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Tudor Choir
Gentle Words: Shaker Songs

Song NameArranger
I will bow and be simpleKevin Siegfried
In yonder valleyKevin Siegfried
All is summerKevin Siegfried
O Lord make me pureKevin Siegfried
Love is littleKevin Siegfried
The burning dayKevin Siegfried
Circular marchKevin Siegfried
Help me, O LordKevin Siegfried
Heavenly displayKevin Siegfried
Followers of the lambKevin Siegfried
Come to ZionKevin Siegfried
We must be meekKevin Siegfried
Lay me lowKevin Siegfried
Solemn songKevin Siegfried
Beautiful treasureKevin Siegfried
PeaceKevin Siegfried
Angels of heavenKevin Siegfried
Hunger and thirstKevin Siegfried
Dismission of Great IKevin Siegfried
RevelationKevin Siegfried
Prayer for the captiveKevin Siegfried
Gentle wordsKevin Siegfried
Beautiful valleyKevin Siegfried
JubileeKevin Siegfried
Exekiel's visionKevin Siegfried
Almighty Savior Kevin Siegfried
Cords of loveKevin Siegfried
I will go on my wayKevin Siegfried

Directed by Doug Fullington

The Seattle-based Tudor Choir is a professional mixed-voice choir with a flexible membership between 10 and 30 singers, founded by director Doug Fullington in 1993. They specialize in Renaissance polyphony and also sings Baroque, early American and 20th century music. "Gentle Words" is their 3rd CD. The Shakers (or United Society of Believers) originated in England in 1747. In 1770 the charismatic Ann Lee became the acknowledged leader, she and 8 others departed for America in 1774 to escape persecution. Their animated and ecstatic worship practices gave rise to their common name. The societies they formed are characterized by pacifism, gender/racial equality and an astounding industriousness and invention. These songs are part of a body of 10,000 Shaker songs. There are 28 a cappella tunes here, all following the Shaker aesthetics of beauty, simplicity and utility. "I will bow and be simple," "In Yonder Valley," "All is summer," "Love is little," "The burning day," the triumphant "Circular march," "Heavenly display," the foot-stomping "Followers of the Lamb," the joyous "Angels of heaven," "Dismission of Great I," "Gentle words," "Beautiful Valley," "Jubilee," "Cords of love" ... There is a quiet beauty and power to these songs--no wonder the Shakers have outlived all other utopian religious groups. Spirited, spiritual music sung beautifully!

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Choral | A Cappella | Mixed | United States

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