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Wes Carroll

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Wes Carroll

Wes is an eclectically-talented musician living in San Francisco, CA. He first began teaching vocal percussion -- the art of human beatbox -- in 1995, and has taught thousands of students in private lessons, lectures and demonstrations. He is the "drummer" for The House Jacks of San Francisco.

Wes was born in Gary, Indiana, and split his attention between math and music through grade school and high school, earning state-level awards in both fields. He turned his back on music after graduating from MIT with a degree in computer science... but it didn't last.

In 1995, he joined the Boston "vocal band" Five O'Clock Shadow. Soon after, he enrolled in the Berklee College of Music and began to make a name for himself as one of the world's finest vocal percussionists. As an authority on mouth drumming, Wes leads private lessons and workshops around the world, and is well-known in a cappella circles for the award-winning Mouth Drumming instructional video series. In 1998, Wes moved out to San Francisco and was immediately recruited to perform with the popular rock-band-without-instruments, The House Jacks.

He sometimes performs as a guitar-toting singer-songwriter, and is currently working on his second solo CD, to be released later this year (2007). He is a member San Francisco's acoustic pop trio Nine Day Fall, and most recently, he joined "a cappella supergroup" Altavoz with Jonathan Minkoff.

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Wes Carroll : Mouth Drumming Vol 1 : DVD : 

Wes Carroll : Mouth Drumming Vol 1

Review: The name of Wes Carroll is synonymous with vocal percussion, first as percussionist with Five O' Clock Shadow, and currently with the House Jacks. In this 65 minute tutorial, Wes demonstrates how he achieves his dynamic, energetic, yet highly musical sound. His emphasis is always on building a fundamental groove, the need for accuracy over speed, and development of solid technique. Covering all of the drum sounds with absolute detail - the use of certain key consonants, formation of patterns etc. - Wes makes sure that the novice percussionist is remembering to have fun, realizing that, without positive reinforcement, a student won't persist. His cheerful and knowledgeable approach shows why he is both a popular teacher and compelling performer - no one puts out more on stage than Wes! If you're a beginner or an advanced "mouth drummer," this is the video for bigbucks usepine order readmail bigbucks

Chapters: Intro, Getting Started, Getting the Mindset, Intro to Drum Sounds, Complex Grooves, More Drum Sounds, Tips and Tricks, Wrap-Up (and outtakes)

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6010dvd | DVD $29.98 Vocal Percussion

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Song NameArrangerComposerArtistRecording TitleFormat
Middle GroundWes CarrollHouse JacksUnbroken 1 CDMORE DETAILS
UnbrokenCynsa Bonorris / Wes CarrollHouse JacksUnbroken 1 CDMORE DETAILS

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