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List of Novelty Songs

These are some of the novelty songs we offer with vocal harmony arrangements

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Ode to Pluto

Mark Burrows

Oh, Dear!

Oh, Dear! What Can the Matter Be?


Our Principal's a Pirate

Mark Burrows

Peanut Butter Jam

Will Schmid

Pirate for a Day


Luigi Denza

Planet Rock

Possum Gonna Play...

Rene Clausen

Purple People Eater

Sheb Wooley | Sheb Wooley | 1958

Raining Tacos

Parry Gripp


Brian Fisher

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Andy Beck

Rubber Duckie

Ernie | 1970

She Goes Shopping for Gucci

Larry Nickel


Snack Attack!

Solid Potato Salad

Ross Sisters | Gene Vincent De Paul | 1944

Someone's in the Kitchen!

Greg Gilpin

Space Unicorn

Parry Gripp | 2011


Matthew Sklar | 2010

Stupid Cupid

Connie Francis | Neil Sedaka | 1958

Swim, Little Fishy

Andy Beck

Talk Like a Pirate

Ruth Elaine Schram

The Auctioneer

Leroy Van Dyke | Leroy Van Dyke | 1956

The Banjo's Back in Town

The Chipmunk Song

Ross Bagdasarian Sr. | 1958

The Chorus Room Blues

David Lantz III

The Composers Are All on Facebook

Mark Burrows

The Do's and Don'ts of the Audience

The Dream of the Plastic Bag

Warren Lee

The Frim Fram Sauce

Redd Evans

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Traditional | 1910

The Night the Piņatas Came Back

Mark Burrows

The Pirate's Life

Mary Donnelly

The Swine Song

David A Perry

The Syncopated Clock

Leroy Anderson

This Is It!

Mack David

Three Little Pigs: A Howling Success Story

Stephen L Lawrence

Time Warp

Richard O'Brien | 1975

Tongue Twisters

Betty Bertaux

Too Fat Polka

Andrews Sisters | Ross MacLean | 1947


Mark Weston

William Tell Overture

Wonka's Welcome Song

Danny Elfman

Wooly Bully

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs | Domingo Samudio | 1965

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