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Adriana Blagoeva


Adriana Blagoeva

The Sofia Boys' Choir is the first boys' choir in Bulgaria, founded in 1968. The performers, aged 8 to 15, are picked out from the elementary schools in Sofia. Since 1989 Adriana Blagoeva has been a conductor of the choir. She has graduated as "choir conducting" from the State Musical Academy "Prof.Pancho Vladigerov" in Sofia. Besides of her active conducting practice, Adriana Blagoeva teaches choir conducting at the State Musical Academy. Under her direction the choir considerably widened its musical repertoire, invigorated its concert and recording activities, perfected its artistic qualities. Development of the choir is the Youth Formation, founded in 1997 and consisting of former members of the Children Formation. Since 1993 the Sofia Boys' Choir has won many awards at international choral competitions - one Grand Prix, four First Prizes, two Second Prizes, two Silver Medal First Prizes, the "Musician of the Year, 2002" Prize in "Allegro Vivace" Annual Musical Competition of Bulgarian National Radio, the Silver Lyre Award of the Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers Union. Adriana Blagoeva won the Special Conductor Mastership Prize at the 1st International Choral Competition in Bolzano,Italy in 2000.

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Sofia Boys' Choir : Britten & Pergolesi : 1 CD : Adriana Blagoeva : Benjamin BrittenPergolesi,  : 153

Sofia Boys' Choir : Britten & Pergolesi

Review: Founded in 1968 for boys ages 7 to 15, about 40 of which appear in concert, Bulgaria's SBC has been directed since 1989 by the talented Adriana Blagoeva. They released their first CD in 1981, "Britten" was recorded in 1993. The group has toured internationally, gaining a worldwide reputation for excellence performing a varied repertoire which includes Renaissance, Baroque, and Contemporary compositions by Bulgarian authors as well as large-scope cantata and oratorio works. This CD includes 5 works by Benjamin Britten (1913-76) and 17 by Giovanni Pergolesi (1710-36)-the Britten pieces have some organ accompaniment and feature two female sopranos, and the Pergolesi ones are orchestrally accompanied and feature a mezzo-soprano. The voices of the boys soar clear and sweet, and the adult soloists are wonderful. Heavenly sacred music, beautifully performed!

Songlist: Missa Brevis in D, Op. 63, Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei, Stabat Mater, Stabat Mater dolorosa, Cujus animam gementem, O quam tristis, Quae moerebat, Quis est homo, Vidit suum dulcem natum, Eja Mater fons amoris, Fac ut ardeat cor meum, Sanctus Mater, istud agas, Fac ut portem Christi mortem, Inflammatus et accensus, Quando corpus morietur

6932c 1 CD $15.98

Sofia Boys' Choir : Hosanna in Exelsis : 1 CD : Adriana Blagoeva :  : 188

Sofia Boys' Choir : Hosanna in Exelsis

Review: The Sofia Boys' Choir is one of the most prestigious Bulgarian choirs of its kind, winner of many awards at international and national competitions. Under the guidance of the talented Adriana Blagoeva, during the past few years the choir has widened the range of its repertoire by including masterpieces of sacred music - both Catholic and Orthodox. The performances are distinguished by the unique beauty of sounds of the boys' voices led by the conductor with great skill. Each song features not only the professionalism of the great choirs, but also precision of dynamics, accents and gradation, typical of religious singing. The singers and their musicality, the perfectly performed tunes, the crystal sounds, as well as the characteristic reverberation of the recordings that recreates the atmosphere in Alexander Nevsky Cathedral leave a deep impression.

Songlist: Voskresenya Den, Slava Otsu, Dostoino Est, Vozlyublyu, Tya, Gospodi, Voskresenie Tvoe, Svyatii Boje, Da Ispravitsya Molitva Moya, Angel Vopiashe, Tebe Poem, Hervimska Pesen, Otche Nash, Edin Svyat, Razboinika Blagoaznumnago, Sei Narechnii I Svyatii Den, Dostoino Est, Vo Tsarstvii Tvoem, Elitsi Vo Hrista, Heruvimska Pesen, Mnogaya Leta

6933c 1 CD $15.98

Sofia Boys' Choir : Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes : 1 CD : Adriana Blagoeva :  : 143

Sofia Boys' Choir : Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes

Review: The first boys' choir in Bulgaria, founded in 1968, the Sofia Boys' Choir has been conducted by Adrian Blagoeva since 1989, who has led them in an active touring and recording schedule, and to numerous awards in international competitions. All sacred music and all organ accompanied, "Laudate" features two works by Mozart, "Ave Maria" and "Ave verum corpus," 5 works by Charles Gounod (1818-93), including "Kyrie," "Gloria," "Sanctus," and others, and 9 works by Giuseppe Zelioli (1880-1949), including the title song, "Regina coeli," "Agnus Dei" and others. The clear, bell-like voices of the boys (ages 7 to 15) make "Laudate" a treat throughout. The Sofia Boys' Choir has gained a reputation as one of the best in the world, and it is a reputation that is well deserved. They truly sing like angels!

Songlist: Ave Maria, Ave verum corpus, Messe No. 4 in C Major, Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, O salutaris hostia, Agnus Dei, Laudate Dominum omnes gentes, Regina coeli, Agnus Dei, Messa facile e melodica, Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei

6931c 1 CD $15.98

Sofia Boys' Choir : Magnificat : 1 CD : Adriana Blagoeva :  : 242

Sofia Boys' Choir : Magnificat

Review: On Magnificat by the Sofia Boys Choir, led by Adriana Blagoeva, the Bulgarian choir sings rarely performed works from the late Baroque and early Classical periods. The CD begins with the Magnificat by Czech composer _imon Brixi. This engaging piece is for four voice choir, SATB soloists and chamber orchestra. Also included on this release is the German Mass by Michael Haydn for four voice choir with Soprano and Tenor soloists and organ accompaniment.

Songlist: Magnificat, Quia respexit, Ecce enim ex hoc, Quia fesit, Et misericordia, Fecit potentiam, Deposuit potentes, Esurientes, Sicut locutus, Gloria, Zwei Italienische Canzonetten Op. 4, Gia la notte, Che ciascun per te sospiri, Ave Maria, Ave verum corpus, Deutsche Messe (Michael Haydn):, Zum Eingang, Zum Gloria, Zum Evangelium, Zum Credo, Zum Offertorium, Zum Sanctus, Nach der Wandlung, Zum Agnus Dei, Zur Kommunion, Zum Segen, Zum Schluss

7164c 1 CD $15.98

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