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Greg Gilpin

Living in: Indianapolis, Indiana.

Originally from the "Show-Me" state of Missouri, Greg resides in Indianapolis, IN. He is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Music Education, K-12'.

Greg is a well-known, ASCAP award-winning choral composer and arranger with hundreds of publications to his credit. He is also in demand as a conductor for choral festivals, all-district and all-state choirs and is a member of MENC and ACDA. As Director of Educational Choral Publications for Shawnee Press, Inc., Greg oversees creation of the educational music products for this distinguished publisher.

At home in Indianapolis, Greg is busy as a studio musician and producer in the recording industry. These projects include commercial jingles, CD projects, Broadway and Disney. He has worked musically with Ray Boltz, Bill and Gloria Gaither, Sandi Patty, David Clydesdale as well as principal pops conductor, Jack Everly and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.


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Greg Gilpin : Bread and Butter : Showtrax CD : 888680890605 : 1540038815 : 35032492

Greg Gilpin : Bread and Butter

In 1964 a group called The Newbeats released their first and most popular hit with its opening two-chord riff and lead falsetto singing being its most notable features. Here it is as a fun 2-part and 3-part mixed novelty number for your program hearkening back to the 1960s and the novelty craze that hit the radio airwaves.

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1016p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : A Wonderful Day Like Today : Showtrax CD : 888680904890 : 154004338X : 35032611

Greg Gilpin : A Wonderful Day Like Today

The musical The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd gave us this bright two-beat number. It's a perfect selection for young singers to perform a positive message, add some choreography and the best part... play some kazoos! A terrific opener for any general concert.

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1020p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Uh-Hum! (Froggie Went A-Courtin') : Showtrax CD : 888680922658 : 1540047644 : 35032718

Greg Gilpin : Uh-Hum! (Froggie Went A-Courtin')

Gilpin never disappoints in finding the rhythmic charm and humor of the American folk song, especially for young singers. Beginning with an intro of the phrase Uh-hum, he leads us to the familiar melody and text, but combining many verses to create the story in a faster pace. Vocal lines add additional text-painting and there's even a rap or vocal speech section! A big uh-hum when programming this American folk song on your next concert.

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1023p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : The Syncopated Clock : Showtrax CD : 038081313542  : 00-28810

Greg Gilpin : The Syncopated Clock

This crazy syncopated "tick-tock" clock choral is the perfect novelty number for any concert. What a fantastic change of pace, and a great way to celebrate Leroy Andersonis 100th birthday (born June 29, 1908). Greg Gilpinis arrangement is witty and wonderful from one rhythmic tick to the next.

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1123p | Showtrax CD | $24.95

Greg Gilpin : The Papaya Song : Showtrax CD : 038081467634  : 00-41683

Greg Gilpin : The Papaya Song

Kids will love performing with shakers in hand during this island-flavored Calypso song, arranged especially for developing 2-part singers. A terrific way to shake things up and bring the house down!

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2473p | Showtrax CD | $27.95 | Concert/Contest; Recorded

Greg Gilpin : Skatin' and Sleighin' : Showtrax CD : 884088537937 : 35027706

Greg Gilpin : Skatin' and Sleighin'

This novel and up-tempo choral sings of skating on an icy pond in circles, with lots of slipping and sliding, followed by a verse of sleigh-riding through snowy fields of white. Put them together and you have a bright and festive winter or holiday partner song for your young singers! Available separately: 2-Part, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:01.

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2508p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Parade of the Wooden Soldiers : Showtrax CD : 888680035938 : 1495006328 : 35030037

Greg Gilpin : Parade of the Wooden Soldiers

A holiday classic all wrapped in a delightful 2-part arrangement that marches and dances with ease and includes the opportunity to play kazoos! A novel setting that sparkles with fun for the season.

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2514p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Fire and Rain : Showtrax CD : 884088476151 : 35027120

Greg Gilpin : Fire and Rain

A James Taylor classic, Greg's arrangements for SATB, SAB and TBB voices reflect the original recording and add lush vocal harmonies that melt into the incredible lyric. Sure to be an audience and performer favorite, it is a stunning pop ballad and an enduring concert selection. Available separately: SATB, SAB, TBB, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 3:35.

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2842p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Loves Me Like a Rock : Showtrax CD : 884088592530 : 35028023

Greg Gilpin : Loves Me Like a Rock

Paul Simon's fabulous '70s hit comes to choral life keeping true to its original sound. Optional tenor and soprano solos with backing chorus and gospel-style harmonies, all to a great shuffle-beat, will make this a performance gem for your mixed and men's choirs. Available: SATB; SAB; TTB; StudioTrax CD.

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Performed by Paul Simon | 2878p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Travelin' Thru : Showtrax CD : 888680090036 : 1495046915 : 35030614

Greg Gilpin : Travelin' Thru

Dolly Parton's inspirational hit was nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe and Grammy Award. Its motivating text, rhythmic melody and Bluegrass accompaniment create an exciting and refreshing choral for mixed voices as well as men's choirs.

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Performed by Dolly Parton | 4030p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Let's Twist Again : SSA : Showtrax CD : 884088584030 : 35027987

Greg Gilpin : Let's Twist Again

One of the biggest hits of 1961, Chubby Checker's dance craze hit is now a fun SSA and 2-part choral. Come on, everybody, clap your hands. We're gonna do the twist and it goes like this... Irresistible fun for show and concert! Available: SSA; 2-Part; StudioTrax CD.

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Voicing: SSA | Performed by Chubby Checker | 4350p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Don't Be Cruel : Showtrax CD : 884088584009 : 1458408183 : 35027984

Greg Gilpin : Don't Be Cruel

This new choral arrangement of one of Elvis Presley's biggest hits is perfect for your young singers and especially for your men! The '50s sound is captured here with every bop, bop and oo, ah and will make a charming performance piece to introduce a rock classic to your singers. Available: 3-Part Mixed; TBB; 2-Part; StudioTrax CD.

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Performed by Elvis Presley | 4683p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Marshmallow World : Studiotrax CD : 747510179467 : 35000070

Greg Gilpin : Marshmallow World

Greg Gilpin's arrangement of this popular tune from the 1940s is unique in its voicing. This bouncy swing number for the holidays can be performed as a 2-part choral or expanded with the optional part if you have boys with changed voices in your choir. Two chorals in one and so useful year after year when your needs change! A wonderfully familiar novelty number to set the holiday mood. Available Separately: 2-part (opt. 3-part mixed); StudioTrax CD.

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5264p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Thank You for Being a Friend : Studiotrax CD : 884088518578 : 35027523

Greg Gilpin : Thank You for Being a Friend

The theme from the T.V. series, The Golden Girls roars to new life due to the recent Betty White fan craze and is now available for your choir to sing and enjoy! Bright, happy, and a perfect song for celebrating friendship! Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant. Available separately: SATB, SAB, 2-part, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 4:00.

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5270p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic : TTB : Studiotrax CD : 884088525040 : 35027563

Greg Gilpin : Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

This 1981 hit by Sting and performed by The Police has been arranged for your men in a TTB voicing. Accessible, repetitive rhythms, and easy part writing make this perfect for the guys to learn and enjoy while adding a little pop romance to your men's performance. Available separately: TTB, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 3:22.

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Voicing: TTB | Performed by Sting | 5273p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Everything Is Beautiful : Studiotrax CD : 884088532369 : 35027652

Greg Gilpin : Everything Is Beautiful

This two-time GRAMMY winner from Ray Stevens is as perfect a message for today's generation as it was in the early '70s. With a gospel-feel, this piece includes a descant sung by a soloist, small group, or children's chorus, creating an anthem of love and peace with the message of understanding and acceptance. Available: SATB; SAB; 2-part; StudioTrax CD.

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5275p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : They Had a Dream : Studiotrax CD : 884088545000 : 35027797

Greg Gilpin : They Had a Dream

This 2-part choral is a gem for teaching and celebrating African American's Civil Rights. Each verse is filled with key events in black history, set to fun and upbeat music and a chorus using the phrase Dream, dream, they had a dream. Perfect for any concert throughout the year and especially February to celebrate Black History Month. Available separately: 2-Part, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:55.

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5279p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Harambee! : Studiotrax CD : 884088547219 : 35027814

Greg Gilpin : Harambee!

Harambee! is a Swahili word that literally means let us all pull together. This original work has a distinct African beat and feel with its rhythmic vocal writing creating a sense of passion and call to action for performers and audience. Available separately: SATB, SSAB, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 4:17.

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5280p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Junk Band Boogie : Studiotrax CD : 884088549381 : 35027823

Greg Gilpin : Junk Band Boogie

Grab a can, grab a pot, give it everything ya got! Here's introducing a performance gem by Greg Gilpin. This boogie-woogie novelty number lets your choir create its own junk band to play along! A wonderful opportunity to learn rhythms and create musical instruments as well as a great choral performance piece! Available: 3-Part Mixed, 2-Part, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:50.

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5281p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Our Journey Continues : Studiotrax CD : 884088604653 : 35028087

Greg Gilpin : Our Journey Continues

If you are looking for your next inspirational choral, you've found it! This original work speaks of friendship, learning, and the journey that lies ahead in a musically emotional setting that builds to a grand ending of a brand new day. Available: SATB; SAB; StudioTrax CD.

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5283p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : I'll Be Home for Christmas : Studiotrax CD : 884088621384 : 35028179

Greg Gilpin : I'll Be Home for Christmas

This holiday standard can be performed either a cappella or with the rich, contemporary piano accompaniment. Beginning with thick vocal harmonies, a solo appears on top of vocal oos that lead into the chorus we all know and love. Musically exquisite for both mixed and women's voices with lots of room for musical interpretation. Available: SATB; SSAA; StudioTrax CD.

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5284p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95 | A Cappella

Greg Gilpin : Happiness : Studiotrax CD : 884088664084 : 35028515

Greg Gilpin : Happiness

This endearing song from the musical ┌You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown┌ will delight your audiences with its adorable lyric and sweet melody. Set for 2-part voices with a tender and supportive piano accompaniment, ┌Happiness┌ will be a programming gem for your concert or festival.

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5293p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Purple People Eater : Studiotrax CD : 884088665579 : 1476805784 : 35028538

Greg Gilpin : Purple People Eater

Don't be scared! This Purple People Eater only wants to play in a rock and roll band! Have some fun performing this crazy 1958 chart-topper, complete with optional kazoos and hilarious solo opportunities using funny voice effects. It's a terrific novelty feature for your guys! Available separately: 2-Part, TB, StudioTrax CD. Duration: ca. 2:10.

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Performed by Sheb Wooley | 5294p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Things We Do for Love : Studiotrax CD : 884088964481 : 1480367273 : 35029485

Greg Gilpin : Things We Do for Love

This hit from 1977 by 10cc is now a hot new arrangement for mixed and male voices. The bright, upbeat swing feel has great harmonies throughout with a pop energy that is fun to learn and sing. A great up-tempo ballad for your show or concert choir that is suitable for staging and choreography!

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Performed by 10cc | 5306p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Hope : Studiotrax CD : 884088964641 : 1480367354 : 35029490

Greg Gilpin : Hope

Premiered at the Shawnee Press 75th Anniversary Concert at Carnegie Hall, February 17th, 2014, this powerful and inspirational work sings of hope described through the phases of life, such as a newborn's cry, the laughter of children, the ashes of the fire of love that has died, the quiet comfort of a dream. Set to haunting and dynamic music with piano or optional orchestration, the gorgeous work comes to a moving conclusion of: Hope is not lost; hope is not gone. It is not dead; it still lives on. Hope will arise!

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5307p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : O Come and Sing of Christmas : Studiotrax CD : 884088964962 : 1480367524 : 35029495

Greg Gilpin : O Come and Sing of Christmas

Celebrate the season with this delightful medley using some of our favorite Christmas melodies. Unique in its spiritedness in a minor key, the piece builds to a majestic finish in a major key for the final carol, making this a wonderful opening selection or grand finale for your concert. The optional brass quintet accompaniment will add extra Christmas joy to your performance. Duration: ca. 4:00

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5308p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Party, Me Heartey : Studiotrax CD : 888680033927 : 1495004325 : 35030009

Greg Gilpin : Party, Me Heartey

Hoist the sail and join the pirate crew with this fun and novel pirate original song. Shiver me timbers, this will transfer your choir into singing pirates and it's sure to make a swashbucklin' showstopper! Perfect for costumes, movement and staging.

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5313p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : All Night, All Day : Studiotrax CD : 888680035501 : 1495005666 : 35030029

Greg Gilpin : All Night, All Day

Charged with gospel-style excitement, this traditional spiritual comes alive with energy and style. A powerful chorus, hand claps, stacked vocal section and a key change builds to a big ending that is sure to please your singers and audience.

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5315p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : A Holly Jolly Christmas : Studiotrax CD : 888680036164 : 1495006441 : 35030043

Greg Gilpin : A Holly Jolly Christmas

What a fun song to add to your holiday program! This Johnny Marks favorite and made popular by Burl Ives will add sparkle, fun and maybe a bit of humor when adding the optional kazoos, all in a hip 50's style that invites choreography.

More details
5316p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Let Music Live : Studiotrax CD : 888680045371 : 1495010074 : 35030126

Greg Gilpin : Let Music Live

Let it weave throughout the tapestry of who we are. In all that life can give, let music live. This is an inspirational theme for every choir and for celebrating the power of music in our lives, world and throughout creation. A perfect closing number for anytime of year that will become a favorite for years to come.

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5318p | Studiotrax CD | $26.95

Greg Gilpin : Waitress : SSA : Showtrax CD : 888680672126 : 00225287

Greg Gilpin : Waitress

Described as Sweet, sassy, passionate and delightful and Cooked to perfection, this musical with music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles, and a book by Jessie Nelson was one of the successes of the 2016 Broadway season. This 5-minute SSA medley will be a fantastic showcase for women's choirs and includes: Everything Changes, Opening Up, She Used To Be Mine.

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Voicing: SSA | 5519p | Showtrax CD | $39.95

Greg Gilpin : That's Entertainment : Showtrax CD : 038081266916  : 00-25199

Greg Gilpin : That's Entertainment

It's the quintessential "show business" song, a real showstopper so spectacular that it was used as the theme of MGM Studios' motion picture tribute to the great American Hollywood musicals. And the lyrics! Can they get any better than this? This arrangement includes additional verses which can be used as a "closer" performance.

More details
5668p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Greg Gilpin : The Winner Takes It All : Showtrax CD : 038081266954  : 00-25204

Greg Gilpin : The Winner Takes It All

Don't miss this heart-felt ballad from the international musical and movie hit Mamma Mia! Greg Gilpin has turned this popular hit into a fine choral work.

More details
5669p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Greg Gilpin : Nothing Could Be Finer: Those Fabulous '40s! : Showtrax CD : 038081267043  : 00-25213

Greg Gilpin : Nothing Could Be Finer: Those Fabulous '40s!

Greg Gilpin has put together a fantastic, swingin' medley of some of the greatest hits of one of our greatest musical decades, the 1940s. Includes "Jumpin' at the Woodside," "Jersey Bounce," "On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe," "Chattanooga Choo Choo," "Pennsylvania 6-5000," and "Tuxedo Junction." Need we say more?

More details
5671p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Greg Gilpin : Shake, Rattle, and Let the Good Times Roll : Showtrax CD : 038081296654  : 00-27406

Greg Gilpin : Shake, Rattle, and Let the Good Times Roll

It's back to the 50s and 60s with this medley of dance hits: "Save the Last Dance for Me," "Shake, Rattle and Roll," and "Let the Good Times Roll," and it's guaranteed fun for choral groups of any age. Great for adding movement and staging.

More details
5705p | Showtrax CD | $22.95

Greg Gilpin : The Shadow of Your Smile : Showtrax CD : 038081296692  : 00-27410

Greg Gilpin : The Shadow of Your Smile

Here's a straightforward bossa nova arrangement by Greg Gilpin of a pop standard from the 1960s. It's written with a very easy choral feel, so it's perfect for your larger groups, yet still has enough jazz qualities for your pop/jazz ensembles. Includes a tasty, scat syllable solo for any voice, male or female.

More details
Performed by The Sandpiper | 5706p | Showtrax CD | $22.95

Greg Gilpin : It's Raining Men : Showtrax CD : 038081310640  : 00-28520

Greg Gilpin : It's Raining Men

Who knew that Paul Shaffer (of "Letterman" fame) wrote one of the biggest disco hits of the '70s? The Weather Girls made the top-selling recording, and we bring it to you in all its luscious, polyester splendor. The forecast: "Tonight, just about half past ten, for the first time in history it's gonna start raining men!" Bring it home, girls!

More details
Performed by The Weather Girls | 5718p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Greg Gilpin : Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In : Showtrax CD : 038081313757  : 00-28831

Greg Gilpin : Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In

The groundbreaking musical Hair gave us many hits, including this medley, which was recorded by the vocal group The Fifth Dimension. This arrangement stays true to its 1960s roots, with a pulsing bass line and easy-singing harmonies. And the "peace and love" lyrics ring as true today as they did during the "Age of Aquarius."

More details
5739p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Greg Gilpin : All-American Girls: A Medley of Carrie Underwood Hits : Showtrax CD : 038081338026  : 00-31030

Greg Gilpin : All-American Girls: A Medley of Carrie Underwood Hits

Your girls will sound great on this trio of recent top-selling Carrie Underwood hits, wonderfully arranged by Greg Gilpin. This 5-minute medley features "Some Hearts," "Jesus, Take the Wheel," and "All-American Girl."

More details
Performed by Carrie Underwood | 5746p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Greg Gilpin : Great Balls of Fire : Showtrax CD : 038081338064  : 00-31034

Greg Gilpin : Great Balls of Fire

Goodness, gracious, this one is hot! Itis classic rock and roll, full of excitement and fun times. Donit miss this quick-learn arrangement.

More details
5747p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Greg Gilpin : The Big City Sound (A Medley) : Showtrax CD : 038081338309  : 00-31058

Greg Gilpin : The Big City Sound (A Medley)

This 5-minute montage opens with an original theme, then travels musically from coast to coast---from New York to New Orleans, from Chicago to Hollywood. A clever concert feature. Offers great opportunities for staging, too!

More details
5749p | Showtrax CD | $29.95

Greg Gilpin : Make 'Em Laugh: A Medley of Comic Songs : Showtrax CD : 038081338354  : 00-31063

Greg Gilpin : Make 'Em Laugh: A Medley of Comic Songs

This classic 2-beat vaudeville-style trio of tunes is jam-packed with frivolity, clever lyrics, and slip-on-a-banana-peel fun! The SoundTrax CD features tons of "ha ha" moments using humorous percussion sounds. Perfect for inventive staging, too!

More details
5750p | Showtrax CD | $24.95

Greg Gilpin : This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) : Showtrax CD : 038081338583  : 00-31086

Greg Gilpin : This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

A kickin' gospel-style tribute to everlasting love! This can't-sit-still arrangement is true to the original Natalie Cole recording. Excitement from start to finish! "This will be the one I've waited for . . . the thrill of a lifetime!"

More details
Performed by Natalie Cole | 5751p | Showtrax CD | $24.95

Greg Gilpin : Tea for Two : Showtrax CD : 038081338934  : 00-31121

Greg Gilpin : Tea for Two

The ultimate soft shoe song has been given novel twists and turns galore! This theme-and-variations arrangement includes the traditional soft shoe, a waltz, a jazz waltz, and a soap opera theme treatment! Perfect for your "novelty" slot in the concert.

More details
5753p | Showtrax CD | $24.95

Greg Gilpin : Chain of Fools : Showtrax CD : 038081359168  : 00-33008

Greg Gilpin : Chain of Fools

Oh, baby! Aretha Franklin move on over! Greg's arrangement is just as funky and full as can be. Great solo feature, too.

More details
Performed by Aretha Franklin | 5775p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Greg Gilpin : Hair: A Choral Medley : Showtrax CD : 038081359373  : 00-33029

Greg Gilpin : Hair: A Choral Medley

It's the '60s, the Age of Aquarius, of hippies, and of the surprise Broadway smash Hair. Now, over 40 years later, this "tribal love-rock musical" has returned to Broadway and has audiences dancing in the aisles. Winner of the 2009 Tony for Best Revival of a Musical. Greg's wonderful new 6-minute medley captures all of the fresh flower-power

More details
5777p | Showtrax CD | $39.95

Greg Gilpin : Minka : Showtrax CD : 038081359502  : 00-33042

Greg Gilpin : Minka

Greg Gilpin's partner-song arrangement makes this Russian folk song a sure-fire success for winter concerts. Kids will enjoy the "Deck the Hall" and "Jingle Bells" texts, not to mention the accelerando to the end!

More details
5779p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Greg Gilpin : Party in the U.S.A. : Showtrax CD : 038081359663  : 00-33058

Greg Gilpin : Party in the U.S.A.

Here is the ultimate Miley Cyrus party song---fresh, fun, and fantastic! So put your hands up, and sing along with this hot iTunes and Billboard Top 100 hit! Yeah!

More details
Performed by Miley Cyrus | 5780p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Greg Gilpin : You Took Advantage of Me : Showtrax CD : 038081360478  : 00-33139

Greg Gilpin : You Took Advantage of Me

What fun it was to see and hear this classic 1928 Rodgers and Hart tune from the musical Present Arms in the recent movie musical Fame, as performed by Megan Mullally. A fresh, comedic, and jazzy rendition, arranged just for your ladies.

More details
5788p | Showtrax CD | $24.95

Greg Gilpin : Big Yellow Taxi : Showtrax CD : 038081360867  : 00-33178

Greg Gilpin : Big Yellow Taxi

"You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." Joni Mitchell's hit song from 1970 gets a fresh, hip treatment in this cool Greg Gilpin arrangement.

More details
Performed by Joni Mitchell | 5792p | Showtrax CD | $24.95

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