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Terri Brinegar
Vocal and Stage Essentials for the Aspiring Female R&B Singer

Keep it Simple
Flexible Tension
Breath vs. Tension
Diaphragmatic Breath
Resonating Cavities
Resonance and Tone
Singing Vowels
Vocal Breaks
Emotional Expression
Sight Reading
Vocal Health
Vocal Exercises

Many of young women who come to Terri Brinegar for vocal lessons aspire to be a professional R&B and pop singer. Often, they know little of what is actually involved, how hard the work is, and how important it is to be a good musician and bandleader. Many may have entered the competitive world of music blindly, with very little guidance to aid them along the way. This book and its accompanying CD present Terri's unique approach to vocal technique, musicianship, gigging, working with a band, stage performance techniques, and much more. In Vocal and Stage Essentials for the Aspiring Female R&B Singer Brinegar shares with her extensive stage experience, her success as a bandleader to some of the greatest musicians in the world, her skills as a musician and songwriter, her training in classical voice, and her years as a vocal coach. Brinegar believes a strong foundation of vocal technique is necessity to success in any style of singing. She is probably one of the few teachers with both a classical background and years of stage experience singing blues and R&B. While there are many books on technique, few, if any, have been written with Brinegar's broad and comprehensive take on the contemporary music industry.

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Instructional  | Solo | 96 Pages | Softcover | 8 x 11
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