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Vocal Performance - How To Sing Live

What many singers don’t realize is that there is more to being on-stage than what comes out of your mouth. Performance includes everything else – from sound check and microphone technique to your facial expression and your body language. A good performer learns to take care of their body and their voice, how to avoid burning out or doing a stale, “phoning-it-in” performance, and how to develop that healthy positive mental attitude that makes each performance that kind of special event the audience members will remember for years. Some top instructors and coaches have shared their wisdom in how to accomplish all that in the books, DVDs and CDs we have here – so why not partake of their wisdom?

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Chris and Carole Beatty : Complete Performance

Review: What happens when you perform in front of others? Are you ever anxious or insecure? Discover the keys to clear, consistent, predictable performance. This CD takes takes you down the list in learning to plan and prepare for your best performance. Using proven concepts and exercises, vocal coaches Chris and Carole Beatty cover everything from microphone technique and song selection to gestures, expression and more.

Songlist: Introduction, Communicating, The Message, Choosing Songs, Selecting The Key, Q & A, Facial Expression, Physical Gestures, The Music/Accompaniment, Sound Systems, Sound Check, Proper Preparation, Closing

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6191c | 1 CD | $16.98 |

David Craig : On Singing Onstage

Review: A terrific take on theatre singing by a master teacher. "David Craig knows more about singing in the musical theatre than anyone in this country - which probably means the world. Time and time again his advice and training have resulted in actors moving from non-musical theatre into musicals with ease and expertise. SHORT OF TAKING CLASSES, THIS BOOK IS A MUST." - Harold Prince

Songlist: Words As Script, Music - The Other Script, Phrasing, The Audition, The Song As It Reflects You, The Entrance And The Vamp, "Air" - The Space In Between The Lines, Focus, Introduction To Five Technical Excersises On A Lyric, Advice To The Song Lorn, The Performance, Rideout

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6311b | Book | $15.95 |

David F. Ostwald : Acting for Singers

Review: Written to meet the needs of thousands of students and pre-professional singers participating in production workshops and classes in opera and musical theater, Acting for Singers leads singing performers step by step from the studio or classroom through audition and rehearsals to a successful performance. Using a clear, systematic, positive approach, this practical guide explains how to analyze a script or libretto, shows how to develop a character building on material in the score, and gives the singing performer the tools to act believably. More than just a "how-to" acting book, however, Acting for Singers also addresses the problems of concentration, trust, projection, communication, and the self-doubt that often afflicts performers pursuing the goal of believable performance. Part I establishes the basic principles of acting and singing together, and teaches the reader how to improvise as a key tool to explore and develop characters. Part II teaches the singer how to analyze theatrical work for rehearsing, and performing. Using concrete examples from Carmen and West Side Story, and imaginative exercises following each chapter, this text teaches all singers how to be effective singing actors.

Songlist: Introduction, Believability: The Territory and Tools, The Divine Marriage, To Become or not to Become, Playing in the Moment, Judgments and Trust, Creating Your Character, Neither "Right" nor "Wrong", Your Character's Universe, Your Character's World, Your Character's Heart's Desire, Motivating Your Character's Actions, Your Character's Inner Voice, Preparing for Performances, Being Believavle in Any Role, Getting The Part, Getting Good, Delivering a Believable Character, Appendices

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7075b | Book | $29.95 || Musical Theater Singers Instructional

Linda Gates : Voice for Performance

Review: Linda Gates addresses key mechanical elements of voice and speech (eliminating division of the two) in a straightforward style. She grounds her approach in the four elements of vocal production: Respiration, Vibration, Resonation and Articulation. This complete and accessible book is a useful guide not only for actors, but for all who want to make more effective use of their voice.

Songlist: The Actor's Voice, Relaxation And Body Alignment, Breathing, Resonance, Sounds Of English, Special Speech Problems, Keeping Your Voice Healthy, The Electronic Voice, Occupational Voice Demands On The Actor, An Approach To Text

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6355b | Book | $29.95 |

Nancy Telfer : Successful Performing

Review: Succesful Performing, Book 1 helps choirs achieve a higher standard of performance. Concise and inspiring weekly lessons provide instruction in a variety of technical and expressive skills. Increased understanding and enjoyment of music-making leads to better performances. Each book includes two years' worth of lessons.

Songlist: First Year Weekly Lessons, Tips for Sight-Singing, Theory Information, Second Year Weekly Lessons, Music Time Periods, Glossary of Music Terms, Concert Tips

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6312b | Book | $7.98 |

Nancy Telfer : Successful Performing - Teachers Edition

Review: Succesful Performing, Book 1 helps choirs achieve a higher standard of performance. Concise and inspiring weekly lessons provide instruction in a variety of technical and expressive skills. Increased understanding and enjoyment of music-making leads to better performances. Each book includes two years' worth of lessons. The Conductor's Edition provides comprehensive information for creative rehearsal ideas, score interpretation, and concerts.

Songlist: Introduction, Choosing Music that will Inspire a Choir to Perform their Best, The Conductor's Interpretation, Preparing for the Performance: Using the Singer's Edition, Rehearsal Tips for Conductors, Bringing Out the Potential of Your Singers, Planning a Successful Concert, Getting the Choir Psyched Up for the Concert, After the Concert: Looking to the Future, Index

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63122b | Book | $24.95 |

Shirlee Emmons / Alma Thomas : Power Performance For Singers

Review: To perform well in today's highly competitive world where technical skills have been advanced to an unprecedented degree, a singer must be able to handle incredible pressure within the performing arena; his or her ability to deal with this stress will often determine whether he or she will succeed. Why, then, do singers with less technical skill sometimes out-perform stars? Why do some stars suddenly stop performing? What is that mysterious factor that makes an electric performance? Consistent, competent performances do not depend solely upon superior vocal skills, nor are they a matter of luck. On the contrary, the best performances result from a combination of mental attitude, concrete performing skills, and excellent technical skills in that order. Yet most singers have never had the opportunity to acquire the essential skills that make for a successful career.Written as a self-help manual for singers at all levels of expertise, Transcending the Performance Barriers is designed to teach performing artists, and especially singers, how to experience elite performance at their level. The skills outlined in this book will help singers use what they have, to enjoy their voices during performance, and to perform consistently to the best of their present ability.

Songlist: This Thing Called Performance, The Characteristics of Peak Performance, What is Mental Toughness?, The Performance Cycle: Plans and Routines, The Self and Performance: You, the Person; You, the Performer, Physical Well-Being and Relaxation, Setting Goals, Developing Self-Confidence through Positive Thinking, The Art of Concentrating, Distractions, Dealing with Anxiety, Imagery in Performance, Memory, The Coach's Place in Singer's Preperformance Work, Exploring and Planning "Meaning" for Performance, The Audition and the Competition, The Coach's and/or Accompanist's Place in Singers' Audition, Competition, and Performance Work, Fear in Performance, Postperformance Management, Staleness and Burnout in Performers, Mental Rehabilitation following Vocal Injury or Illness, Exercise Forms, Teaching Points

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1153b | Book | $59.95 |

Shirlee Emmons / Stanley Sonntag : The Art of the Song Recital

Review: Since its original publication, the Emmons-Sonntag text has continually stood out as the definitive work on the song recital. The book presents imaginative advice and practical techniques for producing successful recitals and kindling audience excitement. Every aspect of the recital is covered, from building programs and the use of acting skills to the relationship between the singer and the accompanist. Singers of all levels and backgrounds will benefit from the authors' vast experience in the performance of song recitals as a singer/accompanist team. The comprehensive repertoire lists, now organized by voice and instrumentation as well as by composer, appeal to both students and professional musicians. Readers will agree that the authors have met their goal of providing "extensive, throughgoing, and definitive insights into the attributes that can render the song recital at once a great art and a magnificent entertainment."

Songlist: The Song Recital, Program Building, Constructing Sample Programs, More Sample Programs, The Unique Needs of the Young Artist, The Singing Actor, The Accompanist, Recital Tactics and Strategies, Musical and Literary Research, Methods of Study and Memorization, New Music, Vocal Ensemble Music, The Song Cycle, Folk Music and Popular Music, The Need for Change & Innovations, Appendix, Bibliography

Style: Classical

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6514b | Songbook | $34.95 | Solo |

Susan Anders : Singing Live

Review: Singing LIve is filled with tips and step-by-step exercises to help you discover your individual performing style and polish your performing skills. If you are a beginning performer, this book will show you how to build your performance chops and confidence before you face a real audience. If you are a more experienced performer, you'll find out how to make your performances not just good, but truly great. Singing LIve also covers everything you need to know about giving a stand-out performance besides rehearsing your song, including how build a powerful repertoire, how to deal with stage fright, effective audition preparation and delivery, sound-check and mic technique know-how, developing great stage patter, and much more. The Singing LIve method will work for you whether you sing pop, R&B, country, folk, rock, jazz or any other contemporary style. Most importantly, Singing LIve will help you develop or refine a performance style that is both polished and authentic for you. Susan Anders has coached Josh Gracin, Rose MacGowan, Joey Heatherton, Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum), members of L7, and thousands of other performers.

Songlist: Defining Your Goals, Intention & Stage Persona, Performance Goals, Knowing Your Song Inside & Out, Stage Persona, Song Selection, Vocal Technique & Delivery, Lyric Study, Eye Focus & Facial Expressions, Learning Natural, Expressive Gestures & Stage Moves, Effective Performance Rehearsals, Handling Stage Freight, Videotaping Yourself, Audition Preparation, Forming A Performance Critique Group, Mic Technique, What To Wear On Stage, Open Mics, Piano Bars, Karaoke and Sit-Ins, Getting What You Want At A Sound Check, Developing Great Stage Patter, Pacing Your Set, Mental Preparation, Preparing On The Day Of Your Show, Tips From The Pros

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6856b | Book | $21.95 |

Various : Teaching Music through Performance in Choir Volume 2

Review: Written, researched, and compiled by choral scholars and educators with a wealth of teaching and conducting experience, Teaching Music through Performance in Choir, Volume 2 aids conductors and educators on the quest toward full musical awareness. This book is an ideal tool for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the preeminent music composed for choir and a wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the most expert voices in the choral profession. Contributing composers: Jerry Blackstone, Janet Giavan, Ann Howard Jones, James Jordan, Libby Larsen, Heather J. Buchanan and Matthew W. Mehaffey.

Songlist: The Teachiing Of Music, Does It Communicate? Finding Musical Nuance And Inspiration Through Score Study, The Literate ChoirTo Text Or Not To Text: That Is The Question, Preparing The Chorus For Performance With Orchestrial Accompianment, The Conductor's Dream: Score BAsed Imagination, Improvisation And Inspiration, Composing Words And Music, Enhancing Musical Performance Through Pedantic Pedogogy

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6469b | Book | $44.95 || Choral Pedagogy

Weston H. Noble, Anton E. Armstrong, Joseph Flummerfelt : Teaching Music through Performance in Choir

Review: Written, researched, and compiled by scholars with a wealth of teaching and conducting experience, Teaching Music through Performance in Choir is an indispensable resource that enables conductors and educators to move beyond the printed page toward full musical awareness. This book is an ideal tool for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of the preeminent music composed for choir and who wishes to learn from some of the seminal voices in the choral profession. In Part I of the book, noted choral directors and educators Frank Abrahams, Anton E. Armstrong, Joseph Flummerfelt, Graeme Morton, and Weston H. Noble, cover such topics as breath control, stylistic awareness from polyphony through the Classical period, the challenges of modern music, "Performance Practice in the African American Slave Song," and "Meeting the National Standards through Choral Performance." Part II establishes a new system for grading the difficulty of choral repertoire, and contains nuts-and-bolts analysis of more than 100 of the most significant works for choir composed, Levels 1 through 5. Repertoire Resource Guides include information on the composer and composition, historical background, technical requirements, stylistic considerations, musical elements, suggestions for additional listening, and a guide to selected references. Also included is an in-depth study of Gabriel Faure's Requiem, completed by Bruce Chamberlain, Anthony Reeves, and Matthew Mehaffey. This portion includes, an extended history of the work, graphical analyses, and rehearsal strategies for both choir and orchestra.

Songlist: Does It Sing?, Does It Dance? Stylistic Awareness From Polyphony To The Classical Period, Practical Performance Practice in the African American Slave Song, Modern Music, Meeting National Standards For Music Education Through Choral Performance

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6245b | Book | $44.95 || Choral Methods

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