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Bach Children's Chorus
Look To This Day

To Music
Antiphonal Alleluia
Like As A Father
Children Blessed Of The Lord
Ain't That News
And God Shall Wipe Away All The Tears
Kneel Always'
Ma Navu
Go Down Moses
Praise The Lord, God's Glories Show
Set Me As A Seal
Behold The Beauty Of The Lord
Seeds Grow To Plants
The Piper And The Chiming Pea
I Want Two Wings
My Shadow
Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet
The Bold Hunter
A Jubilant Song
Vagabond Song
O Lord Of Life
Ching-a-Ring Chaw
Pecos Bill
Tutira Mai Nga Iwi
Have You Seen A Rainbow
P'tit Galop Colinda
When The Tide Goes Out
Ngana And So It Goes
Skye Boat Song
I'm A Train
Come, Live And Be Merry
La Lluvia

Directed by Linda Beaupre

The Toronto, Canada-based Bach Children's Chorus and Bach Chamber Youth Choir, led by founder and Artistic Director Linda Beaupre, bring us this nice collection of live performances from 1991 to 2006, with performances under guest conductors Elmer Iseler and Jean Ashworth Bartle, and guest pianist Ruth Watson Henderson. The beautiful, extensive liner notes booklet contains a history of the group from their founding in 1987, and many photographs of the almost 200 children involved in four choirs. There are 21 songs by different groups and configurations of the choir, such as "Like as a Father" by the Massed Choirs, the spirituals "Ain't That News" and "Go Down Moses" by Choir III, "Behold the Beauty of the Lord" by the Bach Chamber Youth Choir, "My Shadow" by Choir I, "When the Tide Goes Out" and "Down By The Riverside" by Massed Choirs with Guest Dads. There's some magical material we're hearing for the first time, "The Piper and the Chiming Pea," "I'm A Train," "Raking Song," "The Bold Hunter" and others. Some light accompaniment. "Look to this Day" is a very enjoyable and upbeat collection.

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Choral | Primarily a cappella | Mixed | United States

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