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Pacific Islands Choral Music

If you’re like most people, you probably think of the “South Seas” in terms of warm beaches and great spots to vacation. You should know, though, that there is much, much more to this region of the globe – including some amazing vocal music. We’ve got music from one of the most southern of the inhabited places on the planet here! Here you can explore the chants and hymns from indigenous peoples whose music developed long before they were discovered by Europeans, and long before their musical traditions were influenced by the Church music of the day. It’s a fascinating journey through cultures little-known to Western audiences, and for a music fan, it’s a must-listen!

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David Fanshawe : Chants From the Kingdom of Tonga

Review: A musical journey through the Tongan islands containing authentic field recordings (1978-88). The album concludes with the astonishing new choral work Pacific Song: Chants from the Kingdom of Tonga - "a work of musicological significance. David Fanshawe's Pacific Song is a model for how to make multicultural music accessible to everyone." ACDA Choral Journal, USA.

Songlist: 'Ani lai 'a e , Welcome Song, Ma'ulu'ulu, Tau'olunga , Tongan Ceremonial, Sunday Morning in Taunga, Kava drinking song, Holonga Faikava, Hena Shark Calling / Makafeke Octopus Fishing, 'Utete mouth harps of 'Eua, Lakalaka Hihifo, Finesola, Me'etu'upaki, Faikava Kanokupolu, 'Old Timers' Dateline Hotel, The Nobleman Ve'ehala, 'Otuhaka opening, Oi inu i le'ava e, Muli tu pe, Hulo Hulo, Malua lau fanga e, Io ae e e , Moenga ngongo tau fea, The Singing Reef

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2011c | 1 CD | $11.95 |

David Fanshawe : Music of the South Pacific

Review: If you wish to experience a wide cross-section of authentic Pacific island music - then this is it! This album presents highlights, personally selected by David Fanshawe the Pacific Collections. Represents many Pacific island nations, the Fanshawe Collection focuses on the rich variety of authentic music indigenous to Oceania;- traditional music of great beauty and contrast - - a musical source for us all to enjoy. Music from Cook Islands, Tonga, Western Samoa in Polynesia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu in Melanesia and Kiribati and Chuuk in Micronesia. Traditional chants, church singing, Bamboo and string bands, nose flute, love song, action dances and the wonderful voice of the legendary Aggie Grey in Western Samoa.

Songlist: Imenetuki Mangaia, Manihiki Action Song, Pukapuka Drum Dance, Romonum I, Wagi Brothers Bamboo Band, Rymoka Strind BAnd, Sepik Flutes Kanengara, Pan Pipes Of Buma, Pan Pipes Langa Langa Lagoon, Gilo Stones, Fenes String Band, Orchid Island Group, Lali Church Bell, Hymn Viseisei Church, Rukua Church Methodist Choir, Taralala Dance, Warwick Vocal Group, Vakamalolo Yaroi, Lakalaka Hihifo, Fiafia At Agie Grey's, Te Kamei Tewai, Te Kamei Batere, Romonum II, Fangufangu Nose Flute, Faikava Love Song, The Singing Reef, Reureu Drum Dance

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9902c | 1 CD | $14.95 || David Fanshawe

David Fanshawe : Pacific Chants - Polynesian Himene

Review: David Fanshawe presents important highlights from his monumental Pacific Collection, recorded over fourteen year (1978-92). The album focuses on the rich variety of authentic himene (hymns) indigenous to Tahiti, the Cook Islands, the Society Islands and others. The 44-page booklet provides extensive information about the music, transcriptions and translations of the lyrics and is richly illustrated with colour photos.

Songlist: Himene Tarava Point Venus, Himene Tauraatua , The Signing Reef , Imenetuki Mangaia, Imenetuki Oneroa, Imenetuki Aitutaki , Imenetuki Penrhyn, The Singing Reef 2, Himene Tarava Pirae, Himene Tarava Taunoa, The Singing Reef 3 , Legend of Maupiti , Himene Tarava Ucjg, Himene Tarava Betelehema, Himene Tarava Faaha, Himene Tarava Anau , Himene Tarava Vaitape , The Singing Reef 4 , Marae Arahurahu , Otea Te Maeva, Return to Point Venus , The Singing Reef 5

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9886c | 1 CD | $14.98 || David Fanshawe

David Fanshawe : Spirit of Melanesia

Review: Featuring music from Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea. Recorded in the Pacific by David Fanshawe (1978-86) The final part of the Pacific Trilogy of albums features ancient chants, delightful hymns, pan pipes, Gilo stones, String Bands and some beautiful songs.

Songlist: Sepik Flutes Kanengara, Pan Pipes Of Buma, Club Dance, Meke Rara Nakelo, Meke Seasea, Vakalolo, Nabua Methodist Church Choir, New Year Celebration, Grog Song Lakeha, Singera String Band, Naghol Land Diving, Lifou Mouth Pipes, Spirit Song U'ula, Shell Money Making, Spirit Song Ia Ia Ia, Gilo Stones, The Awakening, Funeral Song, Karop Pipes, Yule Island Festivities, Mt. Hagen Singsing, Mendi Girls Chant Alipuli, Wagi Bros. Bamboo Band, Rymoka String Band, Karawari Initiation, Kamanibit, Timbunke Garamut Drums, Wundubu Bangu Ceremony, Kanengara War Dance, Bisorio House Building Kilao War Party, and more

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9904c | 1 CD | $14.95 || David Fanshawe

David Fanshawe : Spirit of Micronesia

Review: Chants, hymns, dances from Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap and Palau. Recorded in Micronesia by David Fanshawe. The second in our trilogy of albums compiled from the Fanshawe Pacific Collections, stick dances, Star Path navigating chants, marching songs and historical chants from the Republic of Palau. An important and fascinating musical document. Great booklet, lots of text & photos.

Songlist: Te Kamei - Standing Dance, Te Kamei Batere, Tibwereri, Te Katake Chant, Te Bino - Sitting Dance, Te Orobaoki - Strike The Box, Te Karuo - Love Song, Toddy Cutting Songs, Te Kawawa / Te KAmei, Aeroplane Song, Morning Star Choir, Presentation Of Food, Jebua Stick Dance, "Beet", Sunday Morning Service, Micro Palm, Seamen's Dance, Kepia / Dokia - Stick Dance, Ordination Song, Navigators Of Pulusuk, Death Of Titilap, Conche / Outrigger / Storm, Puluwat Hymn, Navigators Of Puluwat, Men's Standing Dance, Launching A Canoe, Dances Of Satawal, Songs Of Lamotrek, Song For Sick People, Star-Path Chant, and more

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9901c | 1 CD | $14.95 || David Fanshawe

David Fanshawe : Spirit of Polynesia

Review: Traditional chants, dances & other music from Rapa Iti, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Tokelau, Niue, Nauru, Tuvalu, Marquesas, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Cooks and Easter Island. A comprehensive and fascinating anthology of the exciting drum dances, hulas and awe inspiring chants of the Polynesian islands. 38 tracks. "It's all suffused with a great sense of exuberance and excitement." Includes great booklet with lots of text & photos.

Songlist: Aitutaki Drum Dance, Himene Tarvava, Poipoi - Tara Pounding, Song Of Papa Teora, Himene Ruau, Bird Dance Hula, Haka Maori Welcome, Song Of Papa Kiko, Kai Kai Of Mama, Hoko War Dance, Meke Wesi Spear Dance, Tau A Alo, FanguFangu Nose Flute, Faikava Love Song, Cheifs And Orators Sasa, Tagi Lillaby, Tawhoe - Oar Dance, Copra Bugle Call, Mokaone's Harmonica, Song Of Anili, Frigate Bird Dance, Funafuti Chorus, Tuvalu, Imenetuki - Gospel Chant, Mire Of emamaki, Ute - Cutting Nuts, Tapa Cloth Beating, Palmerston Shanties, Imenetuki, Mako Of Mama Lultangi, Canoe Racing & Wrestling, and more

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9899c | 1 CD | $14.95 || David Fanshawe

Kahurangi : Maori

Review: Maori waiata (songs and chants) and haka (dances) sung a cappella and accompanied. Kahurangi's performances present various aspect of Maori culture. The songs and dances performed are part of the history and fabric of Maori life. The colourful booklet gives extensive information about the cultural background to the songs and dances, illustrated with many photos.

Songlist: Pinepine Te Kura, Ka Ngaru, E Ko Te Kautoki , Papaki (Haka Poi), Haka Hou, Kuini Ripeka, Rongomaiwahine, Ngao Tu (Haka Rakau), E Papa (Tititorea), Aotearoa, Titimatahi (Tititorea), Ka Pine, Ko Wai Te Tangata, Ko Wai Ka Hua, Patu, Anei Ra, Manhinaarangi , Ko Te Amorangi, Te Kore, Ana Lei (Samoa), Kuiti (Cook Islands), Kua Rongo Mai , Korimako (Haka Poi) , Pokarekare Ana

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9887c | 1 CD | $14.98 |

Tahitian Choir : Rapa Iti

Review: A thousand miles southeast of Tahiti lies the last piece of land before the South Pole. The island of Rapa Iti is home to 328 people of Polynesian descent. Though their church music has been influenced by Christian hymns, there is an ancient polyphonic music sung in quarter-tones kept very much alive by the whole population. That is the music chosen for this recording. It is sung by the island's 126 voice choir. Prior to this recording, the only one found by Pascal Nabet-meyer, the ethno-musicologist who did this recording, was a wax cylinder from 1906 found in the Bishop Museum in Hawaii. Though this Polynesian music is so unique it is almost impossible to describe, there are haunting similarities to an ancient unrhymical form of Hebrew Cantillation which dates back to the Temple in Jerusalem, and another early singing style called heterophony found in the Western Isles of Scotland. Is this musical continental drift, or what?

Songlist: Oparo e opare e, Morotiri nei, Himene tatou, Tarema, Ei reka e, Ratou ki ota, To vahine ororagni, Te matamua, I te fenua, Tamaki a te mau ariki, Oparo, Tevaitau, Va hiti, Tau matamua, Te parau o eri rama

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9225c | 1 CD | $15.98 |

Various Artists : Magic of the South Seas

Review: This compilation features the acclaimed singing group Te Vaka as well as recordings by David Fanshawe and more. Tracklisting: E keli (The Digging), Siva mai (Let's Dance), Te Maeva Welcome, Manihiki Action Song, Tautai e (The Master Fisherman), Ua Vii Keee Na Te Hatu (Lord's Message), Saki saki tu ni noqu bula marau, Na Ai Tutu Tuetue? Group Moana Nui, Lakalaka hihifo, Aparima Puurai, Aparima te maeva.

Songlist: E keli, Siva mai, Te Maeva Welcome, Manihiki Action Song, Tautai e, Ua Vii Keee Na Te Hatu, Sakisaki tu ni noqu bula marau, Na Ai Tutu Tuetue?, Lakalaka Hihifo, Aparima Puurai, Aparima Te Maev

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2012c | 1 CD | $11.95 |

Voix Des Iles : Polynesian Chants

Review: Beautiful and cheerful traditional choral singing from the Marquesas Islands (where the painter Paul Gauguin spent his last years) - some with drum accompaniment. Information in English, German, French and Spanish. Total playing time: 67:04 minutes.

Songlist: Te Keee Na Te Hatu, Mave, E Aha Tenei E Keuu Nei?, Taramo 96, E Maria Virikine, A Nui Te Mahao E, U Tu Ae, Himene Itaia/Isaie Canticle, Na Ai Tutu Tuetue?, Teikiumatoto, Haahua 'Eka'eka Tatou, Hai Atu Tatou E , A Hahi Haahua Ekaeka, Te Pepena, Ma Oto O Te Koava Etua, O Te a Tenei, Taramo 118, Kaoha 'Oe Maria, Te Etua Mana Nui, A Tihe Tatou I Te Mau

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2013c | 1 CD | $11.95 |

David Fanshawe : Pacific Song

Review: Premiered at the 2007 ACDA convention in Miami, this compelling work displays the result of Fanshawe's 10 year odyssey across the islands of the Pacific as it blends indigenous field recordings with live singers and instrumentalists. This is the double chorus edition and includes: Hulo hulo, Muli tu pe, 'Otuhaka.

Songlist: Hulo Hulo, Muli Tu Pe, Otuhaka

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9479b | Songbook | $5.95 | Mixed 5-8 Parts || David Fanshawe

George Hernandez : Songs of the Philippines

Review: An all a cappella collection of folk songs from a land where singing is second nature to most of it's inhabitants! Traditional folk song "Rosas Pandan" is a song of joy and love. George Hernandez, conductor of the Saringhimig Singers from San Francisco has captured the native Visayan flavor in this rousing and playful arrangement "Caturog Na, Nonoy" is a beautiful lullaby which features an alto solo accompanied by the choir. The joyful, Filipino Christmas Carol "Pasko Na Naman!" is a welcome addition to the season. George Hernandez, has masterfully arranged a simple SATB, a cappella setting that simply works!. High school, college and community choirs will love this piece. "Ay, Ay, Ay, O Pag-Ibig!" is a fun and lively arrangement of a traditional Tagalog folksong. Includes pronunciation and translation notes. "Paruparon Bukid" (The Field Butterfly) is a humorous song comparing a butterfly to a Filipina dressed in her glamourous formal dress with tall butterfly sleeves as she moves down the aisle of the church, swaying her hips as every one looks on.

Songlist: Pasko Na Naman, Caturog Na, Nonoy, Rosas Pandan, Pasko Na Naman, Ay, Ay, Ay, O Pag-Ibig!, Paruparong Bukid

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9528b | Sheet Music | $11.95 | SATB | A Cappella || Philippines Choral Music Arrangements | Ron Kean Multicultural Choral Series