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Song NameComposerArranger
Nouse lauluniSola Sariola
Oin ja paivinMia Makaroff / Rajaton
TasangotHannu Lepola
Villihanhen lauluJussi Chdenius
Tuuti lastaJeff Mallman
TalvilauluJussi Chydenius
HiljaisuusAlakotila / Wuorela
Ikovoi, ihminenAhti Paunu
HiljaaHannu Lepola
PakkanenSoila Sariola
Kevat saapuiJussi Chydenius
Valse TristeJussi Chydenius

Finnish a cappella ensemble Rajaton, returns to their Finnish folk roots, releasing their 8th CD on the occasion of their 10th anniversary. The Finnish word "Maa," which can be translated as earth, country, dirt, land-complements the return to their roots theme. Here are 12 lovely songs, all in Finnish and all composed and arranged by group members. "Nouse lauluni," which translates "Rise up, my song" (the beautiful full-color liner notes thankfully contain English translations of all the lyrics), "Oin ja paivin," (By night and by day), "Tasangot," (The plains) and "Villihanhen laulu," (Song of the wild goose) are immediate favorites; subtle and mysterious, soft at first and building to crescendos, sweet and heartbreaking. Knowing the translated lyrics is interesting but not really necessary-the feeling of these tunes, the melancholy, longing and depth of these poems touches and moves us. The music for the final track, "Valse triste" was written by the great Finnish composer Jean Sibelius who died 50 years ago, the recording also honors Finland's 90 years as an independent nation. Sibelius' piece is performed wonderfully, in fact we felt the need to listen to each of these 12 vocal gems again to fully appreciate "Maa."

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Vocal Jazz | A Cappella | Mixed | Finland

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