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John Bertalot


John Bertalot

The English choral conductor, John Bertalot, won Organ scholarships to the Royal College of Music, London, and to Oxford and Cambridge.

After his studies, John Bertalot first appointment was Director of Music for 6 years of St. Matthew's Church, Northampton, UK (a successor of Alec Wyton), the church for which Britten wrote Rejoice in the Lamb. He then became director of music at Blackburn Cathedral (for 18 years) where he founded the Blackburn Bach Choir and was Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.

In moving to the USA, John Bertalot has been Director of Music for 16 years of Trinity Church, Princeton, NJ. succeeding Dr James Litton. He led for sixteen years one of the most ambitious Episcopal Church music programmes in the USA, where he founded the acclaimed Princeton Singers. He was also Adjunct Associate Professor, Westminster Choir College, Rider University. In over forty years of professional music-making he has led choral workshops all over the world.



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Princeton Singers : In The Midst of Life : 1 CD : John Bertalot : 

Princeton Singers : In The Midst of Life

Review: The music on this recording is a juxtaposition of joyous and somber. The album begins and ends with music by Gerald Finzi and features two Requiem settings by Henry Walford Davies and Herbert Howells. The setting by Davies, which is "in memory of those fallen in the war," begins with a beautiful soprano solo. The Requiems are set using texts from the Book of Common Prayer. The majority of the music on this recording is by twentieth century British composers, which is the focus of this group. The notable exception is Samuel Barber's Reincarnations. This superb choir is conducted by founder John Bertalot.

Songlist: Lo, the Full, Final Sacrifice, A Short Requiem in D Major, Requiem, Jesu, Grant Me This I Pray, Reincarnations, Opus 16, My Spirit Sang All Day

7312c 1 CD $14.98

John Bertalot : How To Be A Successful Choir Director : Book : John Bertalot :  : 50604665

John Bertalot : How To Be A Successful Choir Director

Review: Dr. John Bertalot has drawn on more than forty years' experience as a renowned choir director and organist to share his knowledge and expertise with those who, like himself, are dedicated to the highest standards of choral training and musical expression. His practical guidance is clear and detailed, illumined by his use of apt analogy, personal anecdote and lively humor, and informed throughout by his psychological and spiritual insights and Christian convictions. This is more than a book of instructions; it is a book of passion and inspiration which can be summed up in one word--love: love for music, love for his singers and love for God. It might well have been called 'Love in Practice,' but you need to read the book before you can fully appreciate how fitting that title would be.

Songlist: Encourage Punctuality, Begin Rehearsals Efficiently, Cure Irregular Attendence, Raise Musical Standards, Make Demands On Your Choir, Conduct More Creatively, Train Your Choir To Listen To You, Teach Them how To Breathe, Sing As Well On Sunday As At Rehearsal, An Inspiring Experience, Stop Your Singers Talking, Keep Your Singers In Order, Watch Out For The Second Law Of Thermodynamics, Ten Basic Points For Musical Rehearsal, Create A Positive Atmosphere, Warm-ups, More Tips About Singing In Tune, Some More Advanced Techniques, Some Hints For Organists, Playing Right Notes Confidently And Musically, More Practical Tips, Random Hints For Choir Practice, Rehearsal Hints For Church Choir Practice, Rehearsal Techniques At A Glance, Searching Questions Which Demand Action, Running A Children's Choir, Problems With Clergy, New Music, The New Choir Director, Finding Sufficient Energy, The Christian Element, A Lesson In Dedication, This Is What It's All About, Five Key Words

6303b Book $29.95 Beginning Choral Educators

John Bertalot : Immediately Practical Tips for Choral Directors : Book : John Bertalot :  : 9780806628103

John Bertalot : Immediately Practical Tips for Choral Directors

Review: In this book you'll learn such things as secrets to help fill your choir stalls, advanced choir training techniques, the "ten commandments" for leading successful rehearsals, pastoral concerns, contract information, and much more!.

Songlist: Beginning a New Job, Recruiting New Children, Auditions, Four Immediately Practictal Tips, Two Secrets To Help Fill Your Choirstalls, Choosing Music, A Training For Children's Choirs, Twelve Practical Suggestions, How To Create A Choir, Working With Colleagues, Choir Ceremonies, How To Ensure Good Behavior, Boys' Changing Voice, Choir Meals, Organizing Concert Series, Pastoral Concerns

6438b Book $17.95 Choral Pedagogy

John Bertalot : Teaching Adults to Sight Sing : Book : John Bertalot :  : 50604728

John Bertalot : Teaching Adults to Sight Sing

Review: You wish your adult singers could read music. So do they! This new book by internationally honored choir director, John Bertalot, explains in short easy-to-follow steps how you can fulfill their wish - and yours! The book is a most valuable tool for many who face the more extreme difficulty of teaching reluctant adults things that children learn very readily. While the reader may wish to temper some of John's experiences to suite individual situations, they serve as superb resources for ideas, reminders and discipline for all who work with adult singers. Colin Mawby, former Director of Music of London's Westminster Cathedral, writes: 'This book is essential reading for choirmasters and singers. It's superbly structured, beautifully written, down to earth and amusing, and it's destined to become a classic.'

Songlist: What Sight-singing Is And Is Not, The Essence Of Teaching Sight Singing, How To Start, Pulse, Musical Notation, A Short History Of Notation, Useful Time Names, Writing Sample Rhythms, Clapping Simple Rhythms, Clapping And Counting, Putting Theory Into Practice, Four-beat Notes, Bar Lines and Time Signatures, Looking At Words And Music, Rests, Dotted Notes, Learning New Music By Clapping Rhythm, Looking At The Pitch Of Notes, Pitching Notes Using Warm-ups, Clapping Eighth-notes, Warm-ups using Eighth-notes, Key Signatures, Intervals-The Third, Flat Keys, Intervals - The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Octave, Slurs Ties and Dotted Quarter Notes, Half Note Beats, Compound Time, Syncopation, Starting Off The Beat, Rehearsal Techniques, Coda, Warm-up Excersizes

6302b Book $21.95 Sightsinging Material

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