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Bob Stoloff

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Bob Stoloff

"Scat singing is an experience that frees the soul. It's more about a spiritual release than about the style. People need an outlet to let go, and in my classes I provide a safe environment to do that. Afterwards, students often come up and tell me, 'I can't believe how free I feel.'

"There's a point in my classes at which I put on a record and say, 'Okay, we're just going around. Everyone should sing.' Students at first stiffen up, but it's unbelievable what people can do intuitively. I hear them taking risks and really feeling good about what they're doing, and I love to see the expressions on their faces. They giggle, or they get really goofy-they're having so much fun.

"I play a lot of different instruments: flute, trumpet, bass.... I used to think it was a bad thing to have some knowledge of so many instruments and be 'master of none.' Now I'm thankful I've done so many different things because it gives me a wide perspective and it allows me to diversify-for example, to do more scholarship auditions.

"I bring my spiritual enlightenment into the classroom in a somewhat Zen way, so I feel more open, more sincere, more honest. Or maybe it's having an eight-year-old daughter that makes the difference. I can be serious and very straightforward, but I'm not afraid to tell jokes."

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Bob Stoloff : Blues Scatitudes : 01 Songbook & 1 CD :  : 752187431114 : 1930080018 : 14004707

Bob Stoloff : Blues Scatitudes

Review: This awesome follow-up to the popular book Scat!, Blues Scatitudes is packed full of vocal improvisation techniques on the Blues. Focuses on blues solos in variety of contemporary grooves, while also covering syllable articulation, accents and ties, Blues etudes, and more.

Chapters: Musical Terms, Scat Syllables, Using Accents, Major and Pentatonic Scales, The Blues Scale, Eight Blues Scatitudes

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6315b | Songbook & 1 CD $24.95 | Scat Blues Singing

Bob Stoloff : Scat! Vocal Improvisation Techniques : 01 Songbook & 1 CD :  : 752187425724 : 0962846759 : 14028921

Bob Stoloff : Scat! Vocal Improvisation Techniques

Review: Bob Stoloff is an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music. This book is a comprehensive how-to on vocal jazz scat technique. Beginning with an introduction to the history of scat and its evolution, it contains a virtual library of scales and exercises. Rhythmic, melodic and harmonic concepts, including modes, are discussed, with recommended methods for practice given. Also, vocal bass and percussion routines are explained. The accompanying CD allows the student to listen to examples, and then work on the exercises with rhythm-section accompaniment. "Scat!" is an intensive program, based upon application, not dry theory. Fundamental sight-reading ability is required to do the exercises. This book is an excellent resource for the jazz vocalist seeking to develop their style.

Chapters: Rhythmic Considerations, Melodic Considerations, Melodic Solos, Vocal Bass Lines, Vocal Drum Articulations, Solo A Cappella Technique, Sing Along Patterns, Vocal Drum Grooves

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5321b | Songbook & 1 CD $24.98 | Scat Vocal Improvisation

Bob Stoloff : Vocal Improvisation : 01 Songbook & 1 CD :  : 884088407339 : 0876391021 : 50449599

Bob Stoloff : Vocal Improvisation

Review: Learn to improvise in jazz, pop, rock, gospel, and R&B, in this user-friendly guide to vocal improvisation. Regardless of your level of musical training, these discussions, exercises, and games will give you technical knowledge and confidence to improvise expressively and effectively, within a singing group or as a soloist. The accompanying CD provides demonstration and sing-along tracks for practice. You will learn icebreaker exercises, groove-based improvising ideas, how to use essential scales and modes for building express solos, scat and other "instru-vocal" techniques, and group improvisational skills.

"Another vocal improvisation masterpiece by Bob Stoloff! Clear, cutting edge and comprehensive, Bob is truly revolutionizing vocal jazz education with his 'Instru-Vocal' approach. This book is so much more than just a vocal improvisation method. It's a powerful educational tool for jazz singers on the path to becoming well rounded and deeply evolved musicians. Few educational vocal methods are so holistic in their approach, combining vocal practice with theory, ear training, intensive rhythmic work, instrumental concepts, and more. I think this book will be fantastically helpful for jazz singers." - Michele Weir.

"Vocal Improvisation is a treasure trove of accessible and practical information for anyone interested in the art of vocal improvisation. With so much detailed instruction and so many exercises - for both soloists and groups - singers at all levels will be lucky to have this fully realized book as their oracle. I've always been a big fan of Mr. Stoloff. Hopefully, this book will help you jump on the Bob bandwagon too!" - Peter Eldridge, New York Voices

Chapters: Music in Motion, The Groove, Instru-Vocal Bass Grooves, Basic Scales for Improvisation, The Voice as a Musical Instrument, Team Improvisation, Advanced Group Improvisation

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7555b | Songbook & 1 CD $19.95 Vocal Improvisation

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