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Elisabeth Howard

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Elisabeth Howard

"A talent to be reckoned with" - Music Connection Magazine in Los Angeles said in a review of her one-woman show "Opr'a to Pop'ra." Elisabeth Howard has been called a Vocal Chameleon. Her expertise and ability to sing in styles from Blues, R&B and Country Western, to Jazz, Musical Theater and Opera is unparalled! Ms. Howard is an accomplished coloratura soprano, belter, master voice teacher, songwriter, actress and author. Elisabeth holds a B.S. and M.S. in Voice from the Juilliard School of Music and is currently on the voice faculty of Pepperdine University. Ms. Howard has been on the voice faculty of Indiana University, University of Southern California and Hunter College in New York, where she also maintained a private vocal studio for over twenty years, teaching scores of Broadway performers. Ms. Howard is the founder of the highly respected Elisabeth Howard's Vocal Power Academy , in Los Angeles, established in 1980, which is comprised of a network of certified Vocal Power Instructors throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, who teach the Elisabeth Howard "Big Break" TV Show Finalist Leonard Moss, Natalie Cole and Elisabeth Howard Vocal Power Method. Elisabeth has had clients on American Idol, Star Search, TV, film, recording, Broadway, Off-Broadway and National tours.

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Elisabeth Howard : Sing! : 01 Book & 4 CDs :  : 038081232515  : 23813

Elisabeth Howard : Sing!

Review: Featuring the original Elisabeth Howard Vocal Power Method of Singing, this voice training program includes four CDs that focus on the following: Singing Techniques such as power, range expansion, vibrato control, volume, dynamics, pitch; Singing Styles such as Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, R&B, Broadway, Phrasing, Improvisation, Personal Style; Super Vocals, which includes "Licks and Tricks" for every style; Sing-Aerobics, which includes a 30 minute (at home or in the car) workout for the male and female voices.

Chapters: Breathing, Support, Focusing the Vocal Folds, Articulation, Dynamics, Vibrato, Good Vibrations! - Vocal Colors and Resonance, Lower and Upper Registers, The Pop Sound Belt Mix, The Lower Mix for Female Singers, Blues, Imporvisation, Vocal Colors and Dynamics in Songs, Rock Style, Pronunciation in Song, Phrasing, Personal Style, Music Theatre, More on the Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz

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5479b | Book & 4 CDs $34.95 Vocal Coaches

Geoffrey Forward and Elisabeth Howard : American Diction : 01 Book :  : 00-20200

Geoffrey Forward and Elisabeth Howard : American Diction

Review: Geoffrey G. Forward, acting coach and leading expert in American diction, clearly illustrates for the singer how to gain control by eliminating vocal tension and poor diction and replacing it with clear pronunciation. Put the finishing touches on your singing not only with the excellent diction you will gain by using this text, but also through the concepts of phrasing, identifying key words and singing with emotion, which are brought to life in this book. Learn how to pronounce all vowels, dipthongs and constanants clearly and how to link sounds together to form easily understood words and phrases.This 270-page book is an essential addition to the library of every singer, voice teacher and vocal coach.

Chapters: Introduction to Diction, Exercises for the Articulators, Speech Sounds, Vowels, Tongue Vowels, Lip Vowels, Other Vowels, Diphthongs, Consonants, Fricative Consonants, Plosive Consonants, Affricative Consonants, Glide Consonants, Semi-Vowel Consonants, Nasal Consonants, Pronunciation, Pop Pronunciation, Inflections and Intonations, Expressive Singing

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6036b | Book $29.95 Diction for Singers

Elisabeth Howard : ABCs of Vocal Harmony :  01 Book & 4 CDs :  : 23811

Elisabeth Howard : ABCs of Vocal Harmony

Review: No prior music knowledge required. Nuts and bolts music theory course with hundreds of ear-training exercises.Here's a course that will sharpen your sense of pitch and enable you to sing harmony with the best professionals. Includes sing-a-long exercises where you fill in the missing note in an interval or chord. Topics included are: Scales - major, minor, blues, pentatonic, chromatic, whole tone, and modes; Intervals - all intervals are included in this section; Chords - major, minor, diminished, augmented, 7th chords, dominant, add 9 chords, 6th chords; Rhythm & Meter - time signatures, simple rhythms, dotted rhythms, triplets, syncopation; Charts & Transpositions.. Unique feature: how to harmonize with other singers. You'll hear a well trained duo who sing two notes and then ask you to add the third note. Slowly, your note fades to test your pitch. Great training for a any harmony group singer. 4 CDs and book

Chapters: Acknowledgements, Preface, Scales, Additional Exercises, Worksheet Exercises and Exam, Intervals, Additional Exercises, Worksheet Exercises and Exam, Chords and Harmony, Additional Exercises, Worksheet Exercises and Exam, Rhythm and Meter, Additional Exercises, Worksheet Exercises and Exam, Charts/Sheet Music, Major and Minor Scales, Selected Bibliography, Glossary of Musical Terms, Index

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4168b | Book & 4 CDs $29.95 Harmony Singing Instructional

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