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The Music Director's Cookbook: Creative Recipes for a Successful Program

Saliferous Silence - Mark Aldrich
All Music Begins With A Good Breath - Kenneth Amis
Enhancing Espressiveness Through Accurate Dynamic Placement - Terry Austin
Personal Growth/Development - Frank Battisti
How To Cook Your Favorite Meals Without The Exact Ingredients - Jay Bocook
Food For Thought: Does Your Band Sound Better From The Back - Peter Loel Boonshaft
Guidelines For Choral Music Selection - Lynn M. Brinckmeyer
Marking The Score For Better Eye Contact - Charles F. Campbell Jr.
Educating Future Music Consumers - John E. Casagrande
A Healthy Serving - Reber Clark
Healthy Repertoire For Successful Band Programs - James Cochran
Teaching Creativity Through The Use Of Graphic Notation - Michel Colgrass
Linear Balance - Gary Corcoran
Creating Better Balance And Raising Student Awareness - Paula A. Crider
The Z Dimension In Performance - Thomas C. Duffy
Structuring Taped Assignments For Maximum Learning - Cheryl Floyd
For Wholesome Nutrtion, The Music Matters - Richard Flotd
Involving Teachers In The School Band Program - Eileen Fraedrich
Serve It Fresh - Rob Franzblau
Balanced Percussion Education -David C. Fullmer
Commissioning A New Work Of Music - David R. Gillingham
Program Planning - Steven Grimo
Well Rounded Teaching And Balanced Learning Outcomes - Alan Gumm
The Great Musical Adventure - Frederick Harris
Ensuring Success When Matching Beginners With Instruments - Samuel Hazo
Teaching Principles Of Melodic Interpretation - Leslie Hicken
Selecting Music And Methodology - Roy Holder
The Pitch Barometer - Shelley Jagow
Preserving Your Musicians - William Jastrow
First There Was Tone - Barry Kopetz
Why We Seek Excellence In Every Aspect Of Teaching - Tim Lautzenheiser
Jumping The Hurdles Of Notation In Pursuit Of Musical Freedom - Edward Lisk
Meet The Composer - Mitchell Lutch
Listening Critically - Matthew McInturf
Conducting In Music Not Just In Time - Allan Mc Murray
Song And Dance - Charlie Meghini
Preparing For Successful Adjudicated Performance - Stephen Miles
Empower Your Students To Fine Tune Your Ensemble - Linda Moorhouse
A Recipe For Cymbal Success - Willis Rapp
Solving Technical And Musical Problems In Rehearsal - Jeffrey Renshaw
Developing H.O.T.S - Nathalie Robinson
Enhanced Ensemble Sonority Via Vowel Modulation - Timothy Salzman
Deep-Dish Assesment Sight-reading In Rehearsal - Deborah Sheldon
A Quantitative Approach To Ensemble Dynamics - Thomas Slabaugh
Strengthening Instrumental Ensemble Tuning With Vcalization And Solfege
Clap And Stomp Your Way To A More Responsive Band - Lawrence Stoffel
It's The Chef That Counts - Carl Strommen
Developing A Philosophy For Success - James Swearingen
The Wonderful Complexities Of Quality Repertoire - John Thomson
The Most Important Hour Of The Day - Johnnie Vinson
Times Have Changed - Barry Ward
Developing Solid Teaching Skills - Renee Westlake

A stimulating collection of unique concepts on teaching and conducting by 57 of today's most outstanding music educators. Contains to-the-point, thought-provoking ideas proven successful by master teacher-conductors. Problem solving tips, philosophical concepts and ensemble-building skills all in one easy-to-read collection. An ideal source of exciting strategies for all levels of performance ensembles. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to The American Music Conference.

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Choral  | 144 Pages | Softcover | 7 x 10
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