Vintage Group Harmony Music

It's just not cool to like your parents' music, right? Well, actually, yes, it really is. At least it is if the kind of stuff your parents tried to introduce you to is anything like these terrific vintage vocal harmony groups! The groups you'll find here are the ones who inspired the groups who inspired the ones we love today. Making their music between the Depression and the '50s, these are the greats who made modern, popular harmony, well, popular. This is the music of the golden age of harmony!

the Male Vintage Harmony CDs

Vintage never goes out of fashion. These recordings are a period of history – in many cases, they are from the artists who made these songs so ubiquitous to the vocal music world. We’ve all heard many modern groups sing tunes like “Under the Boardwalk” – but in these vintage recordings, you can hear some of the first groups ever to sing these songs. They don’t make recordings like this anymore. If you enjoy the origins of the modern a cappella world, you’ll love these albums.

the Female Vintage Harmony CDs

Now this was a memorable era of music! The original girl-group era featured some of the most talented siblings ever heard on popular radio. In many of these recordings can be found the precursor of women's barbershop, and the inspiration for many of today's female vocal jazz groups. Genetic blend is a wonderful, all-too-rare thing, and many of these recordings feature talented family groups with some of the sweetest blending chords you'll hear. Even the groups that aren't all sisters just ooze the sound of talent and skill. You may not have been around when this music was new, but it's never too late to discover it.

the Mixed Vintage Harmony CDs

We dare you not to know the words to most of the songs in this category. You know these songs. It doesn’t matter what generation you’re from, you grew up with these songs. And you hear groups doing them all the time. But you don’t hear them all that often sung the way these masters do them… These are some of the finest vocal harmony groups ever to grace the stage, and even in some cases 50 or more years since the albums were recorded, you can hear why. It’s a peek into the way the music world worked before computers allowed engineers to correct the singers’ voices – when it was all talent, and what talent it was!

the Black Vocal Groups CDs

Combining the early R&B sound with gospel and jazz, some of the pioneering Black vocal groups got their start as early as the Depression era. No matter how long ago they started, they still have a message and a song that can inspire singers today. If you're a fan of vocal harmony, are inspired by R&B, or love the origins of modern gospel, you can't go wrong here. This is some of the most inspiring and enchanting music of the first half of the 20th century!

the Vintage Christmas CDs

Nope. As it turns out, popular groups recording holiday albums really is not just a modern trend. Whether it's the movie & music stars of the '40s and '50s, or the family on which one of the most popular holiday movies of all time was based, these golden age Christmas recordings (and modern recordings in the golden age style) are not just celebrations of the Christmas holiday season, but they evoke an earlier, more simple time. For cozy, comforting December music, these familiar groups and their great recordings are where you want to go

Individual Vintage Group Pages

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