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Judy Niemack
Hear It And Sing It! - Exploring Modal Jazz

-"Mmm" - relaxing the jaw
-"Ooh" - developing resonance
-"Mmm-mee-ooh" - correct placement of the tone
-Rolled "R's" - bringing the tone forward, adding "ringing overtones"
-Staccato arpeggios and legato sclaes - focusing on breathing and attack
-"La"-"lay"-"loo" - increasing the flexibilty and speed of tongue
-"Si-ah" - ear training, flexibility and range extension
The Creators of Modal Jazz
Theory Basics
-Building Chords
The Modes
Scat Syllables
-Pronunciation Guide for Scat Syllables
The Modal Workouts
-Ionian Tracks 8-14
-Dorian Tracks 15-21
-Phrygian Tracks 22-28
-Lydian Tracks 29-35
-Mixolydian Tracks 36-42
-Aeolian Tracks 43-49
-Locrian Tracks 50-56
Hear It and Sing It! In The Classroom

This great book/CD pack is an effective and fun way to improve your vocal technique and internalize the basic scales used in jazz. Designed for jazz singers, students of improvisation or ear training, choir directors and teachers of vocal jazz, it's an enjoyable way to learn the modes thoroughly and discover their possibilities. The CD includes vocal warm-ups suitable for all levels, exercises in each mode of the major scale, rhythm section tracks without vocals for improvisation, and more. The book includes transcriptions of the warm-ups, a brief history of modal jazz, theory basics, the modes of the major scale, scat syllables, transcriptions of the modal workouts, and more.

Item code: 6056B | Book & 1 CD | $17.95 add item to cart
Vocal Jazz  | 72 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12
073999974577 | 0634080997 | 00001001

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