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Sweet Deliverance

Sweet Deliverance


Sweet Deliverance has been singing Christian a cappella for over 30 years. Members have changed over the years but the tradition of tight harmonies and praise to our Lord has not. This semi-professional group is based in the San Francisco bay area and tours primarily in California. Originally, Sweet Deliverance began in 1976 at Oklahoma Christian by 4 young men, one of whom was Kevin Allsup. Kevin, the group's originator, grew up in Manteca, California, where they became based in 1977. By 1978 and 3 new members later, Bob Allsup, who is Kevin's younger brother, began singing bass for them at age 18.

Bob had continued to live in Manteca and attended the Northside church of Christ. He and Kevin Percival, best friends since age 5, had grown up together in that congregation and had always dreamed of singing together. When Kevin returned from living in Texas where he attended Abilene Christian, they eventually began talking about that dream. By late 1989, over 10 years after the original group disbanded, they started the group Sweet Deliverance, once again. With Dave McPeak and Gary Ferguson, they made their first 3 recordings: "Welcome Home, Wayward One", "Sweet, Sweet Spirit", and "Take His Hand", which marked the first time they had recorded all original music.

Though the 2nd version of the group had achieved as much as the first, they were not nearly finished, yet. Russ Wooten joined the group to fill a gap left by Dave McPeak and they went on to record 3 more projects: "Let It Flow", "Acappella Artists" (recorded by The Acappella Company in Paris, Tennessee), and "Walk On". Most of the songs from these 3 recordings were original songs, written and arranged by the group themselves. In 2002, about a year before this group disbanded, they had become a quintet with the addition of Ken McAlpin, previously of the nationally-known group Acappella. These 5 members had the blessing of singing at Spirit West Coast for the first time, but never had the chance to record together.

In 2003, the group disbanded once again when Russ Wooten moved to Georgia, Ken McAlpin moved to Campbell, California, and Gary Ferguson stepped down. It wasn't until 2 years later that Bob and Kevin decided to record on their own, some of the songs that they had written and were writing. When the recording was nearly complete, God sent them David Morgan, who just happened to be a worship leader at his church in Tracy and a lead singer.

Though it has been a long road, it seems that "Sweet D" has not missed a beat. Shortly after their latest release, they added another new member. Their newest member is David's younger brother, Stephen Morgan. Both David and Stephen have an extensive singing background, as they have been singing a cappella music in their own family group for many years. Now, with six men and a new recording, they are lifting their voices for God's glory, in full force. Looking back, it is obvious that God has seen them through good times and bad, and they know that it is He who has given them the voices to praise Him. They continue to offer Him their lives, their songs, and their voices for the encouragement and the uplifting of Christ's church.


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Sweet Deliverance : Let If Flow : 1 CD : 

Sweet Deliverance : Let If Flow

Review: Another winner from Sweet Deliverance! What we especially like about this sweet-harmonizing Contemporary Christian group is the fact that they write, compose and arrange almost all of their tunes. These 12 songs, for instance, feature the thought-provoking "Defending Your Life" by Bob Allsup and Gary Ferguson, "Praisin' the Lord" and "Let It Flow" by Allsup and Russ Wooten, "Jesus is Trying to Tell You Something," "I Gotta Feeling" and "Only Son" are by Allsup individually. Kevin Percival writes "He Shows Me Everything," "You'll Save His Name," and "Useless Hammer;" and Russ Wooten writes "Back to the Bible." Upbeat, inspirational, highly creative stuff here-tap your feel to a joyous song like "I Gotta Feelin'," then be touched by the deep faith found in "You'll Say His Name." "Let It Flow" is a winner from beginning to end.

Songlist: Defending your Life, Praisin' the Lord, Let it Flow, He Shows Me Everything, Jesus is Trying to Tell you Something, Back to the Bible, I Gotta Feelin', You'll Say His Name, Only Son, Useless Hammer, As the Deer Pants, Awesome Power

2504c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

Sweet Deliverance : Sweet Deliverance : 1 CD :  : 139

Sweet Deliverance : Sweet Deliverance

Review: The musical ministry of Keith Lancaster's Acappella Company continues with the Contemporary Christian male a cappella quartet Sweet Deliverance. Included in our favorites of these 10 songs are originals by group members Bob Allsup, "I'm Here to Tell You," "No Condemnation," "You Need Love;" and with Russ Wooten "Only You are God" and "Move Over," and with Gary Ferguson, "Defending Your Life." Kevin Percival writes and composes the lovely "Father Please," and "He Made His Own Mountain." One other favorite we haven't heard is Steven Chapman and Geoff Moore's thought-provoking "Home Run." Very good new material, beautifully sung by talented Sweet Deliverance!

Songlist: I'm Here to Tell You, Defending Your Life, Father, Please, Only You Are God, No Condemnation, You Need Love, Poor Wayfaring Stranger, Move Over, He Made is Own Mountain, Home Run

3347c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella Contemporary Christian CDs

Sweet Deliverance : Sweet Sweet Spirit : 1 CD : 

Sweet Deliverance : Sweet Sweet Spirit

Review: "Sweet Sweet Spirit" is one of the first recordings, from 1990, by male Contemporary Christian quartet Sweet Deliverance, issued by their own company, Sweet Deliverance Ministries. Later albums were recorded with Keith Lancaster's Acappella Company. The group is now a sextet based in the San Francisco bay area, which received a very strong ovation from the audience at the 2008 Harmony Sweeps Bay Area Regional, where they placed second. But "Sweet Sweet Spirit," although a wonderfully harmonic collection of 10 songs, gives us very little information on the liner notes or the group's website, about who wrote and compose the songs, for instance. As the group is known for its beautiful group-written and composed material, we will assume that some of these songs are originals, but there are many very nice covers here also: Elisha Hoffman's "Are You Washed In The Blood," Randy Simpson's "Had It Not Been," the Gospel standard "I've Been Changed," "Swing Down Sweet Chariot," the traditional hymn "When The Roll is Called Up Yonder," Goodman and Davis' "Wouldn't Take Nothin' for My Journey," and Doris Akers' title tune. Thus, the tunes "This Man" and "Just A Little While" might be written by group members such as Bob Allsup and Kevin Percival. But the bottom line is, "Sweet Sweet Spirit" is a beautiful, heartfelt early collection by a group that has since released 7 excellent albums and grown in their ministry to join the elite Contemporary Christian groups, and become one of our personal favorites!

Songlist: Are you washed in the Blood, Had it not Been, I've Been Changed, Passover, Swing Down Sweet Chariot, When the Roll is Called up Yonder, Wouldn't Take Nothin' for my Journy, This Man, Just a Little While, Sweet Sweet Spirit

2502c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

Sweet Deliverance : Take His Hand : 1 CD : 

Sweet Deliverance : Take His Hand

Review: "Take His Hand" is more good stuff from this sweet-harmonizing male a cappella quartet, part of the ministry of Keith Lancaster's amazing, prolific Acappella Company. These 10 songs are all originals written and composed by group members. Bob Allsup contributes the very nice title tune, "Read the Writings," "Don't Hesitate" and "Talk to Me." Kevin Percival writes the foot-tapping "Phillip's Song," "Is it Me Lord," "Walking the Way," "Simon's Lament" and "Hear Our Prayer," and Gary Ferguson gives us "The Man On The Mountain." These are all wonderfully creative, thought-provoking songs that illumine and enrich the Christian experience. Beautifully sung and inspirational!

Songlist: Take This Hand, Philip's Song, Is It Me Lord (Am I The One), Read the Writings, Don't Hesitate, Walking The Way, The Man on the Mountain, Talk to Me, Simon's Lament, Hear Our Prayers

2503c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

Sweet Deliverance : Walk On : 1 CD : 

Sweet Deliverance : Walk On

Review: Listening to Sweet Deliverance's 'Walk On' was a pleasant experience. This four part Christian a cappella group is blessed with harmonious talent and solid blending. Apart from 'Jesus is Just Alright' and 'Amazing Grace,' this entire effort is all original music which is something to be proud of . The entire CD has a pop tendency, but also demonstrates the influences of jazz and doo-wop, with a speckling of reggae. The arrangements are perfectly suited to their vocal styles, giving the entire work a smooth, balanced and light authenticity. Sweet Deliverance sing with great rhythmic and lyrical inflection, focusing on the importance of the words and the message they are sending.

Songlist: Jesus Is Just Alright, Walk On, We Were There, With Her Eyes, My Ship Came In, Amazing Grace, Open Mind, Open Bible, Peace, Be Still, Missionary Man, His People

2212c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Sweet Deliverance : You're My Rock

Review: We have just enjoyed a wonderful performance by all-male Contemporary Christian quintet Sweet Deliverance at the '08 Harmony Sweeps Bay Area Regional, which earned them a very close 2nd place finish (to winner Where's Gesualdo?). "You're My Rock" includes 8 originals by the group, Bass Bob Allsup collaborating with 1st tenor Kevin Percival on the title tune, the Beach Boys-inspired "Thank You," the rocking "It's Alright," the inspirational "God of Hope and Love" and "The Only Way," the foot-tapper "We Sing Holy," the testifying "I Need You." Allsup gets together with tenor Gary Ferguson on the final original, the touching "Broken Heart," before finishing with a very fine 3-song medley, Walt Harrah's "Think About His Love," Russell Fragar's "Show Me Your Ways" and Billy James Foote's "Amazing Love" (You are My King). Every one of these songs uplifts and celebrates the faith of these talented singers, especially their excellent original material. Treat yourself to "You're My Rock," one of the best albums we've heard this year!

Songlist: You're My Rock, I Just Want to Celebrate, Thank You, It's Alright, God of Hope and Love, The Only Way, We Sing Holy, I Need You, Broken Heart, Think About His Love, Show Me Your Ways, Amazing Love (You are my King)

2505c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

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