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Anne Peckham

Vocal Coach

Anne Peckham

"I teach vocal technique to singers who are interested in all styles of music. The people who come to me usually have a well-established personal sound, and my job is to help them fine-tune the craft of singing. I think it's hard for students to find somebody who teaches technique and who's open to teaching students who aren't interested in classical music. That's where I fit into the voice pedagogy puzzle. I'm very interested in all kinds of contemporary, commercial music, and so that's what I do. I help pop singers, rock singers, jazz singers, r&b singers, gospel singers, anybody who is interested in improving their voice or aspects of their vocal technique.

"I want students to know that they can sing in a healthy manner in the style of music that they love. It's not like making cookie-cutter singers where everybody has a certain quality of tone or a certain sound to their voice; you can sound like yourself and still use vocal technique. Technique really has to be habituated so that it's almost invisible to the naked eye. That way, you're watching the singer perform, be expressive, and be him- or herself, while technique is the underpinning that's allowing the singer to sing freely, but with good stamina and good intonation.

"There is more of a hearty and wholesale acceptance of the individual and the individual's interest in music at Berklee than almost anywhere else. Berklee is a place where students can come and sing the music that they love. Teachers in the Voice Department are really open to working with students who want to sing the types of music that wouldn't be accepted elsewhere. Whether it's music they have written or pop and r&b music, students will find a home in Berklee's Voice Department in a way that they wouldn't find it at any other college of music."

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Anne Peckham : Vocal Studies for the Contemporary Singer : Songbook & Online Audio :  : 884088515294 : 0876392168 : 50449611

Anne Peckham : Vocal Studies for the Contemporary Singernew

Review: Take your singing to the next level! This collection of contemporary-style vocal etudes and exercises will help you to develop valuable vocal skills for performing contemporary commercial music styles. These original studies will keep your practice routine fresh and challenging, while targeting specific technical goals to develop and maintain vocal skills. Online audio has demonstrations of the studies and allows you to sing along with accompaniment tracks. Listening recommendations and study songs in a variety of styles demonstrate how these techniques are used in contemporary singing. You will learn to: Expand your range, improve your pitch control, and level up your vocal agility and stamina; Develop your tone, range, vocal strength, and agility; Improve your posture and strength with focused physical stretches; Master contemporary vocal articulations, as well as melodic riffing and embellishment; Sing with authentic artistic expression and incorporate storytelling skills; Practice holistic strategies for expressive, healthy singing.

Chapters: Breath Managemant, Agility and Flexibilty, Tone Quality and Blending, Finding a Belt Sound That Works for You, The Singer as Storyteller, Holistic Strategies for the Singing Musician, Riffing and Embellishments, Artistry Through Personal Expression

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2189b | Songbook & Online Audio $24.95 | Solo

Anne Peckham : Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer : Songbook & Online Audio :  : 073999886771 : 0876390475 : 50448044

Anne Peckham : Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer

Review: Following up from her best-selling book, comes the much-anticipated book of vocal workouts based on the book's highly-effective vocal method. Grounded in traditional vocal technique and updated singers of rock, r&b, hip-hop, and other contemporary styles, this book will expand your vocal technique, power, stamina, range, and expressive breadth. Warm-ups get you ready to sing. Workouts build your vocal strength and all aspects of your technique. The accompanying sing-along CD will be your constant workout accompanist making vocal exercises and practice accessible.This book is the practical companion to Anne Peckham's best-selling "The Contemporary Singer," which has become the preeminent book on vocal technique for contemporary singers, used in music and choral programs all over the world.

Chapters: Vocal Essentials, Getting Ready To Sing, Breathing, The Four P's: Essential Building Blocks For Vocal Training, Vibrato, Vocal Registers, and Belting, Essential Vocal Care, Auditioning, Complete Vocal Workouts, Warm-ups For All Voices, Workout 1. Basic Workout, Workout 2. Advanced Workout, Singing Harmony: Two- and Three-Part Exercises, What Next?

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6262b | Songbook & Online Audio $24.95 | Solo Vocal Warm Ups

Anne Peckham : Vocal Technique : DVD :  : 073999233995 : 0876390262 : 50448038

Anne Peckham : Vocal Technique

Review: Enhance your singing career by learning proper vocal techniques to help prevent injuries and maximize your potential. Featured exercises will help you gain technical and expressive command of your voice. Lessons include: warm-ups, posture, breathing, tone, maintaining vocal health, and improving stamina, range and sound. Anne Peckham is a professor of voice at Berklee College of Music. 53 minutes.

Chapters: How To Warm Up Your Voice, Proper Posture, Breathing and Tone, Maintaining Vocal Health, Improving Stamina, Range and Sound, Vocal Technique, Song Study, Performance Advise, Practicing with a Mirror

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6028dvd | DVD $19.95 | Solo Vocal Technique

Anne Peckham : Singer's Handbook : Book :  : 073999480535 : 0876390572 : 50448053

Anne Peckham : Singer's Handbook

Review: The Berklee in the Pocket Singer's Handbook is a must-have guide that sets a perfect 45- to 60-minute practice routine for you. Use it as your practice manual for a total vocal workout, from warm up to cool down. Covers: breathing exercises, tips for productive practice, mental practicing, breathing for relaxation, cool down techniques and more. Learn new tunes, clarify diction, and improve all aspects of your singing!

Chapters: Introduction to Practicing, Breath Management, Breathing Exercises, Practice Routine, Maintaining Your Vocal Health, Marking for Voice Conservation

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6027b | Book $14.95 Beginning Singing

Anne Peckham : The Contemporary Singer : Book & 1 CD :  : 884088401641 : 0876391072 : 50449595

Anne Peckham : The Contemporary Singer

Review: This comprehensive guide based on the curriculum of the Voice Department of Berklee College of Music is a must-have for every vocalist! Covers all the essentials, including: an overview of the singing process, treating voice as an instrument, tips for getting started & overcoming stage fright, proper posture and breathing, tone, discovering resonance, belting, diction, maintaining vocal health, mic techniques, and exercises for all voice ranges and types on the accompanying CD. Includes lead sheets for such standard repertoire pieces as: Yesterday; I'm Beginning to See the Light; and I Heard It Through the Grapevine. Maximize your vocal potential with this outstanding guide!

Chapters: Studying Voice, Breath Management, The Larynx, Enhancing Tone Quality, Vocal Registers and Blending, Diction, Practicing, Maintaining Vocal Health, Beyond the Basics, Performing, Auditioning, Practice Songs, Diction Guide

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1159b | Book & 1 CD $24.95 Vocal Technique

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