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Kendrick Jacocks

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Kendrick Jacocks

Kendrick Jacocks (dramatic tenor born 1971) is one of America's promising singers. Through the guidance of legendary teacher of bel canto, Virginia Zeani, Jacocks developed a large wide ranged tenor voice, which he uses with deep feeling and astute dramatic sensibility. The tenor has also studied with Mignon Dunn and the late Charles Riecker, both long time members of the Metropolitan Opera. Jacocks studied the operas of Richard Wagner with Roberta Knie, a Wagnerian soprano, particularly successful as Isolde in Tristan und Isolde. In 2005, Jacocks sang Verdi's Otello with Opera Donetsk, Ukraine and at the major summer festivals of Spain, including the Municipals of Torremolinos and Don Rodrigo. In 2007, he created the role of Giuseppe Verdi's "Otello" in "Strangers", an opera collage by Janka Voigt (dramaturge at Oper Wiesbaden) and Florian Lutz, presented in Berlin, Germany at the famous Art Deco styled Hebbel-Theater.

Kendrick Jacocks is the author of "Bel Canto: a Professional Manual -- Immediate and Practical", and "Anatomy of Bel Canto: Stroke of the Mask, Chest Support, and Proof for the Ancient Vocal Method". The former manual somatically explains the ancient method of 'bel canto' technique in a non-technical and practical style; the latter provides anatomical proof for his assertations on Bel Canto technique.

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Kendrick Jacocks : Anatomy of Bel Canto : 01 Book :  : 9781434312365

Kendrick Jacocks : Anatomy of Bel Canto

Review: This book of the 'bel canto' series by author Kendrick Jacocks takes the anatomical and physiological route to explaining why the 'bel canto' position achieves the timbres, calibration, and control native to it. The book proves the functional aspects of the nasalis (nose muscle system), and provides detailed descriptions of the paranasal sinuses: ethmoid, sphenoid, maxillary, and frontal, and their effect on tone quality. It explains chest tensions; the connection between the pelvic floor and mask in supporting the breath, and the chest position. The books explains how to use the muscles that open and close the tone, the importance of the relaxation of the spine, and explains resonance. The book provides anecdotes from such writers, artists and teachers as Giovanni Sbriglia, Joan Sutherland, G.B. Lamperti, Regine Crespin, and Manuel Garcia. Kendrick Jacocks is a professionally active dramatic tenor, pedagogue, and critic whose life is dedicated to the practice of opera as a means of transmitting human emotion. He has performed with symphony orchestras and opera companies in the United States, Europe, Eurasia, Canada, and Central America. He received a BM in voice and literature from University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and his MA in voice pedagogy and performance from the University of ND at Grand Forks. He plans to complete a DMA at Rutgers University.

Chapters: Bel Canto Technique, Anatomy of the Nose, Soft Palate, Tongue and Jaw, Breathing and Support, Discussing the Ancient Manner, The Cavities of the Head, Head Resonance, Buccel Resonance, Chest Vibrations, Open and Closed Tones, Pelvic Support, Chest Voice, Chest Tone, Stage, Consonants, Technique of Chest Resonance, Sbriglia, Closing

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5291b | Book $19.95 | Solo Bel Canto Singing

Kendrick Jacocks : Bel Canto - A Professional Manual : 01 Book :  : 9781425976699 : 9781425976699

Kendrick Jacocks : Bel Canto - A Professional Manual

Review: This guide somatically explains how to sing using fundamental 'bel canto' technique. It is unique because it explains the physical technique of 'bel canto' in plain words, rather than discussing opinions and observations, style, vocalises, history and theory. The author, Kendrick Jacocks, has used the method, which was identified as 'bel canto' by professionals in the field as he prepared for his debut performances of Verdi's "Otello' with the Donetsk State Opera in The Ukraine and on tour in Spain. His performances held interest for his unique ability to transmit real emotion through the use of timbre, intensity, and dynamics, which was enabled by three essential physical movements. The 'bel canto position' was taught to him by the successful 'bel canto' teacher and soprano Virginia Zeani. The technique was then applied by the actions he sets forth in this book, and aided by his own studies and practice. The second half of the book provides helpful remedies, suggested listening, a short explanation of the teachings of Manuel Garcia II, Enrico delle Sedie, Mathilde Marchesi, and Giovanni Sbriglia, "Constantin Stanislavsky on Singing in the Mask", quotations on the value of humming and suggestions from Zinka Milanov, Virginia Zeani, Marian Anderson, G. B. Lamperti, Jean de Reszke, and Rosa Ponselle, and a short gallery.

Chapters: Introduction, Foundation of Bel Canto the Development of Bel Canto, The Magic Word "HUNG", Tone of Bel Canto, Legato of Bel Canto, Attack of Bel Canto, Consonants, Agility, Pianissimo, Messa di Voce, Mezza Voce, Vocal Registers, Breathing, Breath Support for Bel Canto, Bel Canto Resonance, Timbres of Bel Canto, French The Language of Bel Canto, Beauty of Tone, Increasing the Higher Range, Summary

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5292b | Book $13.45 | Solo Bel Canto Singing

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