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Dr. John M. Feierabend


John Feierabend

Dr. John Feierabend is considered one of the leading authorities on music and movement development in early childhood. He is a Professor of Music and the Director of the Music Education Division at The Hartt School of the University of Hartford and is a past President of the Organization of American Kodaly Educators. Dr. Feierabend makes frequent presentations both in the United States and abroad and is the author of over 60 books, articles, CDs, DVDs and videotapes.

A music educator for over thirty years, he continues to be committed to collecting, preserving and teaching the diverse folk music of our country and using that folk music as a bridge to help children understand and enjoy classical music. His books are a result of his belief that when many generations share common experiences such as traditional folk songs and rhymes, it helps them develop a valuable but dwindling commodity-a sense of community. When adults share child like memories with children they not only connect children with their ancestors, they enrich their children's childhood and enable their children to some day tap into their own delicious childhood memories in order to share that same repertoire with their children.



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John M. Feierabend : First Steps in Music for Preschool and Beyond : Songbook : John M. Feierabend :  : G-5880

John M. Feierabend : First Steps in Music for Preschool and Beyond

Review: Written by a national leader in early childhood music education, this creatively illustrated book contains everything you need to lead a music class for preschool and early elementary students.

Songlist: Getting Started, The Musical Workout, Pitch Exploration (Vocal Warm-ups), Song Fragments, Simple Songs, Arioso, SongTales, Movement Exploration (Movement Warm-ups), Movement for Form and Expression, 'Beat Motion Activities, Planning Lessons, Sample Lessons, Final Thoughs, Index of Song/Rhyme Titles, About the Author

Voicing: Preschool

6539b Songbook $46.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Call and Response: You Sing, I Sing : Songbook : John M. Feierabend :  : G-5278

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Call and Response: You Sing, I Sing

Review: Whether sung arond a campfire, in a classroom, or on a family road trip, call-and-response songs, in which a leader sings a phrase and a group sings back a reply, are a wonderful interactive experience for kids!

Songlist: Introduction, Snaps And Snails, Sugar And Spice, On The Phone, Fur, Feathers & Fins, Places Near And Far, Songs Of Faith, Come Sail Away

Voicing: Children

6417b Songbook $14.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Echo Songs: I'll Sing After You : Songbook : John M. Feierabend :  : G-5277

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Echo Songs: I'll Sing After You

Review: These traditional echo songs are built around a leader singing a phrase and a group singing the same phrase back. With the songs in this collection, kids can indulge their imitation tendencies and create joyful, irrepressible music at the same time. These timeless tunes allow kids to learn quickly and start making music and having fun right away.

Songlist: Alabama Bound, All Hid, All Night Long, Banks Of The Ohio, Billy Grogen's Goat, Bury Me Not, Candy Man, Caney Mi Macaro, Charlie Over The Ocean, Come All Ye Fair Ladies, Come Along, Deacon Went Down, Down By The Bay, Ev'ry Night, Flea! Fly!, Freedom Land, Habg About, He, He, Wanna Wawate, I Met A Bear, In The Woods, Johnny On The Wood Pile, Kye Kye Kule, Littlest Worm, Long John, My Aunt Came Back, My Name Is Michael, No More My Lord, No More Pie, Old Texas, Old John Henry, Prettiest Girl, Purple Light, Ricka Bamboo, This Old Hammer, Trail To Mexico, Tongo

Voicing: Children

6418b Songbook $14.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Pitch Exploration : Songbook : John M. Feierabend :  : G-5276

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Pitch Exploration

Review: Explore the wonders of the human voice with the fun, magical activities in The Book of Pitch Exploration! Whether it's whooshing or shushing, hooting or booing, the human voice is capable of creating all kinds of sounds. This book allows children to discover these sounds through ideas, poems, stories, and songs that invite vocal participation from all involved. Not only are these activities fun, they also make excellent vocal warm-ups!

Songlist: Introduction, Ideas, Poems and Stories, Songs, Books, Index

6255b Songbook $11.95 Teaching Kids To Sing

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Tunes for Beginning Sight-Reading : Songbook : John M. Feierabend :  : G-5547

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Tunes for Beginning Sight-Reading

Review: A collection of tunes from the Conversational Solfege method, intended for teaching sight-singing to older students

Songlist: 277 Exercises

6421b Songbook $21.45 Sightsinging Material

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Young Adult Songtales : Songbook : John M. Feierabend :  : G-5279

John M. Feierabend : The Book of Young Adult Songtales

Review: Some of the greatest stories ever sung, geared toward older children.

Songlist: A Capital Ship, Barbara Allen, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Billy Boy, Blue Tail Fly, Brennen On The Moor, Butternut Hill, Cape Cod Girls, Crocodile, Drill, Ye Tarriers, Father Grumble, Golden Willow Tree, Ground Hog, Housewife's Lament, I Love Sixpence, In Good Old Colony Times, Jenny Wren And Cock Robin, Limady, My Father Is Dead, Oleana, Paper Of Pins, Patty's Not At Work Today, Poor Little Sailor Boy, Rattlesnake, Robin And John, Spin, Spin, Springfield Mountain, Sweet Betsy From Pike, The Bold Fisherman, The Cat Came Back, The Farmer Is The Man, Th Kangaroo, The Lincolnshire Poacher, The Man Wouldn't Hoe Corn, The Mermaid, The Terrible Tale, The Whale, There Was An Old Lady, To Work Upon A Railroad, When Are We Gonna Get MArried, When I First CAme To This Land, Widdicombe Fair, Windy Old Weather

Voicing: Teen

6419b Songbook $11.95 Children's Choir Development

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