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Edith Salazar

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Edith Salazar

Edith Salazar has jumped into the spotlight after her participation in Spanish TV show Operacin Triunfo as vocal coach and Deputy Director of the Academy, but her performing and teaching experience goes a long way back. She has built a solo career along with the most relevant artists of Hispanic music. Edith is a multifaceted artist; not only is she one of the strongest and most gifted voices that can be heard today, but she is also a talented composer, conductor, pianist, actress and vocal professor with an inherent talent for the scene. She was trained as an academic musician, but she has developed many other styles such as jazz, blues, bolero, bossanova, rock, pop, etc., out of which she has created a unique style of her own.

In Venezuela she worked as assistant to the musical director and pianist in Tim Rice's and Lloyd Weber's Rock Opera "Josef". She also wrote the music and was the musical director for the theater musical "El gato y el canario" (the Cat and the Canary), for which she received the critic's award.

In Spain, her multimedia show "BOLERO...CARTAS DE AMOR Y DESAMOR" (Bolero... letters of love and heartbreak) has been staged in the "Infanta Isabel" Theater, the "Lara" Theater in Madrid and the "Principal" Theater in Barcelona and a CD with the soundtrack of the musical was released. In this soundtrack, the Venezuelan artist makes a fusion of bolero and bossanova, funk and jazz, with participation of Spanish writer Espido Freire for the texts and Lucía Bose, Terele Pavez, Loles Leon, Antonia San Juan, Mariola Fuentes and María Esteve in off vocals.

As a musician, she has played, recorded and toured with countless artists such as Miguel Bose (she played the keyboards and background vocals with the band for 6 years) Alaska (Fangoria), Cabaret Pop, Tam Tam Go!, Rafael Amargo, Jose Luis Perales, Sergio Dalma, Simon Diaz, Alex De La Nuez, Ricardo Solfa, La Guardia, Ciudad Jardin, Cool Jerks, Alejandra Guzman, Javier Corcovado, Joshua Edelman, Rubem Dantas, etc.

As a composer, she wrote and conducted the music for the shows "Poeta en Nueva York" (Poet in New York) and "Enramblao" and "Enramblao2" for the company of Spanish dancer Rafael Amargo with whom she went on tour through several countries. She has written music for theater, movies and television, "Alí baba" for Pedro Reyes' Company, the "Profetas de Mueble bar" Company, for three Fritz Lang movies played live, for the movie "Dos Reinas" (two Queens), for "El duende del globo" for TV1, Dance show "The dark side of the earth", etc.

In august 2003 Edith conducted "Amadeo Vives" Classical Orchestra of Madrid in "El Amor Brujo" of Manuel de Falla for Rafael Amargo's Company for the premiere in Navarra and for the entire season of the show in the Albeniz Theater in Madrid. She also conducted the "Filarmonía Barcelona" Orchestra for the season of the same show at the Tívoli Theater in Barcelona.

Edith comes from a family of educators and she began teaching at a very early age. She has been involved in teaching music for almost 30 years. She has done vocal coaching for renowned singing artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Ella Baila Sola, Amaya Montero( Oreja de Van goth), Bimba Bose, Carlos Baute, Roser (Spain), Divine, Calle ciega, Estacion Central (Venezuela), etc. She was also a Professor at the 'Ritmo y Compas' School, at the 'Escuela Creativa' and The Musician's Workshop in Madrid and was director of the choir in the latter for 4 years. She taught vocal techniques and was Deputy Director in the Spanish TV show "Operacion triunfo" in its 2005 and 2006 seasons, with vast media coverage. She is currently recording her next album, editing a book of poems, writing a book about Vocal Technique and preparing her new show and a short film in which she will write the screenplay and try her talent as a director.

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