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David Fanshawe

 David Fanshawe

Male World Group from England.

David Fanshawe, a Churchill Fellow and the recipient of many international awards, was an internationally distinguished composer, ethno-musicologist, sound recordist, archivist, performer, dynamic and entertaining lecturer, record producer, photographer and author. Also widely known for his lead roles in documentaries; a TV, radio and public personality extraordinaire, he is acclaimed as "one of the world's most original composers."

David Fanshawe was born in 1942 in Devon, England and was educated at St George's Choir School and Stowe. In 1959 he joined the Film Producers Guild in London gaining valuable experience as a documentary film editor and recordist. In 1965, he won a Foundation Scholarship to the Royal College of Music, studying composition with John Lambert. He gained national recognition in 1970, as cantor soloist and composer, at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, with Salaams, a work based on the rhythms of the Bahrain pearl divers. His ambition to record indigenous folk music began in the Middle East, in and was intensified on subsequent journeys through North and East Africa (1969-75) resulting in his unique and highly original blend of Music and Travel. In Africa he succeeded in documenting hundreds of tribes, achieving such close rapport with local communities that they gave him special permission to record their performances. His work has been the subject of unique albums, concerts and award-winning BBC TV documentaries: African Sanctus, Arabian Fantasy, Musical Mariner (National Geographic) and recently Tropical Beat.

Compositions feature his highly acclaimed choral and archival work African Sanctus. Composed now 30 years ago, this celebratory and visionary work has received thousands of performances world-wide, from the Sydney Opera House to The Kennedy Centre, Liszt Academy in Hungary to Brazil, South Africa and the Royal Albert Hall.. Other concert works include: Dover Castle, Salaams, The Awakening, Requiem for Aberfan, Dona Nobis Pacem - A Hymn for World Peace, Tarka the Otter, Serenata, Epitaphs, Christmas music and his paean to the new millennium Fanfare to Planet Earth and Millennium March. Newest works, Trafalgar and Lament of the Seas (based on the Asian Tsunami).Commercial composing includes title and incidental music for over 50 Film and TV productions, includes: BBC's When the Boat Comes In. ITV's Flambards and Rank's Tarka the Otter. His ethnic field recordings have featured in countless TV documentaries and also feature films including: Seven Years in Tibet and Gangs of New York.

His motivational guest speaking has received international acclaim at Festivals, in many educational programmes and corporate events. He is described as "an incredible communicator with fantastic energy" "with a wide repertoire of multimedia presentations - suitable for all age groups and occasions, in today's multi-cultural and evolving world. His work has also been the subject of BBC TV biographical documentaries and radio shows, broadcast internationally including: African Sanctus, Arabian Fantasy, Musical Mariner (National Geographic) and Tropical Beat. Since 1978, his ten year odyssey, recording across the Pacific Ocean has resulted in a monumental archive, The Fanshawe Collections, comprising thousands of hours of stereo tapes, slides and hand-written journals, preserving for posterity the music and oral traditions of Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia and South East Asia. He has released many CD compilations from the Fanshawe Collections, including Music of the South Pacific, Spirit of Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia, Music of the Nile, Thailand and Laos.

David Fanshawe married Judith C. Grant in 1971, they have two children Alexander and Rebecca. He married his second wife Jane in 1985, they have one daughter Rachel and live in Wiltshire, England, home of the Fanshawe Collections. Current projects include copying and cataloguing his Pacific Collections, whilst composing his new major work Pacific Odyssey for a world premiere in the Sydney Opera House. Meanwhile his latest work "Pacific Song" was recently premiered at the American Choral Directors' National Convention by the Multicultural Honor Choir.

In 2009 The University of the West of England awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music to David Fanshawe in recognition of his outstanding contribution to bringing music from around the world into the lives of people who neither read nor write music and to his pursuit of musical excellence, which is synonymous with the aims of the University's Centre for Performing Arts. David Fanshawe said, "This award I proudly accept in the spirit of the University's ethos bettertogether. In my serendipitous career, through the adventures of Music and Travel, I have been privileged to experience our world as a composer and musical explorer. It is now my humble dream to go on sharing my aspirations with future generations, through the legacy of my Sound Archives; and by fulfilling my life's missions, which are: to celebrate the universal language of music; to record for posterity endangered World Music, threatened with extinction; to seek inspiration for my own compositions - thus uniting musical worlds apart. Thank you for this quite unexpected honour and tribute.


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David Fanshawe : Chants From the Kingdom of Tonga : 00  1 CD : David Fanshawe :  : ARM2159.2

David Fanshawe : Chants From the Kingdom of Tonga

Review: A musical journey through the Tongan islands containing authentic field recordings (1978-88). The album concludes with the astonishing new choral work Pacific Song: Chants from the Kingdom of Tonga - "a work of musicological significance. David Fanshawe's Pacific Song is a model for how to make multicultural music accessible to everyone." ACDA Choral Journal, USA.

Songlist: 'Ani lai 'a e , Welcome Song, Ma'ulu'ulu, Tau'olunga , Tongan Ceremonial, Sunday Morning in Taunga, Kava drinking song, Holonga Faikava, Hena Shark Calling / Makafeke Octopus Fishing, 'Utete mouth harps of 'Eua, Lakalaka Hihifo, Finesola, Me'etu'upaki, Faikava Kanokupolu, 'Old Timers' Dateline Hotel, The Nobleman Ve'ehala, 'Otuhaka opening, Oi inu i le'ava e, Muli tu pe, Hulo Hulo, Malua lau fanga e, Io ae e e , Moenga ngongo tau fea, The Singing Reef

2011c | 00 1 CD | $11.95 Music from the Pacific Islands

David Fanshawe : Music of the South Pacific : 00  1 CD : David Fanshawe : 1709

David Fanshawe : Music of the South Pacific

Review: If you wish to experience a wide cross-section of authentic Pacific island music - then this is it! This album presents highlights, personally selected by David Fanshawe the Pacific Collections. Represents many Pacific island nations, the Fanshawe Collection focuses on the rich variety of authentic music indigenous to Oceania;- traditional music of great beauty and contrast - - a musical source for us all to enjoy. Music from Cook Islands, Tonga, Western Samoa in Polynesia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu in Melanesia and Kiribati and Chuuk in Micronesia. Traditional chants, church singing, Bamboo and string bands, nose flute, love song, action dances and the wonderful voice of the legendary Aggie Grey in Western Samoa.

Songlist: Imenetuki Mangaia, Manihiki Action Song, Pukapuka Drum Dance, Romonum I, Wagi Brothers Bamboo Band, Rymoka Strind BAnd, Sepik Flutes Kanengara, Pan Pipes Of Buma, Pan Pipes Langa Langa Lagoon, Gilo Stones, Fenes String Band, Orchid Island Group, Lali Church Bell, Hymn Viseisei Church, Rukua Church Methodist Choir, Taralala Dance, Warwick Vocal Group, Vakamalolo Yaroi, Lakalaka Hihifo, Fiafia At Agie Grey's, Te Kamei Tewai, Te Kamei Batere, Romonum II, Fangufangu Nose Flute, Faikava Love Song, The Singing Reef, Reureu Drum Dance

9902c | 00 1 CD | $14.95 Music from the Pacific Islands

David Fanshawe : Spirit of Melanesia : 00  1 CD : David Fanshawe

David Fanshawe : Spirit of Melanesia

Review: Featuring music from Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea. Recorded in the Pacific by David Fanshawe (1978-86) The final part of the Pacific Trilogy of albums features ancient chants, delightful hymns, pan pipes, Gilo stones, String Bands and some beautiful songs.

Songlist: Sepik Flutes Kanengara, Pan Pipes Of Buma, Club Dance, Meke Rara Nakelo, Meke Seasea, Vakalolo, Nabua Methodist Church Choir, New Year Celebration, Grog Song Lakeha, Singera String Band, Naghol Land Diving, Lifou Mouth Pipes, Spirit Song U'ula, Shell Money Making, Spirit Song Ia Ia Ia, Gilo Stones, The Awakening, Funeral Song, Karop Pipes, Yule Island Festivities, Mt. Hagen Singsing, Mendi Girls Chant Alipuli, Wagi Bros. Bamboo Band, Rymoka String Band, Karawari Initiation, Kamanibit, Timbunke Garamut Drums, Wundubu Bangu Ceremony, Kanengara War Dance, Bisorio House Building Kilao War Party, and more

9904c | 00 1 CD | $14.95 Music from the Pacific Islands

David Fanshawe : African Sanctus : 00  1 CD : David Fanshawe : David Fanshawe : 6003

David Fanshawe : African Sanctus

Review: Armed with a rucksack and a stereo tape recorder, David Fanshawe began a symbolic, now legendary, cross-shaped journey through Africa from 1969 to 1972, succeeding in recording music from well over 50 tribes. "Sanctus" is a highly original work in which very different cultures have been imaginatively and ingeniously fused, with the composer's love of the world, hope for the future and belief in one music--one God. There are 16 songs, with various kinds of accompaniment, from drums and percussion, lead and bass guitar and piano to organ, harp and trumpets. This is one of the most spirited, energetic CDs we have ever heard, as if the African veldt suddenly sprouted an Italian cathedral. For instance, "Crucifixus: Rain Song" combines driving drums, rain sounds, strange native percussion instruments, a soaring choral soprano solo, electric guitar, massed chorus and piano. One of our favorites, "Sanctus: Bwala Dance, Lamentation" combines chorus with powerful rhythmic drums, piano, sound effects and native voices. Other favorites are "Chants: Cattle Songs," and "The Lord's Prayer." A wonderful new composition by the composer, "Dona Nobis Pacem-A Hymn for World Peace" is included, in both short and long versions. A stunning masterwork! Recommended.

Songlist: African Sanctus, Kyrie: Call to Prayer, Gloria: Bride of the Nile, Credo: Sudanese Dances & Recitations, Love Song: Piano Solo, Et in Spiritum Sanctum, Crucifixus: Rain Song, Sanctus: Bwala Dance, Lamentation, The Lord's Prayer, Chants: Cattle Songs, Agnus Dei: War Drums, Call to Prayer: Kyrie, Finale & Gloria, Dona Nobis Pacem - A Hymn for World Peace, Et in Spiritum Sanctum, Dona Nobis Pacem (short version)

6898c | 00 1 CD | $15.98 | Some a cappella African Choral Music

David Fanshawe : Pacific Chants - Polynesian Himene : 00  1 CD : David Fanshawe : EUCD1743

David Fanshawe : Pacific Chants - Polynesian Himene

Review: David Fanshawe presents important highlights from his monumental Pacific Collection, recorded over fourteen year (1978-92). The album focuses on the rich variety of authentic himene (hymns) indigenous to Tahiti, the Cook Islands, the Society Islands and others. The 44-page booklet provides extensive information about the music, transcriptions and translations of the lyrics and is richly illustrated with colour photos.

Songlist: Himene Tarava Point Venus, Himene Tauraatua , The Signing Reef , Imenetuki Mangaia, Imenetuki Oneroa, Imenetuki Aitutaki , Imenetuki Penrhyn, The Singing Reef 2, Himene Tarava Pirae, Himene Tarava Taunoa, The Singing Reef 3 , Legend of Maupiti , Himene Tarava Ucjg, Himene Tarava Betelehema, Himene Tarava Faaha, Himene Tarava Anau , Himene Tarava Vaitape , The Singing Reef 4 , Marae Arahurahu , Otea Te Maeva, Return to Point Venus , The Singing Reef 5

9886c | 00 1 CD | $14.98 Music from the Pacific Islands

David Fanshawe : Spirit of Micronesia : 00  1 CD : David Fanshawe : 414

David Fanshawe : Spirit of Micronesia

Review: Chants, hymns, dances from Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap and Palau. Recorded in Micronesia by David Fanshawe. The second in our trilogy of albums compiled from the Fanshawe Pacific Collections, stick dances, Star Path navigating chants, marching songs and historical chants from the Republic of Palau. An important and fascinating musical document. Great booklet, lots of text & photos.

Songlist: Te Kamei - Standing Dance, Te Kamei Batere, Tibwereri, Te Katake Chant, Te Bino - Sitting Dance, Te Orobaoki - Strike The Box, Te Karuo - Love Song, Toddy Cutting Songs, Te Kawawa / Te KAmei, Aeroplane Song, Morning Star Choir, Presentation Of Food, Jebua Stick Dance, "Beet", Sunday Morning Service, Micro Palm, Seamen's Dance, Kepia / Dokia - Stick Dance, Ordination Song, Navigators Of Pulusuk, Death Of Titilap, Conche / Outrigger / Storm, Puluwat Hymn, Navigators Of Puluwat, Men's Standing Dance, Launching A Canoe, Dances Of Satawal, Songs Of Lamotrek, Song For Sick People, Star-Path Chant, and more

9901c | 00 1 CD | $14.95 Music from the Pacific Islands

David Fanshawe : Spirit of Polynesia : 00  1 CD : David Fanshawe : 403

David Fanshawe : Spirit of Polynesia

Review: Traditional chants, dances & other music from Rapa Iti, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Tokelau, Niue, Nauru, Tuvalu, Marquesas, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Cooks and Easter Island. A comprehensive and fascinating anthology of the exciting drum dances, hulas and awe inspiring chants of the Polynesian islands. 38 tracks. "It's all suffused with a great sense of exuberance and excitement." Includes great booklet with lots of text & photos.

Songlist: Aitutaki Drum Dance, Himene Tarvava, Poipoi - Tara Pounding, Song Of Papa Teora, Himene Ruau, Bird Dance Hula, Haka Maori Welcome, Song Of Papa Kiko, Kai Kai Of Mama, Hoko War Dance, Meke Wesi Spear Dance, Tau A Alo, FanguFangu Nose Flute, Faikava Love Song, Cheifs And Orators Sasa, Tagi Lillaby, Tawhoe - Oar Dance, Copra Bugle Call, Mokaone's Harmonica, Song Of Anili, Frigate Bird Dance, Funafuti Chorus, Tuvalu, Imenetuki - Gospel Chant, Mire Of emamaki, Ute - Cutting Nuts, Tapa Cloth Beating, Palmerston Shanties, Imenetuki, Mako Of Mama Lultangi, Canoe Racing & Wrestling, and more

9899c | 00 1 CD | $14.95 Music from the Pacific Islands

David Fanshawe : Music of the Nile : 00  2 CDs : David Fanshawe : 1793

David Fanshawe : Music of the Nile

Review: Music of the Nile is the companion source album to African Sanctus. This album contains the pure, original African field recordings on their own, without the composed settings of the Latin Mass. Features some of the glorious ethnic music of Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, recorded between 1969-75. Some of the most energetic and exciting recordings of African traditions including full versions of all the original ethnic music used in African Sanctus, from Uganda, Egypt, Sudan and Kenya. Bwala Dance, Call to Prayer, Cattle boy's song, Dingy Dingy dance, Song of lamentation, Ritual burial dance plus many more important African recordings both musical and environmental, of the authentic sounds of the great waterway - the river Nile.

Songlist: Welcome Bwala Dance, Muezzin Call To Prayer, River Of The Pharaohs, Egyptian Wedding Luxor, Water Well Song, Abu Simbel Temple, Prophet's Song, Islamic Prayer School, Camel Drivers' Songs, Reed Pipe & Grass Cutting Song, Darfur Courtship Dances, Four Men On A Prayer Mat, Zebaidir Song, Hadandua Love Song & Bells, Shilluk Coronation Fashoda, Paddle Steamer Of The Sudd, Frogs & Zande Song Of Flight, Tamboura Song Liri, Edongo Dance Arua, Kabalega Falls, Busoga Falls Fisherman, Teso Fisherman, Bowed Harp, Acholi Enanga, Dingi Dingi Dance, Rain Song Of Latigo Oteng, Bunyoro Xylophone Madinda, Royal Acholi Bwala Dance, Samia Rowing Chant, Song Of Lamentation, and more

9903c | 00 2 CDs | $14.95 African Choral Music

David Fanshawe : Pacific Song : 01 Songbook : David Fanshawe : 884088143022 : 08747009

David Fanshawe : Pacific Song

Review: Premiered at the 2007 ACDA convention in Miami, this compelling work displays the result of Fanshawe's 10 year odyssey across the islands of the Pacific as it blends indigenous field recordings with live singers and instrumentalists. This is the double chorus edition and includes: Hulo hulo, Muli tu pe, 'Otuhaka.

Songlist: Hulo Hulo, Muli Tu Pe, Otuhaka

9479b | 01 Songbook | $5.95 | Mixed 5-8 Parts Music from the Pacific Islands

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