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Resources for Choral Singers

Singing in a choir is certainly lots of fun but there is not always the time or opportunity for the individual singer to improve their voice. Here we offer a selection of books that are specially designed for the choral singer to help make them better singers.

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Matthew Bumbach and Dean Luethi : A Quick Start Guide to Choral Singing : Book : G-10761

Matthew Bumbach and Dean Luethi : A Quick Start Guide to Choral Singingnew

From rehearsal procedures to reading music, new singers have a lot to learn when they join a choir. This practical and compact guide, written by experienced choral conductors Matthew Bumbach and Dean Luethi, covers all the basics. With simple language and bite-sized chapters, this guide is perfect for novice choristers in many settings-from middle and high school choirs to community and church ensembles. Keep this resource in your singers' choral folders to jumpstart their understanding of key concepts and the choral process.

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12432b | Book | $9.95

Roger Emerson : Choralisms : Book : 196288070566 : 1950736059 : 00466828

Roger Emerson : Choralismsnew

This is the perfect gift for all the choral people in your life. Renowned composer/arranger Roger Emerson has been keeping notes of wise words from the many choral mentors in his life - conductors, composers, producers, publishers. His way of passing on these stories is as clever, delightful and often humorous as his musical writing. (Did I just call his music writing humorous?). Plus, the lessons are spot on and priceless. Find out what choralisms really means and get a copy of this book for yourself.

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11793b | Book | $19.95

Darwin Sanders : Choral Singing In Latin : DVD : 884088068752 : 08745480

Darwin Sanders : Choral Singing In Latin

Darwin Sanders, nationally recognized language and diction specialist,teaches pronunciation for over 35 of the most common Latin texts used in choral singing. Each text is spoken by Sanders and is echoed by an onscreen ensemble. A helpful reference DVD for choral singers and conductors.

Songlist: The Roman MAsss, The Requiem MAss, Adoramus, Alma, Redemptoris, Ave Dulcissima, Ave Maria, Ave Regina, Coelorum, Ave Verum Corpus, Beatus Vir, Cantate Domino, Christus Factus Est, Confitemini Domino, De Profundis, Dixit Maria, Exsulate Deo, Exsulate Justi, Gloria PAtri, Haec Dies, Hodie, In Dulci Jubilo, Locus Iste, Magnificat, Non Nobis, Nunc Dimittis, O Bone Jesus, O Fili, O Magnum, O Nata Lux, and more

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3024dvd | DVD | $19.95

Gerald Hotchkiss : Music Makers - A Guide For Singing in a Chorus or Choir : Book : 0865344493

Gerald Hotchkiss : Music Makers - A Guide For Singing in a Chorus or Choir

In the film "De-Lovely," Cole Porter admonishes the chorus of "Kiss Me Kate" to snap out their consonants. This book is not only about consonants, but also about vowels, breathing, round sounds and head tones--just a few of the many techniques discussed that will improve your singing in a choir or chorus or any group. It is written with the amateur in mind, but it is just as valuable for the professional. A brief history of choral singing from prehistory to the 21st Century is included. Gerald Hotchkiss has sung in Christian and Jewish choirs, choruses, in octets, quartets, duets, barbershop, madrigals and Broadway reviews under many of the finest conductors in the United States as an amateur for more than sixty years.

Songlist: A History Of Choral Music, Early History/ 32,000 BC - 500 AD, Gregorian Chants, Rhythm, Polyphony, The Motet, Secular Singing, The Choral, The Madrigal, The Baroque Period, Music Today for Chorus or Choir, Opera, Folk Songs, Broadway and American Pop, The Blues, Jazz, Rock (and Roll), "New" Music, The Great Choral Music, A Guide To Singing In A Chorus or Choir, Some Basics of Singing, The Physiology of Singing, Round Sound, Vowels and Consonants, The "Whole", Your Voice, Breathing, The Passage, Vibrato, Taking Breaths, and more

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6845b | Book | $18.95

Ginger Wyrick  : The Choir Members Companion : Book : 9780687256402

Ginger Wyrick : The Choir Members Companion

The Choir Member's Companion is designed for use by individual choir members in a local church adult choir. The book is intended for purchase by the choir director to be given to choir members as gifts or as a way for choir members to better understand musical symbols, terminology, and symbols used in choral music. The Choir Member's Companion is designed for use by individual choir members in a local church adult choir. The book is intended for purchase by the choir director to be given to choir members as gifts or as a way for choir members to better understand musical symbols, terminology, and symbols used in choral music.

Songlist: Basic Music Reading Skills, Musical Road Maps, Basic Vocal Techniques, Sight-reading A New Anthem, How To Mark Your Music, Preparation For Worship, Preparation For A Major Performance, The Performance

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6440b | Book | $4.95

Henry Alviani : VoiceWorks : Book : 00-27465

Henry Alviani : VoiceWorks

Here's the perfect "how-to" book for vocalists of all ages. Includes chapters on posture, breathing, vocal cords, tone, vowels, consonants, intonation, and phrasing. Presented in an easy-to-read, sometimes humorous, always interesting and instructional manner. A must-have manual for voice students, voice teachers, group voice classes, and choral directors at any level. Dr is Henry Alviani is Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Choral and Music Studies at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. In addition to directing Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers, and Show Choir he teaches studio voice and voice classes, choral conducting, choral methods and supervises student teachers. He also performs regularly with the Pittsburgh Opera Chorus.

Songlist: Foreword, Introduction, Posture, Breathing, The Vocal Cords, Tone, Vowels, Consonants, Intonation, Phrasing, Recap, Glossary, Respiratory System Diagram, About the Author

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6611b | Book | $14.95

James Jordan : Choral Singing Step by Step : Book : James Jordan : G-7934

James Jordan : Choral Singing Step by Step

This unique self-study guide distills the essentials of good choral vocal technique into eleven concise, accessible lessons. Prepared by acclaimed teacher James Jordan, Professor and Senior Conductor at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, Choral Singing Step by Step is a perfect guide for amateur and novice choir members who wish to improve their own singing technique and understand the singing process. With this handbook, Jordan covers the same techniques he has used to help thousands of singers through his conducting workshops and clinics around the world. Topics include: Strategies for good intonation and tuning, breathing, inhalation and exhalation, support, resonance, vowel colors, leaps, range extension, diction, and alignment (using Alexander Technique and Body Mapping principles): Use of the sigh for diagnosing vocal problems: Maintaining rhythm and consistent tempo

Songlist: Introduction, Exercise Melodies, Alignment and Lengthening, The Sigh: Learning the Cave, Inhalation and Exhalation, Singing on the Breath, Creating Sound to Sing "On", The Helper Vowels, Building Core Sound, Body Awareness as You Sing, Energizing Sound, Basics of Diction, The Art of Phrasing

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7452b | Book | $12.95

John Jacobson : A Place In The Choir : Book : John Jacobson : 884088145071 : 1423427319 : 09971063

John Jacobson : A Place In The Choir

With a world full of many conflicting voices, it's not always easy to find your own. When you do, you might feel that it is regularly lost in the din of the world. But this is not true. You do have a voice and your contribution is essential to creating a world of genuine harmony. One of America's best-loved musical personalities, John Jacobson brings you this collection of heartwarming essays and inspirational stories. Not just for music teachers, this book is full of life lessons for all of us, so we each can find our very own "place in the choir." Available in hard cover.

Songlist: Celebrate Music, Why I Love Music, It's About Respect, Family History Month, It's All About Me, 2001: A Choir Odyssey, I'll Make A Difference, Beacons Of Hope, There Is A Sound I Love, Things That Can't Be Taught In Music Class, A Day In The Life, The Sunday Night Syndrome, Teacher Appreciation Week, We Give Thee Thanks, Surviving December, The Thing With Feathers, Anyone Can Sing, This Is My Song, The Great Debate, To Climb A Mountain, Hope Gratitude, Together We Are Better, Music Makes The Difference

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6379b | Book | $16.95

Lawrence J. Johnson : Primer for the Catholic Choir Member : Book : 6103

Lawrence J. Johnson : Primer for the Catholic Choir Member

Choir members perform a key ministry in the liturgy of the church, adding beauty and solemnity to each celebration. To develop their musical and liturgical skills, they need encouraging words and solid resources. For this reason both the veteran and novice singer and instrumentalist will find 'A Primer for the Catholic Choir Member' an invaluable vade mecum. It is a handy reference not only for choir members but for all members of a singing assembly.

Songlist: Staff and Clef, Notes and Rests, Time Values, Steps, Scales and Keys, Singing in English, Latin Pronunciation, Rehearsals; The Liturgy, A Musical Glossary, A Liturgical Glossary

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6566b | Book | $2.95

Margaret Olson : The Solo Singer in the Choral Setting - A Handbook for Achieving Vocal Health  : Solo : Book : 978-0-8108-6913-4

Margaret Olson : The Solo Singer in the Choral Setting - A Handbook for Achieving Vocal Health

While there are many similarities between solo and choral singing, they are not the same discipline, and it is important to realize the different approaches necessary for each. In The Solo Singer in the Choral Setting: A Handbook for Achieving Vocal Health, Olson presents the unique perspective of choral singing from a soloist's viewpoint, providing a clear outline of several issues facing the solo singer in the choral setting. She discusses concepts as diverse as body position in rehearsal and acoustic sound production, and she offers practical ideas for solving these challenges. Teaching examples and case studies help illustrate the problems and offer potential solutions for handling the challenges of the choral environment. After a general overview of vocal technique, the chapters address the physiological, psychological, pedagogical, acoustic, and interpretive issues facing the solo singer in the choral setting. Concepts, such as phonation; resonation and timbre; approaches to diction; voice classification; choral blend; interpreting emotion; relationships among choral conductor, singer, and teacher of singing; and the use of vibrato are examined in detail. Concluding with a conversation with two choral conductors, as well as a glossary, bibliography, and index, this volume is beneficial to singers, teachers, and conductors alike.

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Voicing: Solo | 8211b | Book | $49.95

Omphemetse Chimbombi : Basic Tonic Solfa Concepts : Songbook : 9781434301642 : 1434301648

Omphemetse Chimbombi : Basic Tonic Solfa Concepts

"Basic Tonic Solfa Concepts" is an illustrative guide that tries to simplify and smoothen the learning path for tonic solfa notation users. It brings under one package, the easiest methods and techniques of yielding the best choral performance through proper notes or music reading, interpretation and a well focused training program. The book acts as a guide for both lay and professional music instructors, as well as choristers, by drawing upon the basic components of the best choral performance. It is useful for both ensemble performances and solo singing.

Songlist: Foreword, Acknowledgements, What Is Music?, Music As An Art, The Scale, Notes And Time Measures, Chromatic Notes, Slurred Notes, Unison Versus Harmony, Modulation, Dynamics, Soli, Duets, Trios and Double Trios (Sextets), Quartets And Double Quartets, Revision Questions, Complete Songs, Artistic Discipline, A Typical Choir Training Schedule, Commonly Used Musical Terms And Expressions

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5061b | Songbook | $14.95

Ronald Corp : The Choral Singer's Companion : Book : 9781846093340 : 14007653

Ronald Corp : The Choral Singer's Companion

Ronald Corps' Companion was warmly received when it first appeared. Here is a completely revised and updated edition will be indispensable to all those who participate in the world of choral singing including conductors, singers and administrators both amateur and professional. Inside there is essential information on composers, works, technical terms and how to run a choir. There is even a section with advice form singing coach Barbarra Alden who will show you how to sing better. There is also an informative foreword by a modern maestro of Choral music, John Rutter. All this is brought together in a easy to consult format, bringing a wealth of advice on repertoire, how to conduct successful rehearsals and build balanced concert programmes all at your fingertips! This companion offers a complete guide to a branch of music which remains popular and continues to thrive despite the many changes, and dominance of Pop, in the world of music.

Songlist: Introduction, Release your voice, Singing in a choir, Composers, Works, Terms, Texts, Other repertoire, Copyright and choirs, Index

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6675b | Book | $29.95

Roy C. Bennett : Choral Singers Handbook : Book : 073999086065 : 0881884685 : 00008606

Roy C. Bennett : Choral Singers Handbook

Roy Bennett shares his extraordinary expertise with you from the vantage point of his long experience as a choral singer. This book provides simple, down-to-earth solutions to your group singing problems. "Timely and significant." - Education Update

Songlist: Your Chorus Shopping Guide, It's Audition Time, You're In The Chorus Now!, Singing Hints, Elements Of Music (Prelude To Sightsinging), Sightsinging, Look It Up Here

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6371b | Book | $11.95

Royal School of Church Music : The Voice for Life Chorister's Companion : Songbook : G-7863

Royal School of Church Music : The Voice for Life Chorister's Companion

The Chorister's Companion is packed full of useful information for the budding chorister. It provides everything a new chorister needs to know in one handy pocket-sized book. This makes the ideal gift to choristers new and old. Candidates for the RSCM Bronze and Silver awards will also find much to help them prepare for their exams.

Songlist: Using the voice well, Musical skills and understanding, Belonging to the choir, The church and its worship, The organ and a foreword from singer and radio presenter Aled Jones

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7899b | Songbook | $13.50

Stanley Arkis / Herman Schuckman : The Choral Sight Singer : Book : 04855

Stanley Arkis / Herman Schuckman : The Choral Sight Singer

It is the purpose of this book to further the development of sight singing skills and to increase the knowlede of music theory as begun in 'An Introduction to Sight Singing.' While this book uses the principles of the 'movable do' system, the teacher may wish to use another system such as the 'fixed do,' numbers, or a neutral syllable. The Choral Sight Singer is systematically structured!

Songlist: The Bass Clef, Duets in the Treble and Bass Clefs, The Key of A Major, The Key of A Minor, The Key of D Minor, Five Quarter Time, Modulation to the Dominant, Alla breve, The Key of E Major, The Key of E Minor, Syncopation, The Key of G Minor, Modulation to the Subdominant, Transient Modulation of the Subdominant in the Minor, The Key of B Major, Modulation to the Relative Minor, Modulation to the Relative Major, Chromaticism

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6398b | Book | $6.95

Tony Thornton : The Choral Singer's Survival Guide : Book & 1 CD : G-6867

Tony Thornton : The Choral Singer's Survival Guide

While there are a multitude of books on the market for the instruction of choral conductors, there are few resources for choral singers themselves. The Choral Singer's Survival Guide thoroughly fills that need. This comprehensive instruction manual offers practical instruction and tips to hone choristers' skills and improve vocal musicianship, including practical tips on audition preparation, sight-reading, rehearsal techniques, diction and much, much more! In addition, the included companion CD contains instructions on proper body alignment, breathing techniques, and vocal exercises that will improve musicianship and ensure progress. This book is a valuable resource for any choral singer. Let The Choral Singer's Survival Guide focus and enhance your choral experience.

Songlist: The Choral Artist, Preparing For A Choral Audition, Vocal Technique, The Audition: Before, During, And After, The Rehearsal, Score Making For Singers, The Choral Performance

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6382b | Book & 1 CD | $24.95

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