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Various Arrangers: Canadian Folk Songs

Song NameArrangerVoicingAs Performed By
On The RoomsStephen HatfieldSSAAPreview
Land of the Silver BirchOlli PohjolaSSAATapiola Childrens Choir
NukapianguaqStephen HatfieldSATB
Petty Harbour Bait SkiffMarcella OsmondSSA
OolichanStephen HatfieldSSA

"Nukapianguaq" (pronounced Nuhk-ah-pee-ang-guaq) attempts to present Inuit music in a choral setting that remains as faithful as possible to the aesthetics of the original tradition. Inuit chants are usually reflective in nature and spiritual in intent. "On The Rooms" - An audience need not be familiar with the history of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's easternmost province, to get the sense that an epic story is unfolding before them. Based on the maritime heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador, this modern folk song creates an atmosphere of sea air and hard work. The arrangement of this beautiful Indian song "Land of the Silver Birch" was made by the Finnish music educator Pentti Paalanen in the 1970s for his high school choir in the town of Joensuu. Since all three verses are set to the same music, the necessary contrasts must come from a careful consideration of the text. These contrasts, or variations, need not be very great, however, as a certain monotony and mystery belongs to the character of this song. This Canadian Folksong "Petty Harbour Bait Skiff" describes the tragic sinking of a Bait Skiff near Petty Harbour in 1852, losing all but one of the crew.

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