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African American Spirituals CDs

Spirituals are the Southern sacred "folk" songs created and first sung by African Americans during slavery. Their original composers are unknown, and they have assumed a position of collective ownership by the whole community. They lend themselves easily to communal singing. Many are in a call-and-response structure, with back-and-forth exchanges between the leader and the group. A formal concert tradition has evolved from the original spirituals, with solo and choral arrangements based on original slave melodies, employed for performance by amateur and professional artists.

Although it is impossible to determine with certainty when the first spirituals were created, most scholars speculate that these songs proliferated near the end of the eighteenth century and during the last few decades leading up to the end of legalized slavery in the 1860Õs. Spirituals functioned on many levels for enslaved Africans. While the songs primarily expressed deeply held religious convictions, especially for newly converted Christians, they also reflected deep longings for freedom, often masked in the form of secret codes or messages imbedded in the lyrics of the songs.

The immersion of early twentieth century African American composers like Harry Burleigh into the world of European classical music composition not only inspired their own new arrangements of spirituals, but also exerted an influence on the work of the European and American mentors with whom they studied. New jazz interpretations of the spirituals have surfaced; opera divas like Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman have performed acclaimed concerts of spirituals; a small but significant cadre of church musicians are pushing for the re-integration of spirituals into church worship; there are a variety of national educational initiatives aimed at educating children and families about the cultural significance and relevance of the spirituals tradition; there are uses of the spirituals in secular-based ministries.

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American Spiritual Ensemble : Ole Time Religion

Review: Director McCorvey has assembled a stellar group of 22 mixed voices, all soloists in their own right, to create his all-star touring ensemble. Favorites among these 15 live cuts, recorded on the group's 1998-2000 tours of Kentucky and Spain, include the live cut "Walk Together Children," the most dynamic arrangement of "The Battle of Jericho" we have heard, "Rock-A-My Soul," "Free At Last (From Big River)," "Amen," "Lord, How Come Me Here," "I Don't Feel No Ways Tired," "You Can Tell The World" and "Come Sunday." There is some piano and drum accompaniment, but mostly rich, powerful harmonies, soaring leads and great arrangements. Some of the best spirituals we have heard in a long time, from national musical treasure ASE!

Songlist: Walk Together Children, I've Been Buked, The Battle of Jericho, Hail Mary, Rock A My Soul, I'm Gonna Sing 'Till The Spirit Moves In My Heart, Old Time Religion/When The Saints, Free At Last (from Big River), Amen, Here's One, Lord, How Come Me Here, Lord I Have Seen, I Don't Feel No Ways Tired, You Can Tell The World, Come Sunday

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2296c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

American Spiritual Ensemble : The Lily of The Valley

Review: Founded by Everett McCorvey in 1995, the 32-strong, mixed-voice American Spiritual Ensemble has toured Italy, Germany, Britain, Scotland, Spain and Japan, and has sung in the Metropolitan Opera, NYC Opera and Houston Grand Opera, among many other venues. All the members are soloists in their own right, and the ensemble thrills audiences with their dynamic renditions of classic spirituals, jazz and Broadway selections. "Lily of the Valley" is a dynamic, generous collection of 19 spirituals, some favorites are "You Must Have That True Religion" (which segues into "Gimme That Old Time Religion"), "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel," the title tune, "I Want To Be Ready," "Fix Me Jesus," "My Lord, What A Mourning," "Ride Up In The Chariot," "Scandalize My Name," "Done Found My Lost Sheep," "Watch and Pray" and "Come Down Angels." Some of these songs are new to us, others are old favorites, but all of them are stunningly powerful and lovely. There is some piano and light drum percussion. Don't miss this wonderful CD by one of the finest spiritual ensembles in the world!

Songlist: You Must Have That True Religion, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel, The Lily of the Valley, I Want To Be Ready, Fix me, Jesus, Elijah Rock, Daniel, Daniel, the Servant of the Lord, My Lord, What a Mourning, I Thank You Jesus, Is There Anybody Here?, Ride Up In the Chariot, Ride On King Jesus, Done Found My Lost Sheep, My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord, Scandalize My Name, Watch and Pray, 'Roun' About de Mountain, Ride up in the Chariot, Come Down Angels

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2297c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

American Spiritual Ensemble : The Spirit of the Holidays

Review: There are 21 singers here, directed by founder Everett McCorvey's Kentucky-based American Spiritual Ensemble in the recording of this beautiful Christmas album, but the sound is so rich and full it seems like there must be more. Favorites among the 18 songs include standards like "Away In A Manger," "Little Drummer Boy," "Mary Had A Baby," "Christmas Medley" and "Ave Maria;" and less familiar tunes like "I Believe This Is Jesus," "Behold The Star," "Great Day," "Rockin' Jerusalem," the joyous "Here's A Pretty Little Baby," "The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy," "Siyahamba," "Prepare Me one Body" and "I Can Tell The World." There is some piano accompaniment. This album is a foot-tapping celebration from beginning to end, and to us that is what "The Spirit of the Holidays" is all about. Don't miss this one!

Songlist: I Believe This is Jesus, Behold the Star, Away in a Manger, Little Drummer Boy, Mary had a Baby, Great Day, Ave Maria, I Can Tell the World, Christmas Medley, Rockin' Jerusalem, Here's a Pretty Little Baby, The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy & Mary's Little Boy Child, Siyahamba, Prepare Me One Body, Sister Mary Had-a But One Child, Round the Glory Manger, Sweet Little Jesus Boy, Over the Rainbow

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5896c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella || Gospel Christmas

American Spiritual Ensemble : The Spirituals

Review: The American Spiritual Ensemble has grown to 42 members for this memorable recording "The Spirituals." Two powerful pictures in the liner notes, depicting a slave couple at a mean cabin, dreaming of escaping their bondage, and then on the cover, striking out across a fog-shrouded field in the early morning, tell us the story of these 15 authentic songs. "Crossin' Ovah," "Follow The Drinking Gourd," "There Is A Balm in Gilead," "It's Me Oh Lord," "Guide My Feet," "Here's One," "Give Me Jesus," "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me" and "We Shall Overcome" speak of the tremendous struggle of African-Americans to gain their freedom and equality. The soulful leads and harmonies of these powerful coded songs actually helped some of the singers find their way out of bondage. Powerful, wonderful stuff from the American Spiritual Ensemble! Some piano accompaniment.

Songlist: Plenty Good Room, Crossin' Ovah, Follow The Drinking Gourd, Steal Away, There is a Balm in Gilead, Follow The Drinking Gourd, It's Me Oh Lord, Guide My Feet, Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit, Follow The Drinking Gourd, Here's One, Give Me Jesus, Follow The Drinking Gourd, I Want Jesus to Walk with Me, We Shall Overcome

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2298c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Brazeal Dennard Chorale : Remembering, Discovering, Preserving out of print

Review: The story of the Fisk Jubilee Singers is one of the most inspiring in all of American Music. In 1872 a history of their struggle, triumph, and music finally saw print. They sang the songs which were handed down to them by their slave ancestors. The songs expressed profound religious beliefs, an unshakable faith, relief from the suffering of slavery, and the optimism for a better world to come. In truth they were a major contributing tributary to the musical stream which diverged into gospel and blues. This beautiful recording recreates and shares with us some of that body of work which is so important to American music. It is meant to document and present to posterity some of the most powerful music ever sung.

Songlist: Oh, That Bleeding Lamb, I'll Never Turn Back, Listen to the Lambs, In Bright Mansions Above, Is a Light Shining, Heavenly Union, An' I Cry, O Holy Lord, Ain'A That Good News, Lily of the Valley, Gonna Journey Away, Any How, There's a Lit'l Wheel, O the Rocks and the Mountains, I'm Gonna Sing the Spirit, Elijah Rock

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6576c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella

Cantus : That Eternal Day

Review: All male, 9-voice a cappella ensemble Cantus, acclaimed by Fanfare as the "premier men's vocal ensemble in the United States," rehearses and performs without a conductor or a music director. "Deep River," Cantus' 2003 album of African-American Spirituals, was so well-received, the group realized that "Singing, in this land we call America, has its roots firmly planted in sacred music." They tells us that the very first book published in the colonies was a Psalter, published in 1640. Tenor Aaron Humble reports, "We were excited to explore the bold shapes and sounds of colonial music and learn how we could juxtapose this unique soundscape with more familiar sacred works like Paul Manz's "E'en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come" and Moses Hogan's "Witness."" There are 18 songs here, including some surprising, wonderful cuts like Bobby McFerrin's "The 23rd Psalm (dedicated to my mother)," William Billings' "Anthem, Lamentation Over Boston," the composer's attempt to deal spiritually with the burning of Boston by the British in the American Revolution, its world premiere recording. Other world premiere recordings are "There's a Meeting Here Tonight" arranged by Cantus, "Simple Gifts" arranged by Stephen Caracciolo," "What Have I Done" ("Amazing Grace/House of the Rising Sun," and "Keep Your Lamps," both arranged by Timothy Takach, "Run On (God's Gonna Cut You Down)", arranged by Gary Ruschman, "Been in the Storm" arranged by Cantus, "The Sweet By and By," arranged by Aaron Humble; and "Paradise," arranged by Malcolm Dalglish. Every cut here touches and moves, surprises and delights us-don't miss "That Eternal Day," one of the best of the year!

Songlist: There's a Meeting Here Tonight, Wondrous Love, Simple Gifts, Jewett, What Have I Done, He Never Said a Mumberlin' Word, Run On (God's Gonna Cut You Down), Been In The Storm, Anthem: Lamentation Over Boston, The Sweet By and By, Hallelujah, The 23rd Psalm (dedicated to my mother), Wanting Memories, Paradise, E'en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come, Witness, Keep Your Lamps, Goin' Home

More details6042c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella || Men's Choirs CDs

Chanticleer : Where the Sun Will Never Go Down

Review: Director Joseph Jennings arranged most of the songs on this recording. Chanticleer apply their magnificent voices to the African-American sacred music tradition of spirituals, jubilees, hymns and chants. The idea of a concert style performance of these songs was pioneered at the end of the Civil War by the Fisk Jubilee Singers.Because of the exacting concert standard which Chanticleer applies the music, their performance is very much in that tradition. Under Mr. Jennings direction the group sings very familiar tunes, "Old Time Religion," "Deep River," "All Night, All Day" (you have to hear the soaring soprano on this one!), "Good News" and "Steal Away" to name just a smattering. We also like the voluminous notes which Mr. Jennings writes to accompany the music, for his point of view and information are illuminating.

Songlist: Old Time Religion, Deep River, Jesus Come By Here, All Night, All Day, We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace, Where the Sun Will Never Go Down, Ain't That Good News, Good News, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Over Yonder, I Got Shoes, Steal Away, I've Been 'Buked, Lord I Want to be a Christian, Am I a Soldier of the Cross, Twelve Gates to the City

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6309c | 1 CD | $17.98 || Men's Choirs CDs

Chicago A Cappella : Bound For Glory

Review: New settings of African-American Spirituals!

Songlist: I Want to be Ready, Hear de Lambs a-cryin, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel, I Want Jesus to Walk with Me, Sistah Mary, Save Me, Lord!, Great Day, Poor Wayfaring Stranger, Go Down 'n the Valley and Pray!, Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen, Wade in the Water, This Train, Little David (Old Testament Spirituals), Daniel, Moses, Joshua (Old Testament Spirituals), Go Down Moses, Roll, Jordan, Roll!, Give me Jesus, Way over in Beulah-lan'

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22186c | 1 CD | $18.95 |

Chor Leoni : Meetin' Here Tonight : 1 CD :  : CCR0901

Listen to

Chor Leoni : Meetin' Here Tonight

Review: Since its founding in 1997 by director Diane Loomer, C.M., recipient of the Order of Canada, 57-strong men's chorus Chor Leoni has been recognized as a Canadian choral treasure, and lauded for its innovative programming, technical precision and commitment to the creation of new Canadian works for male choir. We have given high praise to the ensemble's collections of Folk, Pop, traditional and original tunes in the catalog, and totally enjoyed this collection of traditional Christian hymns, like "Shall We Gather at the River," "All Beautiful the March of Days," the Shaker hymn "Not One Sparrow is Forgotten," "Precious Lord," "Eternal Father, Strong to Save," "In The Garden," "Abide with Me" and "Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal;" Spirituals like the title tune, "Nobody Knows the Trouble I See," "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," "In Dat Great Gittin' Up Mornin'," "Witness," "Over Yonder" and "Ain'-A That Good News!;" and Folk songs like Stephen Foster's "Hard Times" and Antonin Dvorak's "Goin' Home." There is some piano accompaniment. Chor Leoni doesn't overpower us with testosterone as some large, all-male choruses have a tendency to do, but touches and moves us with beautiful leads and sweet harmonies. Kudos and thanks to Ms. Loomer for crafting one of our favorite men's choruses, and for another stellar collection, "Meetin' Here Tonight!"

Songlist: There's a Meetin' Here Tonight, Shall We Gather at the River, Hard Times, All Beautiful the March of Days, Not One Sparrow Is Forgotten, Precious Lord, Eternal Father, Strong to Save, Goin' Home, Nobody Knows the Trouble I See, Blessed Assurance, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, In Dat Great Gittin' Up Mornin', Witness, All Through the Night, In the Garden, Wehrlos und verlassen, Abide with Me, Over Yonder, Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal, Ain'-A That Good News!

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2314c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella || Canadian Choral Recordings

Concordia Choir : Folk Songs, Spirituals & Hymns

Review: This top-selling recording contains all of the favorites! It includes a refreshing combination of accessible choral music for the enthusiast and the church choir member.

Songlist: Las Agachadas, This Little Light of Mine, Shenandoah, Hark, I Hear The Harps Eternal, I Got Shoes, All My Trials, John Saw Duh Numbah, Set Down Servant, Abide With Me, Lamb of God, Lost in the Night, Wake, Awake, for Night is Flying, O Day Full of Grace, Beautiful Savior

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6676c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Elmer Iseler Singers : Spirituals

Review: Internationally renowned for their expressive phrasing and luxurious tone, The Elmer Iseler Singers present sixteen traditional spirituals, including Go Down Moses, Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen, and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

Songlist: Ain'a that Good News, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Ol' Time Religion, Mary Had A Baby, Git On Board, Go Down Moses, Listen to de Lambs, Aint' Got Time To Die, Go, Tell it on the Mountain, Deep River, Poor Man Lazrus, Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen, Same Train, Lit'le David, Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child, Let Me Fly

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6202c | 1 CD | $16.95 |

Fisk Jubilee Singers : In Bright Mansions

Review: Fisk University, originally the Fisk Free Colored School, was founded in Nashville, TN right after the Civil War, by northern missionaries. The school treasurer, a Gettysburg veteran named George White, loved music, and was moved by the slave hymns he would sometimes overhear in the refugee camps, but it was difficult to get his young students to sing them, as they were associated with slavery and things best forgotten. George began collecting and arranging these "secret songs," with the help of his secretary, Ella Sheppard, who brought him "O Freedom" and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," lullabies her mother had taught her. In time, White and Sheppard collected over a hundred songs. In 1871, Fisk was on the brink of financial collapse, and George White took a group of young singers on the route of the Underground Railroad, hoping to "sing into the hearts" of the people and raise money to save the school. At first enduring racism and indifference, the group finally found some success in Ohio, and then made it to New York, where Henry Ward Beecher, in his Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, was so moved by their singing he commanded his wealthy parishioners to give generously to the Jubilee's cause. Suddenly the churches of metropolitan New York opened their doors to them, and people rushed to hear "the genuine soul music of the slave cabins, before the Lord led his people out of the house of bondage." This began a series of successful tours, to Britain, Europe and all over the United States that finally exhausted the young singers, yet raised enough to erase Fisk's debt and build beautiful new campus buildings. 18 authentic songs, some of our favorites: "Down By The Riverside," "De Gospel Train," "Were You There," "Rockin' Jerusalem," "Nobody Knows the Trouble I See," "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands," "I'm Got A Home In-A Dat Rock," and the title tune. The CD cover and liner notes are actually a small book, with great old photos and the amazing story of the Fisk Singers. And, this is an "Enhanced" CD--if you load it into your computer's CD player, you can see a nicely-done visual presentation of the group's history with many photos, as well as photos and info from the recording session--very cool. Recommended.

Songlist: I'm Gonna Sing Till the Spirit Moves, Poor Man Lazrus, Down By the Riverside, Lord, I'm Out Here On Your Word, De Gospel Train, Were You There?, Rockin' Jerusalem, Nobody Knows the Trouble I See, I Been in the Storm, Soon-Ah Will Be Done, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, Hold On, There Is A Balm in Gilead, Daniel, Daniel, Servant of the Lord, Wade in the Water, Ride On, Jesus, I'm Got A Home In-A Dat Rock, In Bright Mansions

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2808c | 1 CD | $13.95 || Gospel Group Harmony CDs

Kantorei : The Road Home - Folk Songs and Spirituals

Review: Denver-based 36 mixed-voice semiprofessional choir Kantorei has grown from a group of six friends singing carols in 1997 to a respected group that has appeared at Carnegie Hall for the National ACDA Conference, and been conducted by Rene Clausen in a premiere performance of his work. Esteemed director Richard Larson has been a major factor in the group's rise. "Home" is the group's fifth very good CD, and is a collection of 21 folk songs and spirituals. Picking favorites is not easy, there are excellent solos on "Let Me Fly ," "Dere's No Hidin' Place," "Ezekiel Saw de Wheel " and "City Called Heaven." Folk tunes "Black is the Color," "Danny Boy," and "Wearing of the Green " are wonderful. And we can't forget the four tunes arranged by the late Moses Hogan, "The Battle of Jericho" "You Better Min' How You Talk ," "I Can Tell the World" and "My Soul's Been Anchored." Another winner for Kantorei! Recommended.

Songlist: Let Me Fly, Dere's No Hidin' Place, Oh, Shenandoah, Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Black is the Color, If I Got My Ticket, My Lord, What a Mornin', The Battle of Jericho, You Better Mi' How You Talk, I Can Tell the World, Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child, City Called Heaven, I Got Shoes, I Believe This Is Jesus, Danny Boy, Wearing of the Green, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Amazing Grace, God Is Seen, Wade in the Water, My Soul's Been Anchored

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6963c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

King's Heralds : Delivered - Spirituals

Review: First founded 80 years ago, the King's Heralds quartet has been not so quietly spreading the Gospel. "Spirituals" of course is a collection of African-American traditional Gospel music with a wide range of emotional expression, from the lonesome moans of "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child," to the ecstatic "hallelujahs" of "O What A Beautiful City." Bible stories live anew in "Dry Bones," "Go Down Moses" and "Wade In The Water." We are led into prayer and meditation with "Lord, I Want to Be A Christian" and "A Little Talk With Jesus," and invited to life-changing attitudes in "Rise and Shine" and "When We All Get Together." An inspirational, upbeat collection from one of the best ever!

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2874c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

Mormon Tabernacle Choir : American Folk Hymns and Spirituals

Review: Fresh on the heels of Praise to the Man comes a work years in the making. Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing: American Folk Hymns and Spirituals is a stunning work of artistry featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Orchestra at Temple Square. This collection showcases the world-class arrangements of Mack Wilberg (recently appointed as Music Director of the Choir), who has long had a passion for the music and melodies of the common man as passed down from one generation to the next. This new CD is destined to become a classic embraced by fans the world over. Featured guest performers include Alex Boye, Peggy Caan, Cheri Hancock, Mike Christiansen, and the Wasatch & District Pipe Band.

Songlist: Saints Bound For Heaven, My Song In The Night, We'll Shout And Give Him Glory, His Voice As The Sound, How Bright Is The Day, Death Shall Not Destroy My Comfort, My God, My Portion, And My Love, Bound For The Promised Land, I Want Jesus To Walk With Me, Old Time Religion, The Battle Of Jericho, Deep River, Down To The River To Pray, Rock-A-My Soul In The Bosom Of Abraham, Softly And Tenderly, Amazing Grace, Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing

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6051c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Moses Hogan Singers : Lift Every Voice for Freedom

Review: Moses Hogan is of course a pianist, conductor and arranger of international renown, and this is a CD for lovers of America. Moses plays piano with the Singers, which is the only accompaniment, except for Kelvin Harrison's saxophone on the final cut, "Let America Be America Again," for the '95 PBS documentary "The American Promise." The strong composing hand of Moses is evident on all 16 songs, from the title tune, "Shenandoah," "Like A Mighty Stream," "America The Beautiful" and "The Star-Spangled Banner" to "Amazing Grace," "Common Dust," the spirituals "Keep Your Lamps," "All My Trials," "If You Come Softly," "Grass Roots" and "This Is My Country." Interspersed are inspiring words and poems. A work of rare beauty and power!

Songlist: Lift Every Voice For Freedom, Shenandoah, Like a Mighty Stream, I Dream A World, America, The Beautiful, The Star-Spangled Banner, Amazing Grace, Common Dust, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, Keep Your Lamps!, All My Trials, If You Come Softly, We Shall Overcome, This Is My Country, Grass Roots, Let America Be America Again

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6702c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Moses Hogan Singers : This Little Light Of Mine

Review: Moses Hogan is probably the most well-known name in the Gospel/Choral genre, and rightfully so. A gifted arranger of African-American traditional spirituals, and the leader of acclaimed singing groups like the Moses Hogan Chorale, and here, the Moses Hogan Singers. "This Little Light" features eight new Hogan arrangements that are sure to become staples in the repertoires of choirs the world over. In addition, there are 7 more excerpts from the Oxford Book of Spirituals, edition by Moses Hogan. There are 15 wonderful (mostly piano accompanied) tunes here: "This Little Light of Mine," "Hold On!," "Daniel, Daniel, Servant of the Lord," "Little Innocent Lamb," "Here's One," "Let Us Break Bread Together," "I Want God's Heaven To Be Mine," "Were You There?," "Cert'nly Lawd," "Lily of the Valley," "I Surrender All," "Amen," "Witness" and "Only What You Do for Christ Will Last." Another long-awaited winner from Mr. Hogan!

Songlist: This Little Light of Mine, Hold On!, Daniel, Daniel, Servant of the Lord, Little Innocent Lamb, Here's One, Let Us Break Bread Together, I Want God's Heaven To Be Mine, Were You There?, Cert'nly Lawd, Lily of the Valley, I Surrender All, Amen, Witness, Only What You Do for Christ Will Last, I'll Make the Difference

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6741c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella |

Pacific Mozart Ensemble : A Story Of Freedom onsale

Review: The Berkeley, CA-based PME has just been getting better and more innovative since its founding 20 years ago. This rich, powerful, live collection of 23 authentic Spirituals is their 3rd winning recording in the Primarily A Cappella catalog. Some songs are recorded at the Green Room in San Francisco, and the rest at the Oakland Museum. All of our favorites are here, with fresh new arrangements: "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel," "Ezekiel Saw de Wheel," "His Name So Sweet," "Freedom Train," the heartbreaking "Steal Away," "Do Lord, Remember Me," "Elijah Rock," "The Battle of Jericho," "Amazing Grace," "Mary Had a Baby" and many others. Every song a gem, soaring solos, great music, live performance excitement-what could be better? We loved "A Story of Freedom!"

Songlist: Lord I Want To Be A Christian, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel, Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Ain't That Good News, His Name So Sweet, Freedom Train, Steal Away, Soon And Very Soon, Deep River, Do Lord Remember Me, Great Day, Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Chile, Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen, Abide With Me, Elijah Rock, I'm Gonna Sing 'til The Spirit Moves In My Heart, The Battle Of Jericho, Down By The Riverside, Who Is Dat A Yonder, Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit, Amazing Grace, Behold A Star, Mary Had A Baby

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8630c | 1 CD | $14.95 |

Rollo Dilworth : Good News

Review: Rollo A. Dilworth is Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities and Music Education at the North Park University School of Music in Chicago, Illinois. He also serves as director of the Music Institute of Chicago Children's Choir. In 2003, the University awarded Dilworth with the prestigious Zenos Hawkinson Award for Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education from Case Western Reserve University, and a Master of Education Degree in Secondary Education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he studied composition and choral music with Robert Ray. He received the Doctor of Music degree in conducting performance at Northwestern University where he studied conducting and composition with Robert A. Harris. This excellent recording features his arrangements of African American spirituals and original gospel selections. Recommended.

Songlist: No Rocks-A-Cryin', Keep On Travelin', Take Me to The Water, Ain't A That Good News, Jeramiah's Fire!, Swingin' Sweet Chariot, I Want Jesus To Walk With Me, How Can I Keep From Singing, Witness for My Lord, De Gospel Train, Soon and Very Soon, Walk In Jerusalem, Ain't A That Good News (instrumental)

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5090c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Sons of the Pioneers : Western Hymns and Spirituals out of print

Review: These 16 traditional hymns and spirituals are sung in the wonderful cowboy harmony sound of the Sons of the Pioneers and are accompanied by string bass, guitars and fiddles These songs were all recorded exclusively for radio airplay, not released on records to the public. "When They Ring Those Golden Bells," "You Must Come In At The Door," "Lord, You Made the Cowboy Happy," "The Touch of God's Hand," "What You Gonna Say To Peter," "Keep A-Inchin' Along," "Dem Golden Slippers," "Old Time Religion" and "Lead Me Gently Home, Father," these are wonderfully innocent, joyous and sincere songs of faith from the Depression years of 1935 through 1941. Great stuff!

Songlist: One More River to Cross, When They Ring Those Golden Bells, You Must Come In at the Door, Lord, You Made the Cowboy Happy, Leaning on the Everlasting Arm, Power in the Blood, The Touch of God's Hand, What You Gonna Saw to Peter?, Old Time Religion, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Dem Golden Slippers, We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder, Cowboy's Dream (Roll on)

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9215c | 1 CD | $8.95

St. Olaf Choir : Spirituals Of William Dawson

Review: William Levi Dawson, born in 1899, was educated at Tuskegee Institute, the Horner Institute of Fine Arts, and the American Conservatory, and wrote his own "Dawson's Negro Folk Symphony" in 1934. He began publishing and recording his arrangements of traditional African-American spirituals in 1955, lovingly recorded here by the acclaimed St. Olaf Choir with Marvis Martin, soprano. Included are "Ain'-a That Good News," "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," "Soon Ah Will Be Done," "In His Care-O," "Hail Mary," "Mary Had A Baby," "Behold The Star," "There Is A Balm In Gilead," "Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit," "Steal Away" and "Ezekiel Saw de Wheel." All a cappella, nice liner notes, great music!

Songlist: Ain' -A That Good News!, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Soon Ah Will Be Done, In His Care-O, Hail Mary, Mary Had A Baby, Behold The Star, There Is A Balm In Gilead, Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit, Steal Away, Ezekiel Saw De Wheel

More details6462c | 1 CD | $15.98 || Dawson, William

The Choral Project : Tell The World

Review: Founded in 1996 by acclaimed Artistic Director and Conductor Daniel Hughes, the 43-strong, San Francisco Bay Area-based Choral Project has won numerous awards in California and internationally, released seven excellent albums and received rave reviews. Their vision is "To heal our world through music and words;" their mission "to connect one another through choral theater, education and musical excellence." "Tell the World" has 17 live cuts, some of them accompanied by keyboards, piano, bass, drums and percussion. Particularly fine are the a cappella Spiritual "Ezekiel Saw de Wheel," "Deep River," "My God is Good/Angels of the Earth" medley, the a cappella Spirituals "I Can Tell the World" and "On the Battlefield for My Lord" and "All My Trials;" "Witness," "Stand By Me," "Wade in de Water," "The Battle of Jericho" and "Worthy to Be Praised." "Tell the World" is everything we were hoping to hear, powerful, spirited, inspirational music from one of our favorite ensembles, The Choral Project!

Songlist: Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Blow Ye The Trumpet, 23rd Psalm, Deep River, My God Is Good/Angels Of The Earth, I Can Tell The World, On The Battlefield For My Lord, All My Trials, My Soul's Been Anchored, Witness, Ain'-a That Good News, Stand By Me, We Let It Be, Wade In De Water, God Is All There Is, The Battle Of Jericho, Worthy To Be Praised

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6149c | 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella |

Tuskegee Institute Choir - William Dawson : Spirituals

Review: The Tuskegee (Alabama) Institute Choir, whose first singers were organized by school founder Booker T. Washington, is steeped in more than a century of pride and the richest of choral traditions. Booker insisted on the singing of African American spirituals by everyone at the weekly chapel worship services, a tradition that continues today. The Choir's most renowned director, composer and education William L. Dawson led the Choir into a new era in 1932, with their appearance at the opening of Radio City Music Hall in NYC, which would lead to performances before Presidents, radio and television audiences and worldwide prestige. There are 15 spirituals here, with innovative arrangements, powerful harmonies and solos; all sung with deep feeling and spirit. Simply the best versions we've heard of classic standards "Ezekiel Saw De Wheel," "Deep River," "There is a Balm in Gilead," "Ev'ry Time I Hear the Spirit," "Were You There," "Ain'a That Good News," "Mary Had A Baby" "King Jesus is A-Listening" and "Rockin' Jerusalem." One of the best, most authentic Gospel CDs of the year, by one of America's oldest and most respected Gospel choirs!

Songlist: Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Deep River, I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray, There Is A Balm In Gilead, Hail Mary, I've Been 'Buked, Behold The Star, Ev'ry Time I Hear The Spirit, Were You There?, I Want To Be Ready, Listen To The Lambs, Ain'a That Good News, Mary Had A Baby, King Jesus Is A'Listening, Rockin' Jerusalem

More details
7753c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella || William L. Dawson

VocalEssence : What A Mighty God

Review: Philip Brunelle, founder and artistic director, leads 24 mixed-voice, MN-based VocalEssence in the "Witness" concert series-this one focused on African American spirituals and gospel music. Joining them are Moore by Four, an ensemble of Minneapolis-based jazz vocalists, and several accompanists on piano, drums and bass. 16 powerful, soulful tunes here: "Witness," "Hush, Somebody's Callin' My Name," "Death Is Gonna Lay His Cold Icy Hands On Me," the upbeat "Walk Together, Children," the powerful a cappella hymn "Were You There," the Moses Hogan-arranged "Elijah Rock," the Jester Hairston-arranged "In Dat Great Gittin' Up Mornin'," "Go Where I Send Thee," "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and the Michael Abels-arranged title tune, "What a Mighty God." This is a wonderful collection of spirituals and Gospel tunes, authentic and sung with soul and spirit by one of the best Choruses (and jazz ensembles) on the planet. Great stuff!

Songlist: Witness (Jack Halloran), Hush! Somebody's Callin' My Name, Death Is Gonna Lay His Cold Icy Hands on Me (arr. Andre Thomas), Walk Together, Children (arr. William Henry Smith), Were You There?, Elijah Rock, This Train (arr. Sanford Moore), Jesus, Lover of My Soul (arr. Richard Smallwood), My Lord, What a Mornin', Go Down Moses, In Dat Great Gittin' Up Mornin' (arr. Jester Hairston), Crucifixion (Adolphus Hailstork), Go Where I Send Thee (arr. Andre Thomas), Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Go, Tell It on the Mountain (arr. Sanford Moore), What A Mighty God (arr. Michael Abels)

More details
7778c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Wade In The Water : African American Community Gospel

Review: A local perspective of sacred music from two regions: Alabama and Washington, D.C. Singers include The Gospel Harmonettes: Jesus Is on the Mainline; Donald Vails and the Celebration Delegation: Lead Me, Guide Me; and The Bible Way Temple Radio Choir: Yes, Lord.

Songlist: Stand by Me, We'll Understand It Better By and By, What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?, Something Within, He'll Understand and Say Well Done, Touch Me Lord Jesus, It's a Highway to Heaven, Little Wooden Church on a Hill, I Was Standing by the Bedside of a Neighbor (If You See My Savior), How I Got Over, Speak to Me Jesus, Does Jesus Care?, Just a Closer Walk With Thee, God Is Still on the Throne, God Specializes, Precious Lord

More details
3028c | 1 CD | $14.98 |

Wade In The Water : African American Spirituals

Review: This recording is the music originally performed by the Fisk Jubilee Singers. You no doubt have heard the term jubilee singing referring to quartet music coming out of the south in the thirties and forties. It all started on the day of Jubilee, the day the slaves were freed. Striving for education had been an underground pursuit during slavery. One school established for the freed, Fisk College of Nashville, TN, opened six months after the end of the Civil War. In the struggle to save the school from economic collapse, the school's treasurer and music teacher, George L. White, took a group of his students on the road to raise funds in the North. The original repertoire was ballads, arias and a few other popular and choral songs of the day. They went on faith, seemingly doomed to failure, until one day they performed some of their special songs, 'Steal Away' and 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot.' The response was overwhelming. Ultimately the school was saved and the Fisk Jubilee Singers went on to become the first Black international singing stars. This is their music, performed by five very special choral groups.

Songlist: There Is a Balm in Gilead/ The Florida A&M University Concert Choir, We Shall Walk through the Valley in Peace/ The Princely Players, Roll, Jordan Roll/ The Princely Players, I've Been Buked and I've Been Scorned/ The Florida A&M University, Concert Choir, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Joshua Fit de Battle/ The Fisk Jubilee Singers, Wade in the Water/ The Fisk Jubilee Singers, Deep River/ The Howard University Chamber Choir, Listen to the Lambs/ The Howard University Chamber Choir, Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit, Oh Freedom/ The Princely Players, Gospel Train/ The Princely Players, I'm a-Rollin' through an Unfriendly World/ The Princely Players, Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child/ Kehembe Eichelberger, Steal Away/ The Princely Players, Go in the Wilderness/ The Princely Players, Ezekiel Saw the Wheel/ The Florida A&M University Concert Choir, Ain't Got Time to Die/ The Howard University Chamber Choir, Wade in the Water/ The Howard Univerity Chamber Choir

More details
3349c | 1 CD | $17.98 |

William Appling Singers : Shall We Gather

Review: Most of the hymns on this recording were written in the 19th century or before, when Americans in general thought more about God than they do today. The hymns and spirituals on this recording are among the great discoveries faith has made about itself, through words and music that now belong to us all. For a period of about 250 years, from the arrival of the Puritans to nearly the end of the 19th century, the most pervasive musical form in America was the hymn. While Protestant hymns and Negro spirituals were certainly the predominant hymnody in America throughout this time, other denominational hymns were written and sung as well. The first hymnal for the Jewish congregation in Charleston, South Carolina was compiled in 1843 and the Shakers have given us some of the most beautiful and interesting religious songs that have been written in America. This recording was made at a live concert at Christ & St. Stephen's Church in New York City. Beautifully sung by the William Appling Singers, this recording will satisfy both the Americana scholar, the music lover and those of faith.

Songlist: Liberty Hall, Rise, Shine, for Thy Light Is A-Coming, Welwyn, Pisgah, Poor Rosy, I've Just Come from the Fountain, Let Us Cheer the Weary Traveler, Nettleton, Wondrous Love, Gospel Train, Shining Shore, More Love, In Mercy, Lord, Beautiful River, Some of These Days, The Old Ship of Zion, St Peter, Missionary Chant, Inching Along, Watchman, Hurry On, My Weary Soul, Morning Trumpet, He's a Mighty Good Leader, Hold On, Resignation, We Shall Walk Through the Valley

More details
6853c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella |

Harry T. Burleigh : The Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh - High Voice

Review: Harry Burleigh's music falls into three categories: secular, religious, and sacred. This 200-page collection is a treasure of history made usable in his fine arrangements. "Deep River" was published in 1917, the first of many to make Burleigh well-known as a composer.

Voicing: High

More details
10152b | 2 Accompaniment CDs | $27.95 || Harry Burleigh

Harry T. Burleigh : The Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh - Low Voice

Review: Harry Burleigh's music falls into three categories: secular, religious, and sacred. This 200-page collection is a treasure of history made usable in his fine arrangements. "Deep River" was published in 1917, the first of many to make Burleigh well-known as a composer.

Voicing: Low

More details
10153b | 2 Accompaniment CDs | $27.95 || Harry Burleigh

Moses Hogan Singers : Choral Series 2002

Review: This is a double CD featuring 39 stirring arrangements of traditional African-American spirituals by renowned pianist, conductor and arranger Moses Hogan, a leading force in preserving and promoting this incredible music. Picking our favorites is no easy task-all the cuts are beautifully and uniquely arranged, and performed with spirit and style: "Plenty Good Room," "Oh, Mary Don't You Weep, Don't You Mourn," "No Hidin' Place," "Walk Together Children," "The Lily of the Valley," "Any How," "The Battle of Jericho," "Wade In The Water," "The Chariot's Comin'," "Great Day," "Elijah Rock," "Who Built The Ark," "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," "Jesus Lay Your Head In the Window," "Go Down Moses" and "His Light Still Shines." A brilliant, moving collection!

Songlist: Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Plenty Good Room, Oh Mary Don't You Weep, Don't You Mourn, Do, Lord, Remember Me, No Hidin' Place, Surely He Died On Calvary, Walk Together Children, My Lord, What a Mornin', Go, Tell it on the Mountain, The Lilly Of The Valley, Any How, Fix me, Jesus, My Good Lord's Done Been Here, The Battle Of Jericho, I'm Gonna Sing Till The Spirit Moves In My Heart, Wade In The Water, I Got A Home In-A Dat Rock, I Got A Robe, I Can Tell The World, Good News, The Charoit's Commin, Great day, Abide With Me, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel, Hear My Prayer, Elijah Rock, De Blin' Man Stood On De Road n' Cried, Glory, Glory, Glory To The New Born King, Ride On King Jesus, We Shall Walk Thru The Valley In Peace, and more

More details
6706c | 2 CDs | $22.98 |

Andy Beck : Spirituals for Solo Singers, Volume 2 - Medium High

Review: Singers will cherish these powerful solo arrangements by Mark Hayes, Jay Althouse, Philip Kern, Greg Gilpin, and other fine Alfred arrangers. Including favorite traditional spirituals like "Deep River," "Sit Down Servant," "Witness," and "Down in the Valley to Pray," this inspirational collection is essential to every solo singer's library. Fresh contemporary arrangements that sing and play well, available in medium high and medium low editions, with or without the accompaniment CD.

Voicing: Medium High

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10341b | Accompaniment CD | $16.95 | Solo || Spirituals for Solo Voice

Andy Beck : Spirituals for Solo Singers, Volume 2 - Medium Low Voice

Review: Singers will cherish these powerful solo arrangements by Mark Hayes, Jay Althouse, Philip Kern, Greg Gilpin, and other fine Alfred arrangers. Including favorite traditional spirituals like "Deep River," "Sit Down Servant," "Witness," and "Down in the Valley to Pray," this inspirational collection is essential to every solo singer's library. Fresh contemporary arrangements that sing and play well, available in medium high and medium low editions, with or without the accompaniment CD.

Voicing: Medium Low

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10343b | Accompaniment CD | $16.95 |

Harry T. Burleigh : Album of Negro Spirituals - Low Voice

Review: One dozen spirituals arranged for solo voice with accompaniment. Preserved in Burleigh's arrangements are the essential characteristics of these songs that generally derived from spontaneous outbursts of intense religious fervor. Titles: Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray * Were You There * Deep River and more.

Voicing: Low

More details
20198p | Accompaniment CD | $16.95 | Solo || Spirituals for Solo Voice | Harry Burleigh

Jay Althouse : Ready to Sing... Spirituals

Review: A wonderful variety of 11 favorite spirituals are featured in this new songbook. Included are: Gospel Train * Ride the Chariot * Kum Ba Yah * Down by the Riverside * Wade in the Water * Yes, My Lord! * Amazing Grace * Go, Tell It on the Mountain * Joshua * Good News! * Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen.

More details
40723b | Accompaniment CD | $13.95 | Solo || Spirituals for Solo Voice | Ready to Sing

Rollo Dilworth : I Want Jesus to Walk with Me

Review: Here is a dramatic setting of the classic spiritual that will uphold the traditions of the style and enrich the experience of the singers and listeners. Your choir will display the full range of their vocal skill, creating a powerful audience reaction. With optional clarinet or soprano sax, rhythm and horns. Available separately: SATB, ChoirTrax CD. Combo parts available digitally (cl/ssx, tpt, tbn, b, dm). Duration: ca. 4:15.

Sheet Music Available: SATB,   SATB

More details
4620p | Choirtrax CD | $24.95 || Traditional Spiritual | Music of Rollo Dilworth

Rollo Dilworth : Jesus Rose!

Review: An original rousing spiritual from Rollo Dilworth that proclaims the power of Christ's resurrection to save us all. Full of rhythmic drive, yet accessible, with an effective vocal stack-up before the final verse. This anthem may be used for Easter, Eastertide or Ascension Sunday (Jesus went up to Glory where He reigns). Performance Time: Approx. 3:10

Sheet Music Available: SATB

More details
4617p | Choirtrax CD | $22.95 || Rollo Dilworth

Moses Hogan : We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace - Part CD

Review: Moses Hogan has once again created a memorable setting of a classic spiritual. "We Shall Walk Through the Valley" builds slowly to a rich climax and then returns to a quiet conclusion.

Songlist: We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace

More details
3021p | Parts CD | $19.95 | Mixed 5-8 Parts | A Cappella || Arrangements for 8 Parts | Moses Hogan Choral Series

Conspirare : Sing Freedom!

Review: One of the seminal American musical traditions, the spiritual is dramatic, powerful, and profoundly beautiful - the bedrock for much of American music that was to follow. Craig Hella Johnson and Conspirare explore here the genre's wide range of expression and its eloquence in speaking to universal aspects of the human condition.

Songlist: Motherless Child, A City Called Heaven, Soon Ah Will Be Done / I Wanna Die Easy, Soon Ah Will Be Done, Hard Trials, Hold On, Been In De Storm / Wayfaring Stranger, Oh Graveyard, Ain'-a That Good News!, Steal Away, Walk Together, Children, I Got A Home In-a Dat Rock, Lily Of The Valley, Plenty Good Room, My God Is A Rock, Freedom Song, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

More details
5983c | SACD | $17.95 |

Joyce Eilers : My Lord

Review: One of the most popular young choir selections ever is now available in SATB and TTBB voicings. This original spiritual is a perfect motivator for young singers! Available separately: SATB, 3-Part Mixed, TTBB, ShowTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:30.

Sheet Music Available: 3-Part,   SATB,   TTBB,   TTBB,   SATB

More details
5242p | Showtrax CD | $24.95 || Music of Joyce Eilers

Kirby Shaw : This Little Light of Mine

Review: Opening with a bluesy, improvisational introduction, this spiritual favorite breaks into an easy gospel swing. Easy harmonies, call and response lines and finally a fuller chorus with descant builds to an inspirational finale. Available separately: SATB, SAB, SSA, ShowTrax CD. Rhythm parts (gtr, b, dm) available as a digital download. Duration: ca. 3:30.

Sheet Music Available: SSA,   SAB,   SSA,   SATB

More details
5257p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 || Music of Kirby Shaw

Kirby Shaw : Up Above My Head (There's Music in the Air)

Review: Original words and music combine with the traditional spiritual in a happy two-beat style that will set every toe tapping. Easy back and forth lines and accessible harmonies make this setting a winner for all types of choirs. Available separately: SATB, SAB, SSA, ShowTrax CD. Rhythm section parts available as a digital download (bjo (gtr), b, dm). Duration: ca. 3:40.

Sheet Music Available: SATB,   SAB,   SSA,   SATB

More details
5258p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 || Music of Kirby Shaw

Roger Emerson : Set Down, Servant

Review: Roger Emerson's contemporary settings of spirituals are characterized by dramatic contrasts in dynamics, style, texture and more - just what you need to feature your younger ensembles at their best. This classic African-American spiritual offers all the musical and motivational rewards you could wish for! Available separately: : SATB, 3-Part Mixed, 2-Part and ShowTrax CD. Perfomance Time: Approx. 2.45.

Sheet Music Available: 3-Part,   2-Part

More details
4452p | Showtrax CD | $22.95 || Music of Roger Emerson

Rollo Dilworth : Hallelujah, Get on Board

Review: Two traditional spirituals, The Gospel Train and I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table, are combined in this new arrangement by Dilworth. The train-like piano accompaniment (or ShowTrax CD) propels the vocals to a rousing finish. Performance Time: Approx. 1:40.Available separately: 3-Part Mixed, 2-Part and ShowTrax CD.

Sheet Music Available: 2-Part

More details
4613p | Showtrax CD | $22.95 || Music of Rollo Dilworth

Rollo Dilworth : Shine on Me

Review: Now available with an Instrumental Pak and ShowTrax CD, this traditional spiritual is set in an easy gospel swing with three partner-style melodies that all combine in the final chorus for an audience-pleasing finish! Super easy to learn and lots of fun to sing, it's great for choirs of all levels! Available separately: SATB, SAB, SSA, TBB, 2-Part, Combo parts (tpt 1-2, tsx, tbn, gtr, b, dm), ShowTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:40.

Sheet Music Available: SSA,   SATB,   SAB,   2-Part,   TBB,   TBB,   SSA,   SATB,   2-Part

More details
4614p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 || Traditional Spiritual | Music of Rollo Dilworth

Audrey Snyder : Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit

Review: There's plenty to like about this straight forward energetic spiritual setting for younger choirs! Well crafted parts, crisp rhythms, call and response, and a fun vocal stack make this an excellent showcase for elementary and middle school. Available separately: 3-Part Mixed, 2-Part, VoiceTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:10.

Sheet Music Available: 3-Part,   2-Part

More details
4396p | Voicetrax CD | $22.95 || Choral VoiceTrax Recordings | Music of Audrey Snyder

Audrey Snyder : Get on Board in the Mornin'

Review: A lively accompaniment, good part-writing and lots of expressive elements make this pairing of two traditional spirituals an excellent showcase for young singers. Available separately, 3-Part Mixed, 2-Part and VoiceTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:15.

Sheet Music Available: 3-Part,   2-Part,   3-Part,   2-Part

More details
4391p | Voicetrax CD | $26.95 || Gospel VoiceTrax Recordings | African American Spiritual | Music of Audrey Snyder

Audrey Snyder : This Little Light of Mine

Review: Younger TB choirs will shine with this fun Discovery arrangement of the well-known spiritual. Easily learned vocal parts guarantee quick success.Available separately: TB.VoiceTrax CD also available. Performance time approx. 2:00.

Sheet Music Available: TB

More details
2313p | Voicetrax CD | $22.95 || Gospel VoiceTrax Recordings | Discovery Series For Men

Cristi Cary Miller : Dry Bones

Review: Rattle, rattle, rattle, clink, clank! Younger ensembles will love the easy back and forth lines, countermelodies and clever spoken sections of this traditional American spiritual as it comes alive with fun!

Sheet Music Available: 2-Part,   TB,   TB,   2-Part

More details
4596p | Voicetrax CD | $19.95 || Gospel VoiceTrax Recordings | Music of Cristi Cary Miller

Cristi Cary Miller : Go, Tell It on the Mountain

Review: Layered voice parts open and close this fresh and contemporary spiritual setting with a fun male voice style that will be instantly appealing for middle school Tenor Bass ensembles! Optional shaker and congas will be a fun addition! Discovery Level 3. Available separately: TTB, VoiceTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:35.

Sheet Music Available: TTB,   TTB

More details
4393p | Voicetrax CD | $19.95 | TTB || Choral VoiceTrax Recordings | Traditional Spiritual | Music of Cristi Cary Miller

Cristi Cary Miller : Gonna Ride Up in the Chariot

Review: Young men's choirs as will develop vocal and part-singing skills in this accessible setting of the spiritual favorite. Excellent for concert and contest, careful attention to ranges and part-writing ensure success! Available separately: TB, VoiceTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:00.

Sheet Music Available: TB,   TB

More details
2324p | Voicetrax CD | $19.95 || Gospel VoiceTrax Recordings | Discovery Series For Men

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