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Vocal Sampling
Una Forma Mas

Montuno Sampling
La Negra Tomasa
Ojos Malignos
Dolor Y Perdon
Que Bueno Baila Usted (Castellano)
Congo Yambumba
Una Forma Mas
Soy Del Monte
Del Caribe Vengo
Canto Al Chango
Canto Al Beny More
Radio Reloj

When Vocal Sampling first became members of the a cappella scene everyone, simply everyone was blown away. Never before had we heard such complex rhythms made by vocally recreating a traditional Cuban dance band. Fabulous! This is their first album and an absolute must for a capellan literacy. It is full of the best known Cuban songs. Good notes give us understanding of the context of these songs in Cuban life, but the music is so rich as to carry us away with the horn sections, seeming endless varieties of percussion, and guitars. Styles include the bolero, comparsa, palo monte, rumba, salsa, son and trova. Wow!

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Contemporary | A Cappella | Male | Cuba

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