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Moses Hogan

Born: 1957. Died: 2003. Lived in: United States

Moses George Hogan, born in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 13, 1957, was a pianist, conductor and arranger of international renown. A graduate of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) and Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio, he also studied at New York's Juilliard School of Music and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Mr. Hogan's many accomplishments as a concert pianist included winning first place in the prestigious 28th annual Kosciuszko Foundation Chopin Competition in New York. Hogan was recently appointed Artist In Residence at Loyola University in New Orleans. Hogan began his exploration of the choral music idiom in 1980. Hogan's former New Orleans based Moses Hogan Chorale received international acclaim.


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Moses Hogan Singers : Deep River : 1 CD : Moses Hogan : 073999033076 : 08703307

Moses Hogan Singers : Deep River

From the library of Moses Hogan is Deep River, featuring 18 songs: 10 Songs are solo arrangements and 8 songs are never before recorded choral arrangements. The Solos are available in the corresponding Deep River Songbook for both High and Low voice, and charts are available for the choral pieces. Soloists are Henrietta Davis/Soprano, Robert Sims/Baritone, and Alfred Walker/Bass with Moses Hogan accompanying on piano. Deep River comes highly recommended!

Songlist: Deep River, Hear My Prayer, He Never Said A Mumblin' Word, Ride The Chariot, My Good Lord's Done Been Here, Were You There?, I Want To Be Ready, He's Got the Whole World In His Hands, You Better Min' How You Talk, A Spiritual Reflection, Give Me Jesus, Good News, The Chariot's Coming, Somebody's Knockin' At Yo Door, We Shall Walk Through The Valley In Peace, Let Us Break Bread Together, Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child, Walk Together Children, Who Built The Ark?

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6569c | 1 CD | $15.98

Moses Hogan Singers : Lift Every Voice for Freedom : 1 CD : Moses Hogan : 073999432817 : 08743281

Moses Hogan Singers : Lift Every Voice for Freedom

Moses Hogan is of course a pianist, conductor and arranger of international renown, and this is a CD for lovers of America. Moses plays piano with the Singers, which is the only accompaniment, except for Kelvin Harrison's saxophone on the final cut, "Let America Be America Again," for the '95 PBS documentary "The American Promise." The strong composing hand of Moses is evident on all 16 songs, from the title tune, "Shenandoah," "Like A Mighty Stream," "America The Beautiful" and "The Star-Spangled Banner" to "Amazing Grace," "Common Dust," the spirituals "Keep Your Lamps," "All My Trials," "If You Come Softly," "Grass Roots" and "This Is My Country." Interspersed are inspiring words and poems. A work of rare beauty and power!

Songlist: Lift Every Voice For Freedom, Shenandoah, Like a Mighty Stream, I Dream A World, America, The Beautiful, The Star-Spangled Banner, Amazing Grace, Common Dust, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, Keep Your Lamps!, All My Trials, If You Come Softly, We Shall Overcome, This Is My Country, Grass Roots, Let America Be America Again

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6702c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella

Moses Hogan Singers : Choral Series 2002 : 2 CDs : Moses Hogan : 073999226430 : 08743982

Moses Hogan Singers : Choral Series 2002

This is a double CD featuring 39 stirring arrangements of traditional African-American spirituals by renowned pianist, conductor and arranger Moses Hogan, a leading force in preserving and promoting this incredible music. Picking our favorites is no easy task-all the cuts are beautifully and uniquely arranged, and performed with spirit and style: "Plenty Good Room," "Oh, Mary Don't You Weep, Don't You Mourn," "No Hidin' Place," "Walk Together Children," "The Lily of the Valley," "Any How," "The Battle of Jericho," "Wade In The Water," "The Chariot's Comin'," "Great Day," "Elijah Rock," "Who Built The Ark," "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," "Jesus Lay Your Head In the Window," "Go Down Moses" and "His Light Still Shines." A brilliant, moving collection!

Songlist: Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Plenty Good Room, Oh Mary Don't You Weep, Don't You Mourn, Do, Lord, Remember Me, No Hidin' Place, Surely He Died On Calvary, Walk Together Children, My Lord, What a Mornin', Go, Tell it on the Mountain, The Lilly Of The Valley, Any How, Fix me, Jesus, My Good Lord's Done Been Here, The Battle Of Jericho, I'm Gonna Sing Till The Spirit Moves In My Heart, Wade In The Water, I Got A Home In-A Dat Rock, I Got A Robe, I Can Tell The World, Good News, The Charoit's Commin, Great day, Abide With Me, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel, Hear My Prayer, Elijah Rock, De Blin' Man Stood On De Road n' Cried, Glory, Glory, Glory To The New Born King, Ride On King Jesus, We Shall Walk Thru The Valley In Peace, and more

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6706c | 2 CDs | $22.98 | Primarily a cappella

Moses Hogan Singers : This Little Light Of Mine : 1 CD : Moses Hogan : 073999755817 : 08743516

Moses Hogan Singers : This Little Light Of Mine

Moses Hogan is probably the most well-known name in the Gospel/Choral genre, and rightfully so. A gifted arranger of African-American traditional spirituals, and the leader of acclaimed singing groups like the Moses Hogan Chorale, and here, the Moses Hogan Singers. "This Little Light" features eight new Hogan arrangements that are sure to become staples in the repertoires of choirs the world over. In addition, there are 7 more excerpts from the Oxford Book of Spirituals, edition by Moses Hogan. There are 15 wonderful (mostly piano accompanied) tunes here: "This Little Light of Mine," "Hold On!," "Daniel, Daniel, Servant of the Lord," "Little Innocent Lamb," "Here's One," "Let Us Break Bread Together," "I Want God's Heaven To Be Mine," "Were You There?," "Cert'nly Lawd," "Lily of the Valley," "I Surrender All," "Amen," "Witness" and "Only What You Do for Christ Will Last." Another long-awaited winner from Mr. Hogan!

Songlist: This Little Light of Mine, Hold On!, Daniel, Daniel, Servant of the Lord, Little Innocent Lamb, Here's One, Let Us Break Bread Together, I Want God's Heaven To Be Mine, Were You There?, Cert'nly Lawd, Lily of the Valley, I Surrender All, Amen, Witness, Only What You Do for Christ Will Last, I'll Make the Difference

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6741c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella

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