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Come on, ‘fess up. You want to be able to sing like Destiny’s Child, Seal, Kanye West or one of the other big contemporary stars. So why not learn how to do it? Whether it’s ear training, sight-reading, warm-ups and work-outs, or first aid for your voice, the skills you’ll pick up here will hold you in good standing no matter what kind of singing you do, and as an added bonus, most of these books have a special focus on contemporary music. And the writers here have the chops to stand behind their work – why not learn from Bobby McFerrin’s vocal coach? Or maybe the Beach Boys’ coach?

Teri Danz: Vocal Essentials for the Pop Singer

Pop Singers Warmup Kit

Posture and Breathing
Vocal Resonance and Projection
Vocal Health and Maintenance
Music Theory Basics
Ear Training
Working With Microphones

What seems like natural talent in a great singer is in reality a mixture of skill, training, and experience. This book is a complete guide to helping aspiring artists develop and manage their voice, learn solid techniques for successful pop singing, and improve their stage presence. It also provides an overview of music theory and reading, and indispensable tips for forging a singing career. Topics covered include: posture and breathing; vocal resonance and projection; vocal health and maintenance; various singing and musical styles; ear training; performing live and in the studio; working with microphones; and so much more! The accompanying CD includes a terrific set of warm-up exercises for daily use, as well as vocal and musical examples of each of the concepts presented.

7301 BOOK & CD $14.95

Shalee & David Schmidt: Gotta Sing Voice Lessons

Singers Alignment
Breath Management
Matching Pitch
Vocal Tract Tuning
Onset and Release
Passaggio and Vocal Registers
Messa di Voce
Stage Fright and Performance

Gotta Sing is the most comprehensive vocal training series available. The techniques and training in this series will take you from beginning techniques and skills to advanced professional exercises and capabilities. Whether you are just beginning or are already an experienced vocalist, you will enjoy learning from our professional training while improving your singing voice. DVD 1 will teach you the basics of singing. You will learn to stand like a singer, how to use your breathing in the most efficient way, how to sing on pitch and the basics of vowel formation. Lessons include: Singer Alignment, Breath Management, Matching Pitch, and Vocal Tract Tuning. DVD 2 takes you to the next level of your vocal development. You will learn to get through the “break” in your voice, sing longer phrases and how to articulate words for clarity. Lessons include: Onset and Release, Articulation, Legato, Passaggio and Vocal Registers. DVD 3 teaches advanced skills of singing to be learned after you have mastered DVD 1 and DVD 2. You will learn how to develop your vibrato, sing in different dynamic levels and to move quickly from note to note. The series ends with tips on performance routines and how to overcome stage fright. Lessons include: Vibrato, Messa di Voce, Coloratura, Stage Fright and Performance.

6708 3DVDs $39.95

Lis Lewis: Pop Singers Warmup Kit

Pop Singers Warmup Kit
Warming Up Your Lower Voice
Warming Up Your Upper Voice
Connecting the Two Voices
Connecting in Both Directions, Pitch, Flexibility
Stabilizing the Tone
Loosening the Throat, Placing the Sound Forward
Loosening the Throat, Relaxing the Tongue
Octaves: Pitch and Flexibility
Flexibility, Pitch
Flexibility, Pitch, Vocal Freedom
Range, Connection
Breath Control & Volume Control

Essential vocal instruction for the pop singer, with a terrific companion CD of a dozen warm-up exercises specific to men and women. Each exercise begins with a sung example, then the piano plays the exercise for you to sing. The exercises address: warming up your lower and upper voice, connecting the two voices, loosening the throat, placing the sound forward, relaxing the tongue, breath and volume control, increasing your range, pitch accuracy, stabilizing the tone, and more. The book shows the practical objectives of each exercise and gives helpful pointers for success. Ideal for singers who aspire to American Idol!

6022 BOOK & CD $12.95

Lis Lewis: Pop Singers First Aid Kit

Pop Singers First Aid Kit
Vocal Health
The Right Teacher
Rehearsing Your Performance
Ready, Set, Perform
No Clones
CD: Why, When & How
CD: Breath Control
CD: The Exercises

This book/CD pack by veteran vocal coach Lis Lewis (Steve Miller, Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, Gwen Stefani) will help singers of all styles of music: warm up their voices, increase their endurance and range, correct bad habits, and sing longer and better! It is divided into two sections: The Singer's Troubleshooting Guide covers vocal health, finding the right teacher, practice, auditions, rehearsing, recording and performing, and The Singer's Warm-Up CD features helpful exercises to prepare the voice for serious singing.

Female Voice
6023 BOOK & CD $19.95
Male Voice
6024 BOOK & CD $19.95

Anne Peckham: Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer

Vocal Essentials
Getting Ready To Sing
The Four P's: Essential Building Blocks For Vocal Training
Vibrato, Vocal Registers, and Belting
Essential Vocal Care
Complete Vocal Workouts
Warm-ups For All Voices
Workout 1. Basic Workout
Workout 2. Advanced Workout
Singing Harmony: Two- and Three-Part Exercises
What Next?

Following up from her best-selling book, comes the much-anticipated book of vocal workouts based on the book's highly-effective vocal method. Grounded in traditional vocal technique and updated singers of rock, r&b, hip-hop, and other contemporary styles, this book will expand your vocal technique, power, stamina, range, and expressive breadth. Warm-ups get you ready to sing. Workouts build your vocal strength and all aspects of your technique. The accompanying sing-along CD will be your constant workout accompanist making vocal exercises and practice accessible.This book is the practical companion to Anne Peckham's best-selling "The Contemporary Singer," which has become the preeminent book on vocal technique for contemporary singers, used in music and choral programs all over the world.

6262 BOOK & CD $24.95

Anne Peckham: The Contemporary Singer

Studying Voice
Breath Management
The Larynx
Enhancing Tone Quality
Vocal Registers and Blending
Maintaining Vocal Health
Beyond the Basics
Practice Songs
Diction Guide

This comprehensive guide based on the curriculum of the Voice Department of Berklee College of Music is a must-have for every vocalist! Covers all the essentials, including: an overview of the singing process, treating voice as an instrument, tips for getting started & overcoming stage fright, proper posture and breathing, tone, discovering resonance, belting, diction, maintaining vocal health," mic techniques, and exercises for all voice ranges and types on the accompanying CD. Includes lead sheets for such standard repertoire pieces as: Yesterday"; "I'm Beginning to See the Light"; and "I Heard It Through the Grapevine". Maximize your vocal potential with this outstanding guide!

1159 BOOK & CD $24.95

Bob Rose: Contemporary Singing Techniques

Contemporary Singing Techniques
Figure References Index
Vocal Instrument Identification
Vocal Hygiene
CD Book Application Key
Warm-up exercises
Singing Performance Sessions
Session Aids
Glossary of Terms
Reference Texts

Tried and proven by known industry professionals, Bob Rose's method for men and women will show you how to vitally improve your singing performance in all styles of music. These book/CD packs include live singing sessions demonstrating specialized techniques, and warm-up exercises to stretch, align and build your vocal instrument. They are designed to aid you in releasing, directing and controlling your singing, eliminating your problems and replacing them with working solutions.

Male Voice
7401 BOOK & CD $19.95
Female Voice
7402 BOOK & CD $19.95

Karen Surmani: Singing 101 - A Contemporay Approach to Singing

How to Read Music
Singing Posture
The Tongue and Throat
D.C. al Fine or Da Capo al Fine
The Jaw
Incomplete Measures
Repeat Signs
Singing Vowels and Consonants
6/8 Time Signature
Matching Pitches
Vocal Space
The Fermata
Breath Marks
More About Breathing
Vocal Resonance
Higher Pitches
Musical Expression
Legato and Staccato

Singing 101 starts with the very basics and gets you singing right away. Every lesson in the book is explained and performed by the instructor on the DVD. It's just like taking a class in the privacy of your own home. If you’re new to vocals and want a grasp of the fundamentals so you can start singing your favorite songs, pick this up today!

5431 BOOK & DVD $19.95

Musicians Institute: Ear Training for the Contemporary Musician

Pitch and Tonality
The Major Scale
Major Melodies
Melodic Skips
Meter and Rhythm
Transcribing Melody and Rhythm
Harmonic Intervals
Major and Minor Triads
Triad Progression
Melody and Harmony
The Natural Minor Scale
Sixteenth-Note Rhythms
Minor-Key Melodies with Harmony and Rhythm
Seventh Intervals and Seventh Chords
Diatonic Seventh Chord Progressions
Modal Interchange
Secondary Dominants
Inverted Chords
Extended Chords
Chromatic Progressions

This book and double CD pack takes you step by step through MI's well-known Ear Training course. Complete lessons and analysis include: basic pitch matching • singing major and minor scales • identifying intervals • transcribing melodies and rhythm • identifying chords and progressions • seventh chords and the blues • modal interchange, chromaticism, modulation • and more! Learn to hear and to visualize on your instrument. Take your playing from good to great! Over 2 hours of practice exercises – with complete answers in the back.

6261 BOOK & 2 CDS $19.95

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