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Mixed Contemporary A Cappella Groups

We've said it before, we'll say it again - mixed groups have all the advantages, and really are the best of both worlds. They can have a sound that hits the stratosphere and the basement all at once, and their blend conveys that little tingle to the listener that a single-gender group just can't give. If you like the contemporary sound, and enjoy either male or female groups, we dare you to give our mixed groups a listen - you'll find something (or quite a few somethings) to write home about, we promise!

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Love Notes SF

The Love Notes is a co-ed a cappella group based in San Francisco. We sing love songs, anti-love songs, and everything in between. We can be found singing spontaneously in coffee shops in Santa Cruz, harmonizing in car rides, belting it out at karaoke, or of course practicing at our weekly rehearsals. We are thrilled to be a part of the amazing a cappella community in the Bay Area, and are so grateful to be able to share music with each other and the public.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Mass Whole Notes

The Mass Whole Notes are a semi-professional contemporary a cappella group, based in Somerville, Massachusetts. We have a modern sound that can also rock the classics with some style. The Mass Wholes are made of a diverse, zany, and individually unique group of fun-loving goofballs with a soft spot for making music with our mouths. The Mass Wholes also have a large range of a cappella renditions of everything from Paramore to Chance the Rapper.

Hometown: Somerville, MA


No one knows whence the Noctonals first originated. They were first glimpsed on a safari in Eastern Africa, swinging gleefully from branch to branch as they harmonized in 6 parts to the dulcet, melodious tones of African spider monkeys. There have since been sightings worldwide, from whale-watching tours off the coast of Australia, to excursions into the frigid expanses of Antarctica, to flash-mob appearances outside the Clarendon metro.

Hometown: Arlington, VA


Nomadic is the first vocal supergroup auditioned from the best singers around the country by the award-winning team at June Vocal Music, a nonprofit dedicated to the creation of transformative musical ensembles. Hailing from a variety of backgrounds, Nomadic infuses jazz, gospel, soul, R and B, and even Carnatic influences into their sonic creations.

None of the Above

Celebrating 15 plus years of music-making and camaraderie, None of the Above (NOTA) is an a cappella octet performing an eclectic mix of early polyphony, cutting-edge modern harmony, familiar folk songs, uplifting spirituals, catchy pop tunes, and lush jazz standards. Based in Wellesley, MA, NOTA has performed all over New England at coffeehouses, libraries, churches and other aca-friendly performance spaces. We have won multiple cultural council grant awards in Natick and Wellesley, MA for our diverse programming - including our annual showcase concert, Spring Fev-ah. In 2009, NOTA took third place here at Boston Sweeps, our first and only appearance to date. Our wildly popular inaugural CD, "multiple choice", is now in its second printing, and is available at numerous online outlets. We are delighted to perform today for such a great aca-savvy audience!

Hometown: Wellesley, MA


Founded in late 2005, NoXcuse consists of women and men performing intricate vocal arrangements that need no instrumental accompaniment. When a lead singer is needed, any one of the group (whether tenor, baritone, or bass) may step forward; but the back-up vocals still vie for the listener's attention.

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Offbook A Cappella

Step 1) Get the music. 2) Learn your part. 3) Try to be Offbook! Offbook is a new a cappella group based in the Bay Area. This 10-person singing collective started when a contingent of Facebook employees, who share a love of making music with their mouths, wanted to continue their passion for singing outside the office. Offbook sings a wide variety of music from top 40 hits to classic rock, pop, and more. Despite being new on the scene, they are determined to make a name for themselves. OffBook is excited to share their love for music to all ears!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Over Tones

The Over Tones was founded in early 2015 in the San Fernando Valley. We perform a mixture of a cappella styles to fit all occasions. Ranging from arrangements of the latest hits, classic rock standards, upbeat jazz tunes, and even esoteric choir music, we adapt to our audience and have something fun for everyone. Our 40-person choir features both male and female vocalists whose ages span five decades! We perform all over Southern California and are excited to be returning to Harmony Sweepstakes!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Vocal sensations and winners of season 3 of NBC's The Sing-Off, Pentatonix are taking instrument-free music far beyond anyone's wildest expectations. Named after the world's most widely recognized five-note musical scale, this vocal quintet has transformed one of pop music's purest and most soulful expressions into an exciting future, filled with limitless sonic possibility. Pairing their intricate arrangements with cleverly re-imagined pop songs, Pentatonix have quickly cultivated a sound and style that is entirely unique and undeniably infectious.

Pentatonix is comprised of lead vocalists Scott Hoying (21), Kirstie Maldonado (20) and Mitch Grassi (20), vocal bass Avi Kaplan (23) and beatboxer Kevin "K.O." Olusola (24) and, while the individuals would maintain that each of their fellow band members is irreplaceable, the fact remains that 24-hours before their audition for The Sing-Off they still hadn't all officially met.

Hometown: Arlington, TX

Pitches Be Crazy

In simple terms, we are a cover band rockin' some of the biggest hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. We bang around with our instruments (aka, our voices) and make music that will have you saying, "OH SNAP, That's my jam!" Edgy and raw in our arrangements and presentation, we add those juicy harmonies and bone rattling percussion and bass old school, making PBC Acappella very unique across the a cappella landscape.

Hometown: Springfield, VA

Pow Arrangers

Boston's premier pun-based post-collegiate a capella group. Since 2012, The Pow! Arrangers have been saving the city from the clutches of evil harmonies.

Hometown: Boston, MA


The Finnish word Rajaton translates as "boundless" - a word that so accurately describes the way this six-voice a cappella ensemble approaches music. Regularly performing over 100 concerts and workshops each year, Rajaton exposes audiences to the kind of diversity of repertoire, singing style, and stage presentation that has made them a phenomenon on the world stage.

Performing at concert halls, churches, jazz and choral festivals, this distinct group of musicians approaches all styles of music with the same level of commitment and integrity, making it difficult to imagine an audience that Rajaton could not inspire, or a type of music Rajaton could not make its own.

Hometown: Helsinki, Finland

Range A Cappella

RANGE is a New York City based a cappella group. All of our members work in various fields of entertainment industry, and on Broadway. We are dedicated to releasing original, in house arrangements of songs that are sure to drop your jaw to the floor.

Hometown: New York City, NY


Reverb is a New York City based a cappella group founded in 2017. Starting with six female voices coming together, Reverb has built a foundation to progress a cappella performance through a variety of genres, focusing mainly on pop, rock, alternative, and whatever speaks to them. Currently, the group is a co-ed group that has expanded to include nine members.

Hometown: New York city, NY

Ro Sham Bo

Ro Sham Bo brings a surprising and exciting spark to the Bay Area vocal music scene. Ro Sham Bo's roots are steeped in jazz and funk, and their performances deliver an inspired blend of complexity and ease. Most group members are music educators or music educated, arrange, perform, and direct not only for Ro Sham Bo but for groups from San Jose to Black Rock City, and have taught students from Stanford University Jazz Workshop to Jazz Camp West to Blue Bear School of Music.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Roomful of Teeth

Roomful of Teeth is an eight-voice vocal ensemble that embraces the full spectrum of vocal practices and, through an on-going commissioning project, develops new compositions for voices.

Founded in 2008 by singer, conductor and composer Brad Wells, Roomful of Teeth is built on the premise that the membranes that separate one vocal technique or style from another are permeable, that any singer can learn any "non-native" singing language.

International experts in a wide range of vocal techniques - throat singers Ayan-ool Sam and Sean Quirk of Alash, belting coach Gayle Lockwood, and master yodeler Kerry Christensen - trained the singers in their respective styles. Next, composers Judd Greenstein of NOW Ensemble and New Amsterdam Records, Rinde Eckert, finalist for the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in Drama, and Brian Simalchik of Williams College wrote music tailored specifically to the singers and their now wider range of vocal techniques. The collective performed these works, as well as compositions by members of the ensemble, (all music written in the space of eight days) to a sell out audience on Friday, June 26 at Mass MoCA.

Hometown: New York City, NY


Root 7 is a contemporary a cappella group located in the Burlington, Vermont area. We are a group of working professionals who make time to embrace the joys of singing with one another. We perform regularly throughout Vermont, including at the annual Burlington Independence Day celebration, 51 Main in Middlebury, the Champlain Valley Fair, the Common Ground Center in Starksboro, local farmers markets, weddings, private holiday parties, and at many other events, large and small. We have a lot of fun singing together, and we love to share that with new audiences.

Hometown: Burlington, VT

Satellite Lane

Satellite Lane is a Long Island-based a cappella group that currently belongs to the Contemporary A cappella League. Made up of seven teachers, Satellite Lane specializes in spreading a cappella education to music programs and performing spontaneous original compositions. In March 2013, Satellite Lane competed in the New York Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, where they won "Audience Favorite," "Best Arrangement," and a special "Honorable Mention" for originality. Currently, they are working on their first studio album and several original music videos.

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Scales of the City

We're Scales of the City, a San Francisco co-ed a cappella group that performs all around the Bay Area. Based on the model of a collegiate glee club, we're a group of performers who love singing pop music from our childhoods and today, with a sprinkling of showtunes just for kicks. We're all about making great music to share, and having a great time doing it.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


SeaNote is an a cappella band that came together in mid-2013 from two different college a cappella groups at the University of Washington in Seattle (Furmata & Awaaz). The quintet strives to put a fresh and unique spin on new and old Top 40 hits through incorporating each members musical niche, whether it be classical, jazz, hip hop, rap, pop, alt-rock, or soul. SeaNote loves making great music, having an awesome time, and hopes to entertain a cappella enthusiasts everywhere! You can catch SeaNote year round performing at local gigs, UW functions and charity events all over the Greater Seattle Area.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Seatown Sound

Seatown Sound is a refuge for a cappella nerds for whom college is only a happy memory. Part social group, part professional chorus, our goal is to bring community members together to create and perform a unique variety of challenging choral pieces. Our group draws inspiration from independently-labeled artists, popular and traditional works, as well as the work of members and friends. United by our love of music, we've created a collaborative community of talented performers.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Shot In The Dark

Shot in the Dark found each other by individually answering the same craigslist ad, all with a common love for singing a cappella music. Hailing from all over the US and beyond, this is a truly unique group of musicians, with backgrounds ranging from college a cappella and opera, to touring chorales, barbershop, and musical theater.

Founded in 2012, they hit the ground running, placing as a finalist in the Lady Antebellum A Cappella Cover Contest in their first year. The following year, they received second place and best arrangement at the Harmony Sweepstakes Pacific Northwest Regional. The group continues to evolve, even around careers, families, and busy schedules. Our goal is for you to love what you hear! busy schedules. Our goal is for you to love what you hear!

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Side Note

Hip. Imaginative. Fun. Fresh. Funky Fresh. Side Note is a group of seven twentysomethings, from wildly different musical backgrounds, who draw draw their diversity to create an all-new sound. It's contemporary a cappella - pushed to the limits of pop, R&B, funk, rock, musical theater and jazz. Get ready for some buzzin' beats, rockin' riffs and hot harmonies as Side Note delivers a show unlike nearly anything else in vocal music!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Smorgaschord draws its name from ancient runic inscriptions of abundant food and music, the combination of which may lead to harmonic indigestion. We entertain at events around the Peninsula, including summer festivals, coffee shops, rehab centers, and occasionally, the checkout line of supermarkets. We could be right behind you in line. Look for the shoppers with a wide variety of musical styles and poorly-balanced nutritional choices. Hey, where did you find that bacon-flavored chocolate? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and get your shopping cart harmonized.

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Sound Exchange

From soulful ballads, to blistering rock anthems, from jazz standards to chart-topping singles, The Sound Exchange does it all. Based out of the Twin Cities, this group brings dazzling harmonies and wisecracking audience interaction to every show and do it with it with joy and humor. Get ready for the hijinks and harmony of...The Sound Exchange.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Sound Off

Formed in 2013, Sound Off is an award-winning semi-professional a cappella group based in Boston, MA and proud member of the Contemporary A cappella League (CAL). We are young men and women from all different career fields brought together by an unabashed love for a cappella music and performance. While we perform regularly around the Greater Boston area, Sound Off continues to develop a diverse repertoire of modern pop with a soulful twist.

Hometown: Boston, MA


SoundCrowd is an auditioned community a cappella ensemble led by Founder and Artistic Director Scott Pietrangelo, with a maximum of 80 members - including a Performance Team of 16 to 20 singers and soloists for events, corporate functions and media appearances. The group rehearses on Monday nights, 7:30-9:30 pm, at Bloor St. United Church (300 Bloor St. W) from September to May, and performs two to three major concerts per year.

Hometown: Toronto, Canada


SoVoSo is a highly imaginative a cappella ensemble that sings a unique, rhythmic mix of jazz, gospel, world and R&B music, all rendered in their trademark improvisational style.

The SoVoSo repertoire consists of original compositions and other songs that present a global perspective, from Afro-Latin idioms to traditional funk and jazz arrangements. Two SoVoSo members (Joey Blake, past member, and current member David Worm) are current members of Bobby McFerrin's a cappella group, Voicestra, performing with him from 1993 to present.Currently you will see David Worm, Sunshine Becker, Bryan Dyer and Zoe Ellis in this vocal band line-up, along with other great singers such as Nicolas Bearde, Ashling Cole and Vernon Bush. The SoVoSo family of singers continues to expand as this one of a kind musical project grows and flourishes.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Square One

Started from a love of contemporary a cappella music, Square One is a new professional a cappella group based in Columbus, OH. With members involved in a cappella at a national level, we can't wait to share our passion for music with you! Our members' a cappella resume includes many ICHSA and ICCA finals/awards, CASA board of directors, Camp A Cappella staff, and- of course- has worked with the a cappella superstar, Deke Sharon.

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Supreme Chord

Supreme Chord is a DC-area based a cappella group made up of young professionals who have a love of singing and come from all walks of life. We are a diverse group of people that span the realm of arts, medicine, technology, and more in our "real" lives. Many of us sang in college a cappella groups all over the country before finding each other in DC. Our repertoire includes alternative, pop, and R&B music, and is always expanding.

Hometown: Washington, DC

Take Flight

Take Flight is Napa's premier a Cappella band. Comprised of 5 highly experienced vocalist, they take on hit songs from a wide array of genres and artists and perform them all without the use of any instruments! With smooth, tight harmonies and pleasing upbeat music, they can perform background for intimate dining or for larger groups focusing on entertainment.

Hometown: Napa, CA

The 508s

We are the 508s, a Boston co-ed a cappella group. We are a semi-professional group of twenty- and thirty-somethings who love to sing. We have been singing together since Fall of 2008 and are currently growing our ranks and our repertoire.

Hometown: Boston, MA

Top Shelf Vocal

Top Shelf Vocal is an award-winning, semi-professional a cappella choir in Los Angeles, California. Top Shelf members are from all different career fields brought together by a love for vocal music and performance. As a group, Top Shelf performs regularly around the Greater LA Area and continues to develop a diverse repertoire of off-the-beaten-path pop a cappella.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


As its name suggests, Uncommon isn't just another contemporary a cappella group. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, this eclectic semi-professional septet draws inspiration from RVA's legendary indie music scene to create a vocal sound all its own. Since its founding in September 2013, Uncommon has performed at a wide variety of venues and events including the U.S. military base at Fort Lee, Richmond's Valentine Museum, and SingStrong DC's ACA-IDOL competition. The group's debut single "Sally I Can See You" (featuring the original lineup) will be available on Loudr and iTunes in early 2016.

Hometown: Richmond, VA


The Uptones (originally Uptown Sound) was formed by young professionals in Chicago who wanted to start an adventure in the world of contemporary a cappella. Our members come from many walks of musical life, including musical theatre, choirs, and college a cappella groups.

With humble roots in caroling around the city during the 2009 holiday season, the group got its first big break performing at a small cafee called Lincoln Perk in the summer of 2010 to a capacity crowd. The group continues to host bi-annual concerts and is currently recording their very first album.

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Vintage Mix

Vintage Mix is an American a cappella group of 17-year-old quadruplets based out of Milwaukee, WI. VM started making appearances at local venues and in 2013 worked with a coach in Nashville. They created their first studio album "Timeless" which debuted in 2018, and they continue to record more projects. VM has toured both locally and nationally to include various International A Cappella Conventions, National A Cappella Shows, Military Events, and performances on Internationally Syndicated TV. Their most recent accomplishment consisted of competing in the World Mixed Quartet Competition in Munich, Germany where they were honored to receive Silver Medals.

Hometown: Milwaukee , WI

Vinyl Street

Vinyl Street is the story of a group of strangers who found each other through a shared passion for music (and craigslist) and became a family. Based out of Somerville, MA, the group is a member of the Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL) and performs pop, rock, and country covers throughout the Greater Boston area.

The group performs regularly at the Lansdowne Pub and are fixtures of Boston's music scene, having showcased at popular concert venues including the Burren, Beat Hotel, Johnny D's, the Lilypad, the Longwood Players Theater, Church, and the Little House of Music & Theater. Volunteering their time to help non-profits, they perform annually at Project Bread's Walk for Hunger and Zoo New England's fundraisers, Brew at the Zoo, ZooLights, and A Wild Affair.

Hometown: Somerville, MA

Voca People

The Voca People are friendly aliens from the planet Voca, somewhere behind the sun...where all communication is made by music and vocal expressions. The Voca People believe that life is music and music is life. They visit planet Earth and they have a lot to sing about.

Hometown: Planet Voca

Vocal Edition

Vocal Edition is co-ed a cappella group based in San Francisco that infuses creativity, diversity, and musicality into unique vocal arrangements. We are young men and women from a variety of careers & professions brought together by a passion & love for music. Our repertoire is an eclectic mix of pop, alternative and R&B songs that masterfully intertwine the past and present. If you love complex harmonies, interesting arrangements, and soulful voices you'll love hearing our group.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Vocal Heights

Vocal Heights is an eight member, co-ed, New York a cappella group with an eclectic style, performing a wide range of music from the 60's, all the way to the 2000's. With a repertoire that is predominantly rock and pop, We also like to mix it up with some doo-wop, jazzy standards, blue grass, non-secular selections, and even the occasional madrigal thrown in for good measure! While predominantly using original arrangements of covers we are psyched to now have several original songs in our repertoire as well. Our mission is simple: to put on a great show with great music!

Hometown: New York City, NY


Formed in 1997, it made history in 1999 with Singapore's first a cappella musical, No Strings Attached, featured during Action Theatre's 42-day arts festival.

The year 2000 was another watershed year for the group. In May of that year, Vocaluptuous produced its very own musical cum concert, which played to full houses for all three nights. The musical showcased not just their singing talents, but writing, acting and dancing abilities as well! Reviews were very positive and encouraging, with audiences clamouring for more.

Vocaluptuous has been the only local group nominated for Best Holiday Song (Joyful/Joy to the World) by the international Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA) for the Recording awards (CARA) in 2002.

Hometown: Singapore, Singapore


Voctave is an 11-member a cappella group from the Central Florida area. Formed in the winter of 2015, the voices that bring their artistic arrangements to life represent a wealth of diverse backgrounds and musical experiences.

Hometown: Orlando, FL, FL

Vox 3 Collective

OX 3 is a collective of artists who educate both performers and audience through varied presentations of vocal music. They builds connections between branches of art, culture, and history through its performances in three different genres: Art Song, Opera, and Cabaret.

VOX 3 quickly instituted one of Chicago's only regular art song recital series. Its members are graduates of some of the country's finest conservatory programs, and have appeared with major opera companies and orchestras throughout the world. Pairing familiar and obscure repertoire-whether Renaissance motet, Baroque opera, Romantic lieder, or contemporary art song-VOX 3 concerts and recitals feature thoughtful programming and provide intimate interaction between singer, accompanist, and audience.

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Vox Pop DC

Vox Pop is a mixed-voice vocal band that has been rocking the Washington, DC metro area for 15 years and has earned a reputation of providing wildly entertaining, top-knotch a cappella to audiences up and down the East Coast. The group is the 2016 SingStrong DC Aca-Idol winners and 2015 Aca-Challenge champions, and has been nominated for three Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARAs). In 2017, Vox Pop headlined the National A Cappella Convention in Memphis, TN.

Hometown: Washington, DC


Vybration was formed in 2001 to perform at Disney's California Adventure under the name "Groove 66". The band quickly became the park's most popular atmosphere group. Its members are some of the most powerful, versatile, and in demand vocalists in all of Southern California with resume credits spanning from broadway, television, and film, to orignial rock bands, and pioneering modern music projects. Vybration is unlike many acapella sextets out there, covering a variety of music that includes traditional jazz tunes like Blue Skies and Fly Me to the Moon, rock n roll songs like Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away, pop hits such as Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Startin Something and many many more. All that have witnessed the magic in music that Vybration creates can tell you that, "Vybration is a force to be reckoned with!"

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


WestBeat is comprised of the most incredible professional vocal talent in Southern California. The singers have accomplished a wide variety of work from releasing their own albums, contestants on American Idol, Broadway and Broadway tours, voiceover and session work, lead singers at several local theme parks, performing all over the world, cruise ships, award winning competition singers, and television! WestBeat performs all over Southern California and has also been seen performing at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. They can also have been seen performing throughout the year at the Disneyland Resort!

The repertoire consists of top 40 hits from the 1930's all the way to what you are listening to on the radio today and performed with their own unique flair. We also have a large Disney repertoire and a vast holiday repertoire for everything from Halloween to Christmas. The wide variety of music and styles are sure to please guests of all ages.

Hometown: Anaheim, CA

Wings Vocal Collective

Wings Vocal Collective is a ever-growing group of passionate and versatile vocal performers based in the Metro Vancouver Area. Our members come from different backgrounds, training and walks of life, but have the common goal of creating unique and powerful musical experience for audiences in the community. The Collective was founded by a group of 8 singer friends (then known as 8Wings Vocal Ensemble) who wanted to share their love for music with even more people and build a community of talented and dedicated individuals.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth, winner of DC's first annual "Aca-Challenge" a cappella competition, is a mixed all-vocal band with a passion for fun and innovative a cappella. Formed in November 2011 through Craigslist and - you guessed it - word of mouth, WoM's members are drawn from some of the East Coast's premier collegiate singing groups.

Hometown: Washington, DC


Zenith, founded in 2008, is a mixed a cappella group of five who make music without any instruments. The dictionary definition of 'Zenith' is 'the most successful point, the highest point', sothey use this word as their group name is to explain 'human voice is the best instrument'. Their music, 'Take A Train', 'Beautiful Girl','Giant Tree', 'Christmas carol medley' etc., is loved by listeners because of comfort from normal daily life and wit. For the broadcast and stage, on the basis of Jazz and pop, they create powerful performance from a variety of music genre through the combination of arrangement skill and musical elements.

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

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