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Choral Showtrax Recordings in Spanish

Tener una grabacion de un arreglo es una herramienta muy valiosa para que los coros y grupos escuchen exactamente la cancion que estan aprendiendo. Un CD de Showtrax incluye una interpretacion completa de las voces publicadas más una pista de acompanamiento solo de acompañamiento.

Songbooks, Arrangements and/or Media

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Audrey Snyder : Cumbia del Sol : Showtrax CD : 888680046040 : 00141689

Audrey Snyder : Cumbia del Sol

Your choirs will shine in this vibrant Colombian folksong! With only two easily learned Spanish phrases, this selection is ideal for movement and percussion!

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2443p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Bruce Trinkley : Villancico : Showtrax CD : 038081260860  : 00-23977

Bruce Trinkley : Villancico

This stylish arrangement of a traditional Spanish carol includes an effective optional English text and is a unique choice for men's, women's, and mixed ensembles. Skillfully incorporates rich choral harmonies and captivating rhythms with multicultural flavor. Distinctive repertoire for holiday programs.

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2463p | Showtrax CD | $22.95

Jay Althouse : La Musica (The Music) : Showtrax CD : 038081212173  : 00-21826

Jay Althouse : La Musica (The Music)

With all the scintillating energy of Cuba in the 1960's, La Musica is a hot, hot, hot number from contemporary composer Jay Althouse. Built upon a hypnotic rhythmic pulse, smooth Latin harmonies, and a haunting melody, this cross-cultural number combines English text with a few Spanish phrases to remind us that music is "a world we share." If you liked Jay's Cantar! and Oye la Msica, you don't want to miss this exciting sequel. Perform with the authentic sounding SoundTrax or create your own Latin combo with the optional SoundPax.

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2459p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Jay Althouse : El Ritmo de la Noche (The Rhythm of the Night) : Showtrax CD : 038081222196  : 00-23035

Jay Althouse : El Ritmo de la Noche (The Rhythm of the Night)

Rhythmic. Passionate. Scintillating. Take a good look at this vibrant multicultural feature by Jay Althouse. You simply cannot sit still as this sizzling song captures you with its infectious Latin groove and harmonic progression. With a text in both English and Spanish, El Ritmo de la Noche speaks to the sound and spirit of music as an essential life force. "You move me; you are my emotion." A pronunciation guide and translation are included, and the optional SoundTrax or SoundPax, and choreography video or DVD will add to your performance. Featured on the new staging DVD/Video "On the Stage!"

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2460p | Showtrax CD | $22.95

Jay Althouse : Yo Vivo Cantando (I Live to Sing) : Showtrax CD : 038081261935  : 00-24086

Jay Althouse : Yo Vivo Cantando (I Live to Sing)

An Afro/Latin/Cuban fusion piece with a combination English/Spanish text. It's all about music and it's all about the rhythm of life. Your singers will sound great on this one; easy voice leadings make the Latin-jazz inspired harmonies fall right into place. "Yo vivo cantando, I live to sing!"

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2464p | Showtrax CD | $22.95

Jay Althouse : Cantar! (Sing!) : SSA : Showtrax CD : 038081179575  : 00-19312

Jay Althouse : Cantar! (Sing!)

"Cantar!" is a stylistically authentic salsa work for choir. The text is a combination of English and simple, repetitive Spanish phrases set to a rhythmically infectious melody. Enjoy this new SSA voicing of Jay's #1 seller! Sizzling!

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Voicing: SSA | 2481p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Jay Althouse : Oye la Musica (Hear the Music) : Showtrax CD : 038081200613  : 00-21140

Jay Althouse : Oye la Musica (Hear the Music)

Jay Althouse follows up his cross-cultural Cantar! with another exciting choral work in Afro-Cuban style. The text (mostly in English, except for two brief Spanish phrases) reminds us that music is everywhere."I hear the rhythm of life in music. I hear the rhythm of life in song." An authentic salsa work for choir with a rhythmically infectious melody. Exiting choral music for all ages. Authentic Afro-Cuban SoundTrax.

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2483p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Jay Althouse : Esta Es el Tiempo : Showtrax CD : 038081360812  : 00-33173

Jay Althouse : Esta Es el Tiempo

This is the time to add this multicultural gem to your concert program. Part Spanish, part English, but all fresh, fun, and sizzling! "Listen to the music, the sweet, sweet music." Featured on the Shine! Movement DVD (00-34720).

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9908p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Jay Althouse : Con la Musica : Showtrax CD : 038081398488  : 00-35652

Jay Althouse : Con la Musica

Part Spanish, mostly English, but all together it's sizzling fun for concert and show ensembles alike. "Con la msica somos uno. WIth music, we are one." Featured on Showbiz! choral movement DVD (00-35858).

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9911p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Joel Raney : El Pajarito! : Showtrax CD : 038081443362  : 00-39675

Joel Raney : El Pajarito!

This little charmer tells an enchanting story using a combination of English and Spanish lyrics. Lightly syncopated vocal and piano parts create a mariachi feel, and optional percussion ostinati add to the Latin American style.

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2472p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Kirby Shaw : Oye Como Va : Showtrax CD : 888680926786 : 00291404

Kirby Shaw : Oye Como Va

This Latin rock song by the great Tito Puente was recorded and made popular in 1970 by Carlos Santana. The Spanish lyrics Bueno pa gozar means It's good for having fun. Your students will have lots of fun with this jazzy arrangement.

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1076p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Kirby Shaw : Besame Mucho : Showtrax CD : 073999416367 : 08741636

Kirby Shaw : Besame Mucho

Start a quiet fire with this mellow Latin jazz chart. Lush harmonies and fluid melodic lines are featured to create a great change of pace for any concert. English and Spanish lyrics included. Available: SATB, SAB, SSA, Instrumental Pak, ShowTrax CD. Performance Time: Approx. 3:30.

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Performed by The Coasters | 4167p | Showtrax CD | $19.95

Mark Brymer : Un Poco Loco : Showtrax CD : 888680730697 : 00264439

Mark Brymer : Un Poco Loco

Translating to A Little Crazy, the lyrics to this song are just that. Full of whimsey and surprises. The verse text is in English while the repeated lines are in Spanish. A fun hand-clapping section lends itself to movement if desired and the repeated sections make this easy to learn.

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7890p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Mark Burrows :  : Showtrax CD : 888680639792 : 1495072886 : 35031179

Mark Burrows : El Coqu

This traditional song from Puerto Rico is a whimsical tune about a small, nocturnal tree-frog. It features easy and interesting 2-part writing and the use of percussion instruments including a croaking frog will be fun for a wide range of ages. The piece may be sung entirely in Spanish, entirely in English or in a mixture of both! Fantastic opportunities for musical and multicultural learning.

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7860p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Philip Kern : Vamos Todos a Belen (Let Us Go to Bethlehem) : Showtrax CD : 038081238678  : 00-23544

Philip Kern : Vamos Todos a Belen (Let Us Go to Bethlehem)

A detailed translation/pronunciation guide makes it easy to master the Spanish text of this traditional Mexican-American Christmas song, or perform it in English. Lilting six-eight piano (or SoundTrax CD) creates a gentle rocking motion as we sing about going to Bethlehem to see the baby. In the middle, a solo is briefly accompanied by only the chorus before a thrilling modulation and final flourish to the glorious end.

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2462p | Showtrax CD | $22.95

Roger Emerson : Guantanamera : Showtrax CD : 073999744637 : 08551472

Roger Emerson : Guantanamera

Perfect your Spanish pronunciation with this multicultural treat! Roger Emerson's arrangement of the popular Cuban folksong is lots of fun to sing and builds choral skills as well. Includes optional English lyrics.Available separately: 3-Part Mixed, 2-Part and ShowTrax CD. Performance Time: Approx. 3:00.

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2446p | Showtrax CD | $19.95

Sally K. Albrecht : A La Puerta Del Cielo : Showtrax CD : 038081173290  : 00-18689

Sally K. Albrecht : A La Puerta Del Cielo

This Lovely Mexican folk song can be sung in English, Spanish, or any combination. The singable melody is supported by a guitar-like piano accompaniment. Pronunciation guide included. Authentic Mexican-style SoundTrax.

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2480p | Showtrax CD | $26.95

Sonja Poorman : De Colores (All the Colors) : Showtrax CD : 038081158174  : 00-17777

Sonja Poorman : De Colores (All the Colors)

Wonderful arrangement of one of Mexico's most famous folk songs. English or Spanish (pronunciation guide included) or a combination of the two.

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2479p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

Victor C. Johnson : Canta Conmigo : Showtrax CD : 038081488509  : 00-43308

Victor C. Johnson : Canta Conmigo

This multicultural original features two simple Spanish sentences meaning, "Come my friend, sing (and dance) with joy!" Developing singers will enjoy performing with the guitar-inspired piano accompaniment, optional percussion ostinati, or the Latin-flare SoundTrax CD. "Canta con alegra!"

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1354p | Showtrax CD | $27.95

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