In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Ed Lisk
The Creative Director - Intangibles of Music Performance

Foreword, by Composer Mark Camphouse
Chapter 1: The Mystery of Musical Expression
The Search for Meaning
Mind and Body Connection
The 'Eye' Has No Intelligence
Release Student Potential
Other Factors for Consideration
Chapter 2: The Meaning of Ensemble
Inter- and Intra-personal Development
Listening and Hearing
Making Musical Decisions
To Answer or Not to Answer
Chapter 3: The Natural Laws of Musical Expression
Low Searches for High
High Searches for Low
Short Looks for Long
Style ... Characteristic ... Interpretation
5 Steps for 'Feeling' and 'Style'
Language of Articulation
Teaching Intensity
Chapter 4: Free Form Expression
The Grand Master Scale
The 'Key' to Improvisation
Building Chords through Scale Tones
Scale Modes and Improvisation
Chapter 5: The Space of Silence
Release or the Beginning of Silence?
Sound Moving into Infinity
Room Resonance and Decay
Tuning and Aligning Overtones
Chapter 6: Pulse, Time and Rhythm
Naturals and Hidden Pulse of Music
3 Levels of Ensemble Pulse
Chapter 7: Conducting
Free Form Movement
Conductor's Vocabulary
Chapter 8:Coda
Sources and References
About the Author
Other Publications

With a foreword by Mark Camphouse, with the instructional techniques of teaching expression, ensemble interpretation, characteristic performance, musical identity, and the decision making process surrounding the subtle details of artistic response.

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Choral  | 116 Pages | Softcover | 8 x 11
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