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Joseph Jennings


Joseph Jennings

Joseph Jennings is widely regarded as one of the choral world's top conductors and music directors, clinicians and arrangers. He joined the renowned a capella group, Chanticleer, in 1983 as a countertenor, and shortly thereafter assumed position as Music Director. Under his direction, Chanticleer achieved international renown, releasing 23 critically acclaimed recordings in works ranging from Gregorian chant to Renaissance masterworks to jazz. Many of the recordings, for Teldec and for Chanticleer's own label, became Billboard best sellers, including the GRAMMY-Award-winners Colors of Love, Magnificat and, most recently, the World-premiere of Sir John Tavener's double GRAMMY-Award winning Lamentations and Praises.

Mr. Jennings has performed at the most prestigious festivals and concert halls throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. These performances have included appearances at the Salzburg Festival, the International Josquin Symposium, the Schleswig-Holstein Festival and the Holland Voices Festival and at The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. In the U.S., Mr. Jennings has appeared at Jones Hall in Houston, Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, Severance Hall in Cleveland, Jordan Hall and Symphony Hall in Boston, Alice Tully Hall and Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center.



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Chanticleer : And On Earth, Peace: A Chanticeer Mass

Review: With its seamless blend of twelve male voices, ranging from countertenor to bass, the San Francisco-based ensemble Chanticleer, celebrates the life of their founder Louis I. Botto on the 10th anniversary of his death. Five composers create a mass that evolves organically, as if written by one hand and the ensemble brings it to life. Using Gregorian Chant as a foundation this Mass evolves organically, as if written by one hand. These composers bring international prestige to the project as well as vastly different life paths and points of view. Israeli-born composer Shulamit Ran wrote the Credo to the Hebrew text "Ani Ma'amin." Well-known television composer Douglas Cuomo contributed the Kyrie. Turkish-American Kamran Ince composed the Gloria section in to a sufi text, while Ivan Moody, drawing from the Greek Orthodox tradition, delivered the Sanctus. The Irish folk and medieval music-influenced composer Michael McGlynn (Anuna) composed the Agnus Dei. To seamlessly travel from one composer to the next, Chanticleer offers haunting and beautiful pieces by Gesualdo, Part, Binchois, and Gabrieli.

Songlist: Da Pacem, Domine, Deus, Deus Meus, Respice In Me , Kyrie , (Gloria) Everywhere , O Vos Omnes, Aestimatus , Credo/Ani Ma'Amin , O Salutaris Hostia , Ravenna Sanctus, Peccantem Me Quotidie, Agnus Dei , Da Pacem, Domine

8627c 00 1 CD $16.95 Men's Choirs CDs

Chanticleer : Christmas with Chanticleer : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 85555

Chanticleer : Christmas with Chanticleer

Review: "Christmas with Chanticleer featuring Special Guest Dawn Upshaw," is the first holiday album from the celebrated 12-man a cappella vocal ensemble since "Sing We Christmas," which has been a bestseller since its release in 1995. The CD Includes songs and carols drawn from many lands and traditions - from the traditional English "Coventry Carol" to a modern work by Sir John Tavener, from a Spanish carol to an American spiritual - "Christmas with" showcases Chanticleer's musical diversity. Several works feature arrangements by the group's music director, Joseph Jennings. Philip Wilder, one of the group's countertenors, said of Upshaw: "She blended so perfectly, it felt as if we'd been singing together for 20 years...suddenly she would soar above us and the sound was just magical!"

Songlist: This Is The Truth Sent From Above, A Christmas Round, Today The Virgin, Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen, Noel Nouvelet, A Lullaby/Away In A Manger, The First Nowell, The Three Kings, Die Stimme Des Kindes, Suo-Gan, Spanish Carol, Coventry Carol, Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem, Huron Carol, Mary And The Baby Medley,

6649c 00 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choir Christmas

Chanticleer : Colors Of Love : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 24570

Chanticleer : Colors Of Love

Review: Chanticleer, a twelve voice male ensemble based in the San Francisco Bay Area, has through its own success, furthered the modern classical repetoire by comissioning new compositions from a variety of highly respected sources. Chen Yi, Bernard Rands and Steven Stucky are just a few of the distinguished composers whose eminently scholarly credentials grace this collection, loosely conceptualized around the theme of love. As may be construed by the twentieth century time frame from which these pieces emerged, some of them, while not thoroughly dissonant, are atonal. Others, such as Taverner's "Village Wedding," are somber mood sketches.

Songlist: Rouxinol do Pico Preto , Lulajze, Jezuniu , Buy Baby Ribbon , Village Wedding , Winds of May, That Dance on the Sea, O Cool is the Valley - Rands, This Heart that Flutters Near my Heart - Rands, Silently She's Combing her Long HairRands, Gentle Lady, Do not Sing Sad Songs , Sleep now, O You Unquiet Heart! , All Day I Hear the Noise of Waters , Words of the Sun , Written of a Rainy Night , Wild Grass, The Rub of Love, In Time Of - Steven Sametz, Look out Upon the Stars, my Love , Live is a Beautiful Dream , Alas, the Love of Women! , Tor Stony Limits Cannot Hold Love Out , All Mankind Loves a Lover

6522c 00 1 CD $15.98

Chanticleer : Cristobal de Morales : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings : Cristobal de Morales : 8809

Chanticleer : Cristobal de Morales

Review: Cristobal de Morales is usually mentioned along with Francisco Guerrero and Tomas Luis de Victoria as the trio of Spanish composers who typified 16th-century Spanish church polyphony. The Missa Mille regretz is based on the famous chanson of the same name by Josquin des Prez, and proved to be a favorite work of Charles V. This recording conveys the deep spiritual feeling behind these liturgical settings - another bull's-eye for this splendid ensemble.

Songlist: Vidi aquam, Mille regretz, Mille regretz: Kyrie, Mille regretz: Gloria, O Sacrum Convivium, Mille regretz: Credo, Emendemus in melius, Mille regretz: Sanctus, Mille regretz: Agnus Dei, Lamentabatur Jacob

6911c 00 1 CD $15.98 Early Music CDs

Chanticleer : Josquin/Agricola : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings : Josquin DesprezAgricola, Alexander  : 8808

Chanticleer : Josquin/Agricola

Review: Who better than Chanticleer to interpret the chants of Josquin De Prez and Alexander Agricola, two High Rennaissance composers who, though not Italian born, came to prominence while in service of the Italian nobility and papacy. De Prez, the more famous of the two, served to advance the development of both homophonic and polyphonic textures and was prescient in his use of both. Agricola also utilized the motet and various liturgical forms as was standard at the time. The exhaustive liner notes that complement this recording provide formal analysis and historical background. The sound? While the nuances of each composition may be appreciated fully by those with a dedicated propensity, anyone can be calmed by the ethereal voices and elegant organum of these simple settings.

Songlist: Mater Patris et Filia , Missa Mater Patris: Kyrie , Missa Mater Patris: Gloria , Nobis Sancti Spititus, Missa Mater Patris: Credo , Regina Coeli , Missa Mater Patris: Sanctus, O Crux Ave, Missa Mater Patris: Angus Dei , Domine, Non Secundum Peccata Nostra , Magnificat

6311c 00 1 CD $14.98 Early Music CDs

Chanticleer : Let It Snow

Review: Known for their moving interpretations, spiritual insight and outstanding musicianship, Chanticleer has released several top-selling Christmas recordings . . . but none like this! This spectacular Christmas record is packed with holiday favorites with the additional treat of a couple of commissioned Gene Puerling arrangements. Clare Fischer and Bill Finegan also deliver upbeat arrangements for this lively holiday CD that is sure to be a family favorite for years. Most songs are a cappella with just a couple of tracks having full orchestra and swing band selections. This is a wonderful Christmas recording and is highly recommended.

Songlist: Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!, The Christmas Song, Ding Dong! Merrily On High, It Came Upon the Midnight Clear, God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen / Feliz Navidad, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Ave Maria, Silent Night, Sweeter Still, O, Holy Night, O Come All Ye Faithful, Holiday Cheer, a Suite of Seasonal Songs, Jingle Bells, Twelve Days of Christmas, Carol of the Bells, We Wish You A Merry Christmas

8677c 00 1 CD $16.95 Men's Choir Christmas

Chanticleer : Magnificat : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 81829

Chanticleer : Magnificat

Review: The now Grammy-winning, San Francisco-based Chanticleer was originally devoted to the Renaissance vocal repertory; their focus has broadened since to include other genres as well as commissioned works. "Magnificat," however, featuring settings by de Victoria, Palestrina, Monteverdi and Taverner (as well as the less ubiquitous Russian Orthodox Vasily Titov), returns to liturgical chant. These twelve male voices, under the musical direction of Joseph Jennings and performing arrangements encompassing the full vocal range, bring a seemingly effortless grandeur to these homages to the Blessed Virgin. This tapestry of sound is a gentle whisper of comfort and reprieve.

Songlist: Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Mater Dei , Magnificat , Stabat Virgo Maria , Maria, Quid Ploras , The Angel Cried Out , Regina Caeli Laetare , Alma Redemptoris Mater, Ave Maria Stella, O Thou Joy Of All The Sorrowful , Ave Regina Caelorium , Ave Maria , Salve Regina

6491c 00 1 CD $15.98 Early Music CDs

Chanticleer : Mexican Baroque : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 96353

Chanticleer : Mexican Baroque

Review: In the Baroque era (about 1700-1750) Mexico City was unrivaled in splendor and sophistication, where chapel masters in Mexican cathedrals were composing concerted vocal music of extraordinary beauty and elegance. Two names stand out: Manuel de Zumaya and Ignacio de Jerusalem. Chanticleer selected two of the most significant Mexican composers active in the first half of the eighteenth century and, in performances of outstanding quality, show that they are not merely pale imitations of their European counterparts, but have something original to say and the craftsmanship with which to say it. Both composers are very well served indeed by this fine recording, which we unreservedly recommend as a breath of fresh air to anyone with the slightest interest in the baroque and just as much to those who consider the baroque of little interest.

Songlist: (Ignacio de Jerusalem c. 1710-1769), Responsorio Segundo de S.S. Jose, Dixit Dominus:, -Dixit Dominus Domino meo, -Virgam virtutis tuae, -Judicabit in nationibus, -De torrente in via bibet, -Gloria Patri, et Filio, -Amen, (Manuel de Zumaya c. 1678-1755), Sol-fa de Pedro, (Ignacio de Jerusalem), Polychoral Mass in D Major:, -Kyrie, -Gloria, Credo, -Sanctus, (Manuel de Zumaya), Hieremiae Prophetae Lamentationes, Celebren, publiquen

6937c 00 1 CD $15.98 Latin American Choral

Chanticleer : Music For A Hidden Chapel : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings : William Byrd : HCX 3955182

Chanticleer : Music For A Hidden Chapel

Review: William Byrd and his teacher, Thomas Tallis, were inarguably the greatest composers of Elizabethan England. The primary vehicle for royally-sanctioned musicians of the court was liturgical, and in the court of Elizabeth that would mean settings for Anglican services. However, Byrd was a committed Catholic who nonetheless wrote these masses, motets and antiphons for published volumes titled "Gradualia," volumes I and II. This insurgent act apparently went uncensured, and it is these a cappella works that Chanticleer has recorded here. Given that they would not be performed publicly in a church setting by a large choir, the arrangements are intimate. They are each in the same mode and clef, which therefore creates a mood unbroken, a continuity of feeling that is quietly moving.

Songlist: In tempore Paschali, Regina Caeli, In Assumptione Beatae Mariae, Ave Regina Caelorum, Salve Regina

6307c 00 1 CD $9.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Chanticleer : Mysteria: Gregorian Chants : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 99203

Chanticleer : Mysteria: Gregorian Chants

Review: Gregorian chant is the archetypical song for the Roman Catholic Church. There are three separate distinct periods, all of which are represented on this recording. The first era, called Gregorian, was roughly 700-850 AD. This is the time of Pope Gregory's school which rigidly codified the music allowed to be sung in churches, and the beginning of the written score for transmission to posterity rather than relying on strictly oral traditions. The Carolingian period is considered from 850-1,000 AD and began to add new styles to the more rigid structure. The medieval period was from 1,000-1,300 AD the styles proliferated immensely. That led the way to modification into secular song. In understanding Gregorian chant, the meaning of one word is particularly important. Melisma means that a number of notes are sung over the duration of a single syllable. The most joyous of the music which Chanticleer performs on this disc is very melismatic. Enjoy!

Songlist: Immutemur, Kyrie XVII, Laetatus Sum, Dominus Iesus, Tenebrae Factae Sunt, Pange Lingua, Crux Fidelis, Reproaches and Trisagion, Christus Factus Est, Vexilla Regis, Gloria in Excelsis II, Alleluis V. Pascha Nostrum, Victimae Pacshali Laudes, Iubilate Deo, Angus Dei XVII, Alma Redemptoris, Ave Regina Caelorum, Regina Caeli, Salve Regina

6315c 00 1 CD $15.98 Early Music CDs

Chanticleer : Our American Journey

Review: "Our American Journey" is, incredibly, legendary group Chanticleer's 25th CD, and it celebrates the music of America, from sacred motets by 17th century Mexican composers to shape-note hymns to newly-commissioned works on American themes. It is a showcase of the rich traditions and also of the creative tension between unity and diversity that are inherent in American music and in American life. Chanticleer's Music Director Joseph Jennings, who adapted and arranged a number of the works, said, "(The CD) captures the essence of what we do when we're on the road, and how we want to present ourselves." Some favorites: "Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah," "Wayfarin' Stranger," Stephen Foster's "Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair" and "Camptown Races," "Jefferson," "David's Lamentation," "Willow Weep for Me," and the commissioned works "Whispers" and "The Un-covered Wagon." Excellent!

Songlist: Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah, Credidi , Versa est in Luctum , Jefferson , David's Lamentation , Soar Away , Whispers, Voices of Autumn, The Un-Covered Wagon , Fuggi, fuggi, dolor , Labbra vermiglie e belle , Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair , Love Walked In , Camptown Races , Willow Weep For Me, Calling My Children Home , Poor Wayfaring Stranger, I'm a Pilgrim

6755c 00 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Chanticleer : Our Heart's Joy : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 8803

Chanticleer : Our Heart's Joy

Review: Comprising a mix of old and new, ecclesiastic and pastoral, familiar and undiscovered, this CD is a rich array. Biebl's "Ave Maria" is a contemporary setting, the final "Amen" resolved in a series of step-wise imitative phrases. Britten's "A Hymn To The Virgin" is a simple and consonant arrangement with a stark and melancholy beauty. The merry and lively ""Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant" is arranged by Rutter, while a medley of Christmas spirituals is a satisfying blend of Chanticleer's trained vocal style, with the non-diatonic contradiction of the blues. The final track: "Silent Night," capturing all the magic of the season, as simple and unique as a perfect snowflake. Newly remastered in 2004.

Songlist: Ave Maria...Virgo serena , Quem vidistis pastores?, In dulci jubilio, Virgen sancta, E la don don , Riu, riu, chiu , Ave Maria , There Is No Rose , A Hymn to the Virgin, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day -, Il est ne le divin enfant , O Come, o Come, Emmanuel , I Wonder as I Wander , Medley of Christmas Spirituals, Rise Up Shepherd and Follow, Behold That Star, Sweet Little Jesus Boy, Poor Little Jesus, What Month Was Jesus Born in?, Children, Go Where I Send Thee, Go, Tell it on the Mountain, Silent Night

6302c 00 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choir Christmas

Chanticleer : Out Of This World : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 96515

Chanticleer : Out Of This World

Review: A self-described "Chanticleer portrait," containing a variety of different styles (a cappella), all performed with the flawless technique for which the group is admired. "O Clap Your Hands" employs eight parts in a broad polyphonic convergence. Gabrieli's "Magnificat," from the sixteenth century, divides twelve voices into three four-part choirs. "Charm Me Asleep" is a recent work, written for the group; despite it's title, it is as disquieting as soothing. Three "tone poems" (an example of program music, where the music seeks to represent a specific text) by Richard Strauss follow, then Berlin's "Blue Skies"; the latter a swinging version adapted from the Dorsey arrangement that demands attention with dramatic fortissimo ending, and a middle break that detours into a brief classical medley, very reminiscent of the Swingle Singers! Chanticleer also gets down on "Straight Street" with an authentic gospel testimonial.

Songlist: I Have Had Singing, O Clap Your Hands, If Ye Love Me, Magnificat a 12, Charm Me Asleep, Vor den Turen, Traumlicht, Frolich in Maien, Nude Descending a Staircase, Blue Skies, Shenandoah, Straight Street, Out of This World, O Waly, Waly, Journey to Recife, Jesus Met the Woman at the Well

6312c 00 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Chanticleer : Portrait : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 49702

Chanticleer : Portrait

Review: In celebration of its 25th anniversary as "an orchestra of voices," the 12 talented men who are San Francisco-based Chanticleer bring us this marvelous retrospective sampling from its rich discography of recordings. In 1978, Louis Botto, a graduate student in medieval and Renaissance music, wanted to hear the music he was studying performed live (a rarity at the time), and gathered a group of singers from the SF Symphony Chorus and Grace Cathedral Choir. They chose the name "Chanticleer" from the clear-singing rooster from Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales." The early years were difficult, but the group's reputation grew enough by 1991 to make all 12 members full-time employees. There are 19 gems from some of the many Chanticleer CDs that grace our catalog, and it's hard to pick favorites. Those who favor their flawless singing accompanied, we would recommend Ignacio de Jerusalem's "Hymn: Quem Terra Pontus Sidera," "Recessional: Angelicas Milicias" by Manuel de Sumaya, and Mercer & Arlen's "Blues in the Night." For a cappella, we like the Gregorian chant "Ave Maria," Tomas Luis de Victoria's "Alma Redemptoris Mater," Bernard Rands' "This Heart That Flutters Near My Heart," Chen Yi's "Wild Grass," Stephen Foster's "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair" (arr. by Gene Puerling), Michael McGlynn's "Dulaman," "Spanish Carol," "Wade in the Water"--frankly, we could list them all! A well-chosen "best of" of one of our favorite choral groups. Highly recommended!

Songlist: Hymn: Quem Tera Pontus Sidera, Ave Maria, Alma Redemptoris Mater, The Angel Cried Out, Recessional: Angelicas Milicias, Wherewithal Shall A Young Man, Love Is A Beautiful Dream, This Heart That Flutters Near My Heart, Wild Grass, Labbra Vermiglie E Belle, Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair, Dulaman, Shenandoah, Spanish Carol, Love Is Letting Go, Blues In the Night, Wade in the Water, We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace, Christmas Time Is Here

6843c 00 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Chanticleer : Purcell - Evening Prayer : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings : Henry Purcell : 60290

Chanticleer : Purcell - Evening Prayer

Review: The Bay Area's acclaimed 12-man vocal ensemble celebrates the release of their 27th recording, collaborating with the dynamic instrument ensemble Capriccio Stravagante, directed by Skip Sempe. Henry Purcell (1659-95), son of a Royal musician, wrote beautiful, expressive church music, from the ecstatic to the sublime. Eight songs, from a lovely 8-minute opening cut, "Rejoice in the Lord alway" and the jubilant "I was glad," written for James II's coronation, to the short, deeply moving "Hear My Prayer, O Lord" and the 16-minute final cut, "My heart is inditing," Purcell's grandest composition for the church. The perfect accompaniment of Capriccio fits perfectly with Chanticleer's flawless singing. "Evening" is inspirational and pleasing on many levels. Beautiful, extensive liner notes.

Songlist: Rejoice in the Lord alway ('The Bell Anthem') , Remember not, Lord, our offences, I was glad, O Lord, rebuke me not, Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, Now that the sun hath veiled his light ('An Evening Hymn')-, Hear my prayer, O Lord, My heart is inditing

6939c 00 1 CD $15.98

Chanticleer : Sing We Christmas : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 94563

Chanticleer : Sing We Christmas

Review: Recorded at the Paterskirche in Kempen, Germany, in 1994, the all-male Chanticleer ensemble (featuring five countertenors), brings the consummate musicality and professionalism to this recording that we associate with any Chanticleer production. "Sing We Christmas" emphasizes classical pieces, not the typical holiday carols; rather, Charles Ives, Gustav Holst and Herbert Howells represent the twentieth century, while Handl, Victoria, Praetorius and Bach offer "Hodie Christus Natus Est," "O Magnum Mysterium" and "In Dulci Iubilo," the latter a German dance song with four separate settings (it was common practice for composers to adapt a popular song, rather than write their own) from the Renaissance and early Baroque periods.

Songlist: Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen, O Magnum Mysterium, In Dulci Iubilo, O Virgo Virginum, O Jesulein SuB, O Jesulein Mild, Hodie Christus Natus Est, Mirabile Mysterium, Verbum Caro Factum Est: Y La Virgen Le Dezia, A Un Nino Llorando, Here Is The Little Door, Noel Canon, Quelle Est Cette Odeur Agreable, El Noi de la Mare, A Christmas Carol, A Virgin Unspotted, In the Bleak Mid Winter, Glory to the Newborn King, Stille Nacht/Douce Nuit/Silent Night

6316c 00 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choir Christmas

Chanticleer : Sound In Spirit

Review: "Sound in Spirit" is a totally new direction for this Bay Area-based 12-man group, in that it is the first Chanticleer recording to be conceived as a total experience-there is no silence or space between tracks. Ideally it should be listened to without pause. It is the first to add outdoor ambient sounds and to incorporate "overtone singing." The music extends from ancient sacred chants to music composed at the recording sessions themselves; all as seen through the creative eyes of composer/arranger Joseph Jennings and Chanticleer, his "Orchestra of Voices." There are 14 "cuts," beginning with Jan Gilbert's "Incantation" (from NightChants), and ending with Gilbert's "Grace to You" (from NightChants). In between are Nectarie Viahul's "Axion Estin," Jennings' title tune and "Night Spirit Song," Carlos Rivera's "Motet for 12 Singers," the Jennings-arranged "Beata" plainsong, de Victoria's "O Sacrum Convivium," Gilbert's "NightChant," Jackson Hill's "In Winter's Keeping," Giacinto Scelsi's "Gloria in Excelsis Deo," Sarah Hopkins' "Past Life Memories," Patricia Van Ness' "Cor Meum Est Templum Sacrum" and others. "Sound" is a surprising, moving, eclectic piece that takes us to places of meditation, wonder and mystery. A beautiful, very special CD from Chanticleer that needs to be listened to again and again to be fully appreciated.

Songlist: Incantation , Axion Estin , Sound in Spirit, Motet for 12 singers, Beata , O Sacrum Convivium, Como Pod' A Groriosa , Night Spirit Song -, NightChants , In Winter's Keeping , Gloria in Excelsis , Past Life Melodies, Cor meum est Templum Sacrum, Grace To You

7832c 00 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Chanticleer : Tavener - Lamentations & Praises : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings : John Tavener : 41342

Chanticleer : Tavener - Lamentations & Praises

Review: John Tavener's 2000 composition, "Lamentations and Praises," a liturgical drama scored for male voices "singing in the Orthodox Byzantine style," flute, bass trombone, string quartet and a number of eclectic percussion instruments such as tubular bells, a Byzantine monastery bell, and very large Tibetan temple bowl. This is a profoundly religious work on the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ, written for the 12 voices of acclaimed Chanticleer, the only full-time classical vocal ensemble in the US. The beautiful and extensive liner notes take us through the 13 sections, or ikons, and explain in English what the singers are saying and what it means. Deeply meditative and beautiful!

Songlist: Golgotha: The Descent Of The Cross, Stasis 1 , Wherewithal Shall A Young Man, Thrinos , Epitaphios~Procession 1: From Golgotha To The Annointing Stone, The Descent From The Cross II, Stasis II , Let Now Your Mercy..., Your Hands Have Made Me..., Thrinos, Epitaphios~Procession II: To The Tomb Entrance , The Descent From The Cross III , Stasis III , Princes Have Persecuted Me..., I Awaited Lord Your Salvation..., Look Upon Me And Have Mercy..., Thrinos , Procession Into Hades (Into The Tomb), Resurrection In Hades

6708c 00 1 CD $15.98

Chanticleer : Virgin of Guadalupe : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 21829

Chanticleer : Virgin of Guadalupe

Review: The sequel to Chanticleer's best-selling and critically acclaimed Mexican Baroque recording, with more recently discovered choral masterpieces by Mexico City Cathedral's chapel master, Ignacio de Jerusalem. This recording brings to life one of the most monumental and elaborate choral works of the New World. Chanticleer is joined by Chanticleer Sinfonia, conducted by Joseph Jennings.

Songlist: Matins para Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe - Ignacio De Jerusalem

6549c 00 1 CD $15.98 Latin American Choral

Chanticleer : Where the Sun Will Never Go Down

Review: Director Joseph Jennings arranged most of the songs on this recording. Chanticleer apply their magnificent voices to the African-American sacred music tradition of spirituals, jubilees, hymns and chants. The idea of a concert style performance of these songs was pioneered at the end of the Civil War by the Fisk Jubilee Singers.Because of the exacting concert standard which Chanticleer applies the music, their performance is very much in that tradition. Under Mr. Jennings direction the group sings very familiar tunes, "Old Time Religion," "Deep River," "All Night, All Day" (you have to hear the soaring soprano on this one!), "Good News" and "Steal Away" to name just a smattering. We also like the voluminous notes which Mr. Jennings writes to accompany the music, for his point of view and information are illuminating.

Songlist: Old Time Religion, Deep River, Jesus Come By Here, All Night, All Day, We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace, Where the Sun Will Never Go Down, Ain't That Good News, Good News, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Over Yonder, I Got Shoes, Steal Away, I've Been 'Buked, Lord I Want to be a Christian, Am I a Soldier of the Cross, Twelve Gates to the City

6309c 00 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Chanticleer : With A Poets Eye : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 8804

Chanticleer : With A Poets Eye

Review: A collection of works showcasing modern American composers-many of whom are relative unknowns - "Poet's Eye" is refined, luxurious, even abstract, and, as the name implies, also serves to expose a variety of poets as well. Many of the compositions were commissioned specifically for Chanticleer, and they most definitely reflect a modern sensibility. "Dusk," by Allen Shearer, connotes the movement of the earth and sky, imbued with tranquility and friction in equal measure. "Mushrooms," is a tumble of mournful declarations. Hawley's "Seven Madrigals" (two of which are included here) are modern madrigals, weaving strands of the classical with contemporary inflections. Rorem, using the Whitman's Civil War diary "Specimen Days" as his source, offers a minimalist reduction, sometimes monophonic, consistently somber and disturbing. A CD of depth and power.

Songlist: The Uncertainty of the Poet, Rodin's Muse , The Badminton Game , Coming From Evening Church , The Merry-go-Round at Night, How Few of Life's Days and Hours, I Have Noticed Through Most of the Hospitals , Tonight as I Was Trying to Keep Cool , No Sooner Had Our Men Surrendered , Noon , Dusk , Mushrooms , Vita de la Mia Vita , Io Son la Primavera , Ave Maria , !Oh Llama de Amor Viva!,

6314c 00 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Chanticleer : Wondrous Love - A World Folk Song Collection : 00  1 CD : Joseph Jennings :  : 16676

Chanticleer : Wondrous Love - A World Folk Song Collection

Review: Whatever the thematic material, Chanticleer's approach is the most erudite; indeed, their analysis of each song's history and composition meets the highest critical standard. It is this absolute musical integrity that then informs the quality of the performance. On "Wondrous Love," a cache of international folk songs, sung a cappella, is the basis for this meticulous study. Folk songs, by definition, are "for the people"; Chanticleer maintains this focus while also seizing the opportunity to enrich the original arrangements with new complexity and depth, as heard on "Arirang," a Korean song utilizing the pentatonic scale with elements of western harmony, or "La Petenera," which begins with a soloist and then gradually incorporates twelve voices into an ever-expanding confluence of countermelody. A Robert Shaw/Alice Parker arrangement graces the fifteenth-century French tune, "L'Amour De Moy."

Songlist: Dulaman - Ireland, Fengyang Ge - China, Nelly Bly - United States, Oy, Polna, Polna Korobushka - Russia, Brigg Fair - England, El Manisero - Cuba, Molihua - China, Die Vogelhochzeit - Germany, Wondrous Love - United States, Na Bahia Tem - Brazil, La Villanella - Italy, Loch Lomond - Scotland, Domaredansen - Sweden, Arirang - Korea, La Vasija De Barro - Ecuador, South Australia - Australia, La Petenera - Mexico, Sakura, Sakura - Japan, Or'Cha Bamidbar - Israel, Diu Diu Deng - Taiwan, L'Amour De Moy - France, Sohran Bushi - Japan, An American Folk Medley - United States

6318c 00 1 CD $15.98 Men's Choirs CDs

Chanticleer : A Chanticleer Christmas : 01 Songbook : Joseph Jennings :  : 08763221

Chanticleer : A Chanticleer Christmas

Review: Chanticleer's beloved Christmas tradition is now available in this collection of printed music, featuring a foreword by Tom Brokaw. Edited by Chanticleer Music Director Joseph Jennings and Chanticleer tenor Matthew Oltman. Includes extensive notes and pronunciation guide.

Songlist: Nesciens Mater , Quem Vidistis Pastores , Serenissma Una Noche , Sa Qui Turo Zente Pleta , Noel Nouvelet , Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle, Kristallen Den Fina , Lulajze Jezuniu , O Come, O Come Emamanuel, Star Of Wonder/We Three Kings , A Lullaby/Away In A Manger , In The Bleak Mid-Winter, Glory To The Newborn , Silent Night

9396b 01 Songbook $19.95 Choral Christmas Arrangements

Chanticleer : Silver Jubilee Anthology : 01 Songbook : Joseph Jennings :  : 08763200

Chanticleer : Silver Jubilee Anthology

Review: To commemorate their twenty-fifth anniversary, Chanticleer has put together an anthology of some of their favorite songs. Edited by Matthew Oltman and conductor Joseph Jennings, this book is comprised of pieces from the Renaissance through the twentieth century. Selections include "Vox in rama" by Palestrina, "Fuggi, fuggi, dolor" by William Hawley and "There is a Balm in Gilead" arranged by Joseph Jennings. The book includes notes and translations for the pieces as well as performance suggestions. Also featured is a section of pictures of the group from the past twenty-five years.

Songlist: Vox in Rama , Hear My Prayer, O Lord , Credidi , So ben mi ch'a bon tempo, Voices of Autumn, Fuggi, fuggi, dolor, from Tre Rime di Tasso , Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind , Coventry Carol, Two Medieval Lyrics , Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair , Nelly Bly, All The Pretty Little Horses, Dulaman , An Oiche , Lost In The Stars , There Is A Balm In Gilead , Keep Your Hand On the Plow , There is no rose of such virtue

7007b 01 Songbook $19.95

Chanticleer : A Cappella Charts for Mixed Choirs : Sheet Music : Joseph Jennings : 

Chanticleer : A Cappella Charts for Mixed Choirs

Review: Joseph Jennings' rich a cappella arrangement of the traditional spiritual, 'Steal Away,' is an enjoyable treat for both the singers and the audience. Winner of the 2003 Chanticleer Student Choral Compositition Competition, 'She Walks in Beauty,' for advanced choirs, sets the Lord Byron text in a lush harmonic style. Composer Joseph Twish sets a deeply moving homophonic work with 'Wandering,' exploring the text "God has mercy on me. Wand'ring, wand'ring.' That piece was also a previous winner of the composition competition. 'Galbally Farmer' works well with advanced Jr High, High School or moderate adult choirs, another audience favorite! Set to a 9th Century Japanese poem, in 'Voices of Autumn, composer Jackson Hill uses traditional musical stylistic devices from the same culture to create a seamless, tranquil unaccompanied choral work.

Songlist: She Walks in Beauty, Wandering, Galbally Farmer, Voices of Autumn

9213b Sheet Music $7.95

Chanticleer : Ave Maria : Sheet Music : Joseph Jennings : 

Chanticleer : Ave Maria

Review: Probably Chanticleer's most popular arrangement, Franz Biebl's 'Ave Maria' is challenging but is sure to become a favorite among your singers. We have included all three available voicings for you to chose from. Also included in this package is Joseph Jenning's 'Christmas Spiritual Medley.' This fun piece is rich with tight harmony and a few solos, guaranteed to please your audience.

Songlist: Ave Maria , Ave Maria , Christmas Spiritual Medley, Ave Maria

9166b Sheet Music $8.95 Sacred Choral Arrangements

Chanticleer : William Hawley Charts : Sheet Music : Joseph Jennings : 

Chanticleer : William Hawley Charts

Review: American composer William Hawley's music has been heard in London, Tokyo, Paris, the Netherlands, Berlin, Darmstadt, Munich, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, and other cities in the United States, Europe, and Asia, as well as in the concert halls of New York City. Here is your opportunity to make his Chanticleer-performed compositions part of your repertoire. The ten part voicing in 'Io Son La Primavera' gives this piece an amazing depth and flair. Hawley's arrangement of Torquato Tasso's text, 'Dolcissimi Colori' is sweet and beautiful, perfect for a moderately advanced choir. Both 'Io V'amo Sol Perche Voi Siete Bella' and 'Ore, Fermate Volo' is fairly challenging yet beautiful, great examples of the Chanticleer charm! Two other composition based on text by Tasso, 'Vita De La Mia Vita' is sure to be a crowd pleaser, the setting of 'Siepe, Chegli Orti Vaghi' is beautiful and romantic - another fine example of Hawley's great style.

Songlist: Io Son la Primavera, Vita De La Mia Vita, Ore, Fermate Il Volo, Io V'Amo Sol Perche Voi Siete Bella, Dolcissimi Colori, Sipe, Che Gli Orti

9212b Sheet Music $8.98 Sacred Choral Arrangements

Joseph Jennings : A Cappella Spirituals : Sheet Music : Joseph Jennings : 

Joseph Jennings : A Cappella Spirituals

Review: Joseph Jennings, long-time music director of the multiple Grammy winning a cappella ensemble Chanticleer, has always had an affinity for spirituals and the group has many wonderful recordings of Jenning's arrangements. This collection for mixed voices a cappella are bound to please.

Songlist: Steal Away, Where The Sun Will Never Go Down, Steal Away, Keep Your Hand On The Plow, Calling My Children Home

7307b Sheet Music $6.95 Spirituals Arrangements for Mixed Voices

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