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At a certain age kids can sometimes decide it's not so cool to sing in a choir or getting and keeping their attention can be a challenge. Here's a selection of books that will help you inspire, encourage and motivate young singers along with a selection of songs speciafically arranged for a youth chorus.

John Yarrington: Building the Youth Choir: Training & Motivating Teenage Singers

Getting Started
Establishing A Sound
Practical Application
Choosing The Music
Studying And Conducting Your Choices
Changing Voices
Private And Class Voice Instruction
Pleasures And Problems Of The Tour

Yarrington provides practical advice on how to get started, offers techniques that work to establish a good sound, suggests music suitable for youth, deals with the challenge of changing voices, and more.

6463 BOOK $10.95

Dr. Patrick Freer: - Success for Adolescent Singers

Video Series Outline
Group Voice Building For Young Adolescents
The Individual Relaxtion
Sound Ball
Whoosh, Whoa
Jazz Circles
Adolescent Vocal Development And Choir Rehearsals
Flow Experience
Learning Differences And Teaching Strategies
Motivation And Choral Instruction
Optimal Classroom Environments
Teacher Language In The Choral Rehearsal
Vocal/Choral Instruction And Choral Conducting

Conductor, teacher, and researcher Dr. Patrick K. Freer explores practical solutions to common problems while focusing on an impromptu ensemble of everyday kids. These three fast-paced DVDs demonstrate familiar challenges and Freer's sensitive, real-time solutions to them. You will see the process unfold as it actually happened and how Dr. Freer incorporates research on adolescent learning into the process of teaching choral music. When working with these young adolescents, Dr. Freer clearly demonstrates how challenges associated with male and female changing voices can be handled successfully. Interviews with the students present valuable perspectives on being an adolescent singer, and a special segment on DVD 3 is designed to be shown to students in classrooms and choirs. The manual contains additional materials, including printed instructions for the exercises demonstrated throughout.

3034 3CDs $49.95

Mark Acker: The Passion-Driven Youth Choir: A Guide for Directors of Youth Choirs

Community in Rehearsal
Musical Excellence in Rehearsals
Prayer in Rehearsals
Maintaining Passion

The most basic advise for building a passion-driven youth choir is: Give them something they cannot get anywhere else; and It's all about: music, people, and God. Written by an author who has proven the passion driven approach works (Director of Music, Worship, and Other Arts, St. James United Methodist). Includes development of the 4 stages of a youth choir member (attending, involved, committed, leader) and how directors can use the gifts of each of these stages to develop a youth choir throughout the year. Develops the six principles the author believes are the building blocks to a great youth choir. Includes practical tips on topics such as how to develop a choir rehearsal plan for youth choirs, development of youth choir retreats & tours; gives suggestions of creative ways to make each tour unique through worship and connection to the church through prayer.

6029 BOOK $11.95

Bob Chilcott / Peter Hunt: An American Journey - 10 Songs for Youth Choirs

Amazing Grace - arr. Steven Milloy
Buffalo Gals - arr. Bob Chilcott
Erosion - arr. Eleanor Daley
El Gavilán (The Sparrowhawk) - arr. Alberto Grau
The Pessimist - arr. Bob Chilcott
Les Raftsmen - arr. Mark Sirrett
Señora Santa Ana - arr. Peter Hunt
Take flight - arr. Steven Milloy
Wanting Memories - arr. Ysaye M. Barnwell
Wayfarin' Strange - arr. Reginald Unterseher

SongStream 2: An American Journey is a second collection of ten songs for youth choirs, largely scored for SAB with some divisi and optional parts. These exciting, accessible, and stylistically varied pieces take you on a journey from Canada through North to Central and South America. They include original pieces and arrangements with a strong regional flavour, among them folk-songs, a spiritual, and new arrangements of popular tunes. Arrangements by editors Peter Hunt and Bob Chilcott appear alongside those by native composers, in a collection that will communicate directly with young singers and freshen any concert programme.

5014 BOOK $10.95

Russell L. Robinson: Middle School Singers - Turning Their Energy Into Wonderful Choirs!

Teaching Middle School Choirs
Uniqueness of This Age Group
Middle School Boys and "Uncertain" Singers
Appropriate Literature and Voicings
Attention Spans
Discipline and Accurare Reinforcement
Rehearsal Techniques with Demonstration Choir
"Sing We and Chant It"
Five Parts to a Warm-Up
Warming Down with the "oo" Vowel
Warming Up with Other Vowels
Diction Exercise
Chordal Warm-Up
Thoughts on the Pre-Performance Warm-Up
Pre-Performance Warm-Up for "Sing We and Chant It"
Performance of "Sing We and Chant It"
Closing Comments

This extraordinary DVD is packed with ideas and techniques especially for middle school and junior high choral directors, or for choral music education students. Filmed both during a convention appearance and in a classroom, Dr. Russell Robinson (along with a demonstration choir from Eisenhower Middle School, FL) shows us new and tried-and-true ways to make young and developing singers look and sound better. Learn how to take your singers' energy and put it to great use!

6510 DVD $39.95

Russell Mauldin: Ready To Sing - Youth Choir

All Because Of Jesus
You Reign
Love Is Here
Amazing, Because It Is
Made To Love
Empty Me
You Are Everything
God With Us
East to West
Let It Fade
The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything


Ready to Sing Youth Choir is the first student choir collection from America's #1 selling series - Ready to Sing. These twelve amazing songs, made popular by today's top Christian artists, are now available in easy SAB arrangements by Russell Mauldin for youth choirs of all sizes. Filled with Christian music's top songs, such as “Undo” (Rush of Fools), “Made to Love” (Toby Mac), “East to West” (Casting Crowns), “You Reign” (Mercy Me), “Amazing, Because It Is” (The Almost) and many more, your student choir will be singing these God-focused songs to encourage each other and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

8120 SONGBOOK $7.95

Robert Sterling: The Ultimate Youth Choir Book Vol 1

Breath of Heaven
Dying to Reach You
Field of Souls
Go Light Your World
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Heaven Is Counting On You
I Must Tell Jesus
I Will Tell the World
I'll Lead You Home
Jesus Will Still Be There
Just Reach Out
Look What God Is Doing
Love One Another
Lover Of My Soul
More Than Anything
Shine On Us
Spread the Word
The Love of Christ
The Rock (That Was Rolled Away)
You Are Holy

This compilation of easy-to-sing, 2-part/SA(T)B arrangements will make any youth choir sound great and feel successful. The Ultimate Youth Choir Book, Vol. 1 contains 20 songs, along with dramas and student devotionals, creating a multipurpose resource book. Here is a blend of energetic, singable arrangements from some of today's leading youth arrangers. It is versatile enough to use with small to large choirs Multiple scripts included in the collection meet a variety of drama needs. One script incorporates songs to create a 45-minute musical, while another creates a 20-minute mini-musical. There are also sketches which can be done with one song alone or may be combined to create a 2-song package. Student devotionals for each song allow the youth to delve deeper and make personal life application of the truths they are singing.

5109 SONGBOOK $9.95

Al Denson: The Youth Chorus Book

Lean On Me
Jesus Is A Rock
Jesus Is The Lord Of The Way I Feel
Jesus Is A River Of Love
I Like Bananas
Shut De Do
Give God A Hand
Stand Up And Shout, If You Love My Jesus
God's Not Dead
Awesome God
He Paid A Debt He Did Not Owe
Jesus Is The Answer/ Seek Ye First
You Are My Rock
From The Rising Of The Sun
How Majestic Is Your Name/ Great Is The Lord
We Are Standing
Oh, What You've Given Me/ Come Let Us Reason
I Am
All That I Need (My Only Hope)
The Lamb Is Worthy
Humble Thyself In The Sight Of The Lord
Cares Chorus
His Strength Is Perfect
Holy, Holy, Holy/ Holy, Holy /Holy Is The Lord
In Moments Like These/ Isn't He?
Sing Hallelujah
Open My Eyes

Al Denson presents this chorus book and companion products to provide everything for the musical activities of youth meetings. This book contains 27 popular songs and is divdided into three sections of nine songs each: lively “crowd breaker” choruses to get the youth involved, “praise” choruses for trnasition and “worship” choruses for quiet reflection.

8122 SONGBOOK $10.95

Robert Sterling (Editor): The Ultimate Youth Choir Christmas Book

And It Came To Pass
Born Is the King Medley
Angels we Have Heard on High
Joy To the World
Breath of Heaven
Celebrating Jesus
Child of Bethlehem
Christmas Lullaby
The Christmas Season
Cough-N-Sneezin' Blues
A Christmas to Remember
It's A Christmas Thing
Joy to the World!
Mary, Did You Know?
The Night That Christ was Born
Not That Far From Bethlehem
The Reason for Christmas
This Baby
Welcome to Our World
When Love Came Down
You Are Emmanuel

This extraordinary DVD is packed with ideas and techniques especially for middle school and junior high choral directors, or for choral music education students. Filmed both during a convention appearance and in a classroom, Dr. Russell Robinson (along with a demonstration choir from Eisenhower Middle School, FL) shows us new and tried-and-true ways to make young and developing singers look and sound better. Learn how to take your singers' energy and put it to great use!

8111 SONGBBOK $9.95

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