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Renee Grant-Williams

Vocal Coach

Renee Grant-Williams

Voice teacher Renee Grant-Williams' clientele includes the Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Linda Ronstadt, Christina Aguilera, Randy Travis, Tim McGraw, -Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Kix Brooks (Brooks & Dunn), Chicago, Jessica Andrews, Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), Huey Lewis, Keith Urban, Martina McBride, Bryan White, Scott Stapp (Creed), Rachael Lampa, Kenny Chesney and more. She's also worked with attorneys, public speakers and politicians, including U.S. Senator Trent Lott.

She's been a consultant to nearly every major record label and recording studio in Nashville. Her satisfaction comes from hearing the difference she's made in so many artists' careers.

Whole careers are built around two little muscles in a person's throat. The success of an entire entertainment empire can depend on how well these muscles work and vocal coach Grant-Williams makes sure they operate at peak performance. Like a piano tuner, she knows how to make the vocal instrument sound its best.

"When I hear my students implement what I have taught them, it's wonderful," she exclaims. "It's like performing at long distance, or playing a very large instrument, because I can really hear the results of my involvement. The tools I give these people in a private voice lesson allows them to develop their own individual style. I'm not the end, but I'm the means to an end."

As a voice teacher she makes a vital contribution, not only to the vocal quality of the record, but also to the protection of the person driving the sound. Like an insurance policy, she's there to protect against future wear and tear.

"Some artists play 200 to 300 dates a year," Grant-Williams says. "They are like athletes running a race. Singers need voice training and they need the right tools in order to keep up with the demands placed on them physically and vocally."

Grant-Williams is able to share her singing techniques on a broader scale through a network of specially-trained Associate Voice Teachers, her Vocal Master Class on DVD is a great place to begin if you want to take singing lessons. And a book for the speaking voice titled Voice Power: Using Your Voice to Captivate, Persuade, and Command Attention, published by AMACOM Books, NY, and endorsed by Paul Harvey.

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Renee Grant-Williams : Vocal Master Class : DVD : 

Renee Grant-Williams : Vocal Master Class

Review: Private lessons are expensive. Find the help you need to sing your very best on this easy-to use DVD at a fraction of the cost of private lessons! Watch your singing come alive with reality-based techniques that will give you great tone and help you hit the high notes with ease. Perfect for ALL voices at ANY level. Easy-to-follow training that you can apply to your singing immediately!

Chapters: Breath Control, Let's Talk About Breathing, Passive Breathing, Good Breathing Examples, Producing a Great Tone, Finding Your Support Muscles, Full Body Support, In Search of Resonance, Phrasing and Emotion, The Power of Consonants, Where Consonants Belong, Consonant Categories, Bridging a Leap

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9819dvd | DVD $59.95 | Solo

Renee Grant-Williams : Voice Power  : Book : 

Renee Grant-Williams : Voice Power

Review: Both at work and at home, almost every encounter in life depends on your ability to capture and hold the attention of others. From client meetings to interactions with coworkers and important phone conversations, often it's not just what you say, but how you say it that makes the difference. The gap between people simply hearing your thoughts, and actually remembering and acting on them later, is the result of having a dynamic, evocative voice - one that ensnares the listener the way a Broadway star or any world-class entertainer would captivate an audience. To get the results you'd like in life, you need to become the star of the show!

Chapters: Your Voice Speaks Volumes, Just Keep Breathing, A Sound Foundation, The Amazing Power of Consonants, Silence Is Golden, Themes and Variations, Speeches That Make People Listen, Turn Up The Sales Volume, Voice Mail Theater, Success Appeal at Work, In Tune With Your World, Rx For The Healthy Voice

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5001b | Book $17.95 Speaking Voice

Renee Grant-Williams : Vocal Warm Ups : 00  1 CD Vocal Warm Up Exercises : 

Renee Grant-Williams : Vocal Warm Ups

Review: Why should you bother to warm up your voice before you sing? Singing is very physical and you must take time to re-establish your muscle memory in small increments before bringing them together to sing a song, which ties together ALL the elements. A good warm-up will help you coordinate your brain, body, and voice so they work well together. Warm up your voice with this totally cool exercises taught by the renowned vocal coach to singers such as Tim McGraw, Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride and Keith Urban. Will help increase your range, sing with more power and build vocal stamina.

Chapters: Intro to Breathing, Breathing Instruction, Breathing Warm-up 1, Breathing Warm-up 2, Intro to Support, Support Instruction, Support Warm-up, Scale Exercises Explained, Three Note Scale, Four Note Scale, Five Note Scale, Six Note Scale, Triad Scale

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98199c | 1 CD Vocal Warm Up Exercises $19.95 Vocal Warm Ups

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