's story, working with your ensemble; and more. The accompanying CD lets you: compare transcriptions to recorded examples, listen to vocal and instrumental examples, sing along with the rhythm section, create backgrounds and analyze arrangements.

Songlist: Specific Rhythm Phrasing, Interpreting Eighth Notes, Specific Rhythm Figures, Open Phrasing, Exploring Different Musical Environments, Ballads, Working on a Complete Arrangement, Anlyzing the Form, About the Solo Section, What Have We Learned About Jazz Phrasing?, Vocal and Instrumental Discography, About the Composers, Lyricists, Musicians, and Authors

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6043b | Book & 1 CD | $16.95 |

Dr. Scott Fredrickson : Scat Singing Method

Review: If you have ever wanted to learn to scat, try this book! Dr. Scott Fredrickson presents the basics of vocal improvisation in his book Scat Singing Method. This detailed book and two accompanying CDs include step by step instructions and exercises on how to use syllables, melody and rhythm for jazz singing. At the end of the method are eight arrangements for voices (solo with back up), piano, bass and drums. This book is great for individuals as well as the classroom. This new approach is based on the technique of theme and variation. By using the elements of vocal improvisation: syllables, melody, and rhythm, and applying the techniques, musical objectives can be met and instant success achieved.

Songlist: Syllables, Melody, Rhythm, Integration, Phrases, Rehearsal Techniques & Ideas, Practice Tunes

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6016b | Songbook & 2CDs | $29.95 | Solo || Vocal Improvisation

Gary Walth : Jazz Warm-ups and Vocalises

Review: Here's a perfect set of warm-ups for the vocal jazz ensemble that's designed to enhance and stimulate the growth of each member's vocal and choral ability. Thinking of the warm-up as a "mini voice lesson," you can reinforce concepts with consistent encouragement, criticism, problem-solving and praise. This practical volume will help the conductor provide purposeful leadership and develop artistry in each individual through exercises that build styles such as Swing, Latin and Rock using solfege and scat syllables as well as tone and blend in ballad style. Each exercise includes a notated keyboard accompaniment with multiple modulations and professional recordings of a rhythm section and singers performing each drill on the enclosed CD.

Songlist: Swing with Scat Syllables, Latin feel with solfrege, Moderate swing with scat, Rock style, Chordial ballad, Moderate swing, Samba with with solfrege syllables, Warm-up exercises

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7434b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises & CD | $24.95 || Vocal Warm Ups

Jamey Aebersold : Jazz Ear Training

Review: Finally, here is the instruction everyone's been waiting for! This nearly two-hour long presentation features Jamey explaining and demonstrating the fundamental techniques used by all great jazz improvisers. Topics covered chord/scale relationships, keeping your place, patterns, the blues and pentatonic scales and their applications, what and how to practice, articulation, memorizing songs, and much more. This presentation not only provides the technical information essential to getting started in improvisation, but also serves as an overview of the entire creative process in a way that even non-musicians can understand. A no-nonsense approach consisting of two hours of recorded ear training exercises with aural instructions before each. Beginning to advanced. Starts very simply, with intervals gradually increases in difficulty until you are hearing chord changes and progressions. All answers are listed in book.

Songlist: Chromatic Scale Exrecises, Major And Minor 2nd Intervals, Major And Minor 3rd Intervals, Perfect 4ths, Augmented 4ths, And Perfect 5th Intervals, Major And Minor 6th Intervals, Major And Minor 7ths And The Octave, Chord Qualities And Arpeggios, Short Musical Phrases, Major Triads, Root Postion, Minor Triads, Root Position, Major And Minor Triads - Mixed 3 Bars Each, Major And Minor Triads - Mixed One Bar Each, Major And Minor 7th And 9th Chords - Modern Voicings - 4 Bars Each, Major 7t Chords - Root Position - Random Movement, Minor 7th Chords - Root Position - Random Movement, Dominant 7th Chords - Root Position - Random Root Movement, Mixed Major 7th, Minor 7th, And Dominant 7th - Random Movement - 3 Bars , Mixed Major 7th, Minor 7th, And Dominant 7th - Varied Voicings - 2 Bars, Walking Bass Line - Major, Minor, Dominant - 4 Bars, Major To Minor Or Vice Versa - 2 Bars Each, Half Diminished 7th Chords - 2 Bars Each, Diminished 7th Chords - 4 Bars Each, Whole Tone Chords And Scales, II/V7/I/I, Random Qualities - 2 Bars Each (Final Exercise)

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6336b | Book & 2 CDs | $14.95 |

Jan Shapiro : So You Want to Sing Jazz

Review: So You Want to Sing Jazz, singer and professor of voice Jan Shapiro gives a guided tour through the art and science of the jazz vocal style. Throughout, Shapiro hones in on what makes jazz singing distinctive, suggesting along the way how other types of singers can make use of jazz. She looks at such key matters in jazz singing as the role of improvisation, the place of specific singers who influenced and even defined vocal jazz as we know it today, and the unique way in which jazz incorporates vibrato, conversational delivery, rhythmic phrasing, and melodic embellishment and improvisation. The book includes guest-authored chapters by singing voice researchers Dr. Scott McCoy and Dr. Wendy LeBorgne, as well as audio and visual examples from the website of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. In So You Want to Sing Jazz, singers and voice teachers finally have the go-to resource they need for singing vocal jazz.

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4325b | Book | $34.95 || So You Want to Sing

Jay Clayton : Jazz Vocal Practice Series Vol 1

Review: Take private lessons with the highly respected Jay Clayton. There are two Exercise Workouts on this CD. Both sequences of exercises have been designed for warming up, improving breath control, widening your range, and improving accuracy and intonation. Developing a good daily routine of working with the CD will help you develop control, strength, delicacy and flexibility. Your goal is to sing anything you feel and hear with ease.


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6066b | 1 CD Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $16.95 |

Jay Clayton : Jazz Vocal Practice Series Vol 2 - Vamps and Blues - Practice Improvisation

Review: Vamps are one or more chords repeated over and over again. Since the harmony doesn't change much, you have time to hear ideas and develop a solo as well as find new ways to articulate and build your personal vocabulary. There are eight piano vamps on this practice CD. Each one has a different feel and character and chord progression.


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6067b | 1 CD Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $16.95 |

Jay Clayton : Sing Your Story

Review: Are you trying to learn the art of jazz singing, but don't know where to start? Pick up Jay Clayton's Sing Your Story! This practical guide will keep you in check as you begin to put your voice out there. Clayton offers an insightful look on how to find the best material for you to sing and the short-cuts in "talking down" your arrangements to your rhythm section. She also gives suggestions for a successful practice session and where to begin with improvisation. This book also comes with a CD full of instrumental accompaniments for you to practice with. Any aspiring jazz vocalist would benefit from this book.

Songlist: Can Jazz Singing Be Taught?, Singing the Jazz Standards, Performances, Improvisation, Practice Time, The Business of Music, How Do We Do It All?

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6064b | Book & 1 CD | $24.95 |

Jim Snidero : Jazz Conception for Scat Vocals

Review: Jazz Conception is a method which includes scat singing, jazz phrasing, interpretation and improvisation that helps singers at all levels to learn the language of jazz! This book/CD set features 21 solo etudes based on standard chord progressions and blues, demonstrated by Amy London, accompanied by one of todays finest, swinging New York rhythm sections: Mike LeDonne on piano, Dennis Irwin on bass, and Kenny Washington on drums. See and hear how the solist phrases and articulates, sing along with or without the vocalist on the CD and learn the language of jazz first-hand. Start out fairly easy, then get progressively more difficult. Use the etudes as a bridge to solos of the masters that are usually more complicated and involved. Learn melodies and lines that will give you a solid jazz vocabulary and musicality. The Jazz Conception Series is also perfectly suited for the class room. It can be used to develop younger students jazz style in a big band or small group. In an improvisation class the teacher can use the etudes as studies in improvisation. The Study Guide provides an analysis of each etude, along with practice assignments for each.

Songlist: Groove Blues, Amen, A Doll, Total Blues, Grease, Rose, Joe's Thing, Proxy, Father Song, Ind Line, Miles, Blue Minor, Autumn, Friends, Great Love, Two Plus Two, Lunar, Tunisia, Bird Blue, Somewhere, Passage

Style: Jazz

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6068b | Songbook & 1 CD | $17.95 | Scat |

Judy Niemack : Hear It And Sing It! - Exploring Modal Jazz

Review: This great book/CD pack is an effective and fun way to improve your vocal technique and internalize the basic scales used in jazz. Designed for jazz singers, students of improvisation or ear training, choir directors and teachers of vocal jazz, it's an enjoyable way to learn the modes thoroughly and discover their possibilities. The CD includes vocal warm-ups suitable for all levels, exercises in each mode of the major scale, rhythm section tracks without vocals for improvisation, and more. The book includes transcriptions of the warm-ups, a brief history of modal jazz, theory basics, the modes of the major scale, scat syllables, transcriptions of the modal workouts, and more.

Songlist: Warm-Ups, -"Mmm" - relaxing the jaw, -"Ooh" - developing resonance, -"Mmm-mee-ooh" - correct placement of the tone, -Rolled "R's" - bringing the tone forward, adding "ringing overtones", -Staccato arpeggios and legato sclaes - focusing on breathing and attack, -"La"-"lay"-"loo" - increasing the flexibilty and speed of tongue, -"Si-ah" - ear training, flexibility and range extension, The Creators of Modal Jazz, Theory Basics, -Intervals, -Building Chords, The Modes, Scat Syllables, -Pronunciation Guide for Scat Syllables, The Modal Workouts, -Ionian Tracks 8-14, -Dorian Tracks 15-21, -Phrygian Tracks 22-28, -Lydian Tracks 29-35, -Mixolydian Tracks 36-42, -Aeolian Tracks 43-49, -Locrian Tracks 50-56, Hear It and Sing It! In The Classroom

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6056b | Book & 1 CD | $17.95 |

Ken Pullig, Ted Pease : Modern Jazz Voicings

Review: The definitive text used for the time-honored Chord Scales course at Berklee College of Music, this book concentrates on scoring for every possible ensemble combination and teaches performers and arrangers how to add color, character and sophistication to chord voicings. Topics covered include: selecting appropriate harmonic tensions, understanding jazz harmony, overcoming harmonic ambiguity, experimenting with unusual combinations and non-traditional alignments, and many more. The accompanying CD includes performance examples of several different arranging techniques.

Songlist: Transposition, Ranges and Sound Characteristics, Fundamentals and Techniques, Basic Voicings, Chord Scales, Voicings in Fourths, Voices in Seconds (Clusters), Voicing with Upper Structure Triads, Writing fo Six Parts

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6282b | Book & 1 CD | $24.95 || Vocal Arranging

Kirby Shaw : Junior Jazz - Beginning Steps to Singing Jazz

Review: This is what you've been waiting for! Introduce your young singers to the basics of vocal jazz with nine original songs illustrating a specific jazz concept. With educator notes included, this is an excellent introduction to an original American art form. Kirby Shaw helps kids learn more about vocal jazz in this easy-to-sing and educational collection. Each original song focuses on a different aspect of jazz singing.

Songlist: Blues, Blues , Blues, Riff City, Inflections, Blue Notes, Scat Like That, Jump, Jive and Jam!, Schoolhouse Blues, A La Mode

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7423b | Songbook | $8.75 | 2-Part |

Kirby Shaw : Vocal Jazz Style - Manual

Review: In this 2nd edition, the study of 18 basic vocal jazz inflections is made easy for the soloist or choral ensemble: basic swing, fall-off, smear, shake, doit, etc. The beginning or more experienced performer can find clear-cut desciptions and study examples for each inflection. Excellent tool for vocalists. Included: Manual only

Songlist: Basic Swing, Tenuto And Staccato, Horizontal Accent, Vertical Accent, Breath Accent, Forte Piano Crescendo, Combination Exercise A, Ghost, Ascending Smear, Fall-Off, Ascending Smear Fall-Off, Descending Smear Ascending Glissando, Combination Exercise B, Descending Glissando, Doit, Plop, Flip, Dip, Shake, Combination Exercise C, Brand New Attitude, Doctor Doom, Swing Time

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6362b | Book | $14.95 |

Kirby Shaw : Vocal Jazz Style - Manual and CD

Review: In this 2nd edition, the study of 18 basic vocal jazz inflections is made easy for the soloist or choral ensemble: basic swing, fall-off, smear, shake, doit, etc. The beginning or more experienced performer can find clear-cut desciptions and study examples for each inflection. Excellent tool for vocalists. Included: Manual and CD

Songlist: Basic Swing, Tenuto And Staccato #1, Tenuto And Staccato #2, Horizontal Accent, Vertical Accent, Breath Accent, Forte Piano Crescendo, Combnation Exercise A, Ghost, Ascending Smear, Fall-Off, Ascending Smear Fall-Off, Descending Smear Ascending Glissando, Combination Exercise B, Descending Glissando, Doit, Plop, Flip, Dip, Shake, Combination Exercise C, Brand New Attitude, Doctor Doom, Swing Time

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6362c | Book & 1 CD | $36.95 |

Leslie Gourse : Sophisticated Ladies - The Great Women of Jazz

Review: This lively collective biography of 14 singers begins in the 1920s with Bessie Smith and Ethel Waters and moves on through current performers Cassandra Wilson and Diana Krall. A vibrant, full-page portrait opens each chapter, depicting the performer with bold vitality, in a style suggestive of a theater poster. Gourse mentions the singers' childhoods and backgrounds and traces the influences on and course of their careers, not shying away from the poverty, health issues, addictions, and chaotic lifestyles experienced by many of them. Her descriptions of their individual styles are particularly apt, whether of Peggy Lee, rarely singing a note louder than needed or Anita O'Day, her dry, husky voice slurring the melody as she handled a variety of songs. The spot-on discography points students to the best-known songs of each artist.

Songlist: Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters, Mildred Bailey, Mabel Mercer, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O'Day, Peggy Lee, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn, Rosemary Cloony, Cassandra Wilson, Diana Krall

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5156b | Book | $19.95 || Southern Gospel

Michele Weir : Vocal Improvistation bestseller

Review: Calling all current and would-be jazz musicians - you have some serious reading and woodshedding (practicing) to do, 232 pages worth! A former member of the Grammy-nominated Phil Mattson Singers, Michele Weir currently teaches at UCLA, and has taught at USC, CSU Long Beach and the Phil Mattson School. "Vocal Improvisation" is designed for singers, students and teachers of vocal jazz. There is a CD that contains vocal examples with rhythm section background. The exercises are appropriate for all levels of experience, from beginning to advanced, and also be useful to instrumentalists for developing jazz articulation. A tremendous resource of information for any jazz musician!

Songlist: Part One: Jazz Fundamentals, Chords and Scales, Chord Progressions and how They Work, Other Basics, Jazz Keyboard, Part Two: Beginning Improvisation, Getting Started, Rhythm and Syllables, Creating Melodies, Diatonic Chord Progressions, Learning to Hear the Changes, Part Three: Intermediate Improvisation Articulation, Melodic Structure, Non-Diatonic Chord Progressions, Hearing the Changes, Part Four: Advanced Improvisation, Other Aspects of Rhythm, More About the Bebop Language, Hearing the Changes Even Better!, Improvising on Jazz Standards, Part Five: Other Considerations, Creating and Retaining Interest, Practice, Part Five: Vocal Improvisation In The Classroom, Working with Groups of Students, Group Activities and Games, Appendix A: Interviews with jazz Singers, Appendix B: Solos for Transcribing, Appendix C: Index of Exercises

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6012b | Book & 1 CD | $36.95 || Vocal Improvisation

Mili Bermejo : Jazz Vocal Improvisation

Review: Learn to improvise like an instrumentalist! Artful vocal jazz improvisation requires knowing the changes, and all musicians need to understand what is happening on the musical landscape. This book will help you hear, understand and apply jazz theory so that you can solo as a complete musician. Each lesson offers a core musical concept related to harmony, melody and rhythm, integrating skills such as conducting and analysis, and reinforcing them with practical exercises. The accompanying audio tracks demonstrate techniques and let you practice improvising with piano accompaniment. The audio is accessed online using the unique code inside each book and can be streamed or downloaded. The audio files include PLAYBACK+, a multi-functional audio player that allows you to slow down audio without changing pitch, set loop points, change keys, and pan left or right.

Songlist: Creating Awareness, Groove, Swing and Vocal Sounds, Improvising Over Forms, Intervals, Scales and Chords, Improvising Over a 12-Bar Blues Form, Functional Harmony, Tensions amnd Chord Scales, Turnarounds, Patterns, Analyzing Chord Progressions, Improvising on Non-Diatonic Chords and Tensions, Patterns and Dominant Resolutions, Jazz Practice Exercises

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4453b | Songbook & Online Audio | $19.95 | Solo || Vocal Improvisation

Phil Mattson : Vocal Jazz: The Art & Technique

Review: Phil Mattson, director of the School For Music Vocations, shares his wealth of knowledge and experience on this information-rich video. With the aid of the mixed sextet, VoicesIowa, who perform selections such as "Embraceable You," "Body And Soul" and "Dancing In The Dark," Phil gives an overview of harmony, melody and phrasing. Also, he expounds on the importance of quality literature, and gives the viewer a brief introduction to the chief contributors to the development of the jazz idiom. Phil also dispenses his philosophy throughout, and his integrity and insight into the process of musical performance - a process requiring the body and the soul - shows remarkable wisdom and clarity.

Songlist: The Rehearsal As Sacred Time, Choral Tone, The Architecture of Performance, Quality Literature, Time/Rhythm, Vocal Technique, Complete Performances, Melody/Harmony Balance, Building Group Musicianship, Text/Word Stress, Phrasing , Harmonic Skill-Building Exercises

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6001dvd | DVD | $29.95 |

Ramon Ricker : Technique Develpment in Fourths for Jazz Improvisation

Review: This book in the Ramon Ricker Jazz Improvization Series is for the Advanced singer. The interval of a fourth is an integral part of jazz Improvisation and the sixty pages of reading and exercises will give the musician a good understanding of the interval's uses. The serious student should use this book as a supplement to aid and expand his harmonic and melodic vocabulary. When fourths mare mastered, They can ce applied directly to jazz improvisation and ultimately increase musicianship.

Songlist: Introduction, Application Of Fourths To Chord Changes, Exercises, Discography

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6331b | Book | $12.95 |

Russell Robinson : Jazz Style and Improvisation for Choirs

Review: 'Jazz Style and Improvisation for Choirs' is an exceptional DVD designed to assist your students in achieving a comfort level witht he performance of jazz stlye and improvisation techniques within your choral program. Your students will learn and sing along with other students and on their own using this interactive DVD. Subjects and tecniques covered include: Chords Within the Blues Stle, Use of Scat Syllables, Improvising on Three Notes, Traing Fours - Listening and Learning, Putting It All Together, and Ballad Style.

Songlist: Introduction, Chords in the Blues, Adding Jazz/Scat Syllables, Part 1, Adding Jazz/Scat Syllables, Part 2, Using Three Notes to Improvise, Call and Response, Trading Fours, Part 1, Trading Fours, Part 2, Putting It All Together (Let's Sing Some Jazz!), Jazzin' it Up! (and Jazzin' it Down!), Days of Wine and Roses, Conclusion

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6286dvd | DVD | $34.95 || Boys Choirs CDs

Scott Yanow : The Jazz Singers Ultimate Guide

Review: The Jazz Singers is an overview of the great vocalists who have sung jazz. By drawing on original interviews conducted exclusively for this book, along with Scott Yanow's extensive knowledge, The Jazz Singers offers fresh and insightful information in its 521 main entries. Other features include a historical overview, a section on jazz vocal groups, and a comprehensive survey of jazz singers in film.

Songlist: The 521 Great Jazz Singers, 198 Jazz Singers of Today, 55 Others Who Have Also Sung Jazz, 30 Jazz Vocal Groups, The Best of Jazz Singers on Film

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5123b | Book | $21.95 |

Sharon Burch : Scat Singing for Kids

Review: The Scat Singing for Kids teacher's guide contains a detailed step-by-step process that creates a 'safe zone' and leads the most insecure student to uninhibited scattin' fun! Scat singing is the easiest way for kids to begin developing their jazz chops, but singing nonsense syllables as a soloist can be unnerving. Freddie the Frog and the Flying Jazz Kitten storybook introduces kids to scat singing. This teacher's guide extends the learning with group scatting, flashcard instruction, scatting partners and classroom rhythm instruments.

Songlist: Why Teach Jazz to Kids?, Jazz education sequence, Introduce Fredie the Frog, 4/4 Beat, Stress on beats 2 & 4, Swing feel, Introducing scat through a story, Echo scat - Leader/group, Echo scat - Partners, New scat words, Call and Response

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7668b | Songbook | $12.95 || Vocal Improvisation

Stephanie Nakasian : It's not on the Page!

Review: How to integrate jazz and to jazz rhythm into chordal and solo repretoire. An exciting an innovative guide to learning to sing jazz. Stephanie Nakasian is listed in the Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz as one of the world's leading jazz singers. She first came to international attention in the mid-80s when she sang and toured with the vocal jazz master Jon Hendricks and Company - her "vocal jazz apprenticeship." She teaches jazz voice and vocal jazz improvisation at The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg. She has directed and coached vocal jazz ensembles and gives numerous workshops each year to schools and conferences. Find out things like Why an 8th note is not an 8th note, or Where are the hidden rests? A great resource for any jazz singer. Includes sample CD with practice exercises.. "All musicians (singers and instrumentalists) will sharpen their rhythm skills through this instruction." Dr. John Kuzmich, Jr. Jazz Educators Journal (IAJE)

Songlist: Outline, Introduction, Defining Jazz, Elements Of Jazz Style, Listening, Vocal Technique Ideas, Improvising And Scat - Getting Started, Examples Of Re-Interpreted - Getting It To Swing, Summary / Conclusion, Exercises Presented In The Accompanying CD

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6329b | Book & 1 CD | $34.95 |

Steve Rawlins : 21 BeBop Exercises

Review: This book/CD pack by noted arranger and composer Steve Rawlins is both a warm-up collection and a manual for bebop phrasing. Its tasty and sophisticated exercises are designed for both vocalists and instrumentalists interested in further developing their proficiency with jazz interpretation. It concentrates on practice in all twelve keys - moving higher by half-step - to help develop dexterity and range. The companion CD includes all of the exercises in 12 keys.

Songlist: Major Scale Pattern in Thirds, Scale Pattern Ending with Sharp Ninth, Chromatics, Half Steps, Minor 7 Chord Arpeggios, Three Against Four, "Doubling Up", Circle of Fifths, Diminished Triads, Diminished Scales, Flat Nine Chords, Diminished Pattern, Diminished Scale Pattern, Minor I and IV Chords, Arpeggios- Minor 1 to Major IV, Blues Scale, Perfect 4ths, The Flat Fifth, Whole Tone Scale, Long to Short Notes, II-V7-I Progression

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6026b | Book & 1 CD | $17.95 | Solo |

Steve Zegree : The Complete Guide To Teaching Vocal Jazz

Review: Dr. Stephen Zegree is one of the most respected vocal jazz educators in the world. As a professor in the School of Music at Western Michigan University, Dr. Zegree teaches classical and jazz piano and directs Gold Company, WMU's internationally regarded vocal jazz ensemble. He is in demand as a pianist and conductor around the world, and his students are among today's leaders in jazz and pop performance, Broadway, recording studio production, writing, arranging, singing and music education. Included is a comprehensive CD that Dr. Zegree uses to illustrate points he makes in the book. This is a must-have book for the music educator, performer - basically anyone who is serious about Vocal Jazz!

Songlist: What Is Vocal Jazz?, Roots and Traditions, It's a Matter of Style, Rehearsal Techniques for the Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Theory (in Reality!), The Rhythm Section, The Art of Solo Singing, Improvisation, The Sound Reinforcement System, Staging, Movement and Programming, Listen, Listen, Listen, The Gold Company Program

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6014b | Book | $29.95 || Vocal Pedagogy

Steve Zegree : The Wow Factor

Review: What is it about some musicians and performers who consistently achieve success? Are they the best performers? Did they have the best teachers? Do they have the best professional contacts and connections? Is it just coincidence? Of course not! Dr. Steve Zegree of Western Michigan University, choral arranger and conductor of Western Michigan's Gold Company has developed this practical guide for performers, students, teachers and parents which offers fundamental philosophies and concepts that are essential to a person's growth and development and will contribute to a successful professional life in music. More than just the basics, more than a prescribed curriculum, and more than just getting in front of an audience to go through the motions of what you did in rehearsal - call it the Wow Factor - there is something for everyone in this book!

Songlist: Introduction, Chapter 1: The Wow Factor, Chapter 2: How to Practice and Rehearse for the Wow Factor, Chapter 3; How to Prepare a "Wow" audition, Chapter 4: Ifs, Ands, or Butts- and Rules to Live By, Chapter 5: Don't Go to Your Face: Putting the Polish on Your Performance, Chapter 6: How to Educate and Entertain, Chapter 7: How to Win on NBC's Clash of the Choirs, Chapter 8: "Wow" Perspectives: The Interviews, Chapter 9: Coda, About the Author, Praise for The Wow Factor

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6701b | Book | $24.95 || Performance Tips

Swingle Singers : Loop Songs - Warm-Ups and Performance Studies

Review: Originally conceived as warm-ups or to break up the routine of repertoire rehearsals, many loop songs are also suitable as concert songs. Divided into four levels of difficulty. Contains two and a half hours of music, including: Swing, Latin, Afro, Gospel, R&B, Funk, Pop, Rock and World music. CD includes performances by The Swingle Singers.

Songlist: Diggeching Samba, Lah-lah on H-Day, Basses First, African Call

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7380b | Book & 1 CD | $29.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Ward Swingle : Swingle Singing

Review: Ward Swingle was the product of an unusually liberal musical education. In his hometown, Mobile, Alabama, he grew up with the sound of jazz and played in one of the great Big Bands before finishing high school. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Cincinnati Conservatory and studied piano with the celebrated Walter Gieseking in postwar France. In Paris in the sixties he was a founding member of the fabled Double Six of Paris, then took to the scat singing idea and applied it to the works of Bach, hence The Swingle Singers ("The Mod Squad of Baroque Music"), whose early recordings won five Grammies. In this video Ward Swingle shares his world-renowned 'Swingle Singing' methods by conducting an a cappella master class with eight talented singers from the San Francisco Bay Area. With his instruction, guidance and example they learn and perform four of his arrangements, giving the at-home viewer practice and insight into these techniques -- techniques that have made Ward one of the most influential figures in vocal music in the Twentieth Century.

Songlist: Breathing, Scat Syllables, Mike Techniques, Unisons, Syncopation, High Notes and Low Notes, Phrasing, Pronunciation, Special Effects

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4810v | Video | $12.98 | A Cappella |

Will Friedwald : Jazz Singing: America's Great Voices From Bessie Smith To Bebop And Beyond

Review: This comprehensive study of jazz singing is a revelation to anyone who owns at least one jazz recording and a must for the serious jazz enthusiast. Friedwald traces the growth and development of jazz, discusses performers who have never been thought of as jazz singers, and looks at contemporary artists who have incorporated jazz into their music. 16-page insert. "It's not often that a critic manages to redefine a field, but that's just what Will Friedwald accomplishes. There is simply no better guide to the art of jazz singing." - Entertainment Weekly. "Jazz Singing, indispensable as a reference source, is also a highly readable account of the dazzling phenomenon of an American popular song tradition of the past seven decades. Refreshing, offbeat - and it swings." - Boston Globe

Songlist: Preface: Definitions, Forebears: The Birth and The Blues, Mr. Satch and Mr. Cros: Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby, The First Generation: The Late Twenties and Early Thirties, Cult of the White Goddess: Mildred Bailey, Connee Boswell, and Lee Wiley, Sing Me A Swing Song! - Canaries of the Hellenic Era, Lady Day and Lady Time: Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, Brothers and Sisters: The Early Hot Vocal Groups, The Conquest of the Crooners: Pop Singing in the Postwar Era, Modernism I: Sing A Song of Bebop, Modernism 2: Ballads, Baritones, and B., Modernism 3: Torme, O'day, and the Vo-Cool School, Sinatra! - And Other Swingin' Lovers, Singing Horns: Jack Teagarden to Chet Baker, Revolt of the Philistines: Problems and Answers in the Sixties, Present Tense: The Past Predicted, the Future Re-Created, Selected Discography: Further Definitions, Aknowledgements: "Additions to Further Definitions", Index

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5287b | Book | $20.95 |

Willie Hill Jr. : Approaching the Standards for Jazz Vocalists

Review: Approaching the Standards for Jazz Vocalists is an innovative, user-friendly approach to vocal jazz improvisation. Designed for the individual or group and male or female vocalists, this book and sing-along CD contains ten classic jazz songs selected from and correlated to Approaching the Standards Volumes 1, 2 and 3. Included are the same essential features as the instrumental books: CD demo, clearly written improvisation examples, jazz vocabulary, transcription opportunities, informative composer insight and a useful discography. Whether beginning their studies or improving their vocal jazz skills, all serious singers must have this book!

Songlist: Billlie' Bounce, On The Trail, Cantaloupe Island, Summertime, Satin Doll, C Jam Blues, I Got Rhythm

Style: Jazz

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6340b | Songbook & 1 CD | $17.95 | Solo |

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