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The Real Group
The Real Thing

Song NameArranger
Ticket To RidePeder Karlsson
Dancing Queen (New recording)Peder Karlsson
Ris a'la MaltaAnders Edenroth
Att Angora en BryggaAnders Jalkeus
Walkin'Tina Ahlin
SkylarkJalkeus / Mattson
Body and SoulAnders Edenroth
Kristallen den FinaPeder Karlsson
Commonly UniqueKatarina Henryson
The Wonderfful World of SportsAnders Edenroth
Var Hat Alla Genytlman Tagit VagenPeder Karlsson
Boogie Woogie TangoAnders Edenroth
Song From The SnowAnders Edenroth

Produced by The Real Group

Now, why do we love the Real Group so much? One of the many reasons is they have vocally mastered just about every music genre out there... and this CD proves just that! Many of these songs might be familiar to the die-hard Real Group fans out there, but unless you've seen them in concert you probably have not heard them sing their rockin' version of the Beatles' 'Ticket To Ride'or the beautiful melody and the lush background harmonies in 'Song From The Snow.' Also, when you purchase this CD you'll be treated to an additional disc that you can pop in your DVD player and watch them sing 'Ticket to Ride,' 'Splanky,' 'No More Blues' and a few other fun tunes, in a live recording! Don't miss this CD!

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Vocal Jazz | A Cappella | Mixed | Sweden

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