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Sheryl Crow

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Sheryl Crow

For Sheryl Crow, the title of her seventh album isn't just a location; it's a state of mind. "I grew up in a small town 100 miles from Memphis, and that informed not only my musical taste, but how I look at life," she says. "The drive to Memphis is all farmland, and everyone is community-oriented, God-fearing people, connected to the earth. The music that came out of that part of the world is a part of who I am, and it's the biggest inspiration for what I do and why I do it."

So for the Kennett, Missouri native, calling the disc 100 Miles From Memphis is a statement of purpose, both musical and emotional. It also marks a long-awaited return by the nine-time Grammy winner to the sounds that first drew her to making music.

The results evoke a time when soul and passion filled the radio waves, when the sweat and joy of a recording session could be captured forever on wax. Sometimes the musical references-Al Green, Sly and the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder-are made apparent, but the album's eleven songs are characterized more by capturing a classic spirit than by imitating any specific style.

"This wasn't like any other record I've made," she says. "We cut two, three, sometimes four tracks a day, for ten or twelve days. We wrote a lot of music, and then I had to write lyrics later, to catch up. That was definitely a new experience, feeling like I had to do homework. It was super-daunting."

With the musical direction already established, the album's messages crystallized in one night at Crow's farm, outside of Nashville. "Having a three year old, you don't get too much quiet time," she says, "but I sat up one night, and I worked all night long and came up with the better part of five lyrics."

What emerged was a set of songs that are unusually open and direct for someone often celebrated for the care and craft of her writing. "This music called for emotion, a place of sensuality and sexuality, and that's a little challenging for me," she says. "Sometimes it's easier for me to hide behind more intellectual lyrics. So it was a great stretching experience to show more vulnerability in my writing."

The songs on 100 Miles From Memphis display impressive range, in feeling and performance. First single "Summer Day" is a delightfully breezy slice of glory-days AM radio pop. "I wanted to experiment with writing something simple and positive," says Crow. "The feeling of a great, solid love-not just a new love, but something everlasting."

Crow, of course, first reached the spotlight as a back-up singer with Michael Jackson, and adds that "I Want You Back" was the first single she ever bought. "It wasn't a conscious choice to do an homage, but it wound up being a very bittersweet thing," she says. "Michael's death brought a lot of stuff back for me, so it was nice that we could include this."

For Sheryl Crow, 100 Miles From Memphis is the right album at the right moment. "My last record (2008's Detours) was pretty political, extremely personal, and more lyric-driven," she says, "so it seemed like a great time to do something soulful and sexy and more driven by the music." It took a lot of years, but with this set of songs, she finally made it back home.

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Sheryl Crow : The Sheryl Crow Collection : Songbook :  : 00-28004

Sheryl Crow : The Sheryl Crow Collection

Review: Sheryl Crow is one of today's most celebrated female singer/songwriters. She is a true rock star, amassing several awards including nine Grammys! Alfred presents an up-to-the-minute collection of Sheryl Crow favorites spanning her seven-album career. The Sheryl Crow Collection contains her 25 most-requested songs in Piano/Vocal/Chord arrangements.

Songlist: All I Wanna Do, Always on Your Side, Anything but Down, Can't Cry Anymore, A Change Would Do You Good, C'mon, C'mon, Every Day Is a Winding Road , The First Cut Is the Deepest, Good Is Good, Hard to Make a Stand , Home, If It Makes You Happy, Leaving Las Vegas , Light in Your Eyes , Love Is a Good Thing, Maybe Angels , My Favorite Mistake, The Na-Na Song , Picture, Run Baby Run, Soak Up the Sun, Steve McQueen , Strong Enough , There Goes the Neighborhood , Tomorrow Never Dies

Style: Pop

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5386b | Songbook $19.95 | Solo Pop Songbooks for Solo Female Voice

Sheryl Crow : The Very Best of Sheryl Crow : Songbook :  : 888680978570 : 1540070778 : 00323283

Sheryl Crow : The Very Best of Sheryl Crow

Review: This songbook features 16 Sheryl Crow favorites arranged for piano and voice with guitar chord frames. Songs include: All I Wanna Do - A Change Would Do You Good - The Difficult Kind - Everyday Is a Winding Road - The First Cut Is the Deepest - Home - I Shall Believe - If It Makes You Happy - Leaving Las Vegas - Light in Your Eyes - My Favorite Mistake - Picture - Soak up the Sun - Steve McQueen - Strong Enough - There Goes the Neighborhood.

Songlist: Home, All I Wanna Do, Strong Enough, Light In Your Eyes, Soak Up The Sun, My Favorite Mistake, Steve McQueen, Leaving Las Vegas, I Shall Believe, Everyday Is A Winding Road, If It Makes You Happy, A Change Would Do You Good, There Goes The Neighborhood, Picture, The First Cut Is The Deepest, The Difficult Kind

Style: Pop

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