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Besame Mucho

Music by Consuelo Velázquez

Originally Performed by The Coasters

"Bésame mucho" ("Kiss me a lot") is a song written in 1940 by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velázquez. A famous 1956 version is sung by Trio Los Panchos and female vocalist Gigliola Cinquetti. An English lyric was written by Sunny Skylar. It is one of the most famous boleros, and was recognized in 1999 as the most sung and recorded Mexican song in the world.

    Release Date: 1940

BČsame Mucho

BČsame Mucho

The Coasters

Start a quiet fire with this mellow Latin jazz chart. Lush harmonies and fluid melodic lines are featured to create a great change of pace for any concert. English and Spanish lyrics included. Available: SATB, SAB, SSA, Instrumental Pak, ShowTrax CD. Performance Time: Approx. 3:30.

Voicing: SATB

Songbooks, Arrangements and/or Media

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Andrea Bocelli : The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere : Solo : Songbook : 888680858346 : 1540037258 : 00284720

Andrea Bocelli : The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere

The first greatest hits album from this popular Italian tenor features 16 of his most popular songs, and our songbook features vocal transcriptions with piano accompaniment for 15 of those tracks.

Songlist: The Prayer, Time To Say Goodbye, Romanza, Vivo Per Lei, Vivere, Con Te Partiro, Il Mare Calmo Della Sera, Because We Believe, Sogno, Melodramma, Canto Della Terra, La Voce Del Silenzio, Bésame Mucho, A Te, Io Ci Saro'

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Voicing: Solo | 40609b | Songbook | $19.95 | Voice and Piano

Beachfront Property : Straight Up : 00  1 CD : CR 0316

Beachfront Property : Straight Up

If you enjoy listening to jazz presented by enough voices to be a chorus when that embellishes the arrangement, sung by singers so accomplished that you can follow each individual voice through complex vocal intertwining, you will love Beachfront Property. This group of southern California studio singers alternate accompanied and unaccompanied tunes which become jazz standards after they are through with them if they weren't before. One notable original is Vince Guaraldi's " Linus & Lucy" adapted for voices by Stan Castonogia and the group.

Songlist: Straighten Up & Fly Right, Tenor Madness , Besame Mucho, Linus & Lucy, Angel Eyes, Stompin' At The Savoy, Icarus, Pick Yourself Up, I Saw Her Standing There, Midnight Sun

More details
4702c | 1 CD | $14.98 | Primarily a cappella

Five Live : Take Two : 00  1 CD

Five Live : Take Two

The (you guessed it!) five members of Five Live met while singing together in the Swingle Singers. One by one they left the group to pursue individual careers as free-lance singers. Collectively, they worked in just about every different type of musical work, opera, jazz, avant-garde film, and radio session work. Although each enjoyed the work immensely, they realized that they all missed close harmony singing. One night after a good meal and a few glasses of wine they began to sing for fun and the rest, as they say, is history. Five Live was born to create a more gutsy/pop sort of sound with five singers, three men and two women. Their program contains humor and energy with an international repertoire ranging from "Yesterday" by the Beatles to rhythmic Latin American favorites such as "Bambaleo" by the Gipsy Kings. Along the way you'll be treated to a truly original rendition of "Don't Worry Be Happy." (Hah, you thought it couldn't be done!) You'll find a medley of Edith Piaf tunes, "Volare," "Sir Duke," "Send In The Clowns," and more. All these have been crafted with a touch of jazz and a wide brush of pop sounds by some of the best trained voices around. They are Sarah Eyden - soprano, Carol Canning - alto, Andy Busher - Tenor, Ben Parry - baritone, and David Porter Thomas - bass. You will find that the beauty and comfortable familiarity of the songs will foster listening to Five Live over and over

Songlist: Boy From New York City, Besame Mucho, Overture "Marriage of Figaro", Don't Worry Be Happy, Uptown Girl, Piaf Medley, Volare, Drive My Car, Yesterday, Sir Duke, Send In The Clowns, The Winner Takes It All, Vem Kan Segla, Bambaleo

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4433c | 1 CD | $13.95 | A Cappella

Hi-Lo's : This Time It's Love : 00  1 CD : 7552

Hi-Lo's : This Time It's Love

I really don't have to go into who the Hi-Lo's were, or how their sound defined jazz and pop singing from the 1950s on, do I? Good! This CD starts with an lp, originally released on Columbia Records in 1962, "This Time It's Love," of 12 (accompanied by an Orchestra conducted by Clare Fischer) love songs, and then goes on to add 14 bonus tracks, including 3 previously unreleased tracks--a generous helping of classic Hi-Lo's. The title tune, "More Than You Know," "The Second Time Around," "Besame Mucho," "Only Forever," "There's a Small Hotel"--these songs by the Hi-Lo's are listed in the dictionary under "romantic." Why? Because we can understand every word, and, dammit, we believe every word they're singing! The previously unreleased tracks are "The Ever-Changing Plains," "Nobody's Heart" and "Camelot." One song, the lovely "Star Carol" is a cappella. Tremendous value, great music!

Songlist: My Foolish Heart, More Than You Know, The Second Time Around, Besame Mucho, Only Forever, Let Me Love You, Catch A Falling Star, There's A Small Hotel, The Very Thought of You, Tangerine, On the Alamo, Paradise, Autumn Rain, The Ever Changing Plains, A Face in the Crowd, A Very Special Love, Pamela Throws A Party?, When I Remember, Whistlin' Down the Lane, The Star Carol, Nobody's Heart, A Lot of Livin' To Do, Cindy's Prayer, Camelot, The Trolley Song, Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue

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4520c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Some a cappella

Persuasions : Comin' At Ya : 00  1 CD :  93

Persuasions : Comin' At Ya

Comin' At Ya is from from the very heart of The Persuasions singing career. It was by this time that they had introduced so many people to the world of a cappella music that they were becoming recognized as the definitive group in the field, period. Their street corner style had created a sound of such individuality that it is very seldom that another group can cover a Persuasions tune and not suffer by comparison. The blues, R&B and touches of doo-wop that were combined to create street corner singing are all present. "Just Because" is a blues of lost love. "I'll Be Forever Loving You" is an archetypical doo-wop. "Don't Let Him Take Your Love" covers the R&B and because of Jerry Lawson's fabulous shout-lead will never again be covered and sound quite right. They ought to retire that tune and hang it on the wall of some hall of fame.

Songlist: Return To Sender, Don't Let Him Take Your Love, Besame Mucho, One Mint Julep, Let Them Talk, Mortal Man, I'll Be Forever Loving You, Just Because, Drip Drop, Crying In The Chapel, Loves Me Like A Rock

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2101c | 1 CD | $13.98 | A Cappella

Quink Vocal Ensemble : Ain't Misbehavin' : 00  1 CD : otr 19862

Quink Vocal Ensemble : Ain't Misbehavin'

The three women and two men of this Dutch classical ensemble open this recording with 6 sixteenth-century works by the Dutch composer Sweelinck (though written in French, the courtly language of the time). Two "chanson" by Debussy follow, and then selections by Poulenc and Britten, both twentieth-century composers; as is characteristic of modern music, the harmonic progressions can be something of a non-sequitur, depending on your point of view! For dessert, five close harmony arrangements, including "Besame Mucho," "My Romance" (as arranged by Puerling) and of course, "Ain't Misbehavin'". A rich and satisfying tapestry of sound.

Songlist: vostre amour est vagabonde, tes beaux yeux, tu as tous seul, pseaume 72: tes jugements dieu veritable, pseaume 78: sois ententif, mon peuple, pseaume 137: estans assisaux rives aquatiques, dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder, yver! vous n'estes qu'un villain, la petite fille sage, le chien perdu, en rentrant de i'ecole, le petit garcon malade, le herisson, st. godrics hymn, i mon waxe wod, lenten is come, the long night, yif ic of luv can, carol, ye that pasen by, a death, besame mucho, if ever i would leave you , misty , My Romance , ain't misbehavin'

More details
7441c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella

Voz en Punto : Mexico A Capella : 00  1 CD : Jose Galvan

Voz en Punto : Mexico A Capella

Self-described "Trailblazers" in Mexican music, mixed quintet Voz en Punto, winners of international awards for their versatility and ability to interpret music from the cultures of many countries, had to start somewhere, and "Mexico A Capella" is it, their first commercial recording. "Mexico" represents the impassioned fusion of two of the group's great loves: Mexico and choral singing. The CD topped as #1 seller on the Mexican classical charts, and 4 of the CD's singles, "Tilingolingo," "Male Betulia," "Jucheti Consuelito" and the Swingles-influenced "El Rascapatate" won the 2nd Tribune of Mexican Music and were chosen to represent Mexico in the 10th Tribune of Latin-American and Caribbean music. 15 songs, all in Spanish, favorites besides the 4 singles are the manic "Cucurumbe," the romantic "Besame Mucho," the crazed, Swinglish "Que Rico Mambo," the rhythmic gem "Tete," and the jazzy "Que Bonita Es Mi Tierra." "Mexico" created an a cappella sensation in Mexico, and it's easy to hear why. Great arrangements, hot, spirited vocals, fine song selection, dynamic live performances-it adds up to the kind of stardom that changes the popular culture of a nation! ```

Songlist: Introduccion, En Mexico, ElTilingolingo, Male Betulia, Jucheti Consuelito, Como Mexico No Hay Dos, Cucurumbe, Las Chiapanecas, El Rascapetate, Besame Mucho, Te Extrano, El Andariego, Que Rico Mambo, Tete, Nereidas, Que Bonita Es Mi Tierra

More details
7772c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella

Individual Folios

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 : SATB : Kirby Shaw : The Coasters :  1 CD : 08741632 : 073999897821

Kirby Shaw : Bésame Mucho

Start a quiet fire with this mellow Latin jazz chart. Lush harmonies and fluid melodic lines are featured to create a great change of pace for any concert. English and Spanish lyrics included. Available: SATB, SAB, SSA, Instrumental Pak, ShowTrax CD. Performance Time: Approx. 3:30.

Arranger: Kirby Shaw Performed By: The Coasters | Country: Latin America

More details
Voicing: SATB | Sheet Music | $2.25 | With Piano |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 08741632 | Showtrax CD Available

 : SSA : Kirby Shaw : The Coasters : Sheet Music : 08741634 : 073999416343

Kirby Shaw : Bésame Mucho

Start a quiet fire with this mellow Latin jazz chart. Lush harmonies and fluid melodic lines are featured to create a great change of pace for any concert. English and Spanish lyrics included. Available: SATB, SAB, SSA, Instrumental Pak, ShowTrax CD. Performance Time: Approx. 3:30.

Arranger: Kirby Shaw Performed By: The Coasters | Country: Latin America

More details
Voicing: SSA | Sheet Music | $2.35 | With Piano |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 08741634 | Showtrax CD Available

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