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Choral Instructional DVDs

An entire category of workshops-in-a-box! Prestigious choral instructors from all walks, universities to professional choirs, have created these DVD and Video sets that allow you to not only read the works of the greats, but see them in action. They oughtta be in pictures – and they are! Whether it’s Basic Conducting Technique, Creating Artistry Through Movement, The Choral Warm-Up, Fine Tuning Your Conducting Skills, Teaching Kids To Sing, Arranging for choral groups, or learning the techniques of some the most senior, well-respected, internationally known & loved ensembles, we’ve got it all for you here in pictures.

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Allan McMurray : Conducting From The Inside Out : DVD : Allan McMurray : DVD-613

Allan McMurray : Conducting From The Inside Out

Conducting work begins not with movement, but with the study of music. Before conducting students can pick up a baton and lead with confidence, they must know where they are going. Allan McMurray, a recognized authority on conducting pedagogy and wind repertoire, takes students through his innovative and music-centered approach to conducting technique. Each of the thirteen sections focuses on a specific movement that embodies an understanding of performance practices, style, music history, form, etc. McMurray expertly guides viewers through the basics of the preparatory ictus and eye contact to the more advanced concepts of use of space and "looking like the music." This DVD is the perfect resource for anyone learning to conduct or as a refresher course for directors at the middle school, high school, or college/university levels. The running time is 1 hr. 40 minutes. Allan McMurray is Chairman of the Conducting Faculty and Director of Bands at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He studied conducting with H. Robert Reynolds at the University of Wisconsin and went on to complete post-graduate work at the Advanced Institute of the Arts in Montreux, Switzerland.

Songlist: Preparatory Ictus Rebound, Baton, Eye contact, Plane, Posture, Score and energy, Entering into silence, The left hand, Use of space, Look like the music, Facial expression, Encourage collaboration, Looking ahead

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6453dvd | DVD | $34.95

Anthony Maiello : Conducting: A Hands On Approach : DVD : Anthony Maiello : 038081355542  : 00-32707

Anthony Maiello : Conducting: A Hands On Approach

This comprehensive DVD on the art of conducting covers a wide variety of conducting issues and techniques, and is an excellent refresher course for all conductors at all levels of ability. Conducting: A Hands-On Approach features a variety of musical examples and styles utilizing a live ensemble, making this DVD a welcome resource for any conductor's library.

Songlist: Basic Conducting Concepts, Stance, Spatial Area and Planes, Ready Position, Hands, Basic Conducting Techniques, Preparatory Beat, Beat Patterns, Cueing, Dynamics, Fermatas, Anacrusis (Fractional Pickup), Asymmetrical Beat Patterns, Subdivisions, Segmented Conducting, Intensity Plane, In Conclusion

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5163dvd | DVD | $21.95

Bill Gibson : Ultimate Church Sound Operator Handbook : 01 Book & DVD : 884088106751 : 1423419707 : 00331468

Bill Gibson : Ultimate Church Sound Operator Handbook

The Ultimate Church Sound Operator's Handbook is written to specifically address the concerns and needs of the sound person who serves ministries and churches. The modern church uses many of the same presentation tools that have become common in television, movies, and concerts, placing a unique set of technical expectations on its eager, willing, and primarily volunteer force. This comprehensive handbook blends the relational and technical aspects of church sound in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. The Ultimate Church Sound Operator's Handbook will provide a leg-up to church sound operators who want to do a great job but need the perfect tool - created specifically for them - to gain the knowledge needed to excel and succeed.

Songlist: Qualifications for Beinga Sound Operator, Responsibilities of a Sound Operator, Spiritual Importance of Worship and Music, Relational Considerations: An Atmosphere of Peace, To Get Paid or Not to Get Paid, Volume Issues: Agreement is the Solution, Who is in Control?, Earning the Trust of the Team, Multi-Generational Hearing Considerations, Sound Theory, Interconnect Basics, The Front-of-House Mixer, Signal Processors and Effects, Microphone Principles and Design, Wireless Systems, Loudspeakers, The Racks: Drive, Amp, Effects, Patch Bays, Basic Equipment Needs for Your Church Size, Monitor Sysems, System Design and Layout, Acoustic Considerations, Miking the Group: Instructions for Different Numbers of Mikes, Common Instruments, and Vocals, Sound Check, Creating an Excellent Mix

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6592b | Book & DVD | $38.95

Charlene Archibeque : How To Make A Good Choir Sound Great! : DVD : Charlene Archibeque : DVD-949

Charlene Archibeque : How To Make A Good Choir Sound Great!

This remarkable DVD presents a systematic approach to improving the sound of choirs of all ages, types, and stages of development. From vocal warm-ups to rehearsals to culminating performances, this DVD provides a step-by-step guide to help choral ensembles to reach their full potential. Many different standing positions are demonstrated and the numerous factors involved in deciding which position to use are discussed. Dr. Charlene Archibeque demonstrates unique placements that work in varied rehearsal situations, including standing, sitting, using risers, and dealing with a flat floor. She also explores the most effective positions for performance situations, taking into consideration the acoustics of the venue, the strengths and weaknesses of the choir, and the repertoire to be performed. A focal point of is the demonstration of the decision-making process involved in the place- ment of individual singers within a section. Blend, balance, intonation, musicianship, and aural skills- as well as strength of each voice and timbre of each singer-are factors that affect these decisions. Unique "before and after" comparisons, suitable for showing to singers, highlight the contrasts prior to and after voice matching and/or positioning of singers for specific repertoire. The powerful effects of capturing each singer's innate expressiveness and imagination are displayed via contrasting examples of engaged and unengaged singing. This DVD, with its unprecedented combination of explanations, graphics, and singer demonstrations, offers a unique and valuable resource for both conductor-teachers and singers.

Songlist: Rehearsal Formations, Performance Formations, Placement of Individual Singers, Visual Aspects of Impactful Performances, Developing Expressivness, Acoustics, Blend and Balance, Intonation, Aural Skills, Strength and Timbre of Each Voice, Includes:-, Graphics, Charts, Singer Demonstrations

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5915dvd | DVD | $24.95

Charles Bruffy, Bruce Chamberlain, Vance George, James Jordan, Weston Noble : Inside the Westminster Conducting Institute Masterclasses : DVD : DVD-972

Charles Bruffy, Bruce Chamberlain, Vance George, James Jordan, Weston Noble : Inside the Westminster Conducting Institute Masterclasses

Imagine being "inside"" masterclasses with some of the world's most respected and admired choral conductors! Now, for the first time, you can gain entrance into the world-renowned Westminster Conducting Institute held each summer on the campus of Westminster Choir College. Founded in 2001 through the vision of James Jordan, the Westminster Conducting Institute has established the standard for the training of conductors at all levels of development. In addition to conducting study, the Institute presents approaches to analysis, movement, new choral literature, and groundbreaking pedagogies.

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7892dvd | DVD | $24.95

Christine Bass : Vocal Transformation For Secondary School Choirs : 2 DVDs : Christine Bass : 884088311513 : 08749640

Christine Bass : Vocal Transformation For Secondary School Choirs

From the classroom to the concert stage, experience a high school choir's vocal transformation from beginning to advanced level. Step by step, through daily practice and using proven techniques this experienced educator transforms these young singers' singing into a free, healthy, blended and mature sound. ""Vocal Transformation" is on of the most remarkable teaching tools for conductors that I have ever seen. Christine Bass absolutely understands the progression of teaching vocal technique from beginning to advanced stages, and expertly demonstrates these concepts in a manner not previously done in video. "Vocal Transformation" not only provides information on how to teach concepts of vocal production, color, vowel unification, intonation and such, but actually shows the remarkable improvement of the choirs over time as these concepts are consistently taught. It's a "must have" in your library!- Z. Randall Stroope"

Songlist: Introduction, Untrained versus Trained, Posture, Resonance, Breathing, Opening Exercises, Vocal Anatomy, Support, Vocal Folds, Care and Space, More Support, Breath Control, Vocal Exercise:-, Major Scale, Simple Three Tone Ah, Ee - ee - ah, Core, Up & Over the World, Staccato Bounces, Yoo-ee, Quiet Jaw, Zee-Ping, Lip Trill - Pull Car, Dancing Arms, Pum - pum - pum, Changing owels, Bumble Bee, Exploring Regisers, Entry Level Soprano Lessons, Middle & Advanced Men's Lesson, Return to the Scale, and more

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5091dvd | 2 DVDs | $39.95 video

Christine Bass : Where The Boys Are : DVD : Christine Bass : 884088662592 : 1480308382 : 08754802

Christine Bass : Where The Boys Are

Featuring numerous practical ideas and techniques for recruiting, engaging, and retaining those tenors and basses! What brings them in the door? What gets them engaged in great singing and what keeps them singing? Proven ideas from a director who has grown her choirs from 11 young men to 100! "Christine Bass is a remarkable vocal technician and pedagogue who really knows how to nurture the maturing male voice. She is truly a master teacher and role model for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in choral music education. Her passion for both choral excellence and for nurturing young people is a combination that is rare in the profession these days." - Rollo Dillworth

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7865dvd | DVD | $29.95

Darwin Sanders : Choral Singing In Latin : DVD : 884088068752 : 08745480

Darwin Sanders : Choral Singing In Latin

Darwin Sanders, nationally recognized language and diction specialist,teaches pronunciation for over 35 of the most common Latin texts used in choral singing. Each text is spoken by Sanders and is echoed by an onscreen ensemble. A helpful reference DVD for choral singers and conductors.

Songlist: The Roman MAsss, The Requiem MAss, Adoramus, Alma, Redemptoris, Ave Dulcissima, Ave Maria, Ave Regina, Coelorum, Ave Verum Corpus, Beatus Vir, Cantate Domino, Christus Factus Est, Confitemini Domino, De Profundis, Dixit Maria, Exsulate Deo, Exsulate Justi, Gloria PAtri, Haec Dies, Hodie, In Dulci Jubilo, Locus Iste, Magnificat, Non Nobis, Nunc Dimittis, O Bone Jesus, O Fili, O Magnum, O Nata Lux, and more

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3024dvd | DVD | $19.95

Debra Spurgeon : Conducting Women's Choirs  : 01 Book & DVD : G-8367

Debra Spurgeon : Conducting Women's Choirs

Conducting Women's Choirs: Strategies for Success is a pioneering yet practical book and DVD devoted to all aspects of the women's choir - a groundbreaking contribution and a true collaborative effort from top professionals in the field. For the first time in a book, choral leaders bring together historical, philosophical, psychological, sociological, pedagogical, and real-world considerations to the women's choir - information missing from most choral methods and conducting texts. Sections also focus on mentoring, auditions, seating arrangements, historical women's repertoire, healthy vocal development, gender issues, history, status of the women's choir, and much more. This book features research, practical insights, and round-table discussions. The included DVD demonstrates choral techniques and teaching ideas with two women's choirs: Aurora, from Luther College, conducted by Sandra Peter; and The University of Kentucky Women's Choir, conducted by Lori Hetzel. Conducting Women's Choirs is, quite simply, essential for anyone who is involved in the women's choir movement and the culmination of decades of experience and wisdom by leaders in the profession.

Songlist: The Status of Women's Choirs, The History of Women Singing in Groups, The Sacred Choral Works of the Venetian Ospedali, Brahms and his Work with Women's Choruses, Canadian Repertoire for Women's Choruses, We Sing Ourselves - An Essay about Teaching and Learning with Women, Building Community in the Women's Choir, The Y Factor in an X Chromsome World, Choral Works for Women's Voices, Writing for Women's Voices, Mentoring the Women's Choir thru Voicing, Labeling and Seating, Warm-Ups for Women's Choir, Working with the Women's Community Choir, Understanding the Young Female Singer, Healthy Development of the Beginning Women's Choir, Improving the Sound, Working with Sopranos and Altos, Formations, Acoustics and Singer Preferences, Building Excellence in a Women's Choir

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7822b | Book & DVD | $42.95

Donald Neuen : Artistic Musical Conducting 1 : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1101-9

Donald Neuen : Artistic Musical Conducting 1

In this first volume of Donald Neuen's extraordinary series of video-based classes on conducting, this veteran choral conductor and teacher approaches conducting as a high art, to be mastered as any musical instrument. The baton itself is addressed as an instrument, with detailed commentary on different ways of holding it and using it most effectively to communicate with your ensemble. He also discusses when not to use a baton, and how to use your body language to maximum effect. If you take your conducting seriously and want to "sit at the feet of the master," this is what you've been looking for. Furthermore, the high quality of the audio and video production of these products is equal to their superb content!

Songlist: Introduction, The Baton, Beat Pattern, Patterns Demonstrations

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3026dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : Artistic Musical Conducting 2 : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1102-9

Donald Neuen : Artistic Musical Conducting 2

Volume 2 of Artistic Musical Conducting continues the discussion of conducting beat patterns and styles, from the basics to more complex issues such as fermatas, preparatory beats, and cueing. Any musician who is ready to step onto the podium will be well served by Donald Neuen's clear, logical, natural examples and demonstrations. This and his other DVDs will prepare you to stand in front of any ensemble, whether instrumental or choral, and feel confident that your conducting is clear, effective, and in the best possible service to the music!

Songlist: Dynamics, Beat Styles, Using The Left Hand, Additional Techniques

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3027dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : Energy, Beauty, and Placement : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1104-9

Donald Neuen : Energy, Beauty, and Placement

In the first DVD in the 'Choral Techniques and Methods Series,' Donald Neuen discusses sound and tone quality as well as vitality. In order to teach and lead a choir successfully you must know what to teach, how to teach it, and how to inspire people to learn what you have to offer. Here, Donald Neuen gives you the necessary foundation upon which your future teaching will rest.

Songlist: Sound, How do we develop our concept of fine singing?, How do we define our fine singing sound, Energy, The importance of energy in the choral setting, An exercise to teach energy, Developing energy in slow soft passages, How do we define and teach beauty?, Placement, The imagery of proper vocal placement, An exercise to teach placement

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3028dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : Individual Section Characteristics : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1105-9

Donald Neuen : Individual Section Characteristics

Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Bsses all have different needs and problems that must be carefully addressed. Volume two in the 'Choral Techniques and Methods Series' addresses these issues. This DVD helps you to understand the break in the female voice, nurture young tenors, correct vibrato problems and much more.

Songlist: Sopranos, A frosting on a rich cake of altos, tenors and basses, Rules for singing above the staff, Dealing with vibrato problems, Altos, Addressing the break in the female voice, An exercise for bringing the top voice down, Additional alto concepts, Tenors, The most fragile musical instrument, Developing head-tone from falsetto, Basses, Encouraging a lyrical bass sound

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3029dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : A Unified Approach to Vowel Formation : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1106-9

Donald Neuen : A Unified Approach to Vowel Formation

In the third DVD in the 'Choral Techniques and Methods Series,' Donald Neuen starts a discussion of language and sound. He then continues with a series of concepts and exercises that will help your choir master the essential components of singing. You learn how to help your singers become partners in the pursuit of the highest standards of artistic excellence, the standards for which the greatest performing artists strive.

Songlist: Introduction, The color of language, Create a spectrum of sound with language, Vowel formation, A system any choir can master, Examples of vowel formations, The difference between dark and bright vowels, The warmth of "oo", Teaching dark and bright vowels, Vowel exercises, Adding warmth of "oo" to "ee", Dark vowel exercises one and two, Vowels and vocal sound

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3030dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : The Power of Words : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1107-9

Donald Neuen : The Power of Words

While instrumentalists and singers must be solid technicians with an understanding of the methods required for their respective instruments, and both should have an understanding of theory, form, musicology and so forth, it is the singer who needs to be a dramatic actor because of the use of words. In the fourth DVD in the 'Choral Techniques and Methods Series,' you will learn how to teach your choir to deliver text with clear diction, meaning and color.

Songlist: Introduction, Words, What separates the singer from the other musicians, Diction, Understandability, meaning and color, Inflection, Natural syllable and word inflection, Consonants, Voiced and voiceless consonants, Percussive consonants, Dealing with "m" and "n", Of English diction, The power of words

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3031dvd | DVD | $17.95

Donald Neuen : Rhythmic Interest and Forward Motion : DVD : Donald Neuen : 824890-1108-9

Donald Neuen : Rhythmic Interest and Forward Motion

The focus is on bringing the rhythm of your music to life. Volume five of the 'Choral Techniques and Methods Series' will teach you and your choir how to find and mark instances of forward motion in your scores. You will learn how rhythmic interest and the textual emphasis taught in video four go hand in hand. Adiitionally you will learn how rhythmic interest and forward motion are common threads in all great performances. Your singers will find all of the shows in this series to be clarifying and insightful. By learning the valuable information peresented in them, the members of your chorus will share a common vocabulary.

Songlist: Forward motion, Bringing the rhythm of music to life, Phrasing, Establishing logical note-groupings, Off-beat emphasis, Using rhythm to move the music forward, Markings, Marking forward motion in our scores, Specific rhythms, The function of rhythms in context, Rhythmic interest, A common thread in all great performances

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3032dvd | DVD | $17.95

Dr. Leslie Guelker-Cone : The Collaborative Choral Rehearsal : DVD : Leslie Guelker-Cone : 964807009447 : SBMP944

Dr. Leslie Guelker-Cone : The Collaborative Choral Rehearsal

Multi-sensory, student-centered rehearsal techniques that encourage the development of critical thinking and musical problem-solving skills are featured on this DVD. Incorporating a combination of kinesthetic, cognitive, and affective approaches, students make musical decisions about topics including choral tone, musical phrasing, thematic balance, dramatic intent, and poetic meaning. Using a variety of learning modalities results in more fully engaged students and also produces stronger, more creative musicians who will be better prepared if their goal is to become tomorrow's conductors and teachers. Leslie Guelker-Cone is director of Choral Activities and Coordinator of Vocal Studies at Western Washington University. In addition to conducting the Concert Choir and the Western Voices chamber ensemble, she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in choral conducting and choral music education.

Songlist: The Big Picture, Color and Character, Motive and Textual Structure, Pulse and Meter, Telling the Story, Phrase Length and Shape, Formal Hierarchy and Macroshape, Physicalizing the Score, Utilizing the Kinesphere, Exploring Emotion-based Imagery, Digging More Deeply into the Text, Applying Effort Elements to the Score, Connecting Effort Actions to Sectional Structure, Making Metric Choices, Exploring Duple and Triple Groupings, Charting Formal Structure, Layering Structural Elements, Balancing Thematic Material

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6463dvd | DVD | $29.95

Dr. Patrick Freer : Success for Adolescent Singers (3 DVD Set) : 3 DVDs : Patrick Freer : 824890-2000-9

Dr. Patrick Freer : Success for Adolescent Singers (3 DVD Set)

Conductor, teacher, and researcher Dr. Patrick K. Freer explores practical solutions to common problems while focusing on an impromptu ensemble of everyday kids. These three fast-paced DVDs demonstrate familiar challenges and Freer's sensitive, real-time solutions to them. You will see the process unfold as it actually happened and how Dr. Freer incorporates research on adolescent learning into the process of teaching choral music. When working with these young adolescents, Dr. Freer clearly demonstrates how challenges associated with male and female changing voices can be handled successfully. Interviews with the students present valuable perspectives on being an adolescent singer, and a special segment on DVD 3 is designed to be shown to students in classrooms and choirs. The manual contains additional materials, including printed instructions for the exercises demonstrated throughout.

Songlist: Video Series Outline, Group Voice Building For Young Adolescents, The Individual Relaxtion, Posture, Breathing, Sound Ball, Whoosh, Whoa, Jazz Circles, Adolescent Vocal Development And Choir Rehearsals, Flow Experience, Learning Differences And Teaching Strategies, Motivation And Choral Instruction, Optimal Classroom Environments, Teacher Language In The Choral Rehearsal, Vocal/Choral Instruction And Choral Conducting

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3034dvd | 3 DVDs | $49.95

Eichenberger / Thomas : What They See Is What You Get : DVD : Rodney Eichenberger : 08763059

Eichenberger / Thomas : What They See Is What You Get

The purpose of the DVD is to demonstrate ways to communicate musical intent non-verbally. The naturally human propensity to use body movement to emphasize ideas and to send clear and specific messages, with or without speech, is explored and clearly demonstrated, and conducting instruction on the video emphasizes the entire body as the vehicle of communication. The video includes some of the most common "mixed" or "blurred" messages that conductors can unintentionally send, immediately followed by motions consistent with intent. Dozens of unrehearsed demonstration with middle school, high school, and church choirs show the universal applicability of theses concepts. When properly and consistently applied, the techniques on this video will result in better communication between singers and conductor, and vastly more efficient use of rehearsal time.

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6253dvd | DVD | $29.95

Eric Ericson : Teaching : DVD : Eric Ericson : CAP21815

Eric Ericson : Teaching

The tenaciously active superstar Eric Ericson celebrated his 90th birthday on October 26 2008. His international celebrity status is exceptional, and people everywhere talk with reverence of the "Swedish Choral Miracle" - an expression that is very much synonymous with his life work. In this unique 14-part documentary film "Teaching", Birgitta Ohman and Swedish Television have captured Eric Ericson's playful yet inspirational style of teaching at the Royal College of Music. Caprice Records in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Music presents this TV series on one DVD along with a bonus interview with Ericson from 2008. Experience for yourself the process of interpreting and performing choral music from all eras. Appearing is Eric Ericson, Anne Sofie von Otter, Marianne Eklof, Thomas Jennefeldt, Stefan Parkman, among others.

Songlist: Conducting lesson with a. o. Anne Sofie von Otter, Conducting lesson: J.S. Bach & Sven-Erik Back, Conducting lesson: Arne Mellnas & Thomas Morley, Conducting lesson: David Wikander, Karl-Erik Welin & Bela Bartok, Thomas Morley & Orlando di Lasso, Lars Edlund, Kurt Lindgren & Bela Bartok, Warming up with Stefan Parkman, August Soderman, Alf Cranner, A.F. Lindblad & H.L Hassler, "Samtalssinfonietta": Georg Riedel, Sven-Erik Johanson & Johannes Brahms, En visa: Sven-Erik Back, No bird soars to high: Lars-Erik Larsson, Scherzo: Lars Edlund, Scherzo & "Femton finnar" arr. Lars Edlund, Bonus: Eric Ericson interview 2008

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6451dvd | DVD | $24.95

Georg Frideric Handel : 3 Steps to Sing Handel Messiah - Soprano : Solo : DVD & 2 CDs : 888680032166 : 14043210

Georg Frideric Handel : 3 Steps to Sing Handel Messiah - Soprano

Here is a practical learning tool for church and community orchestras who want to streamline the rehearsal process for preparing Handel's Messiah. New choristers will appreciate the opportunity to learn at their own pace and veteran singers will enjoy an easily accessed refresher course! - Visual Learning DVD - A voice part recorded by professional singer (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass). The notes and words are displayed on the screen and change color in time with the music - all you have to do is join in as if singing a duet to learn your part. - Voice Part Rehearsal Audio CD - In this second step a narrator guides you, telling you when to sing and calling out where you are so that you don't get lost. Rehearse using your vocal score (available separately) and you will soon know the words and be singing the right notes. - Chorus Backing Track CD - Put what you've learned into practice with the third step, the Chorus Backing Track CD. Listen for your part and sing along with the choir and background music - it's like singing with a real choir.

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Voicing: Solo | 2693b | DVD & 2 CDs | $29.95

Other Voicings: Solo, Solo, Solo

Harold Farberman : The Art of Conducting Technique - A New Perspective : DVD : Harold Farberman : 00-33494

Harold Farberman : The Art of Conducting Technique - A New Perspective

The Art of Conducting Technique: a New Perspective by Harold Farberman focuses on devising a technique to convey knowledge of the score to the orchestra. Starting with the basics of "body technique" and baton technique, Farberman provides detailed analysis of conducting, including the three-dimensional system for charting baton movement called The Pattern Cube. The DVD enhances and further explains all of these techniques as detailed in The Art of Conducting Technique. Harold Farberman founded the Conductors Guild in 1976 and has conducted orchestras around the world. He also created the Conductors Institute, the premiere training ground for young conductors. This title presents a new approach to conducting for the young conductor, as well as for the more experienced conductor.

Songlist: 7 New Elements of Conducting Technique, The Conductor's Space, Body Technique, The Feet, The Torso, The Head, Basic Baton Grip, Tip of the Baton, The Elements of a New Technique, Visual Score Study - Baton Placement, The Pattern Cube, Pitch Registration, Dynamic Registration, Spatial Registration, Pitch Line, New Beat Patterns

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5164dvd | DVD | $24.95

Henry Leck : The Boy's Changing Voice (Take The High Road) : DVD : Henry Leck : 073999420944 : 0634009567 : 08742094

Henry Leck : The Boy's Changing Voice (Take The High Road)

Join Henry Leck and a choir made up of young male singers from the Indianapolis Children's Choir and the Indianapolis Youth Chorale. They explore the historical, physical, emotional, and individual musical perspective of the boy's changing voice as well as how the process affects the choral ensemble as a whole. This video offers choir directors, studio voice teachers and young singers the opportunity to examine the process of vocal maturation and how that process might be approached within the choral ensemble. Includes warmups and vocal exercises, ranges and guidelines for vocal classification, technical data, interviews with several young singers, and several excerpts of solo and choral repertoire in performance.

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6228dvd | DVD | $29.95

Henry Leck : Creating Artistry Through Movement in the Choral Setting : DVD : Henry Leck : 073999853360 : 0634098381 : 08744511

Henry Leck : Creating Artistry Through Movement in the Choral Setting

Dalcroze Eurhythmics is a unique approach to the study of music. Based on rhythm as the primary factor that bridges what we hear with what we do, Eurhythmics can be used in the choral setting to develop rhythmic independence in the singers, inner hearing, and the nuances in music. Through Dalcroze Eurhrythmics, singers can enjoy the benefits of purposeful expressive movement to enhance choral rehearsals and performances. This 1-hour DVD provides detailed approaches to the use of Eurhythmics within the classroom or rehearsal setting and offers a guide to building choral artistry through movement.

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6366dvd | DVD | $34.95

Henry Leck : Vocal Techniques For the Young Singers : DVD : Henry Leck : 21-24100

Henry Leck : Vocal Techniques For the Young Singers

An approach to teaching vocal technique utilizing the advantages of visualization, movement and aural modeling. The purpose of this DVD is to demonstrate the basic vocal techniques taught by Mr. Leck to the students of the Indianapolis Children's Choir. It includes mental focus, breathing, posture, and vowel forming exercises. The DVD includes a written description of each exercise with accompaniment. The teaching on this DVD is unique in its approach to the use of the primary learning anchors: Aural, Visual, Kinesthetic Movement and Physical. As guest artist and vocal model, Steve Rickards, a world-known countertenor, demonstrates vocal technique through the use of his voice, a frisbee and a slinky! The DVD also includes exercises and vocalises to improve choral intonation and tone.

Songlist: Mental Focus, Singers' Posture, Relaxation Exercises, Breathing, Pitch Memory, Vowel Formation, Vowel Uniformity, Vowel Modification, Vocal Modeling, Learning Anchors, Choral Tuning, Variety of Choral Timbre, Stylistic Artistry

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6431dvd | DVD | $39.95

Henry Leck and Randy Stetson : Creating Artistry Through Movement in the Choral Setting for Male Voices : 01 Book & DVD : Henry Leck : 884088573416 : 1458403602 : 08753287

Henry Leck and Randy Stetson : Creating Artistry Through Movement in the Choral Setting for Male Voices

Here is an amazing choral resource that demonstrates how movement while singing helps to harness the natural kinesthetic learning processes in males. Featuring the acclaimed St. Mary's International School Varsity Ensemble, conducted by Randy Stenson, the DVD includes warm-ups and exercises to improve tone, intonation, phrasing, articulation, special vocal effects, head voice and vocal agility. Through these exercises, the singer develops his own individualized shaping gesture, which leads to improved musicality during rehearsal, versatility and expressiveness. The companion book includes the notated exercises, additional instructional material, suggested seating charts, learning strategies and much more.

Songlist: Introductioon, Tonal Warm-ups and Vocal Modeling, Interview with Rodney Eichenberger, Activating the Head Voice, Movement and Gesture for Pitch, Color and Part- Singing, Musicality With and Without Movement, Rehearsals, Ranges and Voice Arrangements, Choreographed and Expressed Movement

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6396dvd | Book & DVD | $34.95

James Jordan : Evoking Sound - Second Edition : 01 Book & DVD : James Jordan : G-7359

James Jordan : Evoking Sound - Second Edition

Evoking Sound set new standards for its vision of the choral conductor's role when it was published in 1998. Now significantly revised and expanded, James Jordan's groundbreaking book incorporates more than ten years of new conducting insights, pedagogy, and philosophy to create a resource that is not only informative but transformative. Unique to this edition is the inclusion of a revolutionary DVD with Dr. Jordan and Eugene Migliaro Corporon of the University of North Texas. For the first time, a conducting text contains visual examples of patterns that-with the help of state-of-the-art animation and multiple camera angles-guide you to a deeper understanding of how conducting gesture influences sound. You will come away from Evoking Sound with a renewed sense of the totality of the conducting experience and also an understanding of how to better evoke honest and meaningful sounds from your choir.

Songlist: Foreword by Morten Lauridsen, Preface to the Second Edition, Preface to the First Edition (1996), Introduction, Part I: The Foundations of Conducting, Beginnings, The Role of Self for Beginning Conductors, The Essences of Gesture: To Advocate and Connect, Allignment: Creating the Inner Space for Breath, Essential Understandings: Primal Building Blocks of Conducting Technique, Consistent Tempo: A Prerequisite and Essential Skill, Part II: The Mechanics and Architecture of Conducting, The Anticipatory Process: Readiness to Receive Sound and Breath, Breathing and Dropping In: Gesture Informed by Breath, The Architecture of Conducting Patterns, Initiating Sound through the Breath Impulse Gesture: Definition and Importance of the Ictus, Understanding the Saito Conducting Method, Pattern Mechanics and Geometry, Part III: Additional Understandings to Refine Conducting Technique, Skill, and Awareness, Your Movement Potential and Conducting: An Application of the Work of Rudolf von Laben, Teaching Body Awareness to Conductors: The Use of the Swiss Ball, Adding Weight to Conducting Gesture: Experiencing Kinesthetic Transfer, Creating Integrative Conducting Technique through Core Distal Connectivity, The Morphology of Sounds: Conducting Note Attacks, Releases, and Fermatas, Listening, The Left Hand, Receiving, Listening to, and Reacting to the Sound, Initiation of the Musical Line, Music Aptitude: Realizing Your Music Potential as A Conductor, Part IV: Score Analysis And Instrumental Conducting, and more

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5573b | Book & DVD | $49.95

James Jordan : The Choral Rehearsal DVD : DVD : James Jordan : DVD-720

James Jordan : The Choral Rehearsal DVD

This companion DVD to Evoking Sound: The Choral Rehearsal is a personal master class on conducting and rehearsal technique with James Jordan. Using the Pennsbury High School Chamber Choir as a model, Dr. Jordan illustrates the major points found in The Choral Rehearsal text. The DVD cross-references The Choral Rehearsal (Volumes 1 and 2), so those who study this DVD can read further about the highlighted points demonstrated in the books. James Jordan is recognized and praised from many quarters in the musical world as one of the nation's preeminent conductors, writers, and innovators in choral music. Marilyn Shenenberger, collaborative accompanist and arranger, works with James Jordan at Westminster Choir College.

Songlist: Effects of alignment on sound, Proper use of the arm to obtain the best choral sound, Conductor listening skills, Effects of breath and breathing, velocity of gesture, and hand position on sound, Obtaining internal phrasing through gesture, Effective accompaniment techniques, Approaches to teaching rhythm, Demonstrations of unique rehearsal techniques

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James Jordan : Evoking Sound: Body Mapping Principles & Basic Conducting Technique : DVD : James Jordan : DVD 530

James Jordan : Evoking Sound: Body Mapping Principles & Basic Conducting Technique

Taking James Jordan's choral conducting book Evoking Sound to the next level, this video is a self-tutorial that demonstrates and enhances the basic conducting principles discussed in the book. This insightful presentation includes an overview of fundamental Body Mapping based upon the Alexander Technique as applied to choral conducting, as well as tutorials on breathing and basic conducting patterns. Whether you're studying conducting for the first time or looking for a refresher course, this enlightening video provides invaluable insight into basic conducting technique.

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6246dvd | DVD | $24.95

James Jordan & Matthew Mehaffey : Choral Ensemble Intonation : DVD : James Jordan : DVD 500

James Jordan & Matthew Mehaffey : Choral Ensemble Intonation

Forced to find a way to correct persistent intonation problems in his own choir, author James Jordan with the help of Matthew Mehaffey embarked on the development of a new method of choral ensemble solfege. Choral Ensemble Intonation: Method, Procedures, and Exercises presents this innovative new method, along with procedures and exercises, sure to improve the aural skills of any choir. Not just a temporary fix, this method encourages the building of intonation skills within the confines of the choral ensemble rehearsal. The method includes overall steps for reading a new work and teaches how solfege syllables can promote good intonation through good diction. In addition, the authors provide techniques for maintaining a consistent tempo, running a choral warm-up, and utilizing the accompanist to achieve better intonation. Jordan and Mehaffey also share listening techniques for the choir and discuss how the use of physical movement can assist intonation and good vocal production. Plus, conductors are given tools for modal analysis that will greatly improve the teaching and learning process.

Songlist: The Teaching of Intonation Skills, Keyality and Tonality, The Importance and Potency of Aural/Oral Teaching, The Foundation of Good Ensemble Listening, Solfege System: Fixed or Movable Do?, Chromatic Syllables/Solfege Syllable Pronunciation Guide, Chromatic Syllables, Practicing the Singing of Modes, Analysis for Aural Ensemble Teaching, On a Key vs. In a Tonality, Music with Changing Anchor Notes, Exercises for Understanding Harmonic Context, Exercises for Understanding Tonality, Musical Line and Intonation: Important Partners

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6249dvd | DVD | $24.95

James Jordan / Eugene Migliaro Corporon : The Anatomy of Conducting : DVD : James Jordan : DVD - 745

James Jordan / Eugene Migliaro Corporon : The Anatomy of Conducting

For the first time two of America's most respected conductors-instrumental and choral-enter into a collaboration, using cutting-edge technology to illustrate their teaching principles for learning the basics of conducting technique. Through insightful masterclass dialogue, unique multi-angle video demonstrations, and state-of-the-art motion capture animation, conductors will be able to study the gesture of both renowned conductors. Revolutionary graphics show the skeletal movement of each conductor in real-time to give conductors an in-depth and accurate picture of body mechanics and architecture. This DVD is a complete tutorial for basic conducting technique as taught and demonstrated by two of America's master teachers and conductors.

Songlist: Basic conducting patterns in legato and marcato for all basic meters, Conducting with and without a baton, Extensive demonstration of preparatory gestures, Explanation of the architecture of conducting, Body Mapping principles applied to conducting, Discussions on Sound Shaping and Sound Morphology, Unique interactive menu

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6620dvd | DVD | $34.95

Jeff Johnson : Ready, Set, Sing! : DVD : Jefferson Johnson : 964807005821 : SBMP582

Jeff Johnson : Ready, Set, Sing!

Popular choral clinician Jeff Johnson, Director of Choral Activities University of Kentucky, activates the mind, spirit and singing voice using visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities. Movement is used to alleviate tension and energize the body; motion is used to create emotion. Includes rehearsal techniques for posture, breath management, tone, expression, blend, intonation, articulation and rhythmic awareness.

Songlist: Activating the Mind, Posture and Breathing, Learning Styles, Activating the Voice, Tone, Resonance and Placement, Expression: Dynamics and Phrase Shaping, Intonation, Articulation, Rhythm

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6052dvd | DVD | $29.95

Jerry Blackstone : Working With Male Voices : DVD : Jerry Blackstone : 964807006637 : SBMP663

Jerry Blackstone : Working With Male Voices

Jerry Blackstone and the University of Michigan Men's Glee Club covers topics such as music-based choral tone including repertoire and the musical challenges inherent therein determining the vocal precedures needed to communicate the composer's intent. Also rehearsal warm ups which utilize different timbres and which present particular challenges for the singing male such as tessitura, register changes and vowel color. Intonation issues are also addressed with a discussion followed by a demonstration of warmups and rehearsal techniques.

Songlist: Tone and The Singing Male, Consistency throughout the Range, Communicative Choral Singing, Intonation Issues, Effective Rehearsal Procedures, Voice Classifications, Live Performances

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6053dvd | DVD | $29.95

John Eliot Gardiner : In Rehearsal with the English Baroque Soloists and Monteverdi Choir : DVD : D4576

John Eliot Gardiner : In Rehearsal with the English Baroque Soloists and Monteverdi Choir

Sir John Eliot Gardiner is one of the most versatile and exciting conductors of our time. Acknowleged as a key figure in the revival of early music, his concert performances and recordings are unmistakable for their zest and technical mastery. This fascinating film of Bach's Cantata No. 63 rehearsal at London's Abbey Road Studios is intercut with comments from the singers and an interview with Gardiner, giving a deeper appreciation of this festive work lavishly celebrating Christ's birth.

Songlist: Opening; Main Title, Gardiner on Bach, Choral Romp, Working with the Alto and Tenor, Cantata Structure, Coro. 'Christen, atzet diesen Tag', Recitativo. 'O selger Tag', Aria (Duetto). 'Gott, du has es wohl gefuget', Aria (Duetto). 'Ruft und feht den Himmel an', Recitativo. 'Verdopppelt euch demnach, ihr heissen Andachtsflammen', Coro. 'Hochster, schau in Gnaden an', End Credits

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6501dvd | DVD | $19.95

John Jacobson : Sign Language For Singers : Solo : 01 Book & DVD : John Jacobson : 073999257755 : 0634082388 : 09970880

John Jacobson : Sign Language For Singers

Music is the universal language, reaching all races and all ages. Now you can enhance this universal language with the beautiful gestures of sign language. With Sign Language for Singers, you will learn over 160 beautiful movements most commonly used by singers. The gestures are alphabetized for ease of use, with easy-to-follow definitions and demonstration photos for further visual reference. The DVD features John Jacobson demonstrating each gesture and with the DVD submenus, you can go directly to the move you desire. Also included are 10 featured songs with John performing the sign language, so you can see first-hand how these beautiful hand movements add meaning and depth to any musical performance. Add another dimension to your performances by incorporating the beautiful art of sign language into your movements with Sign Language for Singers.

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Voicing: Solo | 6271b | Book & DVD | $34.95

John Jacobson : Kids Gotta Move! : Kids : 01 Book & DVD : John Jacobson : 073999495621 : 063408237X : 09970879

John Jacobson : Kids Gotta Move!

'Kids Gotta Move!' features over 100 choreography terms, defined and demonstrated with the young performers in mind. The movements are alphabetized for ease of use, with easy-to-follow definitions, diagrams and dezens of demonstration photos for further visual reference. The DVD features John Jacobson and two student dancers demonstrating each move and the submenus on the DVD will allow you to go directly to the move you desire without fast forwarding through an entire videotape! You'll never have to wonder what the Crocodile Smile looks like again. With 'Kids Gotta Move!.' all the moves you'll ever need are right here for you. So get moving with 'Kids Gotta Move!'

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Voicing: Kids | 6403b | Book & DVD | $34.95

John Jacobson : Riser Choreography : DVD : John Jacobson : 08745828

John Jacobson : Riser Choreography

Movement enhances even the simplest of musical settings. It can bring energy to a dynamic show choir number or simple elegance to a beautiful concert piece without your choir ever leaving the risers! John Jacobson's ideas for staging and choreography on choral risers have been compiled in this easy-to-use resource for the beginning or veteran choral director. Covering basic formations, visual effects, and simple gestures that enhance the lyrics, this practical guide will help you incorporate all kinds of staging into your performance. Watch the companion video for the complete visual effect.

Songlist: Where To Begin Ok, You're There, Now, What? So What Kind Of Risers Are We, Talking About Now That We Made Our, Formations Universally Recognized, Gestures Simple And Obvious Gestures Real, Live Dances

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6276dvd | DVD | $29.95

John Jacobson : Kids on Risers : DVD : John Jacobson : 884088500139 : 1423492382 : 09971452

John Jacobson : Kids on Risers

Add visual impact to concerts and programs with this helpful "how to" guide for music teachers and directors who find themselves with a stage full of KIDS ON RISERS! This instructional DVD is loaded with ideas to enhance the visual aspects of your performances, even in very limited space. From large groups to small, show choir to concert choir, your cast and choir will look as good as they sound! See how even a small move can make a big difference, as demonstrated by John Jacobson and a stage full of elementary and middle school students! DVD highlights include: creative formations and ways to move on to the risers, effective choralography and simple riser moves, period moves, 4 dance numbers - complete with costumes and props, and even a few movement lessons led by John for your students to join in!

Songlist: Introduction, Getting on the Risers, Standing Positions, Formations, Dance Steps, Simple Riser Moves, Novelty Formations, Decades of Moves, Dance Numbers

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6277dvd | DVD | $34.95

John Jacobson : Finding Your Song: Motivational Insights for Teens : DVD : John Jacobson : 884088158880 : 1423429915 : 09971103

John Jacobson : Finding Your Song: Motivational Insights for Teens

Whether you've just started middle school or are at the end of your high school years, figuring out who you are and how you fit into this world is not easy. After spending decades with young musicians in schools, churches and communities, John Jacobson offers unique insights into what it means to be growing up in a 'choir of citizens' who are all 'singing' a different tune. He shares some of his stories and how he took risks, in order to pursue his dreams. There are many paths to pursue in life. Which path will you choose? You are valuable. We need your song!

Songlist: Who Is This Guy?, It's About Me, Three Little Words, Finding Your Song

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6512dvd | DVD | $19.95

John Jacobson : Get America Singing and Moving : DVD : John Jacobson : 09971081

John Jacobson : Get America Singing and Moving

Move to America's music with this easy-to-follow DVD performance resource from the Master of Movement... John Jacobson! John takes you step-by-step through fresh new choralography routines for ten of your favorite Americana songs from volume 1 of the popular 'Get America Singing.. Again' series. An informational booklet is included with printed choreography for each song. Enhance your next patriotic performance and get America moving!

Songlist: America, The Beautiful, Down By The Riverside, Give My Regards To Broadway, He's Got The Whole World In His Hands, I've Been Working on the Railroad, Over My Head, Rock-a My Soul, She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain, Simple Gifts, This Little Light of Mine

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6513dvd | DVD | $29.95

King's Singers : A Workshop : DVD : 073999409567 : 142341294X : 08740956

King's Singers : A Workshop

Experience the insights, the expertise, the inspiration and the fun of the King's Singers in concert at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Hall in Dallas, Texas, in rehearsal, in informal interviews and in workshops. The group uses various high school choirs, in a workshop setting, to demonstrate their philosophy and approach. The King's Singers, wearing casual apparel, gently and humorously coach their charges on important but subtle details of phrasing, dynamics and most importantly, interpretation, as on Bob Chilcott's arrangement of "Shenandoah." The group, in spite of their daunting technical know-how, make the point that fun while singing is the purpose; the obviously warm rapport they have amongst themselves is ample evidence that this is so!

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Performed by King's Singers | 6130dvd | DVD | $24.95

Linda Spevacek : The Choral Director as Voice Teacher : DVD : 000308109559 : 99/2024H

Linda Spevacek : The Choral Director as Voice Teacher

Choral singing is an extension of proper phonation from each individual singer, and this 2 -hour master class on DVD is a gold mine of techniques, concepts and practical exercises to improve singing at every stage of vocal development. Singers and conductors will appreciate master-teacher Linda Spevacek's expertise in harnessing the entire body to achieve a focused tone production. Enjoy Linda's infectious enthusiasm as she introduces and works with a room full of choral directors just like you. Watch Linda put her ideas into practice by leading the assembled group through three octavos (included in the kit) and see firsthand how she incorporates the powerful techniques she has developed and has just shared with you. More than an idea bank for proven vocal techniques, "The Choral Director as Voice Teacher" is a comprehensive and practical approach to achieving choral and musical excellence - an invaluable resource for every choral director.

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6377dvd | DVD | $59.95

Madeline Bridges : Sing Together, Children! : Unison : 01 Book & DVD : Madeline Bridges : CGBK66

Madeline Bridges : Sing Together, Children!

This unique resource offers children's choir leaders and classroom music teachers an ideal guide for leading young singers to participate in joyful, purposeful singing experiences. Organized into five chapters, the resource draws music primarily from a folk tradition combining over 75 singing activities into the following sequential teaching process: 1) Exploring the voice; 2) Developing young singers; 3) Singing and moving; 4) Building choral skills; and 5) Singing in harmony. The singing activities range from vocal-exploration activities and action songs designed for young children to more advanced folk songs and dances for older children, plus warm-ups, vocalises, choral technique songs, rounds, and songs that teach part-singing. Each chapter also features an efficient, pedagogically sound teaching plan that teachers can use along with the demonstration DVD included in the resource. Perfect for use throughout the year with children ages 5-12!

Songlist: Exploring The Voice, Developing Young Singers, Singing And Moving, Building Choral Skills, Singing In Harmony, Index of Songs, Index of Vocalises, Other Teaching Resources from Choristers Guild, About the Sing Together, Children DVD

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Voicing: Unison | 5482b | Book & DVD | $39.95

Mary Goetze, Angela Broeker and Ruth Boshkoff : Educating Young Singers : Book & DVD : G-9205

Mary Goetze, Angela Broeker and Ruth Boshkoff : Educating Young Singers

Organized into three sections, Educating Young Singers offers strategies for integrating pedagogical and musical knowledge into your rehearsals that can help to lay a foundation for rewarding performances. Each section provides ideas, processes, demonstrations, and activities that will help promote singing and musicianship in young choristers and inspire you to find new ways to bring the joy of learning and performing music to the young people in your choirs.

Unit one-First Things First-addresses the steps taken prior to rehearsal including choosing repertoire, embracing the world of vocal music, learning the score, and developing conducting gestures. Unit two-The Toolbox-provides a vast array of pedagogical techniques and materials like tools for developing the voice, musical literacy, part-singing, and creativity. The final unit-Putting It All Together-offers suggestions for application such as presenting the songs, rehearsal planning, and dealing with choral challenges.

Songlist: Choosing Repertoire, Embracing the World of Music, Learning the Score, Developing Conducting Gestures, Tools For Vocal Development, Tools for Music Literacy, Tools for Teaching Part-Singing, Tools for Kindling Creativity, Presenting the Songs, Planning Rehearsals, Addressing Choral Chalenges

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4220b | Book & DVD | $39.95

Patricia Bourne : Inside The Elementary School Chorus : 01 Book & DVD : Patricia Bourne : 9781429100106 : 30/2357H

Patricia Bourne : Inside The Elementary School Chorus

Designed specifically for the music educator working with non-auditioned children's choruses, Patricia Bourne's "Inside the Elementary School Chorus" addresses everything from recruiting to getting kids excited about singing, from warm ups to programming, and from working with parents to budgets. In addition to helpful how-tos, this outstanding resource illustrates how children's choirs can become environments where participants learn a strong sense of community alongside high levels of musicianship. As an added feature, the book includes a DVD that provides sight and sound to the strategies shared in narrative. Organized to follow the book, its sections include: The general music classroom as a venue for vocal instruction; Rehearsal strategies for the public school elementary chorus; and Performances-before, during, and after. Don't miss this resource filled with down-to-earth approaches and inspiring ideas.

Songlist: Preface, Acknowledgements, The General Music Teacher as Children's Choir Director, The Child Singing Voice, Membership in the Non-Select Chorus, Repertoire, Materials, and Resources, Rehearsal and Management Strategies, Purposeful Performances, Final Thoughts, Recommended Repertoire, Bibliography and Selected Resources, About the Author, Credits for Inside the Elementary School Chorus DVD, DVD Contents

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5485b | Book & DVD | $39.95

Paul Salamunovich : Choral Perspectives - Chant and Beyond : DVD : Paul Salamunovich : 884088069131 : 1423411161 : 08745498

Paul Salamunovich : Choral Perspectives - Chant and Beyond

Paul Salamunovich, Grammy-nominated Conductor Emeritus of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, discusses why his concepts of tone, style and musicianship are rooted in chant. In addition to sharing his expertise in interviews, the Maestro reheares Durufle and Lauridson with university singers. This DVD allows the viewer to experience his artistry from a choir member's perspective. For many years, Paul Salamunovich has been creating just about the lovliest choral singing this side of heaven. This DVD provides a look behind the scenes from which we can learn what drives his quest for choral excellence and how he achieves it. At the heart of his Vision of choral music lies the rich repertory of gregorgian chant which he first learned as a boy soprano, providing a true and solid foundation for good singing in a whole range of styles. A Salamunovich is always honest and true to the composer, but beyond that, transformed by the the light of the spirit and the warmth of inner beauty which Paul has the rare ability to reveal. Paul is an unforgettable man, musician, conductor, and teacher who enriches every life he touches. This very Welcome DVD will help to ensure that his legacy endures.

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6379dvd | DVD | $38.95

Rodney Eichenberger : Enhancing Musicality through Movement : DVD : Rodney Eichenberger : 964807006613 : SBMP661

Rodney Eichenberger : Enhancing Musicality through Movement

Rodney Eichenberger skillfully demonstrates the effectiveness of employing singer movement to sensitize the ensemble to more subtle musicality. Working with 14 choirs representing church, school, community, and college, in unrehearsed, spontaneous demonstrations, singers are given some ownership in the rehearsal process as they internalize musical concepts kinetically, aurally, and visually. The video demonstrates how these techniques can be incorporated into more effective conducting gesture in rehearsal and in concert. The impressive results speak for themselves as to the worth of these rehearsal techniques.

Songlist: Impact of Gestures on Singing, 1st Choir: Mailied, 2nd Choir: Give Me Jesus, 3rd Choir: Give Me Jesus, 4th Choir: Wayfarin' Stranger, 5th and 6th Choir: Pitch problems, Summary of Gestures

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3025dvd | DVD | $29.95

Russell Robinson : Creative Rehearsal Techniques : DVD : Russell L. Robinson : 038081261836  : 00-24075

Russell Robinson : Creative Rehearsal Techniques

An exceptional DVD showing practical and innovative rehearsal techniques for your choral classroom. Suited for choirs of all levels. There are helpful hints and ideas for every choral director and is geared for maintaining student interest and maximizing their musicianship. This program is a first-class presentation showing actual footage of Dr. Robinson in workshop events as he teaches directors creative rehearsal techniques. You will see him discuss the challenges of today's choral classroom with candor and humor, while addressing the real problems directors face and presenting practical solutions. This is a video designed for the director, not the student, and is instructional in nature. About 45 minutes in length, this piece provides a "workshop in a box," which directors and teachers can watch at home, in seminar situations, or in college methods classes. Finally a practical help for conductors of all levels!

Songlist: Live Demonstrations, Warm-ups that work, Effective Discipline, Meaningful Conducting, Humor in Rehearsal

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6256dvd | DVD | $34.95

Russell Robinson : Jazz Style and Improvisation for Choirs : DVD : Russell L. Robinson : 654979099642  : 00-SVBM05001

Russell Robinson : Jazz Style and Improvisation for Choirs

'Jazz Style and Improvisation for Choirs' is an exceptional DVD designed to assist your students in achieving a comfort level witht he performance of jazz stlye and improvisation techniques within your choral program. Your students will learn and sing along with other students and on their own using this interactive DVD. Subjects and tecniques covered include: Chords Within the Blues Stle, Use of Scat Syllables, Improvising on Three Notes, Traing Fours - Listening and Learning, Putting It All Together, and Ballad Style.

Songlist: Introduction, Chords in the Blues, Adding Jazz/Scat Syllables, Part 1, Adding Jazz/Scat Syllables, Part 2, Using Three Notes to Improvise, Call and Response, Trading Fours, Part 1, Trading Fours, Part 2, Putting It All Together (Let's Sing Some Jazz!), Jazzin' it Up! (and Jazzin' it Down!), Days of Wine and Roses, Conclusion

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6286dvd | DVD | $34.95

Russell Robinson : Middle School Singers - Turning Their Energy Into Wonderful Choirs! : DVD : Russell L. Robinson : 00-27467

Russell Robinson : Middle School Singers - Turning Their Energy Into Wonderful Choirs!

This extraordinary DVD is packed with ideas and techniques especially for middle school and junior high choral directors, or for choral music education students. Filmed both during a convention appearance and in a classroom, Dr. Russell Robinson (along with a demonstration choir from Eisenhower Middle School, FL) shows us new and tried-and-true ways to make young and developing singers look and sound better. Learn how to take your singers' energy and put it to great use!

Songlist: Introduction, Teaching Middle School Choirs, Uniqueness of This Age Group, Middle School Boys and "Uncertain" Singers, Appropriate Literature and Voicings, Attention Spans, Discipline and Accurare Reinforcement, Rehearsal Techniques with Demonstration Choir, Warm-Ups, "Sing We and Chant It", "Shenandoah", Five Parts to a Warm-Up, Warming Down with the "oo" Vowel, Warming Up with Other Vowels, Diction Exercise, Chordal Warm-Up, Thoughts on the Pre-Performance Warm-Up, Pre-Performance Warm-Up for "Sing We and Chant It", Performance of "Sing We and Chant It", Closing Comments

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6510dvd | DVD | $39.95

Sabine Horstmann : Choral Vocal Technique : DVD : DVD-901

Sabine Horstmann : Choral Vocal Technique

Frauke Haasemann and her teachings regarding vocal technique have become legendary. Thousands of choral conductors have benefited from her books and workshops. Now, her primary student in Europe, Sabine Horstmann, has published and newly recorded her creative exercises based on the teachings of Frauke Haasemann. On this DVD, Horstmann demonstrates the vocal technique sequences covered in her book, which in the past have been difficult to convey on just ink and paper. This DVD provides an overview of choral vocal technique for choirs at any level of development. The sequential exercises Horstmann demonstrates can serve as the central part of vocal training for any choir. Sabine Horstmann, instructor of Group Vocal Technique and voice at the Robert-Schumann Music University in Dusseldorf, has extensive experience working with singers of all ages. The focal point of her career is her intense work with a variety of choral groups, from children's choirs through adult choirs, and the further education of young conductors through her teaching of Group Vocal Technique and Conducting in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States. Horstmann studied voice at Folkwang Music University of Essen with Professor Jakob Stampfli.

Songlist: An overview of the "how" and "why" of vocal pedagogy, Techniques for teaching posture, breathing, resonance, and relaxation, Exercises for high range, low range, dynamics, and diction, Suggestions for planning the choral warm-up, Canonic exercises for developing voice and ear

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6662dvd | DVD | $24.95

Sally Albrecht : Shine! A Choral Movement DVD : DVD : Sally K. Albrecht : 038081384481  : 00-34720

Sally Albrecht : Shine! A Choral Movement DVD

Shine! is the twelve offering in Alfred's "Choral Movement Series". Join popular Alfred editors, composers, choreographers, and clinicians Sally K. Albrect and Andy Beck as they take you step-by-step through staging suggestions for 12 published sheet music titles. The movements are so easy to see and learn, as Sally and Andy are able to demonstrate counterpoint movement simultaneously! Perfect for 2-past choirs as well as for mixed groups (men versus women staging), this DVD is jam-packed with fresh and fun staging ideas for choirs of all ages and sizes.

Songlist: All I Want Is...Nuttin.!, Esta Es El Tiempo, Grandma's Feather Bed, Hip-Hop Reindeer, Joyful, Joyful, Please, Let It Snow!, Rocking Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, Shine a Little Light, Shout For Joy!, We Are One, We Dance

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6436dvd | DVD | $29.95

Sally K. Albrecht / Andy Beck : Follow Me To The Top : DVD : Sally K. Albrecht : 00-23853

Sally K. Albrecht / Andy Beck : Follow Me To The Top

FOLLOW ME TO THE TOP! is the seventh offering in Alfred's "Choral Movement Series." Join popular Alfred editors, composers, choreographers, and clinicians Sally K. Albrecht and Andy Beck as they take you step by step through staging suggestions for 11 Alfred Choral Designs titles. The movements are so easy to see and learn, as Sally and Andy are able to demonstrate counterpoint movement simultaneously! Perfect for 2-Part choirs (Part I vs. Part II) as well as for mixed groups ("men vs. women" staging), this DVD is jam-packed with fresh and fun staging ideas for choirs of all ages and sizes.

Songlist: Follow Me To The Top, Chiri Biri Bim, Glory Bound, Gonna Catch That Santa, Heri Za Krismas, Holiday Lights, Mary Sat A-Rockin', Mi Vida, Mi Cancion, Naughty or Nice?, Reindeer On The Roof, Watu Wote

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6236dvd | DVD | $34.95

Sally K. Albrecht / Andy Beck : On The Stage! : DVD : Sally K. Albrecht : 00-23037

Sally K. Albrecht / Andy Beck : On The Stage!

ON THE STAGE! is the sixth offering in Alfred's "Choral Movement Series." Join popular Alfred editors, composers, choreographers, and clinicians Sally K. Albrecht and Andy Beck as they take you step by step through staging suggestions for 11 Alfred Choral Desgns titles. The movements are so easy to see and learn, as Sally and Andy are able to demonstrate counterpoint movement simultaneously! Perfect for 2-Part choirs (Part I vs. Part II) as well as for mixed groups ("men vs. women" staging), this DVD is jam-packed with fresh and fun staging ideas for choirs of all ages and sizes.

Songlist: On The Stage, Carriers of the Light, El Ritmo De La Noche, Lift Up Your Voice, Alleluia, Merry Christmas To Me!, No Need To Knock!, Santa's in the House, Summer Vacation, Swing Low, Sing Low, Takadamu, Circle of Our Song

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6237dvd | DVD | $34.95

Sally K. Albrecht / Andy Beck : That's Entertainment : DVD : Sally K. Albrecht : 00-24120

Sally K. Albrecht / Andy Beck : That's Entertainment

That's Entertainment! is the eighth offering in Alfred's "Choral Movement Series." Join popular Alfred editors, composers, choreographers, and clinicians Sally K. Albrecht and Andy Beck as they take you step-by-step through staging suggestions for 11 Alfred choral titles. The movements are so easy to see and learn, as Sally and Andy are able to demonstrate counterpoint movement simultaneously! Perfect for 2-Part choirs (Part 1 vs. Part 2) as well as for mixed groups ("men vs. women" staging), this DVD is jam-packed with fresh and fun staging ideas for choirs of all ages and sizes.

Songlist: That's Entertainment, Born To Shop, Cantate Domino, I Bought Me A Cat, Kuna Karumu, Lullaby Of Broadway, Two Too Wet, Up Up Up In The Sleigh, We Wish You, Winter Has Begun, Yo Vivo Cantando

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6430dvd | DVD | $34.95

Sally K. Albrecht and Andy Beck : Danza! A Choral Movement DVD : DVD : Sally K. Albrecht : 00-31225

Sally K. Albrecht and Andy Beck : Danza! A Choral Movement DVD

DANZA! is the eleventh offering in Alfred's "Choral Movement Series." Join popular Alfred editors, composers, choreographers, and clinicians Sally K. Allbrecht and Andy Beck as they take you step-by-step through staging suggestions for 12 Alfred choral titles. The movements are so easy to see and learn, as Sally and Andy are able to demonstrate counterpoint movement simultaneously! Perfect for 2-part choirs (Part I Vs. Part II) as well as for mixed groups ("men Vs. women" staging), this DVD is jam-packed with fresh and fun staging ideas for choirs of all ages and sizes.

Songlist: Anything Is Possible, Clap Your Hands, Rejoice!, Danza!, Ezekiel and David, Forty-Second Street, Friendship, I Won't Grow Up, The Joint Is Jumpin', Old King Cole, Remember My Song, Steppin' Out with Santa, What a Heavenly Night!

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5165dvd | DVD | $39.95

Sandra Snow : Choral Conducting / Teaching : DVD : Sandra Snow : DVD-800

Sandra Snow : Choral Conducting / Teaching bestseller

On this extraordinary DVD, master conductor Sandra Snow outlines a new paradigm for choral teaching and rehearsing within performance-based classes. Through emphasizing how to develop teaching strategies from the podium, Dr. Snow presents a systematic, pragmatic approach. The heart of this DVD features 38 mini-rehearsal segments of Dr. Snow, Jonathan Reed, and colleagues teaching and leading a variety of mixed, women's, and men's choirs at the high school and college levels. These segments model how to continually analyze and respond to the sounds being produced by an ensemble. Extensive, full-color animated graphics support the score study and analysis sections of this DVD, as well as the helpful, step-by-step demonstrations of the process of improving keyboard and perceptive listening skills. For any practitioner of the choral arts, this DVD takes a groundbreaking approach to the role of the conductor/teacher, helping to bring true growth to the musicianship of choral singers. Sandra Snow is Associate Professor of Music Education and Choral Conducting at the Michigan State University College of Music. She is a nationally known choral clinician, conductor, and music

Songlist: Developing diagnostic rehearsal strategies, Capitalizing on teachable moments in rehearsal, Productive score study, Unlocking imagination in teaching, Formulating a personal yet authentic interpretation of a piece, Planning rehearsals based on one's individual musical interpretation, Increasing keyboard skills for rehearsal, Learning how to listen to one's choir with discriminating ears, Empowering a student's full musical potential, The Role of the Conductor, An Organic Approach to Musical Understanding, Unlocking Imagination, The Productive Rehearsal, Vocal Warm Ups, Rehearsal Techniques

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6666dvd | DVD | $29.95

Simon Carrington : The Empowered Choral Rehearsal : DVD : Simon Carrington : DVD-828

Simon Carrington : The Empowered Choral Rehearsal

Simon Carrington spent 25 years with The King's Singers, the internationally acclaimed choral ensemble celebrated throughout the world for achieving the highest levels of excellence in singing. Now he brings his wealth of experience as a choral conductor to the mechanics of directing vocal ensembles in this phenomenal DVD. Carrington's overriding passion for engaging every singer in the ensemble is revealed in detail as visionary choral educator James Jordan gives Carrington the reins of The Westminster Williamson Voices of Rider University's Westminster Choir College. Always inspirational, Carrington is both kind and demanding as he navigates the challenges contained in the journey of any choral score. The DVD comes with a detailed printed outline of the content as well as a discussion between Simon Carrington and James Jordan regarding choral rehearsal procedure. Whether used for private study by conductors or for viewing by choral ensembles to deepen their understanding of the choral rehearsal process, Simon Carrington's The Empowered Choral Rehearsal will show you how to empower your rehearsals-and your singers.

Songlist: Complete choral warm-ups, Exercises for ear development via the warm-up, Rehearsal procedures for Renaissance music, Rehearsal procedures for Romantic music, Essentials of choral diction, Techniques for improving choral intonation, Achieving subtlety of text nuance, Balancing suspensions, Achieving choral balance within the ensemble, Listening techniques for choirs

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6462dvd | DVD | $24.95

Tim Lautzenheiser / James Jordan : The School Choral Program: Student Motivation : DVD : James Jordan : DVD-767

Tim Lautzenheiser / James Jordan : The School Choral Program: Student Motivation

To build a successful high school music program is to empower student leaders. But what does it really mean to be a student leader? How can they make a difference? In this brilliant DVD, master clinician Tim Lautzenheiser speaks to the students of the Central Bucks West High School choir and band about how to bring leadership thinking into their everyday lives and music making. He offers a clear perspective of what is possible when young leaders choose excellence as the foundation of their leadership mission. James Jordan encourages these same students to keep focus on why they connect through music, and on the rewards that come from those connections. And together, James and Tim discuss the risk-taking that is needed by both conductor and ensemble when true music happens. This DVD is a companion to the definitive choral methods text The School Choral Program, which breaks new ground in choral music education and provides choral directors with the tools they need to be successful in the classroom and at the podium.

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6660dvd | DVD | $24.95

Timothy  Mount : Fine Tune Your Conducting Skills : DVD : Timothy Mount : 964807006620 : SBMP662

Timothy Mount : Fine Tune Your Conducting Skills

In this fun one hour and fifteen minute video, Dr. Timothy Mount, working with his choir, demonstrates and talks about clear beats, well-defined conducting patterns, preparatory beats, cut-offs and the many challenges of fermatas. Dr. Mount offers numerous tips and warns about a few bad habits to avoid. The video includes a detailed booklet/manual with all exercises noted. The Choral Journal called the video "A superb contribution to the profession" and strongly recommended the title.

Songlist: Checklist for a Clear Beat, Checklist for a Clear Pattern, Checklist for a On-The-Beat Preps, Checklist for a After-The-Beat Preps, Fermata Checklist

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6267dvd | DVD | $29.95

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