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Shirlee Emmons

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Shirlee Emmons

Shirlee Emmons maintained a private studio in New York after teaching for 35 years on the faculties of Columbia University/Barnard College, Princeton University, Boston University, and Rutgers University. She was the author of five books: The Art of the Song Recital; Tristanissimo: the Authorized Biography of Heroic Tenor Lauritz Melchior; Power Performance for Singers; Researching the Song, and Prescriptions for Choral Excellence. Her workshops and master classes were presented in thirty-four of the US states, in Korea, and Canada. Emmons' singing career commenced with winning the Marian Anderson Award, followed by a lengthy national tour with Lauritz Melchior, US and Canadian concert and opera appearances, regular engagements with the major New York City choral organizations, and the award of an Off-Broadway Oscar, the "Obie," for the leading role in Virgil Thomson's The Mother of Us All. She was a past chair of the prestigious American Academy of Teachers of Singing. Her students included Hei-Kyung Hong and Harolyn Blackwell.

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Shirlee Emmons / Stanley Sonntag : The Art of the Song Recital : Songbook :  : 1-57766-220-2

Shirlee Emmons / Stanley Sonntag : The Art of the Song Recital

Review: Since its original publication, the Emmons-Sonntag text has continually stood out as the definitive work on the song recital. The book presents imaginative advice and practical techniques for producing successful recitals and kindling audience excitement. Every aspect of the recital is covered, from building programs and the use of acting skills to the relationship between the singer and the accompanist. Singers of all levels and backgrounds will benefit from the authors' vast experience in the performance of song recitals as a singer/accompanist team. The comprehensive repertoire lists, now organized by voice and instrumentation as well as by composer, appeal to both students and professional musicians. Readers will agree that the authors have met their goal of providing "extensive, throughgoing, and definitive insights into the attributes that can render the song recital at once a great art and a magnificent entertainment."

Chapters: The Song Recital, Program Building, Constructing Sample Programs, More Sample Programs, The Unique Needs of the Young Artist, The Singing Actor, The Accompanist, Recital Tactics and Strategies, Musical and Literary Research, Methods of Study and Memorization, New Music, Vocal Ensemble Music, The Song Cycle, Folk Music and Popular Music, The Need for Change & Innovations, Appendix, Bibliography

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6514b | Songbook $34.95 | Solo Performance Tips

Shirlee Emmons : Researching The Song : Book :  : 9780195373103

Shirlee Emmons : Researching The Song

Review: Singers are faced with a unique challenge among musicians: they must express not just the music, but the lyrics too. To effectively communicate the meaning behind these words, singers must understand the many references embedded in the vast international repertoire of great art songs. They must deal with the meaning of the lyrics, frequently in a language not their own and of a culture unfamiliar to them. From Zelter and Schubert to Rorem and Musto, Researching the Song serves as an invaluable guide for performers, teachers, and enthusiasts to the art song repertoire. Its more than 2,000 carefully researched entries supply information on most of the mythological, historical, geographical, and literary references contained in western art song. The authors explain the meaning of less familiar literary terms, figures, and authors referenced in song while placing songs in the context of larger literary sources. Readers will find entries dealing with art songs from the German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, South American, Greek, Finnish, Scandinavian, and both American and British English repertoires. Sources, narratives, and explanations of major song cycles are also given. Organized alphabetically, the lexicon includes brief biographies of poets, lists of composers who set each poet's work, bibliographic materials, and brief synopses of major works from which song texts were taken, including the plots of all Restoration theater works containing Purcell's vocal music. The more performers know and understand the literary elements of a song, the richer their communication will be. Researching the Song is a vital aid for singers and teachers in interpreting art songs and building song recital programs.

Chapters: Introduction, Researching the Song, Abbreviations

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6652b | Book $34.95 | Solo

Shirlee Emmons / Alma Thomas : Power Performance For Singers : Book :  : 0195112245

Shirlee Emmons / Alma Thomas : Power Performance For Singers

Review: To perform well in today's highly competitive world where technical skills have been advanced to an unprecedented degree, a singer must be able to handle incredible pressure within the performing arena; his or her ability to deal with this stress will often determine whether he or she will succeed. Why, then, do singers with less technical skill sometimes out-perform stars? Why do some stars suddenly stop performing? What is that mysterious factor that makes an electric performance? Consistent, competent performances do not depend solely upon superior vocal skills, nor are they a matter of luck. On the contrary, the best performances result from a combination of mental attitude, concrete performing skills, and excellent technical skills in that order. Yet most singers have never had the opportunity to acquire the essential skills that make for a successful career.Written as a self-help manual for singers at all levels of expertise, Transcending the Performance Barriers is designed to teach performing artists, and especially singers, how to experience elite performance at their level. The skills outlined in this book will help singers use what they have, to enjoy their voices during performance, and to perform consistently to the best of their present ability.

Chapters: This Thing Called Performance, The Characteristics of Peak Performance, What is Mental Toughness?, The Performance Cycle: Plans and Routines, The Self and Performance: You, the Person; You, the Performer, Physical Well-Being and Relaxation, Setting Goals, Developing Self-Confidence through Positive Thinking, The Art of Concentrating, Distractions, Dealing with Anxiety, Imagery in Performance, Memory, The Coach's Place in Singer's Preperformance Work, Exploring and Planning "Meaning" for Performance, The Audition and the Competition, The Coach's and/or Accompanist's Place in Singers' Audition, Competition, and Performance Work, Fear in Performance, Postperformance Management, Staleness and Burnout in Performers, Mental Rehabilitation following Vocal Injury or Illness, Exercise Forms, Teaching Points

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1153b | Book $79.95 Performance Tips

Shirlee Emmons / Constance Chase : Prescriptions for Choral Excellence : Book :  : 0-19-518242-1

Shirlee Emmons / Constance Chase : Prescriptions for Choral Excellence

Review: In shaping choral tone, directors often wish to improve the sound of their choir, but are challenged to pinpoint underlying problems or to guide singers toward solutions. Now, in Prescriptions for Choral Excellence, skilled vocal pedagogue Shirlee Emmons and leading choral director Constance Chase equip choral directors with the practical tools they need to help singers achieve peak choral performance. Drawing on years of experience, Emmons and Chase help choral directors and singers effectively diagnose and resolve problems. They cover topics ranging from breath management and diction to range and intonation, and much more. Beyond describing vocal difficulties, the book provides concrete instructions on how to apply the concepts in day-to-day rehearsal and performance. The numerous practical exercises and planning aides allow directors to maximize both time and talent to elicit the highest potential from their singers. While grounded in the most up-to-date research in voice science, the discussion of vocal anatomy and function is accessible to readers with no previous knowledge of voice science. Going beyond other vocal and choral guidebooks, the authors also apply the most current theories in leadership principles and group dynamics to choral settings, helping directors translate their natural musicality and charisma into inspiring and motivational leadership. A comprehensive and unique blend of practical expertise, voice science, and leadership psychology, Prescriptions for Choral Excellence is an invaluable guide for all choral directors seeking to create memorable and remarkable performances.

Chapters: Breath Management, Diction And Intelligibility, Tone And Intonation, The Individual Singer, The Warmup And Training Period, Some Practical Solutions to Leadership Issues, Leadership Theory For Reference, Practice And Imagery, Mental Skills

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6316b | Book $43.95 Choral Methods

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