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Hungarian Choral Music

When you have a nation such as Hungary which was rich in choral tradition before the first Europeans ever arrived in North America, you have a nation with millennia-old musical heritage, and yes, sometimes age does matter. Unlike many countries, Hungarian choral ensembles focus particularly on home-grown music by such internationally-known composers like Zoltan Kodaly and Bela Bartok. If you're a choral music fan, you've heard Kodaly, Bartok and other Hungarian choral composers, even if you don't know it. But no one does it like the Hungarians!

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Cantemus Children's Choir : Choral Music of Kodaly 7

Review: Hungary's most famous and innovative composer, Zoltan Kodaly explains his artistic mission thus: "One must write original works, whose point of departure, in their texts and melodies, is the child's soul and the child's voice." One of Kodaly's main interests was the teaching of singing in schools, and conductor Denes Szabo has followed that path, beginning at Primary School No. 4 in Nyiregyhaza in 1969. He directs the school's Cantemus Children's Chorus in 21 of Kodaly's compositions for children's, youth and female choruses, like "See the gypsies," "Evening song," "Seven easy children's choruses," "Hippity hoppity," "Honey, honey," "Gypsy lament," "St. Gregory's Day," "Angels and Shepherds" and "Epiphany." Spirited, award-winning Cantemus, directed by Szabo, is the perfect choice to sing this difficult, beautiful material. "Choral Music of Kodaly 7" is a treat!

Songlist: See the gypsies, Evening song, Seven easy children's choruses, Dancing song, Stork song, Hippity, hoppity, Six humorous canons, Honey, honey, King Laszlo's men, Gypsy lament, Cohors generosa, Horatii carmen, Greeting on St John's Day, St Gregory's Day, Geneva Psalm CL, A Christmas carol, Hymn to St Stephen, Angels and shepherds, Epiphany, Whitsuntide

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7757c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Hungarian Choral Music | Zoltan Kodaly

Cantemus Children's Choir : Lajos Bardos

Review: Hungarian master composer Lajos Bardos (1899-1987) was an outstanding figure of the prominent generation of students of Kodaly and Bartok who, inspired by their ideas, did much for Hungarian musical culture. As with Kodaly and Bartok, after becoming a master, Bardos taught generations coming after him and was an active choral conductor (for the Cecilia Chorus, the Budapest Chorus and others) for decades. His work as a composer is represented on this disc by a selection of choruses for children's and female voices. Denes Szabo directs the Cantemus Children's Choir and Pro Musica in these 27 lively choral works: "Cantemus!," "On Sunny Roads," "Awake You, Youth," "Blow the Pipe," "Three Choruses for Children," the dramatic "Recruiting Song of the Hussars," "Breeze," "Hey, Put It Right!," the 2-part "The Bride," "To Ferenc Liszt," "In Memory of Bartok," "Summer-Sunday," "Gold-Winged Angel," and the sacred songs "Ave Maris Stella," "Ave Maria" and "The Blessed Virgin Mary." There is piano accompaniment on a few tunes. The high, bright voices of the children go perfectly with this material by a man whose life and work remain a gift to Hungary and to the world.

Songlist: Cantemus!, On Sunny Roads, Awake You, Youth!, Fairy Song, Blow the Pipe, Kutamen - Three Choruses for Children, Recruiting Song of the Hussars, Breeze, Hey, Put It Right!, Rika, Rika, High is the Rue Tree, The Bride, Tavunga, To Ferenc Liszt, In Memory of Bartok, A Tale of Miracle, Summer - Sunday, St. Cecilia, Gold - Winged Angel, Ave Maris Stella, Ave Maria, The Blessed Virgin Mary

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7776c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Hungarian Choral Music | Lajos Bardos

Debrecen Kodaly Chorus : Zoltan Kodaly - Works for Mixed Choir, Vol. 3

Review: The period from 1948 to his death in 1967 was for Kodaly about reaping the fruits. He was a Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Chairman from 1946 to 1949. He received three Kossuth Awards (1948, 1952, 1957), as doctor honoris causa degrees from the universities of Oxford (1960), East Berlin (1964) and Toronto (1966) and honorary memberships from a number of academies around the world. He was made president of the International Folk Music Council in 1961 and honorary memberships from a number of academies around the world. He was made president of the International Society of Music Education in 1964. Two years before his death, in 1965, he received the Herder Prize. He travelled extensively between1960 and 1966, chairing conferences, lecturing throughout Europe in English, German, French and Italian. He lived to see his ambitious plans be accomplished. Edited by Kodaly, the first firve volumes of Magyar Nepzene Tara came out between 1950 and 1967 and at the same time daily music classes based o the Kodaly method were introduced in 120 schools. In the last twenty years of his life his compositional spirit never flagged either; he wrote masterpieces including Hymn of Zrinyi, Mohacs and Laudes organi, and completed Symphony, begun back in the Thirties and previered in 1961 under the baton of Ferenc Fricsay.

Songlist: To The Singing Youth - Varga, Adoration, Wish For Peace - Virag, The Arms Of Hungary - Vorosmarty, Mohacs - Kisfaludy, Media Vita In Morte Sumus, La Marseillaise - De L'isle, Epigraph - Jankovich, Stabat Mater - Todi, Te Deum Of Sandor Sik, Come, Holy Ghost - Batizi, Hymn Of Zrinyi, I Will Go Look For Death - MAsefield, An Ode For Music, Geneva Psalm L

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9840c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Zoltan Kodaly

Debrecen Kodaly Chorus : Zoltan Kodaly - Works for the Mixed Choir, Vol. 1

Review: Kodaly stared composing choral works in his student years but he only became a primarily choral composer after the success of Psalmus Hungaricus, from the mid-1920s. This compilation is the first in the set of the Complete Works for Mixed Choir by Zoltan Kodaly. The CD contains, with the exceptions of a short occassional piece, the a cappella compositions of more than three decades. The composer's corrections in the manuscripts and printed scores could be adopted in this recording courtesy of Mrs. Sarolta Kodaly.

Songlist: Misere, Este / Evening, Turot Eszik A Cigany / See The Gypsies Munching Cheese, Uj Esztendot Koszonto / A Christmas Carol, Koszonto / A Birthday Greeting, Matrai Kepek / Matra Pictures, Oregek / The Aged, Akik Mindig Elkesnek / Too Late, Jezus Es A Kufarok / Jesus And The Traders, Horatii CArmen II. 10, Szekely Kereves / Transylvanian Lament, Molnar Anna / Annie Miller, Liszt Ferenchez / Ode To Liszt, A Magyarokhoz / Song Of Faith

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9848c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Zoltan Kodaly

Debrecen Kodaly Chorus : Zoltan Kodaly - Works for the Mixed Choir, Vol. 2

Review: Even if we consider only his works for mixed choir, we can see how prolific Zoltan Kodaly was between 1937 and 1947, although this recording contains some later transcriptions as well. Corrections printed in the scores were adopted in this recording thanks to Mrs. Sarolta Kodaly.

Songlist: The Peacock - Ady, Our Father - Szedo, Hymn To The King Saint Stephen, Evening Song, Greeting On St. John's Day, Do Not Grieve - Horvath, Norwegian Girls Weores, First Communion - Szedo, The Forgotten Song Balint Balassi - Gazdag, Cohors Generosa, Advent Song, Geneva Psalm 121, Beseeching - Balassi, Song From Gomor, To The Transylvanians - Peotfi, BAttle Song - Petofi, The Hungarian Nation - Petofi, Lament - Bodrogh

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9845c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Zoltan Kodaly

Honved Ensemble Male Choir : Liszt: Choral Works For Male Voices

Review: The talented Hungarian choral group Honved Ensemble Male Choir" brings us a rare treat, choral works written for male voices by Ferenc Liszt (1811-1886). First of the 7 movements are the dramatic "Les Quatre Elemens," written for the poems by Joseph Autran, and first performed in 1844 with piano accompaniment by Liszt, "Titan," written in Berlin in 1842 and based on the Franz von Schober poem, the politically controversial "Arbeitercho/A Munka Himnusza," and the heroic "Le Forgeron," (the Blacksmith) based on the Lamennais's poem. This is moving, all accompanied, passionately-sung music that stirs and touches us still, across the centuries!

Songlist: Les Quatre Elemens (J. Autran), Titan (Fr. Von Schober), Arbeiterchor (Ph. Kaufmann), Le Forgeron (E de Lamennais)

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7549c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Hungarian Choral Music | Franz Liszt

Hungarian National Chorus : Hungarian Contemporary Choral Works

Review: With the professional guidance of Matyas Antal, the HNC has made it a priority to present contemporary and 20th century Hungarian choral music. The ensemble appears every year in concerts of the Contemporary Music and Mini Festivals, presenting new Hungarian choral works, mainly premieres. Included on this CD are 21 pieces, all written between 1984 and 1997. There are some nice sacred songs, such as M. Paszti's "Puer natus est nobis," two motets by M. Csemeiczky, "Hodie Christus natus est" and "Ave Regina caelorum, L. Huszar's "Agnus Dei" and two by J. Sari, "Benedictus es Domine" and "Alleluia." The secular material is also interesting, such as A. Bozay's "Siralmas nekem (Woeful It Is)," on the trials of an immigrant; M. Hollos' "Among the Crowd, at Koday's Catafalque," "Altato" and "Dal" (Lullaby and Song), L. Kiraly's "Shalom, Israel," M. Kocsar's "O dawn, dawn" and "Split up, Cataract!," and Zs. Durko's eclectic "Snapshots from Kalevala" and his dramatic "Ilmarinen." All a cappella, complex, difficult material beautifully performed by Hungary's finest chorus.

Songlist: Puer natus, Two Motets, Agnus Dei, Benedictus es Domine, Alleluia, The Meditation of Altades, Woeful It Is, Shalom Israel, Among the Crowd at Kodaly's Catafalque, Lullaby & Song, Oh dawn, dawn, Split up, Cataract!, Snapshots from Kalevala, Ilmarinen

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7551c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Hungarian Choral Music

Hungarian Radio and Television Chorus : Choral Music of Kodaly 1

Review: In the 1930s Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly breathed new life into a form that had been dormant in Europe since the Renaissance, polyphonic choral music. Janos Ferencsik directs the Hungarian Radio and Television Choirs in 6 of Kodaly's best, all sung a cappella in Hungarian: "Hymn of Zrinyl," "Jesus and the Traders," "The Aged," "Norwegian girls" (written in 1940 and said to be in sympathy with Norway, just overrun by Hitler's Reich), "Too Late" and "Ode to Liszt." This is striking, dramatic, impressionistic, historic music, beautifully performed by one of Europe's great mixed choruses.

Songlist: Hymn of Zrinyl, Jesus and the traders, The aged, Norwegian girls, Too late, Ade to Liszt

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7759c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || Hungarian Choral Music | Zoltan Kodaly

St. Ephraim Male Choir : Listz for Male Choruses

Review: A considerable portion of Liszt's oeuvre is made up of compositions for male choir, which have to date not truly gained their rightful place in the choral repertoire. Of the more than 60 varied male choruses, composed a cappella or accompanied by piano, organ, a few instruments, or orchestra, often extant in various complete, printed versions, a great number have not been recorded even once. The Saint Ephraim Male Choir, led by conductor Tamas Bubno, has set itself the task of programming in concerts, recording and releasing on CD all Liszt's works for male choir and ensembles of male voices, both the sacred and the secular.

Songlist: Licht! mehr Licht!/ Light! More Light!, Vereins-Lied/ Society Song, Standchen/ Serenade, Wir sind nicht Mumien/ We are not Mummies, Vor der Schlacht/ Before Battle, Nicht gezagt/ Fear Nothing, Es rufet Gott/ God Calls, Soldaten-Lied aus Faust von Goethe/ Soldier's Song from Faust by Goethe, Die alten Sagen kunden/ The Old Legends Tell, Saatengrun/ Silky Grass, Der Gang um Mitternacht/ Midnight Wandering, Festlied/ Festival Song, Gottes ist der Orient/ The Orient is the Lord's, Festgesang/ Festive Song, Uber allen Gipfeln ist Ruh/ Wanderer's Night Song

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2330c | 1 CD | $15.95 || Men's Choirs CDs

St. Ephraim Male Choir : Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Review: On the turn of the 20th century Greek Catholic sacred music held sway over much of the music scene of Sub-Carpathia, in the north-eastern part of Hungary. A great many members of the Byzantine-rite Rusyn clergy, as well as Hungarians, were well versed in music, which was put to use in maintaining high artistic standards in the daily liturgy. One significant master of this period was Joann (Janos) Boksay (1874 - 1940), a Greek Catholic celebrant, composer and church choirmaster. His output includes pieces for piano, dramatic incidental music and children's operas, but his most important works are considered to be his ten Divine Liturgies of St John Chrysostom, four of which have survived. The most widely known one is the Mass in C major, composed in 1900, whose simple and pure melodies have earned it folk-hymn status among the Greek Catholics in the Munkacs (Munkacevo, Ukraine), Eperjes (Presov, Slovakia), and Hajdudorog eparchies.

Songlist: Litany Of Peace, 1st Antiphon, Glory Be To The Father, Come Let Us Worship, Trishagion, Gospel, Litany Of Supplication, Cherubimic Hymn, Litany Of The Offertory, The Creed, The Mercy Of Peace, Holy, Holy, Holy, We Praise You, Hymn To The Blessed Virgin, The Lord's Prayer, One Is Holy, Blessed Is He, Thanksgiving Hymn, Dismissal, For Many Years

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8422c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella || Men's Choirs CDs

Zoltan Kodaly : The Kodaly Concept of Music Education

Review: For decades, there has been a great, worldwide interest in Zoltan Kodaly's concept of music education (better known as the Kodaly Method) which, from time to time, had a different geographical emphasis. Hungarian public education has been operating with successes in spite of the changed social and economical circumstances. Even today, the "Hungarian Method" - to use Kodaly's words- serves as a model for many music pedagogues all of the world. This DVD-ROM provides a many-sided and faithful introduction to the Kodaly Concept; and also presents the study programme of the Kecskemet "mother institute" in an attracting and inspiring way. As well as textual introductions to Kodaly's life and the Kodaly Concept of music education the DVD-ROM provides an overview of the practical application of the method through video excepts pf demonstration classes in kindergarten thru secondary school.

Songlist: Welcome, Kodaly's Life, The Kodaly Concept, Demonstrations, Extra Features, On The Foundation, Impressum

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6645dvd | DVD | $39.95 || Children's Choir Development | Zoltan Kodaly

Cantemus Children's Choir : Bartok Choral Works

Review: Bartok's two- and three-part choruses for children's and female voices, his best-known choral cycle worldwide, appears at first sight to be distinct from the rest of his oeuvre. It is a textually inspired composition, whose arrival might seem unexpected in the period when he composed large instrumental works in the consolidated classical style, such as the String Quartet No. 5 (1934), the Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta (1936), and the Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion (1937). Yet it sits easily in relation to his oeuvre as a whole.

Songlist: Tavasz, Ne Hagyj Itt, Joszag-igezo, Level az Otthoniakhoz, Jatek, Leanynezo, Hejja, Hejja, Karahejja, Ne Menj El, Van Egy Gyurum, Karica, Senkim a Vilagon, Ciposutes, Huszarnota, Resteknek Notaja, Bolyongas, Lanycsufolo, Legenycsufolo, Mihalynapi Koszonto, Leanykero, Keserves, Madardal, Csujogato, Banat, Ne Lattalak Volna!, Elment a Madarka, Parnas Tancdal, Kanon, Isten Veled!

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9057c | SACD | $17.25 | SATB || Mixed Childrens Choirs | Bela Bartok

Bela Bartok : Four Hungarian Folk Songs

Review: "Many people think it is a comparatively easy task to write a composition on found folk tunes... This way of thinking is completely erroneous. To handle folk tunes is one of the most difficult tasks; equally difficult, if not more so, than to write a major original composition. If we keep in mind that borrowing a tune means being bound by its individual peculiarity, we shall understand one part of the difficulty. Another is created by the special character of folk tune. We must penetrate it, feel it, and bring out its sharp contours by the appropriate setting... It must be a work of inspiration just as much as any other composition." - Bela Bartok

Songlist: Mocking of Youth - from Four Women's Choruses, Spring, The Wooing of a Girl, Enchanting Song

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9270b | Sheet Music | $9.95 | SSA | A Cappella || Hungarian Choral Music | Bela Bartok

Bela Bartok : Hungarian & Slovak Folksongs

Review: Text in English, German and Hungarian.

Songlist: Four Old Hungarian Folksongs, Five Slovak Folksongs

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9246b | Sheet Music | $6.50 | TTBB | A Cappella || Hungarian Choral Music | Bela Bartok

Various Arrangers : Eastern European Folk Songs

Review: Lajos Bardos' Hungarian composition, 'Erik A Som,' has easy melodies and harmonies, the challenge comes with the text, as the Hungarian language is a bit more difficult, than others, to learn. Hungarian words are always accented on the first syllable. There are no diphthongs; if two vowels appear together, each is distinctly pronounced. A helpful guide to learn how to speak the text is included. 'Chindia,' is perhaps Pascanu's most famous composition. It is based on an instrumental Romanian folk dance by the same name. 'Chindian' besides being the name of a folk dance, refers both to the time of day just before the sun sets and to the place in the sky where the sun goes down. The dance is perfomed by both men and women in a closed circle, the dancer's arms on each other's shoulders. A vigorous dance, it uses small steps, and may include amusing, somewhat athletic stunts. This wordless piece is very exciting to sing! 'Sednalo e Djore dos' is based on a very famous Bulgarian folk tune that has circulated in the oral tradition of Bulgarian folk singers for many years. It is characterized by its short and repetitive melodic line flavored with a lot of humorous energy. In this arrangement, the arranger has paraphrased the melody slightly thus allowing it to become a good foundation for harmonic variations. Ivan Hrusovsky's 'Rytmus' has excellent, fun rhythms along with great (but relatively simple) harmonies. The latin text moves niceley with the melodies.

Songlist: Rytmus, Sednalo e Djore dos, Chindia, Erik A Som (The Cherries Ripen)

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9456b | Sheet Music | $7.95 | SATB | A Cappella || World Music Arrangements

Zoltan Kodaly : Hungarian Folk Songs for Children's Chorus

Review: The Hungarian composer, Zoltan Kodaly, an ethnomusicologist and educationalist, pioneered the reintegration of folk material into 20th century choral music. All four songs in this packages are arrangements based on Hungarian folk songs for children, with english translations by Georffy Russell-Smith.

Songlist: Hippity, Hoppity, Ladybird, 'Mid K, Evening Song

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9080b | Sheet Music | $8.98 | Treble | A Cappella || Hungarian Choral Music | Zoltan Kodaly

Zoltan Kodaly : Mountain Nights - Songs Without Words for Women's Voices

Review: A fascinating and fun set of wordless songs by the Hungarian master.

Songlist: Mountain Nights I, Mountain Nights II, Mountain Nights III, Mountain Nights IV, Mountain Nights V

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9079b | Sheet Music | $13.50 | SSA | A Cappella || Wordless A Cappella Arrangements | Zoltan Kodaly

Bela Bartok : Choral Works for Children's and Female Choirs

Review: A collection from the great Hungarian composer for upper voices. Twenty seven arrangements ranging from easy to difficult.

Songlist: Tavasz, Ne hagyj itt!, Joszag-igezo, Level az otthoniakhoz, Jatek, Leanynezo, Hejja, hejja, karahejja!, Ne menj el!, Van egy gyurum, karika, Senkim a vilagon, Ciposutes, Huszarnota, Resteknek notaja, Bolyongas, Leanycsufolo, Legenycsufolo, Mihalynapi koszonto, Leanykero, Keserves, Madardal, Csujogato, Banat, Ne lattalak volna, Elment a madarka, Parnas tancdal, Kanon, Isten veled!

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7366b | Songbook | $16.95 | Treble SSAA || Eastern European Choral Arrangements | Bela Bartok

Bela Bartok : Shepherd's Christmas Songs

Review: Arranged for unaccompanied mixed voices by Paul Arma with English text by Eric Smith these pieces are from "Melodien der Rumanischen Colinda".

Songlist: Shepherd's Christmas Songs

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8063b | Songbook | $5.95 | SATB divisi | A Cappella || World Music Arrangements | Bela Bartok

Bela Bartok : Six Songs for Children's Choruses

Review: The original version of these choruses was an a cappella version; later an orchestral accompaniment was added. The piano reduction of the latter has merely been added to the present edition for rehearsal purposes when preparing the choir for a performance with orchestra. it is the composer's intention that performances should talk place either a cappella or with orchestra, but not with piano.

Songlist: Hussar, Only Tell Me, Loafer, Bread Baking, Don't Leave Me!, Teasing Song

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9075b | Songbook | $9.95 | Treble || Hungarian Choral Music | Bela Bartok

Gyorgy Ligeti : Hortobagy - Three Hungarian Folksongs

Review: For unaccompanied mixed voice choir. English translation inlcuded.

Songlist: Hortobagy

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7374b | Songbook | $6.95 | SATB | A Cappella || Hungarian Choral Music | Gyorgy Ligeti

Gyorgy Ligeti : Nonsense Madrigals

Review: First premiered by the King's Singers in Queen Elizabeth Hall these compositions are a delight and will be a welcome addition to your repertoire. English text by William Rands and Lewis Carroll. Difficult.

Songlist: Two Dreams and Little Bat, Cuckoo in the Pear-Tree, The Alphabet, Flying Robert, The Lobster Quadrille, A Long, Sad Tale

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7375b | Songbook | $39.95 | TTBB | A Cappella || Humorous A Cappella Arrangements | Gyorgy Ligeti

Gyorgy Ligeti : Songs from Matraszentimr Dalok

Review: A collection of Hungarian folk songs for unaccompanied upper voice choir.

Songlist: Harom hordo, Igaz szerelem, Gomb, gomb, Erdobe, erdobe

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7376b | Songbook | $6.95 | SA treble | A Cappella || Eastern European Choral Arrangements | Gyorgy Ligeti

Lajos Bardos : Music for Christmas and Easter

Review: This volume contains works for mixed voices pertaining to Christmas and the Easter season.

Songlist: Adjunk halat immar (Graces soient rendues), Adorna thalamum (Ekitsd fel templomod), Karacsonyi bolcsodal, Karacsonyi kirie, Mennybol az angyal, Napkeleti kiralyok, Nosza, lelkem!, O gloriosa virginum, O Jesule, Sancta parens, Szep kelet, szep nap! (ejev), A keresztfahoz megyek, Alleluja! orvendezzunk, Ascendit Christus, Bunbanoknak menedeke, Bunos lelek, En nemzetem (Popule meus), Fiam, Jezus, Golgotadon latunk, Ingrediente Domino (Viragvasarnap), Keresztenyek, sirjatok, Kiralyi zaszlo jar elol (Vexilla regis prodeunt), Krisztus, viragunk (A), Krisztus, viragunk (B), O Jezus, Jezus (O languens Jesu), O languens Jesu, Orvendetes napunk tamadt, Popule meus, Surrexit Christus, Szent kereszted unnepere, and more

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7373b | Songbook | $23.95 | SATB | A Cappella || Eastern European Choral Arrangements | Lajos Bardos

Lajos Bardos : Musica Sacra Vol 1

Review: This volume contains works for female, children's or upper voices.

Songlist: Aranyszarnyu angya, A szep Szuz Maria, Betlehem, Betlehem!, Csengo-bongo karacsony, Fenyessegen e mai napnak, Kirie elejszon!, Megvaltonk Szuloje, Mostan kinyilt, Bunos lelkek, Dicsoseg, szent aldas, En nemzetem (Popule meus), Gyaszba borult Isten csillagvara, Krisztus a mennyve folmene (Ascendit Christus), Megfeszitett Jezus, Megjelentunk hajlekodban, O rvendjetek, angyalok, Sir a szent Szuz, Terra tremuit, Vilagmegvalto Jezus, A szeretet himnusza, Confirma hoc, Deus, Edes Urunk, Tarkanyi Bela: Egybegyultunk, o, nagy Isten, Hozsannaszo, Isten hozta, Jubilate Deo, O, egeknek Kiralyneja!, O, szentseges, o, kegyelmes, Tordai Anyos: Szentsegi Jezus, Teged kerunk, Atyaisten, and more

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7368b | Songbook | $25.95 | SSA. Treble | A Cappella || Lajos Bardos

Lajos Bardos : Musica Sacra Vol 2

Review: This volume contains works for female, children's or upper voices.

Songlist: Bajusz Beda: Amig elek, remelek, Virag Ferenc: Edes Jezus, Jezus, aldlak mindennap, Mily igen jo, Aquinoi Szent Tamas: Pange lingua, Szent Szivedbe, Jezus, Harangi Laszlo: Zeng a harang, Angyaloknak Kiralyneja, Ave Maria (Udvozlegy, Maria), Egi szuz virag, Jertek, Jezus hivei, Mentes Mihaly: Keseru gondok, Maria, Maria, kinyilt rozsa, Mentes Mihaly: Maria, Szuzanya, O, dicsoult szep kincs, O, ekes szep virag, Udvozlegy, Maria, tengernek csillagja, Vilagnak Kiralyne Asszonya, Zengj, szivem, dalt, Ah, hol vagy, magyarok tundoklo csillaga (Szent Istvan kir, Alldott Szent Istvan (I), Aldott Szent Istvan (II), Igaz hitnek plantaloja (Szent Istvan kiralyhoz), Isten, hazankert terdelunk elodbe, Kihez az Ur elkulde angyalat, Szedo Denes: Kis Terez, Magyarok fenye, Megvaltonknak ore (Szent Jozsefhez), O, Szent Jozsef, Pannoniaban nott, teljes szep viola, and more

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7371b | Songbook | $25.95 | SSA. Treble | A Cappella || Hungarian Choral Music | Lajos Bardos

Lajos Bardos : Musica Sacra Vol 3

Review: This volume contains canons and choral pieces for female, children's or upper voices.

Songlist: Adoremus, Aki magat felmagasztalja, Aron vetettetek, Ave maris stella, Boldogasszony anyank, Buntetesunk hordozta, Ekes nap, Fel, fel, dalra fel, Halljatok meg az Ur hangjat, Hallod-e Jezus hivasat?, Istene az aldas, Krisztusban dicseked, Legy hiv mindhalalig, Mas nev nincs, Mennyorszag ajtaja, Nagybojti kanon (Konyorulj rajtam), O, en edes Jezusom, Szalljon a dal, Szent karacsony ejjel (O, gyonyoruszep, titokzatos ej!, Szolj, Uram, szolj, Teljes szivemmel, Zsoltar-kanon, Mennyorszagnak kiralyneja, O, edes Jezus

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7369b | Songbook | $19.95 | SSA. Treble | A Cappella || Eastern European Choral Arrangements | Lajos Bardos

Lajos Bardos : Songs For Various Occaisions


Songlist: Alleluja, Audi, filia, Dixit Dominus Domino meo, Jesu dulcis memoria, Libera me, Mane nobiscum, Rex clementissime

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7370b | Songbook | $6.95 | SATB | A Cappella || Lajos Bardos

Peter Eotvos : Herbsttag

Review: This six-minute madrigal setting was commissioned by the renowned Hanover Girls' Choir and composed on the basis of one of Rainer Maria Rilke's profound poems. It begins as a thanksgiving prayer: for the summer, for the autumn fruits. But the first winds bring along the fear of the cold and loneliness of winter: 'Whoever is alone now will remain so for a long time, will stay up, read, write long letters". Eotvos lets the poem unfold twice, each time in a different way, thus intensifying the reflection. The tonality is treated freely, and the choral setting extends the underlying five-part texture, in which the choir's soloists create striking echoes, up to eight-part passages.

Songlist: Herbsttag

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2984b | Songbook | $8.95 | SSA | A Cappella |

Various Arrangers : Musica Sacra Hungarica

Review: The choir book Musica Sacra Hungarica provides a survey of the broad spectrum of sacred vocal music produced in Hungary during the 20th century. Following on from the romantic heritage an individual Hungarian vocal style was developed, which became known internationally through the sacred and secular vocal works of Bela Bartok, Zoltan Kodaly and Lajos Bardos.

Songlist: Abendlied, Aeterne Rex, Adoramus te, Ad te Domine levavi, Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Ave maris stella, Ave verum corpus, Cantate Domino, Crucifigatur, Da das Pascha Nahte, De profundis, Deus tu convertens, Dextera Domini, Dicunt omnes, Dunkelheit umfangt uns, Eli, Eli, Et circa horam nonam, Exsurge, Hodie Christus natus est, Jesu Dulcis memoira, Jesus und die Kramer, Jubilate Deo, Kyrie, Kyrie in D, Laudate Dominum, Libera me, Magnificat, O crux ave, O gloriosa virginum, and more

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7221b | Songbook | $35.95 | SATB | A Cappella || Hungarian Choral Music

Zoltan Kodaly : Choral Works for Children's and Female Choirs

Review: A collection of 75 pieces by noted composer and educator. Suitable for upper voices. Some are quite challenging while other pieces are simple and delightful.

Songlist: Hegyi ejszakak I-V, Jankovich Ferenc: Jelige, Nagyszalontai koszonto (konnyu letet), Nagyszalontai koszonto, Angyalkert - Kecskejatek, Angyalkert - Tyukozas, Angyalkert - Gyertyajatek, Angyalkert - Bent a barany, Angyalkert - Vasarosdi, Hat trefas kanon - Lencse, borso, kasa, Hat trefas kanon - Madarak voltunk, Hat trefas kanon - A leanyka szotalan, Hat trefas kanon - Tyukkergeto, Hat trefas kanon - Furdo utan, Hat trefas kanon - Mikor mentem misere, Szolmizalo kanon, A juhasz, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Eva, szivem Eva, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Falu vegen, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Heja, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Versenges, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Ciroka, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Jo gazd'asszony, Het konnyu gyeremekkar - Zolderdoben, Weores Sandor: Bekedal, Vargha Karoly dr: Az eneklo ifjusaghoz, Nyulacska, Katalinka, A csiko, Cu fol, lovam, and more

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7365b | Songbook | $23.95 | Treble || Eastern European Choral Arrangements | Zoltan Kodaly

Zoltan Kodaly : Choral Works for Mixed Voices

Review: A collection from the great Hungarian composer for mixed voices. Forty Five arrangements ranging from easy to difficult.

Songlist: Jankovich Ferenc: Jelige (kis vegyeskar), Jankovich Ferenc: Jelige (nagy vegyeskar), Koszonto, Arany Janos, Gyulai Pal: Janos koszonto, Gomori dal, Esti dal, Vargha Karoly dr: Az eneklo ifjusaghoz, Horatius, Vargha Karoly dr: Horatii Carmen, Vorosmarty Mihaly: Magyarorszag cimere, Pange lingua (l), Vargha Karoly dr: Cohors Generosa, Szedo Denes: Adventi enek, Enek Szent Istvan kiralyhoz (fiu-vegyeskar), Enek Szent Istvan kiralyhoz (kisebb vegyeskarra), Enek Szent Istvan kiralyhoz (nagy vegyeskarra), Bodrogh Pal: Sirato enek, Szekely keserves, Petofi Sandor: A Szekelyekhez, Ady Endre: Akik mindig elkesnek, Petofi Sandor: A magyar nemzet, Balassi Balint: Szep konyorges, Az 50. genfi zsoltar, A 121. genfi zsoltar, Szedo Denes: Elso aldozas, Weores Sandor: Norveg lanyok, Weores Saandor: Oregek, Ady Endre: Folszallott a pava, Kisfaludy Karoly: Mohacs, Turot eszik a cigany, Molnar Anna, and more

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7372b | Songbook | $29.95 | SATB || Eastern European Choral Arrangements | Zoltan Kodaly

Zoltan Kodaly : Ferfikarok - Choral Works For Male Voices

Review: A collection of unaccompanied works from the famed Hungarian composer.

Songlist: A Magy Arokhoz, A Szabadsag Himnusza - La Marseillaise, Jelige, Enek Szent Istv An Kiralyhoz, A Csiko, Esti DAl, A Nandori Toronyor, Emleksorok Fay Andrasnak, A Franciaoszagi Valtozasokra, Justum Et Tenacem - Renduletlenul, Jelenti Magat Jezus, Rabhazanak Fia, Katondal, Hej Bungozsdi Bandi, Folszallott A Pava, Huszt, Kit Lene Elvenni, Karadi Notak, Semmit Ne Bankodjal, Isten CSodaja, Elet Vagy Halal, Nemzeti Dal, Bordal, Mulato Gajd

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9199b | Songbook | $16.95 | TTBB | A Cappella || Hungarian Choral Music | Zoltan Kodaly

Zoltan Kodaly : 55 Two-Part Exercises

Review: The Kodaly Choral Concept is revised in an English Edition by Geoffry Russell-Smith.

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6365b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $11.95 | 2-Part | A Cappella || Choral Warm-Ups | Zoltan Kodaly

Zoltan Kodaly : Let Us Sing Correctly - 101 Exercises in Intonation

Review: Based on sol-fa notation combined with unaccompanied part singing from the earliest stages in a child's school music, the Kodaly Method develops musical literacy, secure intonation and rhythmic confidence - essential fundamentals of sound music education. The Kodaly Choral Method is a comprehensive series of progressive songs and sigh-singing exercises designed to promote a thorough understanding of interval and tonality. By incorporative a wide range of Hungarian folk music and poetry, Kodaly has produced a stimulating addition to the repertoire of school and amateur choirs. This collection contains 101 exercises in intonation, and serves as an introduction to the five volumes of two-part exercises

Songlist: Let Us Sing Correctly, 101 Exercises in Intonation

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6364b | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $7.95 | 2-Part | A Cappella || Choral Warm-Ups | Zoltan Kodaly

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