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Andy Beck

Living in: United States

Andy Beck received a Bachelors degree in Music Education from Ithaca College and a Masters degree in Music Education from Northwest Missouri State University. Following his nine year appointment as Vocal Music Director at Johnson City High School in New York State, Andy joined the editorial team of Alfred Publishing Company where he currently serves as Managing Editor, School Choral and Classroom Publications.

A successful composer and arranger, he has authored several top-selling chorals and children's musicals for Alfred, as well as co-written the highly regarded method book, Sing at First Sight, Foundations in Choral Sight-Singing. Andy is in demand as a guest conductor, choreographer, and clinician for music educators and students throughout the country.

A fine tenor voice, he enjoys performing in and directing musical theater, singing with the North Carolina Master Chorale Chamber Choir, and has been an Alfred studio singer since 1992.


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Andy Beck : Sugar Cookie! : Showtrax CD : 038081511627  : 00-45422

Andy Beck : Sugar Cookie!

Written in a 1940s swing style, this choral confection is chock full of accessible harmonies with lots of built-in repetition, plus a fun-filled spoken word section that's the icing on top. Pair with the optional SoundTrax CD and choreography from the Step One! DVD and at

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1128p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Out in the Snow! : Showtrax CD : 038081544205  : 00-47727

Andy Beck : Out in the Snow!

iLetis go! Everybody out in the snow.” This rockini call-and-response crowd-pleaser is all about sleds, snowboards, making snowmen, snow angels, and even having ia friendly snowball fight.” And with no mention of the holidays, you can sing it all winter long. Optional choreography (printed in the score and available as a downloadable video) will get your singers movini and groovini!

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1138p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Runnin' Home to You : Showtrax CD : 038081539010  : 00-47130

Andy Beck : Runnin' Home to You

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the songwriting team behind The Greatest Showman, Dear Evan Hansen, and La La Land, wrote this tender ballad for the much-anticipated musical crossover episode between the CW's Supergirl and The Flash. The touching lyrics will leave a mark on the hearts of both singers and audiences.

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1254p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Don't Give Up on Me : Showtrax CD : 038081552842  : 00-48461

Andy Beck : Don't Give Up on Me

"I'm not givin' up . . . no, not yet." This lead single from Andy Grammer's album Naive is featured in the movie Five Feet Apart and gained YouTube fame among choir directors after Grammer's personal visit to PS22 in New York City. The lyrics speak of the power of friendship, the strength to fight, and the importance of support during difficult times. The catchy, syncopated chorus (with optional handclaps) makes great use of stacked harmony. Use the SoundTrax CD, or add guitar, bass, and drums to build your own band!

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1257p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : The Human Heart : Showtrax CD : 038081312866  : 00-28740

Andy Beck : The Human Heart

This earthy ballad from contemporary theatre-crowd favorite Once On This Island honors the connection of all people. Life's hopes, dreams, and lessons are shared by all of humankind. Subtle island rhythms support a gentle and tuneful chorus with a powerful message.

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1262p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Hey There Delilah / 1, 2, 3, 4 : Showtrax CD : 038081358185  : 00-32910

Andy Beck : Hey There Delilah / 1, 2, 3, 4

Here's the absolute ultimate feature for the men in your choir! These two fun, sincere, and fresh-sounding love songs by today's popular group Plain White T's combine perfectly in this 5-minute medley. A hit!

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1265p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : Yes, Virginia : Showtrax CD : 038081399522  : 00-35756

Andy Beck : Yes, Virginia

This sweet ballad, the title song from the animated movie of the same name, was performed by Ann Hampton Callaway at The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Now singers of any age can warm the hearts of holiday audience members with this magical concert arrangement. "It's true if you believe."

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1273p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Andy Beck : Rhythm of Love : Showtrax CD : 038081423418  : 00-37869

Andy Beck : Rhythm of Love

Your guys will love singing this Plain White T's certified Platinum hit! The official video has received millions of hits on YouTube, and the frequently-played song charted in the top 5 of multiple Billboard charts! The next "big thing" for men's choirs.

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1276p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Everywhere That You Are : Showtrax CD : 038081527635  : 00-46384

Andy Beck : Everywhere That You Are

Adapted from Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach, this sensitive ballad tackles the tough topic of loss in a warm and reassuring way. A lilting piano accompaniment supports the tender melody, harmonized beautifully in the supporting voices.

More details
1295p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : Light : Showtrax CD : 038081543345  : 00-47641

Andy Beck : Light

A folk-infused ballad celebrating the miracle of Hanukkah. Originally recorded by 90s pop sensation Lisa Loeb, this reflective change-of-pace choral features a rhythmic yet mellow accompaniment and straightforward but expressive vocal parts. Whether you perform with the guitar-inspired piano part, the optional SoundTrax CD, or a folk ensemble of your own, this is truly a special touch for holiday concerts."Because of changes in our school's schedule and the taking away of the music requirement in 7th and 8th grade, our choir numbers have dropped significantly. Searching for music that has educational value and that the choir will sound good on (we know that's important for the parents and faculty) I came across Light arranged by Andy Beck. This quickly became a favorite of my choir! The kids are excited to rehearse it every day and the sound they are achieving fits the "folk-like" feel of the piece. We are using the 2-Part version. Being 7th and 8th graders, of my nine boys, three are unchanged voices (singing alto as written) and my other six are in varying stages of voice change. Those six are bouncing back and forth between alto and soprano parts, singing them down an octave. Thank you for providing a great piece for the holiday season!"Matt AlbrechtChoir DirectorCopley-Fairlawn Middle School

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1296p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Moment of Truth : Showtrax CD : 038081543451  : 00-47652

Andy Beck : Moment of Truth

This catchy CYN tune from the animated movie Smallfoot is a blast from start to finish! With pop rhythms and a sure-fire "Yeti oh-oh" hook, singers of all ages will quickly grasp the groove and embrace the optimistic message, "it's up to us to make this world a better place."

More details
1298p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : Butterflies : Showtrax CD : 038081550480  : 00-47961

Andy Beck : Butterflies

This popular track from Kacey Musgrave's Golden Hour album earned the singer-songwriter her sixth GRAMMY(R)---for Best Solo Country Performance. Light love song lyrics, a moderate country groove, and sweet singable harmonies offer irresistible SSA charm.

More details
1301p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Hot Chocolate! : Showtrax CD : 038081312378  : 00-28693

Andy Beck : Hot Chocolate!

This steamy Latin-style original celebrates a delicious winter treat. And what could be better than "hot, hot, hot, hot chocolate?" From the infectious rhythms to the speech choir add-on, your childrenis or young womenis chorus will beg for more! Donit miss the mug choreography on the "Hooray for Hollywood!" movement DVD 00-28868. Check this out!

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1310p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Music Speaks : Showtrax CD : 038081295190  : 00-27259

Andy Beck : Music Speaks

A wonderful choice for your concert theme song, this tender choral features expressive vocal lines and a moving music text. Choirs of any age will easily achieve a quality sound, singing in the heart of their ranges, savoring the lyrical phrases, and reflecting on the power of music. "When all words fail, still music speaks."

More details
1333p | Showtrax CD | $22.95

Andy Beck : Autumn : Showtrax CD : 038081312774  : 00-28733

Andy Beck : Autumn

Here is a stunning choral work inspired by the beauty of an autumn day. A lyric melody, lush harmonies, and a poetic text are combined with a sensitive piano accompaniment to paint a colorful musical picture. You can almost see the leaves take flight when your choir sings the melodic refrain, and you will get a true sense of foliage falling layer upon layer as the second verse begins to echo and overlap. An expressive choral piece for concert and contest.

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1336p | Showtrax CD | $24.95

Andy Beck : Give Me a Choral Medley! : Showtrax CD : 038081426075  : 00-38135

Andy Beck : Give Me a Choral Medley!

Those with a keen sense of humor and a modest knowledge of the choral repertoire will appreciate this tongue-in-cheek send-up of a common programming cliché. With plenty of punch lines, a few familiar favorites, and a showbiz kick line, this is a riot on the risers!

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1350p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : All the Pretty Little Horses : Showtrax CD : 038081445113  : 00-39850

Andy Beck : All the Pretty Little Horses

This innovative arrangement presents the well-known American folk song with a jazzy twist. Unexpected, but highly creative, it's something truly different for concert or jazz groups. A smooth obbligato for flute and/or vibes is available free at

More details
1352p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Holdiridia : Showtrax CD : 038081551234  : 00-48300

Andy Beck : Holdiridia

This charming Swiss folk song evokes the sound of yodelers hiking the Alps. The arrangement makes splendid use of a multitude of choral textures, generously passing the melody between all voices in the process. A frothy and fun layered yodeling section in the middle helps build part-singing skills. A wonderful piece for teaching!

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1359p | Showtrax CD | $29.99

Andy Beck : The Ballad of Sweeney Todd : Showtrax CD : 884088553098 : 08621786

Andy Beck : The Ballad of Sweeney Todd

A percussive piano theme underscores this haunting opening number from what many consider to be Sondheim's greatest musical score. An ominous chorus invites listeners to attend the tale of Sweeney Todd as they sing the textured lines and ear-gripping sonorities of this theatrical classic. A spine-tingling, blood-curdling thriller for mixed choirs! Available separately: SATB, SAB, Instrumental score and parts (fl 1-2, cl (ob), bcl, tpt 1-2, tbn (hn), btbn (tba), pno, b, syn, perc 1-2), ShowTrax CD.

More details
2695p | Showtrax CD | $26.95 | With Piano

Andy Beck : Audition (The Fools Who Dream) : Showtrax CD : 46728

Andy Beck : Audition (The Fools Who Dream)

This stunning song was an emotional showcase for actress Emma Stone in her award-winning performance as Mia in the 2016 blockbuster La La Land. Nominated for Best Original Song at the 89th Academy Awards, the poignant piece tells the story of one woman's life and acknowledges the dreamer in all of us. A beautiful choral setting of a very special song.

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5484p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : Everybody Rejoice : Showtrax CD : 038081296234  : 00-27363

Andy Beck : Everybody Rejoice

Don't miss this exuberant showstopper from the Motown-inspired musical The Wiz. Feel-good lyrics, a funky groove, and a powerful hook give cause to celebrate for any choir. Check out the optional SoundTrax CD or SoundPax, and the energized choreography on "Razzamatazz!" DVD. Awesome as an opener or closer!

More details
5702p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Hooray for Hollywood : Showtrax CD : 038081312163  : 00-28672

Andy Beck : Hooray for Hollywood

Set the stage for a movie themed concert with this flashy arrangement that pays homage to the golden days of Hollywood. The bouncy 2-beat opens and closes with a show biz fanfare, features three celebrity impersonators, and includes a stylish kick-line at its glitzy height. A blockbuster! Featured on the "Hooray for Hollywood!" movement DVD #28868.

More details
5731p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Seussical the Musical: A Choral Medley : Showtrax CD : 038081337494  : 00-30977

Andy Beck : Seussical the Musical: A Choral Medley

The Ahrens and Flaherty score you admire; A 10-minute medley when sung by your choir. And Dr. Seuss characters penned for the page Are "stars of the show" on the Seussical stage! So gather the singers, assemble the cast, Get ready to have a fantastical blast. Make way for the choir (a large one, or small), 'Cause this is a showstopper, perfect for all! Songs include: Oh, the Thinks You Can Think * How Lucky You Are * Solla Sollew * Biggest Blame Fool * Green Eggs and Ham * It's Possible (McElligot's Pool).

More details
5742p | Showtrax CD | $64.99

Andy Beck : Solla Sollew : Showtrax CD : 038081337548  : 00-30982

Andy Beck : Solla Sollew

This gentle pop ballad from Seussical The Musical dreams of a place where "troubles will be few." The verses delight with a wistful text, and the chorus is built upon a fresh and haunting chord progression. Contemporary Broadway repertoire.

More details
5743p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Crazy 'Bout Croonin' (A Medley for Men) : Showtrax CD : 038081339757  : 00-31204

Andy Beck : Crazy 'Bout Croonin' (A Medley for Men)

Fans of the musical review Forever Plaid will adore this trio of old-school crooner songs set for 4-part menis voices. This is the kind of music that guys can really sink their teeth into and that ladies love to hear. A musical "babe magnet."

More details
5760p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : Girls Gone ABBA (A Medley) : Showtrax CD : 038081339931  : 00-31222

Andy Beck : Girls Gone ABBA (A Medley)

The girls of your choir will stop the show with this fast-paced, energy-filled mini-medley from the mega-hit movie musical, Mamma Mia! Originally made popular by the Swedish music group ABBA. Sensational SSA singing with super-fun "all-girl" lyrics!

More details
Performed by ABBA | 5762p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : We Dance : Showtrax CD : 038081357874  : 00-32879

Andy Beck : We Dance

This rhythmic opening number from Broadway's Once On This Island is a powerful feature with a bright island groove and strong choral singing. Perfect for choreography!

More details
5766p | Showtrax CD | $24.95

Andy Beck : Chitty Chitty Bang Bang -- A Choral Medley : Showtrax CD : 038081359106  : 00-33002

Andy Beck : Chitty Chitty Bang Bang -- A Choral Medley

Here's a fast-paced, kid-friendly arrangement of five favorite songs from the Sherman Brother's blockbuster movie, Broadway musical, and recent national tour. Fantasmagorical!

More details
5774p | Showtrax CD | $39.95

Andy Beck : Hip-Hop Reindeer : Showtrax CD : 038081359809  : 00-33072

Andy Beck : Hip-Hop Reindeer

Santa's reindeer are bringin' down the house this year with their funky music, rhythmic rap, and hip-hop moves! A hip, hot novelty number with super-fun choreography available on the DVD!

More details
5782p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Jump : Showtrax CD : 038081384382  : 00-34710

Andy Beck : Jump

Now your students, too, can perform this '80s Van Halen hit just like the cast of Glee! An energized choir sings rhythmic back-ups for a featured small group throughout, and the optional "Mercedes" descant will take your group to new heights. "Go ahead and jump!"

More details
Performed by David Lee Roth | 5797p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : Vogue : Showtrax CD : 038081385020  : 00-34776

Andy Beck : Vogue

This powerful Madonna hit charted at #1 in over 30 countries worldwide and was certified "double platinum" within the first months of its release in 1990. Still popular today, the iconic song and music video were recently recreated by Sue Sylvester on TV's Glee. "Strike a pose!"

More details
Performed by Madonna | 5801p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : Home : Showtrax CD : 038081396644  : 00-34798

Andy Beck : Home

Kristin Chenoweth (as the character "April") performed this stunning ballad on the aptly named "Home" episode during Glee's first season. This inspiring song originally appeared in the 1975 breakthrough Broadway production of The Wiz, a retelling of Frank Baum's memorable story. Features soaring melodies and lush harmonies.

More details
Performed by Kristin Chenoweth | 5803p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : My Fair Lady : Showtrax CD : 038081397757  : 00-35579

Andy Beck : My Fair Lady

Rediscover the impressive music from the Broadway and Hollywood blockbuster My Fair Lady. These indelible stage and screen songs are classics of American musical theatre and are as impressive today as when at the height of their popularity. Rich choral moments, theatrical solo opportunities, and sweeping orchestrations offer 7 1/2 minutes of first-class entertainment.

More details
5810p | Showtrax CD | $49.95

Andy Beck : Baby! A Medley of Justin Bieber Hits : Showtrax CD : 038081398211  : 00-35625

Andy Beck : Baby! A Medley of Justin Bieber Hits

Catch that "Bieber fever" with this irresistible 4 1/2-minute medley of Justin Bieber favorites. Features popular songs from his certified platinum recordings, My World and My World 2.0, including two of Justin's biggest singles. Your students will beg to sing this trio of chart-topping tunes!

More details
Performed by Justin Bieber | 5812p | Showtrax CD | $39.95

Andy Beck : The Time Warp (from <i>The Rocky Horror Picture Show</i>) : Showtrax CD : 068081399836  : 00-35787

Andy Beck : The Time Warp (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Here's the rockin' signature song from stage and screen cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as performed by the cast of Glee. The lyrics of the chorus give great clues for choreography! Featured on Showbiz! choral movement DVD (00-35858).

More details
5823p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : Jar of Hearts : Showtrax CD : 038081423432  : 00-37871

Andy Beck : Jar of Hearts

Christina Perri's debut single has been featured on popular TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance? and Glee. The impassioned ballad appears on Billboard's Hot 100 and provides a powerful, musical, and relatable moment for female singers.

More details
Performed by Christina Perri | 5830p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Green Eggs and Ham : Showtrax CD : 038081426464  : 00-38175

Andy Beck : Green Eggs and Ham

If you remember the best-selling, critically acclaimed Dr. Seuss book, then you already know the words to this swingin' novelty number. Taken from the 2000 Broadway musical, this arrangement includes a ready-made encore "tag" for when the audience begs for more. Fabulously fun!

More details
5847p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Elf: A Medley from the Broadway Musical : Showtrax CD : 038081446172  : 00-39957

Andy Beck : Elf: A Medley from the Broadway Musical

Break out the elf hats and candy cane choreography for this sparkly five-minute medley from Broadway's newest holiday tradition, inspired by the hilarious Will Ferrell film. Two merry showstoppers are bookended by the fabulous "Sparklejollytwinklejingley" to create a cheerful, Christmassy extravaganza!

More details
5862p | Showtrax CD | $35.95

Andy Beck : Rockin' Robin : Showtrax CD : 038081447247  : 00-40069

Andy Beck : Rockin' Robin

Kids will have a blast chirping this quintessential 1950s rock 'n' roll hit. Famously recorded by Michael Jackson, this new arrangement includes optional middle notes for SSA groups. "Tweet, tweet, tweedley deet!"

More details
Performed by Michael Jackson | 5867p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Pinball Wizard : Showtrax CD : 038081466132  : 00-41533

Andy Beck : Pinball Wizard

Featured in The Who's groundbreaking classic rock opera Tommy this monumental tune is still cutting-edge after all these years. An exceptional song in an exceptional arrangement!

More details
5868p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Cartoon Christmas : Showtrax CD : 038081468495  : 00-41769

Andy Beck : Cartoon Christmas

Featuring five gems from cherished Rankin and Bass animated Christmas specials, this this five-and-a-half-minute medley is holiday nostalgia at its best! Children one to one hundred will delight in this nifty novelty number with vintage appeal.

More details
5875p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Kinky Boots : Showtrax CD : 038081469201  : 00-41840

Andy Beck : Kinky Boots

Winner of six 2013 Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Score, Broadway's new high-heeled hit delivers a powerfully uplifting message of acceptance. This nine-minute feature medley includes seven standouts from the original score, as written by iconic eighties pop star Cyndi Lauper.

More details
5880p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Gone, Gone, Gone : Showtrax CD : 038081488226  : 00-43280

Andy Beck : Gone, Gone, Gone

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips topped the charts with this single from his debut album. Great voice-leading and appropriate ranges make it a perfect choice for developing men's groups. And the sweet, heart-felt lyrics of this folk-pop love song will reveal the softer side of your guys!

More details
Performed by Phillip Phillips | 5891p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Shut Up and Dance : Showtrax CD : 038081491264  : 00-43586

Andy Beck : Shut Up and Dance

Inspired by performers like Pat Benatar and Rick Springfield, this Billboard Hot 100 hit cemented Walk the Moon's pop culture status. The high-energy, feel-good dance beat will have everyone out of their seats! "She said, 'Shut up and dance with me!'"

More details
5906p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Composers All Around : Showtrax CD : 038081491356  : 00-43595

Andy Beck : Composers All Around

This brainy little piece, a collaboration by two of the industry's favorite children's writers, uses tunes from three traditional rounds to teach the names of master composers throughout music history. For maximum classroom impact, use with Alfred's Accent on Composers, One-Page Composer Bios, or Composer Gallery.

More details
5907p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Step One : Showtrax CD : 038081512068  : 00-45466

Andy Beck : Step One

"Just put. One foot. Onward and forward." As one of the many highlights from Cyndi Lauper's Tony Awardae-winning score, this is perfect for any ensemble looking for an energetic Broadway feature. Fabulous and fun! See Andy's choreography on the Step One! DVD.

More details
5910p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : She Loves You : Showtrax CD : 038081512877  : 00-45548

Andy Beck : She Loves You

Taking their inspiration from Elvis and the Isley Brothers, the Beatles sang their infectious "yeah, yeah, yeah" hook all the way to a record-setting Top Five chart position in 1964. This rockin' and rhythmic arrangement is perfectly crafted for success!

More details
Performed by The Beatles | 5916p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : A Thousand Years : Showtrax CD : 038081527598  : 00-46380

Andy Beck : A Thousand Years

From The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, the Christina Perri pop hit has been sensitively arranged for choir. A rippling piano accompaniment supports the melody, which starts simply and gradually gains momentum before blossoming into a testament of timeless true love: "I have loved you for a thousand years."

More details
5923p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Andy Beck : Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story : Showtrax CD : 038081530147  : 00-46480

Andy Beck : Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

This simple, yet deep question frames the legacy of Alexander Hamilton as being the one thing out of his control. While we all desire to be remembered for certain things, history may tell a different story. Reflective and moving!

More details
5931p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Andy Beck : Audition (The Fools Who Dream) : Showtrax CD : 038081531830  : 00-46728

Andy Beck : Audition (The Fools Who Dream)

This stunning song was an emotional showcase for actress Emma Stone in her award-winning performance as Mia in the 2016 blockbuster La La Land. Nominated for Best Original Song at the 89th Academy Awardsae, the poignant piece tells the story of one woman's life and acknowledges the dreamer in all of us. A beautiful choral setting of a very special song.

More details
5934p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

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